Bullitt County History

Original Shepherdsville Lots

On 21 Dec 1793, the Kentucky General Assembly approved an act establishing the town of Shepherdsville on 50 acres of land owned by Adam Shepherd. At that time it was still a part of Jefferson County.

Benjamin Stansberry was given the task of laying out the boundaries of this new town. We have not located his original survey but it is reproduced on page 624 of Bullitt County Deed Book B.

Then in 1809, James Shanks was called upon to resurvey the town's boundaries. Again, the original survey has not been located, but it is reproduced on pages 625-627 of that deed book. In 1811, the General Assembly made Shanks' survey the official version. (Read these acts on another page.)

We have reproduced his survey below. The two surveys each used a different numbering system to number the town's lots. The official lot numbers are printed in black; the numbers used in the Stansberry survey are in red print for comparison.

The map below gives an approximation of where the lots would be on a modern map. For example, the square marked A would contain lots 1-4 and 17-20.

The information we have about the owners of these lots is taken from Bullitt County Deed Books A-D. It is likely that the very first sales were recorded in Jefferson County deed books. We also know that there are additional records in later Bullitt County deeds.

Below is a table repeating the names of purchasers, and providing references to the deed books where the information is recorded. For example, A-17 refers to Deed Book A, page 17. There are places where two or more names and deeds are listed for the same lot. Further research will be needed to explain this. Please note: the names are spelled as they are recorded in the deeds.

If the purchaser is identified as "undetermined" this means that we have not yet located a deed for that lot.

The lot numbers in the first column are listed in the order of the second survey. The number of the first survey is given in parentheses.

We have also begun identifying some of the people who purchased lots from the original owners. You may view an image of the original deed by selecting it from the righthand "Deed" column, and view images of the deeds granted the second purchasers by selecting their names in the right hand column.

LotOwnerDateDeedSold to
1 (80)undetermined  
2 (79)undetermined  
3 (78)John Hugh26 Jun 1797A-17
4 (77)Ezekiel Magruder18 Jun 1818C-478
5 (25)James Halbert3 Apr 1818C-459
6 (26)Thomas C. Brashear10 Jan 1797A-4
6 (26)Samuel Crow2 Aug 1814C-177
7 (27)James Halbert3 Apr 1818C-459
8 (28)Samuel Crow2 Aug 1814C-177
9 (29)James Halbert > John Caddic22 Jan 1819D-27
10 (30)Christian James Saunders25 Jun 1819D-146
11 (31)John Graham22 Apr 1816C-290b
12 (32)John Graham22 Apr 1816C-290b
13 (33)Benjamin Standsberry17 May 1819D-107
14 (34)Benjamin Standsberry17 May 1819D-107
15 (35)Benjamin Standsberry17 May 1819D-107
16 (36)Joshua Stansbury2 Sep 1818D-68
17 (73)undetermined  
18 (74)undetermined  
19 (75)undetermined  
20 (76)Ezekiel Magruder18 Jun 1818C-478
21 (24)Benjamin Summers27 Jun 1797A-15
21 (24)James Halbert22 Apr 1816C-291
22 (23)Daniel Wilson27 Jun 1797A-14bJohn Scott Jr.
23 (22)Sarah Beckwith1 Oct 1832G-410
24 (21)James Halbert (north half)3 Apr 1818C-459
24 (21)Rufus K. Summers (south half)14 Apr 1827F-303
25 (20)Francis Blondell26 Jun 1797A-22Thomas Holt
James Marques
Andrew Graham
26 (19)James Brown27 Jun 1797A-12b
27 (18)undetermined  
28 (17)William Jewell2 Aug 1814C-176
29 (37)undetermined  
30 (38)James Halbert3 Apr 1818C-459
31 (39)James Halbert3 Apr 1818C-459
32 (40)Hannah Robinson2 Sep 1818D-66
32 (40)Benjamin Standsberry17 May 1819D-107
33 (72)undetermined  
34 (71)undetermined  
35 (70)Nathan Cockran31 Jan 1822D-485
36 (69)William Jones22 Apr 1816C-290a
37 (9)James Simpson27 Jun 1797A-16Edward Frye
38 (10)Benjamin Standsberry17 May 1819D-107
39 (11)James Brown27 Jun 1797A-12b
40 (12)James Brown27 Jun 1797A-12b
41 (13)Benjamin Summers27 Jun 1797A-15
42 (14)Benjamin Summers27 Jun 1797A-15
43 (15)William de Rohan26 Jun 1797A-14a
44 (16)Armsted Moorhead and James Lathem27 Jun 1797A-13James Brown
45 (41)Benjamin Summers27 Jun 1797A-15James Alexander
46 (42)Benjamin Summers27 Jun 1797A-15James Alexander
47 (43)Benjamin Summers27 Jun 1797A-15
48 (44)Benjamin Summers27 Jun 1797A-15
49 (65)Thomas Shain4 May 1832G-369
50 (66)undetermined  
51 (67)James C. Graham2 Sep 1818D-46
52 (68)William Graham1 Apr 1814C-162
53 (8)Benjamin Standsberry17 May 1819D-107
54 (7)Edward Frye26 Jun 1797A-12aJohn L. Summers
55 (6)James Simpson27 Jun 1797A-16Thomas Sanders
Thomas Sanders
56 (5)John Scott27 Jun 1797A-18bJohn Scott Jr.
James Burks
James Burks
56 (5)Thomas McGee3 Mar 1817C-440
57 (4)Thomas Joyce (northern third of lot)10 Sep 1832G-400
57 (4)Benjamin Summers (southern 2/3 of lot)11 Feb 1818C-441
58 (3)John Collins, heir to James Collins26 Jun 1797A-18a
59 (2)Thomas C. Brashear10 Jan 1797A-3
59 (2)John Hugh26 Jun 1797A-17
60 (1)undetermined  
61 (48)John Hugh26 Jun 1797A-17
62 (47)John Moore27 Jun 1797A-20
63 (46)Benjamin Summers27 Jun 1797A-15John W. Beckwith
64 (45)Benjamin Summers27 Jun 1797A-15John W. Beckwith
65 (64)undetermined  
66 (63)undetermined  
67 (62)undetermined  
68 (61)undetermined  
69 (60)undetermined  
70 (59)undetermined  
71 (58)undetermined  
72 (57)undetermined  
73 (56)undetermined  
74 (55)undetermined  
75 (54)undetermined  
76 (53)undetermined  
77 (49)John Moore27 Jun 1797A-20
78 (50)undetermined  
79 (51)Benjamin Summers27 Jun 1797A-15
79 (51)Benjamin Summers4 Jun 1812B-578
80 (52)James Robinson2 Sep 1818D-65
81Rufus K. Summers27 Nov 1828G-40
82Rufus K. Summers27 Nov 1828G-40
83Rufus K. Summers27 Nov 1828G-40
84Rufus K. Summers27 Nov 1828G-40
85Bookey Barker20 Nov 1827G-214
86Bookey Barker20 Nov 1827G-214
87Jacob Sholler, George Shock22 Aug 1797A-23
87Whitlege Overall16 Jan 1829G-168
88Jacob Sholler, George Shock22 Aug 1797A-23
88George W. Jenkins1 Dec 1827G-213
89County Government7 Jun 1832G-374
91Elisha W. Simmons23 Jul 1833G-506
92Elisha W. Simmons23 Jul 1833G-506
93Joseph R. Murray31 Nov 1828G-159
94Joseph R. Murray31 Nov 1828G-159

This is an ongoing project, and we hope to add to it at a later time.

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