Bullitt County History

Original Surveys

Ordered by Survey Date

This list of original surveys is ordered by the date of the survey. Also provided are the survey grantee (the one for whom the survey was performed), the warrant number, the number of acres in the survey, the name of the surveyor, the date when the grantee received a deed to the survey, and, if available, to whom the tract was later sold. Selecting the name of the grantee will take you to a page dealing with that survey.

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Survey DateGranteeWarrantLocationAcresSurveyorDeed DateSold to
about 1798West, CharlesOK-2894Long Lick Creek, south of2000James Shanks11 Feb 1799 
12 Jun 1774Christian, WilliamVA-3966Salt River, north of; Bullitt's Lick tract1000James Douglas24 Nov 1779Priscilla Bullitt's Sons
12 Mar 1781Brashear, NicholasVA-7953Salt River, north of; Brashear's Station tract400Benjamin Stansbury21 Apr 1792 
15 Mar 1781McGee, ThomasVA-0429Salt River, north side of; Paroquet Springs tract450James Hord1 Jun 1782 
15 Mar 1781Myers, JacobVA-0460Salt River, north side of; Dowdall's Station tract400James Hord1 Jun 1782 
22 Mar 1781Shepherd, PeterVA-0335Salt River, north side of; includes Shepherdsville900Benjamin Stansbury1 Jun 1782John W. Beckwith
Frederic W. S. Grayson

John W. Beckwith
23 Mar 1781Shepherd, PeterVA-0147Salt River, south side of; opposite Shepherdsville600Benjamin Stansbury1 Nov 1782Benjamin Stansbury
George L. Robards
26 Mar 1781Crist, HenryVA-9072Cox's Creek, waters of; both sides652Richard May15 Dec 1805 
17 Apr 1781Brend, ThomasVA-0363Salt River, south side, southwest of Shepherd's 600977Benjamin Stansbury1 Jun 1782John Hughes
17 Apr 1781Honey, JamesVA-0135Salt River, south of; southeast of Shepherd's 600970Benjamin Stansbury1 Jun 1782William Pope Jr.
21 Jul 1781May, GeorgeVA-0354Salt River, south of; near Shepherdsville400George May1 Jun 1782Richard Bibb
28 Nov 1782Philips, ThomasVA-0864Floyd's Fork, waters north of; near Brook's Spring400John Helm7 Jan 1784Joseph Brooks
6 Dec 1782Spiller, PhillipVA-3127Cox's Creek, West Fork250Isaac Cox2 Dec 1785Thomas Whitledge
8 Dec 1782Wood, JohnVA-1456Cox's Creek, West Fork700Isaac Cox2 Dec 1785 
10 Dec 1782Fristo, JohnVA-1739Floyd's Fork, waters north of200John Ray4 Jan 1786 
19 Dec 1782Edwards, JohnVA-0575Floyd's Fork, waters north of1500John Ray5 Jan 1784William Pope
Samuel Thornsberry
23 Dec 1782Wells, CartyVA-1412Floyd's Fork, northwest of400John Ray4 Jan 1786Abraham Miller
1 Jan 1783Tilford, JeremiahVA-0876Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek400Isaac Cox23 Jan 1784 
1 Jan 1783Tilford, JeremiahVA-0877Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek600Isaac Cox16 Jan 1784 
2 Jan 1783Tilford, JeremiahVA-0878Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek390Isaac Cox12 Jan 1784 
2 Jan 1783Whitaker, JohnVA-1467Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek460Isaac Cox2 Dec 1785 
3 Jan 1783Hern, PeterOK-0059Wilson's Creek, waters of400Isaac Cox4 Apr 1793 
10 Jan 1783Holden, John
assignee of Major Beasley
VA-1786, VA-1791, VA-5481Floyd's Fork, waters north of; near Brook's Spring 400Will Oldham1 Apr 1785Joseph Brooks
10 Jan 1783Holden, John
assignee of Major Bea
VA-1786, VA-1791, VA-5481Floyd's Fork, waters north of; near Brook's Spring 1000Will Oldham22 Mar 1785Joseph Brooks
17 Jan 1783Rude, JesseVA-1251Long Lick Creek, south of400John Handley16 Feb 1785 
21 Jan 1783Panebaker, WilliamVA-3024Salt River, south of; waters of Cedar Creek250John Green Jr.2 Dec 1785Samuel Boone
21 Jan 1783Whitaker, JohnVA-6315Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek300John Green Jr.29 Aug 1788James Thompson
23 Jan 1783Whitaker, JohnVA-1460Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek178John Green Jr.2 Dec 1785 
1 Feb 1783Whitaker, CharlesVA-1310Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek58John Green Jr.1 Jun 1785 
2 Feb 1783Huffman, PhillipVA-5746Wilson's Creek, waters of500Sam Smyth4 Aug 1786 
2 Feb 1783Macker, JohnVA-3002Wilson's Creek, waters of500Samuel Smyth10 Dec 1785Adam Shepherd
10 Feb 1783Garrard, JamesVA-0988.2Salt River, north side, below Floyd's Fork378John Ray Jr.10 Apr 1784 
13 Feb 1783King, WithersVA-1080Long Lick Creek, waters of600Thomas Whitledge3 Jan 1786 
14 Feb 1783Chinn, CharlesVA-6454Long Lick Creek, north side1000Thomas Whitledge3 Sep 1787 
15 Feb 1783Pearman, SamuelVA-4872Wilson's Creek, waters of400Ben Patton20 Sep 1786 
19 Feb 1783Oldham, WilliamVA-1382Floyd's Fork, waters northwest of; near Clear's Station400William Oldham20 Feb 1785 
21 Feb 1783Jones, GabrielVA-2939Floyd's Fork, waters north of2500? Floyd2 Dec 1785John Hawkins
21 Feb 1783Lewis, Fielding Jr.VA-1546Floyd's Fork, waters north of1000Mr. Floyd2 Dec 1785 
22 Feb 1783Edwards, JohnVA-0926Salt River, south side; waters of Buffalo Run400Thomas Whitledge15 Jun1784Patrick McGee
24 Feb 1783Edwards, JohnVA-0914Salt River, south side; waters of Buffalo Run560Thomas Whitledge15 Jun1784Patrick McGee
24 Feb 1783Edwards, JohnVA-0915Salt River, south side; waters of Buffalo Run440Thomas Whitledge15 Jun1784Patrick McGee
26 Feb 1783Collings, ThomasVA-2209Crooked Creek, waters of400Sam Smyth2 Dec 1785 
26 Feb 1783Purcell, ThomasVA-3052Crooked Creek, waters of400Sam Smyth2 Dec 1785 
27 Feb 1783Whitaker, ElijahVA-1481Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek200Thomas Whitledge2 Dec 1785 
28 Feb 1783Harrison, CuthbertVA-1814Rolling Fork, waters north of; along Crooked Creek5000Samuel Smyth2 Dec 1785 
28 Feb 1783Whitaker, JohnVA-1459Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek150Thomas Whitledge2 Dec 1785 
12 Mar 1783Clear, GeorgeVA-9204, VA-9205, VA-9206.1Floyd's Fork, waters of Clear's Run - settlement400John Handley- 
12 Mar 1783Clear, GeorgeVA-9204, VA-9205, VA-9206.1Floyd's Fork, waters of Clear's Run - NW of settlement500John Handley- 
12 Mar 1783Clear, GeorgeVA-9204, VA-9205, VA-9206.1Floyd's Fork, waters of Clear's Run - SE of settlement500John Handley- 
12 Mar 1783Terrell, Samuel
& Martin Hawkins
VA-1336Salt River, north side opposite Cox's Creek400Thomas Whitledge2 May 1785 
5 Jul 1783Mitchell, David
& George Wilson
VA-1547Wilson's Creek, waters of400George Wilson2 Dec 1785 
5 Jul 1783Wilson, GeorgeVA-1987Wilson's Creek, waters of400George Wilson15 Feb 1785 
12 Jul 1783Sanders, ThomasVA-4337Floyd's Fork, waters of Cedar Creek500George Wilson20 Sep 1786 
12 Jul 1783Owsley, ThomasVA-4378Cedar Creek, tributary of Floyd's Fork738George Wilson2 Dec 1785 
6 Aug 1783Myers, JacobVA-1565Floyd's Fork, waters of Clear Run - Clear's Station tract50J. Hite19 May 1785Joseph Brooks
6 Aug 1783Myers, JacobVA-1566Floyd's Fork, waters of Clear Run400J. Hite-Joseph Brooks
6 Aug 1783Myers, JacobVA-2980Floyd's Fork, waters of Clear Run500J. Hite2 Dec 1785Joseph Brooks
8 Sep 1783Smyth, SamuelVA-3869Wilson's Creek, waters of400Sam Smyth9 May 1786Henry Countriman
2 Oct 1783Brashear, NicholasVA-8984Salt River, north side near Floyd's Fork400Thomas Whitledge14 May 1798 
24 Oct 1783Myers, JacobVA-1537Long Lick Creek, waters of400Isaac Cox2 Dec 1785Adam Shepherd
John Essary
28 Oct 1783Whitledge, Thomas
assignee of William Salley
VA-8470Cox's Creek, West Fork, waters of384Thomas Whitledge26 Apr 1792 
29 Oct 1783Salley, PhilipVA-7051Cox's Creek, waters of400Thomas Whitledge26 Apr 1792 
29 Oct 1783Whitledge, ThomasVA-8471Cox's Creek, waters of400Thomas Whitledge26 Apr 1792 
30 Oct 1783Whitledge, ThomasVA-1480Cox's Creek, West Fork400Thomas Whitledge2 Dec 1785 
11 Nov 1783Johnson, RichardVA-1649, VA-2000, VA-2001Salt River, north of; waters of McCullough Run2000John Drake15 Dec1796Land Sales
17 Nov 1783Brashear, NicholasVA-8983Salt River, north side near Floyd's Fork1000Thomas Whitledge14 May 1798 
22 Nov 1783Simmons, Richard
assignee of Marsham Brashears
VA-1851Salt River, north of; near Floyd's Fork400Thomas Whitledge1 Apr 1785 
24 Nov 1783Simmons, Richard
assignee of Marsham Brashears
VA-1882Salt River, north side near Floyd's Fork600Thomas Whitledge19 Apr 1785Levi Simmons
Joseph Simmons
Griffin Simmons
Humphrey Simmons
Mary Simmons
Brittain White
25 Nov 1783Brashear, MarshamVA-3531Salt River, north side near Floyd's Fork400Thomas Whitledge13 Mar 1786Richard Simmons
6 Jan 1784Leitch, DavidVA-8847Salt River, north of; east of Floyd's Fork14,000David Standiford11 Jan 1795 
12 Jan 1784Froman, JacobVA-8980Salt River, north side; adjoins Bullitt's Lick tract1670Thomas Whitledge8 Dec 1798 
4 Feb 1784Young, BryanVA-1229Cox's Creek, West Fork of272John Ray10 Jul 1785 
5 Feb 1784Bell, JohnVA-1082Cox's Creek, west fork, west side800Isaac Cox2 Dec 1785Edward Truman
George Bell
Jesse Kirby
Valentine Nicholas
William Shoptaugh
Michael Troutman
24 Feb 1784Pope, William
and Paul Froman
VA-2465Salt River, south side of, above Buffalo Run400Thomas Whitledge17 Nov 1785Jacob Ambrose
John Edwards
27 Feb 1784Shepherd, Adam
assignee of Spelman & Owings
VA-1886Long Lick Creek, south side of400Thomas Whitledge19 May 1785 
3 Mar 1784Case, ReubenVA-3891Salt River, north of; adjoining Shepherd's 900 acre tract378Thomas Whitledge14 Aug 1786 
13 Mar 1784Mitchell, David
Wilson, George
VA-4124Salt River, south side of; mouth of Cox's Creek547Isaac Cox2 Feb 1786 
13 Mar 1784Platt, EbenezerVA-3196Cox's Creek, Wilson Creek, Long Lick Creek, waters of6000Isaac Cox13 Jun 1786Samuel Allison
17 Mar 1784Overton, Waller
Overton, Clough
VA-2484Salt River, south of; below mouth of Cox's Creek117Isaac Cox16 Jan 1786 
17 Mar 1784Wilson, HenryVA-8583Salt River, south of; downstream from Cox's Creek200Isaac Cox10 Aug 1786 
18 Mar 1784Rowland, ThomasVA-7018Cox's Creek, waters of840Isaac Cox15 Apr 1817 
20 Mar 1784Whitledge, ThomasVA-4383Salt River, south side500Thomas Whitledge14 Aug 1786Benjamin Stansbury
16 Apr 1784Wynkoop, BenjaminVA-3338Salt River, north of; east of Pond Creek21231Daniel Sullivan20 Feb 1786James F. Moore
Joseph Brooks
22 Apr 1784Lewis, NicholasVA-1636Salt River, north side of, downstream from Cox's Creek1000Isaac Cox2 Dec 1785 
29 Apr 1784Cox, GabrielVA-3325Salt River, south side; upstream from Cox's Creek790George May8 May 1786 
30 Apr 1784Johnston, WilliamVA-2793Salt River, north side of at Ohio River1000H. Clarke6 Jan 1786 
7 May 1784Owens, WilliamVA-3796Salt River, south side of; junction of Cedar Creek200Thomas Whitledge7 Jul 1786 
10 May 1784Dunn, JohnVA-9249Floyd's Fork, waters of 800Adam Shepherd9 Feb 1824 
10 May 1784Dunn, JohnVA-9250Floyd's Fork, waters of 1100Adam Shepherd9 Feb 1824 
13 May 1784Johnson, Richard
assignee of Thomas Johnson
assignee of James McCullock
VA-1649, VA-2000, VA-2001Salt River, north of; waters of McCullough Run400Thomas Whitledge20 May 1785Land Sales
13 May 1784Johnson, Richard
assignee of Thomas Johnson
assignee of James McCullock
VA-1649, VA-2000, VA-2001Salt River, north of; waters of McCullough Run1000Thomas Whitledge Land Sales
7 Jun 1784Cullum, GeorgeVA-4798Salt River, south side, at mouth of Long Lick Creek700John Ray19 Jul 1786 
10 Jun 1784Luce, WilliamVA-6082Salt River, south of, between Cox's Creek & Wilson's Creek272Isaac Cox17 May 1785 
24 Jun 1784Beall, WalterVA-4542Floyd's Fork, waters northwest of200Thomas Whitledge20 Sep 1787 
24 Jun 1784Harmon, JacobVA-6720Floyd's Fork, east side of1000Thomas Whitledge5 May 1791Joseph Ridgway
Thomas Butler
25 Jun 1784Allen, WilliamVA-2834Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek200Isaac Morrison19 Jul 1786 
25 Jun 1784Shannon, WilliamVA-8246Salt River, south of, near Cedar Creek500Thomas Whitledge17 Mar 1790 
27 Jun 1784Williams, EdwardVA-4378, VA-4379Floyd's Fork, waters north of1400Benjamin Patton20 Sep 1786Isaac Hornbeck
George Reed
28 Jun 1784Patton, Matthew
assignee of Peter Philips
VA-9230Long Lick Creek, north side400Bayn Patton15 Nov 1802 
28 Jun 1784Patton, Matthew
assignee of Peter Philips
VA-9231Long Lick Creek, north side1000Bayn Patton15 Nov 1802 
4 Jul 1784Horine, JacobVA-6424Knob Creek, waters of500Baker Ewing31 Aug 1787 
4 Jul 1784Horine, MichaelVA-4585Knob Creek, waters of500Baker Ewing31 Aug 1787 
5 Jul 1784Horine, MichaelVA-6429Salt River, north side of, toward Knob Creek400Baker Ewing31 Aug 1787 
6 Jul 1784Horine, MichaelVA-6423Salt River, north side of, toward Knob Creek600Baker Ewing21 Aug 1787 
16 Jul 1784Shannon, WilliamVA-8233Cox's Creek, waters of East Fork560Thomas Whitledge17 Mar 1790 
18 Jul 1784Lewis, NicholasVA-3227Salt River, north side of, downstream from Cox's Creek1000Richard Woolfolk4 May 1786 
24 Jul 1784Crist, Henry
& Solomon Spears
assignees of Parmanus Briscoe
VA-4332Long Lick Creek, waters of400Thomas Whitledge20 Aug 1786 
24 Jul 1784Spears, Solomon
& Henry Crist
assignees of Parmanus Briscoe
VA-4332Long Lick Creek, north side400Thomas Whitledge20 Aug 1786 
24 Aug 1784Macker, JohnVA-3426Crooked Creek, waters of Cane Run500Samuel Smyth10 Dec 1785Adam Shepherd
25 Aug 1784Macker, JohnVA-3414Crooked Creek, waters of Cane Run500Samuel Smyth10 Dec 1785Adam Shepherd
15 Nov 1784Overall, JohnVA-8718Long Lick Creek, waters of525Isaac Cox18 May 1787 
16 Nov 1784Whitaker, JohnVA-5372Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek162Thomas Whitledge3 Jan 1788Moses Davis
24 Nov 1784Reeves, ThomasVA-5707Crooked Creek, waters of Cane Run400Samuel Smyth17 Sep 1786 
30 Nov 1784Mays, JohnVA-5343Long Lick Creek, south of100Isaac Cox19 Apr 1788 
1 Dec 1784Myers, JacobVA-7465Salt River, south side of; upstream from mouth of Rolling Fork1500Isaac Cox14 Aug 1786 
15 Dec 1784Terrell, RichardVA-5222Floyd's Fork, Waters of3000Isaac Cox5 Nov 1787 
5 Jun 1785Cameron, JohnVA-3914Salt River & Floyd's Fork, waters of1000Nathaniel Owens20 Aug 1786Division for Heirs
27 Oct 1785Broughton, CharlesVA-9054Long Lick Creek, waters of250John Ray3 Dec 1801 
27 Oct 1785Broughton, CharlesVA-9055Long Lick Creek, waters of500John Ray3 Dec 1801 
28 Oct 1785Carr, JohnVA-7416Crooked Creek, waters of along Cane Run200G. Calhoon25 Aug 1788 
31 Oct 1785May, JohnVA-5326-5337-7257Salt River, south of near Ohio River308-300-100John Helm1787-88 
1 Nov 1785Crist, Henry
& Solomon Spears
assignees of Parmanus Briscoe
VA-7493Long Lick Creek, waters of340Isaac Cox6 Oct 1788 
2 Nov 1785Frye, BenjaminVA-8655Long Lick Creek, north side1000Isaac Cox13 May 1787Henry Crist
5 Dec 1785Myers, JacobVA-6255Salt River, north side; near mouth of Rolling Fork1000John Helm14 May 1788 
7 Dec 1785Myers, JacobVA-6253Salt River, north side; below mouth of Rolling Fork467.5John Helm14 May 1788 
7 Dec 1785Myers, JacobVA-6251Salt River, north of & between Rolling Fork and Mill Creek1200John Helm14 May 1777 
11 Dec 1785Holland, FrancisVA-6806Salt River, down from Rolling Fork1000John Helm12 Mar 1790 
13 Dec 1785Dorsey, JohnOK-2985Salt River, down from Rolling Fork3125John Helm23 Mar 1799 
3 Jan 1786Cox, SusannahVA-6149Salt River, south side of, downstream from Cox's Creek315Isaac Cox21 May 1788 
4 Jan 1786Carneal, ThomasOK-2854Floyd's Fork, waters of384Robert Breckinridge19 Jan 1799 
5 Jan 1786Brooks, JosephVA-7304Salt River, north of & west of Floyd's Fork200Robert Breckinridge19 Jun 1788Moses Moore
5 Jan 1786Fitzhugh, WilliamVA-7087Salt River, south of; below mouth of Cox's Creek5850Isaac Cox14 Nov 1786Richard Bibb
5 Jan 1786Ketchum, Daniel
Brashear, Walter
VA-9105Salt River, south of, along Cedar Creek400Nathaniel Owen9 Jul 1806 
6 Jan 1786Christian, WilliamVA-9196Salt River, north of; adjoining Bullitt's Lick tract2000Robert Breckinridgecaveat filedPriscilla Bullitt's Sons
6 Jan 1786Ketchum, Daniel
Brashear, Wa
VA-9106Salt River, south of, along Cedar Creek1000Nathaniel Owen9 Jul 1806 
16 Jan 1786King, JohnVA-7220Long Lick Creek, waters south of400Adam Shepherd26 May 1787William Shain
William Shain
16 Jan 1786McGee, JohnVA-7543Long Lick Creek, waters of260John Ray6 Oct 1788 
16 Jan 1786Shepherd, PeterVA-7449Long Lick Creek, south side of100John Ray6 Oct 1788 
20 Jan 1786Whitaker, JohnVA-6307Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek360Isaac Cox18 Aug 1788Giles Davis
George Davis
21 Jan 1786Whitaker, JohnVA-6308Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek200Isaac Cox18 Aug 1788 
21 Jan 1786Whitaker, JohnVA-6329Salt River, south of on Cedar Creek200Isaac Cox18 Aug 1788 
8 Feb 1786Francis Shain
& David Cr
VA-5189Crooked Creek, waters of500Adam Shepherd21 Sep 1787Isaac Collings
24 Mar 1786May, JohnVA-4473Salt River, south of, along Cedar Creek2000Isaac Cox24 Apr 1887 
25 Apr 1786Guthrie, JamesVA-6588Floyd's Fork, waters of Cedar Creek400Sam Bell10 Feb 1789 
5 Jun 1786Shanklin, RobertVA-7441, VA-7142, VA-7143Floyd's Fork, waters northwest of1400Robert Breckinridge5 Aug 1788Richard Shanklin
William Pope, etc.
8 Aug 1786Luse, AbnerVA-8076Crooked Creek, waters of587.75George Calhoun25 Aug 1788 
31 Oct 1786May, JohnVA-7235Ohio River and Pond Creek6533Robert Breckinridge13 Nov 1787 
2 Nov 1786Brown, JohnVA-6836Knob Creek, waters of400Robert Breckinridge7 Feb 1790 
2 Nov 1786Daniel, RobertVA-6837Salt River, north of, crossing Knob Creek505Robert Breckinridge27 Feb 1790 
3 Nov 1786Johnston, WilliamVA-7697Salt River, north of, crossing Pond Creek1000Robert Breckinridge1 Mar 1790 
4 Nov 1786Beall, SamuelVA-5231Salt River, north side of, downstream from Rolling Fork2000Robert Breckinridge13 Nov 1787 
2 Jan 1787Panebecker, WiantVA-7828Salt River, south of; between Cox's Creek and Floyd's Fork400Adam Shepherd22 Feb 1790 
3 Jan 1787Carr, JohnVA-6752Crooked Creek, Water of300Adam Shepherd20 Oct 1789 
26 Jan 1787Brooks, JosephVA-7301Salt River, waters of at mouth of Floyd's Fork80James F. Moore19 Jun 1788 
17 Oct 1787Briscoe, ParmenusVA-7944Long Lick Creek, waters of60Isaac Cox26 Apr 1792 
22 Oct 1787Walton, MatthewVA-7582Salt River, south side & adjoining Long Lick Creek7880Isaac Cox9 Feb 1789 
6 Nov 1787Davis, ThomasVA-6835Salt River, north of at Arnold's Bottom900Robert Breckinridge22 Feb 1890George L. Key
13 Mar 1788Hunter, JohnVA-9364Rolling Fork, north side of, downstream from Wilson's Creek1000John Helm21 Apr 1792Benjamin Chapeze
13 Mar 1788Hurst, JohnVA-9352Rolling Fork, north of, mouth of Wilson's Creek1000John Helm21 Apr 1792 
18 Dec 1788Stansbury, BenjaminVA-8254, VA-8255Salt River, waters of; between Christian 1000 & Shepherd 900 & 600 tracts456James F. Moore18 May 1790Polly Stansbury
2 Apr 1789Edwards, BenjaminOK-0040Salt River, south side; southwest of Salt River ferry500John Ray20 Mar 1793 
15 May 1789Harlan, JamesVA-6810Salt River, south of, near Cedar Creek560James Cox21 May 1790 
25 May 1789Mays, JohnVA-8945, VA-8946Long Lick Creek, south of200+300Adam Shepherd1 Aug 1796 
12 Jun 1789Garnheart, MichaelVA-8554Floyd's Fork, waters northwest of200James F. Moore20 Apr 1792Thomas Smith
7 Jul 1789Gaither, JohnVA-8563Salt River, south side of; near Floyd's Fork500Ben Pope22 Apr 1792Michael Troutman
20 Oct 1789Minter, JohnVA-8452Salt River, north of250James F. Moore9 May 1792 
20 Oct 1789Minter, JohnVA-8453Salt River, north of, & headwaters of Knob Creek250James F. Moore9 May 1792 
4 Feb 1790Myers, JacobVA-8456Salt River, north side; between Shepherdsville & Rolling Fork5796.25Alexander Breckinridge13 Apr 1792 
8 Feb 1790Myers, JacobVA-8435.2Salt River, north side; between Shepherdsville & Rolling Fork100Alexander Breckinridge13 Apr 1792 
24 Aug 1790May, John
& Mark Oyler
VA-8949Long Lick, waters of400John King1 Aug 1796 
27 Jul 1791Whitledge, ThomasOK-1171Cox's Creek, West Fork500James Cox19 Jan 1796 
7 May 1792Ray, JohnOK-2546Crooked Creek, waters of400John Ray16 Aug 1798William Ray
Royal Glass
Henry Hart
William Shain
Henry Hart
11 Jun 1792Smyth, SamuelOK-1276Crooked Creek, waters of Cane Run500Samuel Smyth8 Mar 1796 
15 Jun 1792Stansbury, BenjaminOK-1579Long Lick Creek, waters of100Benjamin Stansbury1 Oct 1796 
3 Aug 1792Larue, JohnOK-0192Floyd's Fork, waters north of21,000Benjamin Stansbury16 May 1793William Pope Jr.
Robert Breckinridge
Worden Pope
6 Aug 1792Neale, BenjaminOK-0129Salt River, north side1000Benjamin Stansbury10 May 1793William Pope
Gabriel, George and Charles Mothershead
7 Aug 1792Sanford, RobertOK-0124Salt River, upstream from Pond Creek2000William Pope10 May 1793 
17 Oct 1792Whitledge, WilliamOK-0281Floyd's Fork, north side of1000Benjamin Stansbury20 Jul 1793Wm Whitledge Jr.
Overall Whitledge
Thomas Whitledge
John Whitledge
24 Oct 1792Slaughter, GeorgeOK-0158Floyd's Fork, waters north of680Alexander Breckinridge10 May 1793Joseph Brooks
25 Oct 1792Brooks, JosephOK-5246Floyd's Fork, waters north of820Alexander Breckinridge8 Aug 1802 
25 Oct 1792Dowdall, JohnOK-2101Salt River, south of, near Cedar Creek500James Cox24 Jan 1798 
26 Oct 1792Edwards, BenjaminOK-0461Salt River, south side; waters of Buffalo Run1000James Cox17 Mar 1794 
1 Nov 1792Brooks, JosephOK-0155Floyd's Fork, waters of; headwaters of Blue Lick Run690Robert Breckinridge20 May 1793 
1 Nov 1792Brooks, JosephOK-0156Floyd's Fork, waters of; waters of Blue Lick Run300Robert Breckinridge20 May 1793 
3 Nov 1792Stansbury, ThomasOK-0223Floyd's Fork, waters of at Long Bend600James F. Moore16 May 1793 
3 Nov 1792Stansbury, ThomasOK-0838Floyd's Fork400James F. Moore13 May 1795 
7 Nov 1792Essary, JohnOK-4320Long Lick Creek, north side113Andrew Hynes9 May 1800Thomas Speed
15 May 1793Bowman, JacobOK-0345Salt River, south side, downstream from Shepherdsville1000James Cox10 Dec 1793 
8 Jun 1793Bowman, JacobOK-0376Long Lick Creek, north side1000James Cox4 Jan 1795 
31 Aug 1793McDaniel, ClementsOK-1436Crooked Creek, Water of300Samuel Smyth22 Jun 1796Colley McDaniel
3 Aug 1795Elzey, WilliamOK-1262Wilson Creek, Long Lick Creek, Crooked Creek, Cane Run, waters of5957.75Adam Shepherd28 Feb 1796John H. Baker
14 Oct 1795Walton, MatthewOK-2079Crooked Creek, Water of4221Adam Shepherd17 Dec 1797 
31 Oct 1795Loney, AmosOK-6241Salt River, down from Rolling Fork1400Ben Helm7 Sep 1810 
1 Dec 1795Johnson, RichardVA-1650Salt River, north of; adjoins William Christian's 1000200John Drake15 Dec 1796 
6 Oct 1796Buckner, PhillipOK-2439Salt River, north side opposite Long Lick Creek700Benjamin Stansbury23 Jul 1798Jonathan Irons
1 Dec 1796Froman, Jacob
assignee of Paul Fr
VA-2189Salt River, south side of; Pitt's Point site600James Cox17 Aug 1797 
27 Jun 1797Drake, JohnOK-4251Ohio River and Pond Creek1830John Drake19 Apr 1800 
17 Oct 1797Shepherd, Adam
& James Shanks
OK-4575Rolling Fork, north of391James Shanks14 Jun 1800 
17 Oct 1797Myers, JacobOK-2766Salt River, NW Waters of3099.75James Shanks13 Dec 1798 
25 Oct 1797Brown, BenjaminOK-2317Salt River, NW Waters of3099.75James Shanks20 Jun 1798 
27 Oct 1797Dowdall, JamesOK-5254Salt River, south side, between Cox's Creek & Floyd's Fork500James Shanks2 Jun 1802 
29 Oct 1797Riley, JohnOK-3183Knob and Briar Creeks7031.25James Miller25 May 1799John Collett
John Collett
2 Nov 1797January, ThomasOK-3024Salt River, Southeast of1000James Shanks16 Apr 1799 
6 Nov 1797Whitledge, ThomasOK-2814Floyd's Fork, waters of200J. G. Moore25 Dec 1798 
16 Nov 1797Stansbury, ThomasOK-4646Floyd's Fork, waters north of635John G. Moore20 Jun 1800 
18 Nov 1797Hite, AbrahamOK-2893Salt River, Junction Rolling Fork50James Shanks11 Feb 1799 
19 Nov 1797Froman, PaulnoneLong Lick Creek, waters of938Isaac Cox  
21 Nov 1797Slaughter, GeorgeOK-2637Floyd's Fork, waters of560John Ferry4 Sep 1798Joseph Brooks
24 Nov 1797Shanks, JamesOK-5526Salt River, south of, waters of Cedar Creek225James Shanks4 Feb 1805 
25 Nov 1797Alexander, WilliamOK-3262Salt River, south of, near Cedar Creek650James Shanks10 Jun 1799 
25 Nov 1797Helm, Lynaugh
OK-3260Salt River, north of194John Ferry17 Mar 1800 
26 Nov 1797Helm, Lynaugh
OK-3259Floyd's Fork, waters of300John Ferry17 Mar 1800Joseph Brooks
29 Dec 1797Carr, JohnOK-4321Rolling Fork, north side of200James Shanks6 May 1800Isaac Larue
10 Jan 1798Miller, AlexanderOK-3370Salt River, south of, near Cedar Creek425James Shanks18 Mar 1800 
14 Apr 1798West, Charles
OK-5283Blue Lick Run, waters of400John Ferry21 Jun 1802John Dunn
23 May 1798Shanks, James
assignee of Richard Johnson
OK-5524Salt River, south of, near Cedar Creek500James Shanks4 Feb 1805 
24 May 1798Shanks, JamesOK-5525Salt River, south of, near Cedar Creek200James Shanks20 Nov 1805 
24 May 1798Shanks, James
assignee of Richard Johnson
OK-5523Salt River, south of on waters of Cedar Creek200James Shanks4 Feb 1805 
22 Aug 1798Cox, Isaac
Lewis, Joseph
OK-3286Salt River, North of1922James Ferry12 Jun 1799 
29 Aug 1798Shepherd, AdamOK-4579Long Lick Creek, south of200James Shanks16 Jun 1800 
17 Sep 1798Brashear, Nicholas R.OK-3062Floyd's Fork62James Ferry20 Apr 1799 
18 Sep 1798Ridgway, JosephOK-3215Floyd's Fork, East of9.75James Shanks5 Jun 1799 
19 Sep 1798Crist, HenryOK-4975Cox's Creek, waters of East Fork200Henry Crist11 Jun 1801 
20 Sep 1798Taylor, KitinahOK-6504Salt River, north side of; upstream from Floyd's Fork2,000James Shanks8 May 1812 
21 Sep 1798Lewis JosephOK-3335Salt River, North Side1556James Shanks16 Jun 1799 
22 Sep 1798Shepherd, Adam
& James Shanks
OK-3704Rolling Fork, north side of500James Shanks11 Jul 1799 
22 Sep 1798Shepherd, Adam & James ShanksOK-4776Salt River, south of750James Shanks21 Nov 1800 
28 Sep 1798Shepherd, AdamOK-4868Long Lick Creek, north side925James Shanks16 Mar 1801 
30 Oct 1804Breckinridge, RobertOK-5650Floyd's Fork, waters of Brook's Run2500James Shanks18 Jun 1805Joseph Brooks

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