Bullitt County History

Bullitt County Deed Books A-Q Index
Grantees - SHIR-SN

Local historian and researcher Betty Darnell has indexed Bullitt County deed books A-Q by grantors, grantees, and deed book pages, and allowed us to share her work here. You may find some of her other works on our publications for sale page.

Shirley, A. E.Smith, B. F.P 5991865
Shirley, AbsalomCoyle, JohnG 4841832
Shirley, AbsalomStringer, Bluford, Thomas, John & WilliamG 4841833
Shirley, ElizabethCardwell, W'mH 1161834
Shirley, GeorgeGilmore, PerryL 1961847
Shirley, J. & H. C.Pope, James P.O 4361854
Shirley, W'mHogland, James C. I 4311841
Shirley, WilliamRouse, MosesB 1541807
Shirtwang, F.Stark, Tom HrsP 0041862
Shiveley, A. S.Froman, J. V.P 0771862
Shiveley, A. S.Hardy, J. H.P 1321862
Shiveley, A. S. & J. B. SwanGreenwell, C.P 0771861
Shiveley, AbsalomWilhoit, TobiasA 4011802
Sholler, Jacob & George ShockShepherd, AdamA 0231797
Shoptaw, JamesJohnson, W. P.N 0471853
Shoptaw, MilesHarshfield, JohnQ 6051867
Shoptaw, ThomasMiles, Geo. W.L 2481848
Short, W. C.Jones, SimN 4361855
Short, W. C.King, E.N 0361853
Short, W. C.Russell, Tom HrsM 4421852
Short, W. C.Russell, Tom HrsM 4701852
Short, W. C.Wigginton, D. H.O 4971854
Short, W. C. Russell, ThosM 2601851
Short, W. C. & Tom Russell Jr.Russell, ThosI 2961840
Showalter, J.McDowell, Wood.N 2311853
Showalter, J.McDowell, W.Q 2231865
Showalter, J.Peacock, J. D. S.M 2311853
Showalter, J. Brooks, D. L.N 2311854
Showalter, J. W.Blevins, M.L 4101848
Showalter, JohnHessey, EdwardL 5071850
Shroatz, WilliamLuce, AbnerA 1031799
Shuck, EveShepherd, AdamB 5121811
Shuck, GeorgeShepherd, AdamB 5091811
Shuck, GeorgeShepherd, AdamB 5111811
Siegle, F.Payne, E.Q 5861866
Simcoe, R. B.Wilson, MatthewH 3681836
SimmonsSergeant Court ApplsF 4841828
Simmons & SonsBurks, JamesE 3081824
Simmons HrsSimmons HrsK 4441845
Simmons, A. J.Simmons, E. & R.M 1871851
Simmons, CephasShain, WilliamC 0301813
Simmons, E.Ketchum, J. HrsM 0741851
Simmons, E.SheriffI 2521839
Simmons, E. W.Trustees of ShepherdsvilleG 5061833
Simmons, ElishaCaldwell, W'm (Shff)F 4241827
Simmons, ElishaGreenwell, JosephG 2991831
Simmons, Elisha W.Murray, John R.G 3631832
Simmons, Elisha W.Wilson, Matthew T.H 0491833
Simmons, ElizabethWilkerson, O.N 5021855
Simmons, G. W.Simmons, JosM 3121852
Simmons, G. W.Simmons, Tom M.O 1961854
Simmons, G. W.Simmons, J. P.P 1561862
Simmons, G. W.Tilford JosM 4771852
Simmons, G. W.Wells, S.P 1521862
Simmons, Geo W.Simmons, SarahO 1921854
Simmons, GriffinHarris, NathanF 2091826
Simmons, H.Bank Commonwealth KyI 1261838
Simmons, Hump. & Thomas W. RileyMurray Ex'orK 4191845
Simmons, HumphreyCase, SamuelA 2921801
Simmons, HumphreyMcDowell, JohnH 3451836
Simmons, HumphreyPhelps, EdwinH 2851835
Simmons, HumphreyPhelps, GuyH 3041836
Simmons, Humphrey Williams, Sam B.I 1321838
Simmons, Humphrey & Thomas W. RileySherrifI 0441837
Simmons, J. P.Simmons, G. W.P 1531862
Simmons, J. S.Harris, F.P 0291862
Simmons, J. S.Mitchell, Tom A.M 3721851
Simmons, James S. & W'm W.Deacon, James A. I 0851837
Simmons, JesseDowdall, Stacy & JohnA 1881797
Simmons, JesseWhitaker, ElijahA 0321797
Simmons, Jno J.Simmons, W'mK 3281844
Simmons, JonathanCaldwell, W'mF 3721827
Simmons, JonathanLee, WilfordG 3401831
Simmons, JonathanTroutman, MichaelB 4651811
Simmons, JonathanWalton, MatthewA 2451802
Simmons, JosThurman, JamesE 0921822
Simmons, Jos P.Simmons, A. J.M 4031852
Simmons, Jos.Lutes, ChasM 2341850
Simmons, Jos. (ass'ee of J. R. Gaither)Troutman, Phil Heir of M. TroutmanD 1991819
Simmons, Jos. P.OBrian, C.N 0071854
Simmons, JosephAlexander, ThomasB 1391807
Simmons, JosephNewkirk, BenjaminB 0491806
Simmons, JosephPollard, J.D 0471818
Simmons, JosephWhite, BrittainA 2901802
Simmons, L.Crist, HenryC 3941816
Simmons, L.Dent, D. W.N 3521853
Simmons, LeviAlexander, ThomasB 1411807
Simmons, LeviSwearingen, E. (Sheriff)E 1341822
Simmons, LeviSimmons, JosE 2021822
Simmons, M. A.Ridgway, B. W. HrsQ 5891864
Simmons, N.Lee, W. HrsQ 4661866
Simmons, N.Porter, I.L 1401847
Simmons, N.SheriffI 4741842
Simmons, N.SheriffK 3741845
Simmons, N.Tilford, J. B.P 0531862
Simmons, NicChapeze, BenjaminF 4161827
Simmons, NicMoore, C. M.O 4251856
Simmons, NicMiller, J. J.P 2681862
Simmons, Nic Hall, Austin (Shff)G 1081829
Simmons, NichMuir, P. B.O 5041856
Simmons, NichSheriffL 0201846
Simmons, NichSimmons, R. P. HrsL 0241846
Simmons, NichShain, W'm (mort)O 1881854
Simmons, NicholasGraham, JohnF 1451826
Simmons, R. H.Bartlett, Mary A.O 6291856
Simmons, R. H.Bartlett, J. A.O 6311856
Simmons, R. H.Simmons, R.M 5281852
Simmons, R. L.Simmons, E.M 2811852
Simmons, R. P.Joyce, ThomasH 1241834
Simmons, R. P.Joyce, TomH 1511834
Simmons, R. P.Joyce, ThosH 4081837
Simmons, R. P.Maraman, W. W.I 4131841
Simmons, R. P.Maraman, F.I 5051841
Simmons, R. P.McGee, Jos. lL.G 0331828
Simmons, R. P.McDade, EdM 4951851
Simmons, R. P.Summers, BenjE 0391822
Simmons, R. P.Summers, N. C.K 0691842
Simmons, R. P.Samuels, Robt F.K 1551843
Simmons, R. P.Wilson, E. K.K 0231842
Simmons, R. P. HrsSimmons HrsM 4611852
Simmons, ReasonMiles, Moses (By Com'r)K 0801843
Simmons, RhodaSwearingen, W. W.K 2981844
Simmons, RichHall, Austin (Shff)G 0411828
Simmons, RichLee, WilfordF 4381828
Simmons, RichSergeant Court AppealsG 2691831
Simmons, Rich P.Wilson, Thos Q.G 2261830
Simmons, Rich P.Wilson, Thos Q.G 2261830
Simmons, RichardBibb, RichardB 1061807
Simmons, RichardCrist, HenryB 2021803
Simmons, RichardGaither, John R.A 2681801
Simmons, RichardPope, Benjamin Sr.A 3421804
Simmons, RichardSimmons, ValindaA 2261801
Simmons, Richard P.Hall, Simeon & DavidB 5291810
Simmons, Richard P.Summers, Rufus K.G 2261830
Simmons, Richard P.Viers, NathanA 4231804
Simmons, Richard P.Walton, Matt B 6751803
Simmons, Richard P. & othersBrashear, Walter & othersB 5871812
Simmons, Richard Sr.Sanders, Joseph (Sheriff)A 3411804
Simmons, RobertMagruder, LeviK 4831845
Simmons, RobertOverton, WalterC 0361811
Simmons, RobtShepherd, JamesN 1951853
Simmons, RobtSimmons, Reason HrsO 5411856
Simmons, Sam & Clifton HallGrable, DavidC 3971816
Simmons, SamuelCrist, HenryE 1241823
Simmons, SamuelSimmons, Rich P.E 1401822
Simmons, SamuelSimmons, JamesN 4811856
Simmons, SamuelWeaver, MichaelB 0951806
Simmons, Sedwick Bank Commonwealth KyG 4411832
Simmons, Sedwick & W. W.Brown, IgnatiusG 0731829
Simmons, Sedwick & W. W.Rouse, SarahG 0731829
Simmons, Sedwick & W. W.Ruby, ReasonG 0731829
Simmons, ThosSmith, Robt N.G 1301829
Simmons, W. Ridgway, B. W.Q 0911864
Simmons, W. A. J.Bridwell, Jos. P.P 5331863
Simmons, W. N.Simmons, J. T.P 5361865
Simmons, W. W.Rowland, JonathanI 3241840
Simmons, W. W.Riley, Tom W.K 5181845
Simmons, W. W.Simmons, Wash & ReasonH 1431834
Simmons, W. W.Simmons, J. S.P 1971862
Simmons, W'mAtwell, Jos.E 1031823
Simmons, W'mMiles, NathanC 1901814
Simmons, W'mPope, W'm Jr.D 5251821
Simmons, W'mSimmons, Jos D 2371819
Simmons, W'm Crenshaw, V.L 1321846
Simmons, W'm W.Caldwell, W'm (Sheriff)F 3281827
Simmons, W'm W.Hedges, Joseph (Sheriff)E 0011822
Simmons, WilliamAmbrose, JacobC 0121805
Simmons, WilliamCrist, HenryD 3031820
Simmons, WilliamTroutman, MichaelC 0121805
Simmons, William HrsSimmons, JohnL 1181847
Simmons, William P.Reed, BetsyB 1731807
Simmons, William P.Sturgus, James A.B 1641807
Simpson, AbsalomSimpson, JamesA 2001801
Simpson, F. L.Day, R. H.P 241861
Simpson, F. L.Gentry, D.P 3261862
Simpson, JamesGore, Jonathan Jr.E 2771824
Simpson, JamesTrustees of ShepherdsvilleA 0161797
Singleton, BenjaminIrwin, JosephA 2361802
Skinner, C.Foster, FrancisM 4111851
Skinner, Isaac B.Goldsmith (Mort)L 5151849
Skinner, J. C.Skinner, N. B.Q 2721864
Skinner, J. C.Tydings, J. W.Q 5721866
Skinner, J. C.Tydings, Jos R.Q 5731866
Skinner, J. C. & N. B.Griffin, G.P 2711862
Skinner, J. C. & N. B.Moore, LeviO 6991856
Skinner, J. C. & N. B.McNutt, R.P 2651862
Skinner, J. C. & N. B.McDaniel, W'mP 5641862
Skinner, J. D.Ewing, A. C.N 4951854
Skinner, J. D.Rawlings, JohnsonP 5641862
Skinner, John C.Prewitt, J. B.P 6061862
Skinner, N. B.Skinner, J. C.Q 2711864
Skinner, R.Arnold, Jas.L 1991847
Skinner, R.Chappell, W. F. & A.L 199, 3841847
Skinner, RichGoheen, J. W.L 1991847
Skinner, RichMiles, Geo. W.L 1991847
Skinner, RichStibbins, W'mL 1991847
Slaughter, F. P.Greenwell, ChasN 1351853
Slaughter, P. F.Warren, W. H.N 1301853
Sliger, DavidNewkirk, TunosC 2451815
Sliger, DavidTaylor, James F 1921825
Sliger, JohnHall, JohnI 0561837
Sliger, JohnMelton HrsI 0631837
Sliger, JohnSliger HrsI 2361839
Sliger, ThomasHagerman, C.K 5131846
Sliger, ThomasHall, John HrsO 6701857
Sliger, UptonSliger, David DHrsL 5011849
Sliger, UptonSliger, D. HrsM 0891850
Sligo, DavidJohnson, Richard (By Attorney)A 0591798
Sligo, DavidNewkirk, BenjaminA 0621798
Slinger, E.Snapp, LewisF 4721828
Slygart, R.Crist, HenryD 4411821
Small, H.SheriffI 1271838
Small, H. B.Congrove, E.M 3571851
Small, HenryHopewell, W'mE 1801823
Small, HenrySummers, Noah C.G 4401832
Small, HenrySheriffI 2461839
Small, J. D.Small, N. B.O 0111854
Small, J. F.Risley, J. H.Q 4011864
Small, J. F.Risley, S. M.Q 4021864
Small, J. T.Howell, A. & N. MooreQ 5551867
Small, J. T.Moore, N. & HowellQ 5551866
Small, J. T.Risley, RebeccaQ 4611864
Small, J. T.Small, S. A.Q 4011867
Small, J. T.VaughnL 0451846
Small, James & W'm WelchSmall, HenryE 1861823
Small, N. B.Iron Manufacturing Co.M 3651852
Small, N. B.JonesM 2931852
Small, N. B.Kinnison, A. C.M 2931851
Small, N. B.Small, H. & Eliza AnnI 4661841
Smiley, Samuel, Brown & HowellMcAhron, WilliamE 2631824
SmithPope [indexed in supplement]I 343[blank]
SmithThornsberry, A.M 4741852
Smith, A. M.Smith, B. A.P 3731865
Smith, A. O. & Geo. W. RowlandEvans, W. HrsN 2861854
Smith, Abe HrsCollett, JohnF 1291826
Smith, B. A.Friddle, S.P 0751862
Smith, B. ExorSheriffK 4081845
Smith, B. F.Barrall, C. H.O 2441857
Smith, B. F.Briscoe, G. P 4401863
Smith, B. F.Briscoe, GerardQ 0121865
Smith, B. F.Glenn, J. W.O 2341854
Smith, B. F.Johnson, W. P.N 5381856
Smith, B. F.Weller, J. P.N 4271855
Smith, B., Mrs.Sanders, L. J. & A. P.P 0621862
Smith, DentonCrumbacker, JohnP 3831862
Smith, DentonJones, EnochN 1401853
Smith, DentonSmith, Peter Sr.F 2481826
Smith, E. A.Roney, J. R. M.P 5981862
Smith, E. B.Hall, Tom J. (Sheriff)Q 4531867
Smith, E. B.SheriffQ 4531867
Smith, ElizaMcAhron, G.Q 1591865
Smith, FrancisSturgus, James A.B 3901810
Smith, G. W.Balee, JoelQ 5261864
Smith, G. W.Henkemp, B. H.N 0331853
Smith, Geo W.Smith, DentonO 0181854
Smith, George W.Jones, EnochN 0841853
Smith, IsaacSmith, NicholasG 1561829
Smith, IsaacSamuels, Robert F.G 4851833
Smith, J. F.Maraman, W. J.Q 2581866
Smith, J. F.Smith, PeterQ 3941867
Smith, J. F. & Carpenter, W.Colbow, W. Q 0941866
Smith, J. H.Gamble, J. F.P 2611862
Smith, J. O.Riley, J. S.O 1761854
Smith, J. O.Smith, S. B.N 1611853
Smith, JamesHorrell, Thomas R.O 6311857
Smith, JamesMaddox, GeorgeA 2161800
Smith, JamesMcDaniel, ColleyA 1071799
Smith, JamesNeill, LewisM 4131850
Smith, James Crist, HenryB 1211806
Smith, James Gafford, B.P 3581862
Smith, James F.Bowman, PermeliaQ 5871866
Smith, James F.Shaw, HenryQ 6191867
Smith, James F. & W. CarpenterGarr, EdwardP 0011861
Smith, JohnBrown, Samuel (Com'r)C 3421816
Smith, JohnCaldwell, JamesC 3421816
Smith, JohnDavis, ThomasC 0831813
Smith, JohnDavis, ThomasG 3841832
Smith, JohnJones, W'mC 3291816
Smith, JohnStansberry, BenjE 0861822
Smith, JohnSmith, Peter Sr.F 2451826
Smith, JohnSmith, AdamI 2481839
Smith, Jos D.Smith, G. W.Q 4511867
Smith, Jos.Goldsmith, J. D.P 3801862
Smith, L. J.Johnson, J. B.N 5411856
Smith, L. J.Pope, JohnN 5431856
Smith, L. J.Pope, J.HrsP 0861862
Smith, PeterBreckenridge, RobtC 0661813
Smith, PeterBreckenridge, RobtC 2401815
Smith, PeterBreckenridge, RobtG 4111832
Smith, PeterCrenshaw, NelsonG 1681829
Smith, PeterHorine, JacobE 1931823
Smith, PeterKerr, EnosL 3871848
Smith, PeterPope, William & WordenC 0661813
Smith, PeterPope, W'm & WordenC 2401815
Smith, PeterPope, W'm & WordenD 3061819
Smith, PeterPope, W'm & WordenD 3061819
Smith, PeterPope, W'm & WordenG 4111832
Smith, PeterSanders, ThomasA 1931801
Smith, PeterSheriffK 3961845
Smith, PeterThornsberry, Seth B. & SamuelC 4121817
Smith, PeterThornsberry, W.C 4141817
Smith, PeterThornsberry HrsF 2531826
Smith, PeterThornsberry, AlfI 4021841
Smith, PeterWhitledge, JohnF 1421826
Smith, PeterWhitledge, JohnF 1421826
Smith, Peter & Overall WhitledgeThornsberry, SamuelE 1121817
Smith, Peter Jr.Smith, Peter Sr.F 2441826
Smith, Peter SrSheriffL 0861846
Smith, R.Churchill, C.M 2131850
Smith, R. M.Berkley, M.L 4231848
Smith, R. M.May, S.L 4251849
Smith, R. M.May, S.M 2021850
Smith, Rach.Tucker, W'm HrsQ 1811864
Smith, Robert M.Hoskins, RobtL 1391847
Smith, Robt F.Thornsberry, Dan F 4401828
Smith, Robt M.Rowland, JonathanH 0891834
Smith, S. B.Beard, J. M. HrsM 4051851
Smith, S. B.Stephens, W'mN 0281853
Smith, S. N.Harrison, C. HrsM 0081850
Smith, Sam B.Risley, John S.L 4371848
Smith, Sam N.Craycroft, H. I.L 4001849
Smith, Sam N.Mitchell, Ben N.L 0511846
Smith, Samuel B.Beard, James M.K 3861844
Smith, SusanPhelps, GuyK 3581845
Smith, T. J.Armstrong, K. M.P 4131858
Smith, Thomas F.Beckwith, John W.F 1831826
Smith, VivionKing, WithersA 0481798
Smith, W.Bass, M., HrsO 4481855
Smith, W'mBass, Matthew HrsM 1001850
Smith, W'mBates, M.P 4361863
Smith, W'mBates, W. C.Q 2681864
Smith, W'mDent, J. C.N 6161854
Smith, W'mHall, T. J. (Sheriff)P 4991865
Smith, W'mHall, C.P 4361865
Smith, W'mPurcell, W. F.Q 6251866
Smith, W'mQuertermous, Jos.Q 2871866
Smith, W'mSmith, Peter Sr.F 2471826
Smith, W'mSnapp, LewisH 1071834
Smith, W'mSnapp, LewisI 1131838
Smith, W'mSnapp, LewisI 2011839
Smith, W'mSmith, B. B.N 0821853
Smith, W'mSmith, Peter HrsN 3191856
Smith, W'mStark, A. HrsP 1701862
Smith, W'mSheriffP 4991865
Smith, W'mStark, Dan HrsQ 0121864
Smith, W'mThornsberry, S. B. (Mort)N 3231853
Smith,John HrsSmith, John HrsO 1701854
Smock, JamesSmock, HenryG 2231830
Smock, M.Smock, DavidI 3951841
Smock, M.Williams, HenryK 0731842
Smock, MathiasCoon, ThomasB 4751811
Smyser Greer ExorI 4091841
Smyser, J. L.Beatty, J.P 0151861
Smyser, LewisBrashear, R.H 4201837
Smyser, LewisFisher, R. HrsN 3241854
Smyser, LewisKnight, James W.H 4211837
Smyth, SamuelCrist, JacobB 4441811
Snall, L. H.ONeal, JohnO 2111855
Snapp & JohnsonMcGrew, FinleyN 4001853
Snapp, HardinPierce, JohnK 4431845
Snapp, J. H.Holmes, M. G.I 2861839
Snapp, James H.Stephens, Jos.I 1761839
Snapp, James H.SheriffK 1191843
Snapp, L.Kulp, S.L 4071848
Snapp, L.Lewis, Jno.L 4901849
Snapp, L. Hibbett (By Com'r)O 2821855
Snapp, L. H.Hall, ChasN 2651855
Snapp, L. H.Johnson, F. L. N 5761856
Snapp, L. H.King, ValentineN 5111853
Snapp, L. H.Lewis, NancyL 3681848
Snapp, L. H.Risley, J.N 5791853
Snapp, L. H.Shadburn, R. A.O 2501854
Snapp, L. H. & John LewisAlexander, JamesA 1151799
Snapp, L. H. & John LewisAll, MaryK 4741845
Snapp, LewisBurdett, PeytonH 0691833
Snapp, LewisCanby, BenjaminG 2521830
Snapp, LewisDrake, CharlesH 0051833
Snapp, LewisHough, Moses C.C 5041818
Snapp, LewisHough, Jos. Hrs by DrakeC 5121818
Snapp, LewisKerr, EnosH 4251837
Snapp, LewisKulp, SteveM 4711851
Snapp, LewisMcDade, EdwardD 3531820
Snapp, LewisNewkirk, ChasF 0471825
Snapp, LewisPeyton, CravenD 3531820
Snapp, LewisPayne, G. A.I 3141840
Snapp, LintonHall, J. Q. A.O 0041854
Snapp, LintonPratt, RichardM 3211853
Snapp, LintonSnapp, LewisM 4701852
Snapp, LintonSnapp, LewisM 5321852
Snapp, LintonWhaley, S. P.N 4651855
Snapp, LouisaSnapp, L.H.P 0091862
Snapp, Mary J.Snapp, LouisaO 6631857
Snellen, DavidDeats, CatharineH 3271836
Snellen, Z. P.Brewer, J. ExorM 4931851
Snellen, Z. P.Horell, Tom R.N 1351854
Snellen, Z. P.Lee, Rodolph I 3081840
Snellen, Z. P.Masden, John HrsN 1361854
Snellen, ZachLee, R. N.L 1821847
Snellenbarger, JohnPope, JohnE 1251822
Snellenbarger, JohnRailey, Randolph G 0121828
Snelling, WilliamRogers, EdwardB 0741806
Snelling, Z. P.Greenwell, RobtP 5111862
Snorder, SarahSimmons, N.Q 4731867
Snorder, Thos.Buckner, NicholasC 4261817

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