Bullitt County History

Bullitt County Deed Books A-Q Index
Grantors - L

Local historian and researcher Betty Darnell has indexed Bullitt County deed books A-Q by grantors, grantees, and deed book pages, and allowed us to share her work here. You may find some of her other works on our publications for sale page.

L & N R R Co. Craycroft, H. I.N 2261853
L & N R R Co. (Mort)Leard, H.M 4311851
L & N R R Co. (Mort)City of LouisvilleN 5741853
Lamb, Thos.Hinton, Jerry P.G 0441828
Lampton, R. N. HrsTroutman, V.Q 4021866
Landers, J. H.Crenshaw, N. M.Q 0461866
Landers, J. H.Deacon, J. W.Q 0791866
Landers, J. H.Crist, J. F.Q 5081866
Landers, L.Shain, SquireL 3361848
Langsdon, JohnAnderson, JohnH 3641836
Langsdon, JohnBrown, R. W.H 3841837
Langsdon, JohnAnderson, JohnH 4151837
Lansdale, E. (Mort)Lansdale, S. W.M 4311851
Lansdale, S. S. HrsMerker,JacobQ 4641866
Larken, J. R.Magruder, A. F.N 5001853
Larken, JohnMagruder, A. F.N 1261853
LaRue HrsPope, W'm & WordenD 4021818
LaRue HrsBreckenridge, RobtD 4021818
Larue, JamesPope, W'm & WordenC 3441816
Larue, JamesBreckenridge, RobtC 3441816
Larue, SquirePope, Williiam Jr.B 3631806
Larue, SquirePope, AlexanderB 3631806
Larue, SquirePope, WordenB 3631806
Larue, SquirePope, W'm Jr., Alex & WordenB 3951807
Lashbrook, Geo.Bank Com KyD 4091821
Lashbrook, GeorgeCooper, L.E 2011824
Lashbrook, James Hrs.Birkhead, E. B.G 1281829
Lashbrook, SamlQuinn, W'mD 4881821
Lashbrook, ThomasWalker, GideonD 4731821
Lasley, BenjaminRicketts, JonathanB 0591806
Latture, LewisCaldwell, JohnG 3611817
Laureal, A.Cox, RuthM 0671850
Laureal, A.Hough, JosephN 4141853
Laureal, A.Crenshaw, JamesN 4431853
Lavielle, DunMayfield, W'm N.L 4981849
Le Gross, H. & Co.Liter & Co.Q 4431866
Leach, EnochDeacon, W'mK 4531845
Leatherman, FrederickJones, WilliamB 4551811
Leatherman, FrederickStone, DavisC 0611812
Lee, A. H.Lee, W. T.K 0521842
Lee, A. H.Lee, ChasM 1451850
Lee, A. H.Caldwell Hunter & Co.M 4191851
Lee, A. H.Hill, J. R.N 1251853
Lee, C.Buky, J. W.L 3341848
Lee, CharlesDent, John C.M 2381850
Lee, ChasLutes, C.M 2331850
Lee, ChasDent, John C.M 4261851
Lee, HenryLee, JamesK 2871844
Lee, HenryDawson, W'mK 2881844
Lee, HenryLee, R. N.K 2891844
Lee, HenryLee, Robert M.L 1861847
Lee, Henry Lee, RodolphusI 1691839
Lee, Henry (2)Lee, RodolphusG 193-41829
Lee, Henry (2)Lee, RodolphusG 2621830
Lee, Henry (2)Lee, WilfordG 5311833
Lee, Henry (2)Lee, JamesH 1841835
Lee, Henry (2)Summers, Basil L.H 3511836
Lee, IgnatiusHays, W'mN 0051853
Lee, J. B. [indexed in supplement]Hamilton, FelixH 278[blank]
Lee, JamesLee, W'm T.H 1751835
Lee, JamesLee, R. N.K 4641845
Lee, JamesDawson, W'mL 1251847
Lee, James B.Brewer, JohnI 0061837
Lee, JohnLee, James B. G 4891833
Lee, JohnLee, William Jr.G 4891833
Lee, John M. Medley, StephenG 4781832
Lee, John M. (Coroner)Baughn, RichardG 1791829
Lee, John M. (Coroner)Pitts, James G.G 2861829
Lee, MargaretLee, HenryG 4391831
Lee, MargaretLee, W. T.H 4361837
Lee, MilesField, R. H.M 2521850
Lee, Miles (Mort)Mooney, JohnN 4021853
Lee, OrleansLee, W. HrsN 1591853
Lee, PhilipLee, ChasM 1071850
Lee, PhilipWeller, P. H.M 1481850
Lee, PhilipDent, Geo. B.M 5261851
Lee, R. M.Lee, W'm H.P 3791866
Lee, R. M.Lee, J. L.P 5791866
Lee, R. M.Lee, W'm J.P 5801866
Lee, R. M.Lee, J. L.Q 5391866
Lee, R. N.Lee, Robt M.L 1821847
Lee, R. N.Snellen, ZachL 1821847
Lee, R. N.Larken L 1831847
Lee, R. N.Dawson, W'mL 1851847
Lee, R. N.Lee, Robert M.L 1851847
Lee, RobertHill, JohnG 2641830
Lee, RobtSummers, Basil L.G 1661829
Lee, Robt MGreenwell, W'mL 1841847
Lee, Rod N.Larken, John R.K 5271846
Lee, Rodolph Snellen, Z. P.I 3081840
Lee, RodolphusLee, HenryG 2631830
Lee, RodolphusLee, Robt M.G 5321833
Lee, RodolphusMalin, I. R.H 4481837
Lee, W. HrsSimmons, N.Q 4661866
Lee, W. T.Lee, HenryI 1721839
Lee, W. T.Lee, A. H.N 0691853
Lee, W'mMasden, JohnF 3121827
Lee, W'mLee, WilfordC 3591816
Lee, W'mCundiff, John B.H 3831837
Lee, W'mCundiff, John B.H 4191837
Lee, W'mHoglan, LorenzoI 4081841
Lee, W'mLee, OrleansL 1521847
Lee, W'mCundiff, R. B.L 2111847
Lee, W'mCundiff, James B.L 2121847
Lee, W'mBoswell, Thomas J.L 2131847
Lee, W'm Hrs (Agreement)Lee, W'm HrsN 3961853
Lee, W'm T.Masden, Jno.M 2501850
Lee, W'm T.Hollis, JessieM 2531850
Lee, W'm T.Masden, Jno.M 3801851
Lee, W'm T. Figg, RobtN 1771853
Lee, Wilf Hrs (Deed partition)Lee, Wilf HrsL 395-71848
Lee, WilfordSimmons, RichF 4381828
Lee, WilfordJoyce, ThomasG 1861829
Lee, WilfordFriddle, JacobG 2331830
Lee, WilfordSimmons, JonathanG 3401831
Lee, WilfordSanders, Jos.H 0741833
Lee, WilfordLee, ElizabethI 0071837
Lee, WilfordLee, James B.I 0081837
Lee, WilfordRiley, T. W.I 0101837
Lee, WilfordCundiff, RichI 2491839
Lee, WilfordHuffman, ElizabethI 2981840
Lee, WilfordMooney, JohnK 0491842
Lee, Wilford Shepherd, Adam HrsF 3921827
Lee, Wilford (Sheriff)McDowell, JohnD 1961818
Lee, Wilford (Sheriff)Bard, DavidC 3361816
Lee, Wilford Hrs (Deed partition)Lee, Wilford HrsN 0541853
Lee, WilliamLee, Wilford Jr.F 0461825
Lee, WilliamCrumbaugh, Geo. W.G 3761832
Lee, WilliamCundiff, John B.I 1871839
Lee,JamesLee, Robert M.K 4651845
Leech, DavidSwearingen, Jos.L 3861848
Leech, E.Landers, J. H.L 3761848
Leech, E.Davis, C.L 4621848
Leech, E.Leech, ThomasL 4671849
Leech, E.Deacon, James W.M 0371850
Leech, E.Landers, Jas H.M 0611850
Leech, E.Duvall & LeechM 1101850
Leech, E.Duvall & LeechM 1751851
Leech, EnochLeech, NanyC 4361817
Leech, EnochFox, PhilipE 0291822
Leech, EnockGentry, JohnF 1231825
Leech, LewisRatcliffe, C.P 5031866
Leech, TomLeech, E.M 0601850
Leewright HrsBlandford HrsK 1731843
Leewright, JohnFolwer, John W. HrsC 0991813
Leewright, JohnBurch, SamuelC 3781816
Leewright, John Wise, CalebC 0331811
Leewright, John (By Com'r)Hilton, W'm F.F 0501825
Leitch, DavidGillen, JohnB 5071811
Lemmon, LemuelJones, GeorgeB 4271810
Lemmon, LemuelLashbrook, ThomasB 4641811
Lemmon, LemuelElliott, RobertB 6011812
Lemmon, LemuelMcGrew, JosephB 6511812
Levi Samuels & Co.Mooney, JohnQ 3021866
Levi, A. & N.Levi, B.Q 0141866
Lewallen, JohnDuvall, DennisB 0701806
Lewis, H. T.Welsh, SamP 6151866
Lewis, Jno.Snapp, L.L 4901849
Lewis, JohnBrentlinger, PeterK 4421845
Lewis, NancySnapp, L. H.L 3681848
Lewis, NicholasCrist, HenryH 2321835
Lewright, JohnDunn, JohnB 5851812
Linthicum, T.Harned, Geo.L 3641848
Lisman, A.Trunnell, HenryM 1491850
List of deedsDivers personsA 190[blank]
List of deeds Divers personsA 184[blank]
List of deeds in Court of Appeals[blank]A 2861799
List of Deeds recorded in Bardstown[blank]C 0081812
List of Deeds recorded in Court of Appeals[blank]C 0091812
List of Deeds recorded in Court of Appeals[blank]C 0101812
List of deeds to divers persons[blank]A 129[blank]
Litsey, RichDunaway, M.Q 5371866
Little, W'mBean, W'mE 0711822
Lloyd, John & Jos.Bogard, Geo.L 3941848
Lloyd, Jos.Swearingen, Jos.L 0761846
Lloyd, Jos.Hough, RobtN 3091853
Logan, JohnGoldsmith, SamuelD 4751821
Logsdon, JohnAnderson, JohnI 2661840
Logsdon, W'mIrons, JonathanA 1621800
Long, JohnSwearingen, JosephK 4941845
Long, W'mShepherd, J.Q 0681866
Long, W'mSachs, M. A.Q 0701866
Longmeier & WhiteJoyce, Tom Q 5881866
Lout, DanielFuquay, JosephA 0941799
Lout, DanielCrist, HenryB 1231805
Lovelace, ReasonAwl, A.D 0811818
Low, EmoryS[blank][blank]
Low, EmoryCaldwell Hunter & Co.M 2851850
Low, RichardMontgomery, DavidB 0501806
Low, RichardLee, WilliamC 1941814
Low, RichardheaLee, WilfordC 1911813
Lowery (U. S. M.)Grundy, G.G 2111829
Lowry, Newton (U. S. M.)Pope, WordenF 3861827
Lowry, Newton (U. S. Marsh.)Ormsby, StephenF 0631825
Loyd, Jos.Miller, Jos.L 0801846
Luareal, A.Hall, W. W.M 2041850
Luce, AbnerShroatz, WilliamA 1031799
Luce, AbnerBrashear, IgnatiusA 1161799
Luce, AbnerShain, WilliamC 0171799
Luckey, RobertMurdock, TobiasA 2431802
Luckey, RobertDunn, JohnB 3441806
Lunsford, ElizabethMcDowell, JohnC 1021813
Lurton, SallyGraham, JohnG 1531829
Lurton, T. R.Burrass, John H.G 0741829
Lurton, T. R.Graham, JohnG 0931829
Lusher, JacobGreathouse, W'mG 3251831
Lutes, ChasSimmons, Jos.M 2341850
Lutes, MaryDail, Thos.M 4891851
Lutes, MaryFoster, ChasN 0721853
Lutz, JacobMudd, Jos.L 0031846
Lux, Jno. D.Evans, W. H.H 1601836
Lux, John D.Evans, W'm H.H 1601834

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