Bullitt County History

Early Bullitt County Land Grants

By using the web site of the Kentucky Land Office sponsored by the Kentucky Secretary of State we have located 42 old Bullitt County land patents that were issued in the early years after Kentucky became a state. Links to these are located on the Virginia and Old Kentucky Patent Series web page.

From these patents we have extracted the land warrant number, the number of acres in the patent, the date it was granted by the state, the name of the grantee (the person who received the grant), the waterway the survey was on or near, other names mentioned in the survey, and the name of the surveyor and others who were involved in the process. That information is provided below in chart form.

Below the chart is more information about how to view these patents from the site named above. Also, we have begun transcribing some of these, and for those completed, the grantee's name will be a link to the new page.

warrantgranteewaterwayother namessurveyor etc.acresdate
2317Benjamin Brown
Salt RiverJacob Myers,
Samuel Chase,
Jacob Froman,
William Christian
James Shanks3099.7520 Jun 1798
2766Jacob Myers
Salt RiverSamuel Chase,
Jacob Froman,
William Christian
James Shanks,
John Burks,
Thomas Cochron
3099.7513 Dec 1798
2814Thomas Whitledge
Floyd's ForkMarsham Brashear,
Jacob Froman
George Moore,
James Shanks,
Isaac Marshall,
Abner Wood
20025 Dec 1798
2893Abraham Hite
Salt River
Rolling Fork
noneJames Shanks,
Isaac Chaddock,
Jesse Harris
5011 Feb 1799
2894Charles West
Long Lick Ck.Samuel CrowJames Shanks,
Francis Shain,
John Shain,
Weithers(?) King,
Abraham Hite
200011 Feb 1799
3024Thomas January
Salt RiverIsaac Baker,
Henry T(V)illens,
Ephraim Smith
John Ferry,
James Shanks,
W. Botts,
John Harris
100016 Apr 1799
3062Nicholas R. Brashear
Salt River
Floyd's Fork
Benjamin Pope,
James Withers,
Joseph Brooks,
James Garrard
James Ferry,
James Shanks,
William Brashear,
Anth. T. Phelps,
Benjamin Pope
6220 Apr 1799
3215Joseph Ridgway
Salt River
Floyd's Fork
Benjamin Pope,
James Withers,
John Phelps,
Mr. Harmons,
Mr. Thornsberry
James Shanks,
Samuel Ridgway,
Benjamin Pope Jr.,
Joseph Ridgway
9.755 Jun 1799
3259Lynaugh Helm
(heirs of)
Floyd's ForkJames Garrette,
Mr. Clears,
Mr. Hyms
John Ferry,
James Shanks,
Jacob Miney(?),
Bolem Smith,
Gro. Helm
30017 Mar 1800
3260Lynaugh Helm
(heirs of)
Salt RiverPeter Shepherd,
Reuben Case,
William Allen,
Thomas McGee
John Ferry,
James Shanks,
Jaesh Mcneese,
Bolem Smith,
Georg Helm
19417 Mar 1800
3286Isaac Cox
Joseph Lewis
Salt RiverDavid Leitch,
Richard Terril
James Ferry,
James Shanks,
James Cox
192212 Jun 1799
3335Joseph Lewis
Salt RiverDavid Leitch,
Richard Simmons
James Shanks,
David Hawkins,
Simeon Harris,
Joseph Lewis
155615 Jun 1799
3370Alexander Miller
(heirs of)
none givenThomas CarlaneJames Shanks,
Richard Simmons,
Joseph Simmons,
John Barnett
42518 Mar 1800
3703James Shanks
Rolling ForkJacob MyersJames Shanks15811 Jul 1799
3704Adam Shepherd
James Shanks
Rolling ForknoneJames Shanks50011 Jul 1799
3706James Shanks
none givenJacob MyersJames Shanks1046.520 Dec 1800
3707Jacob Myers
Rolling ForkMr. BrownJames Shanks,
David Carr,
John Dotson,
John Carr,
Walter Beall Sr.
50013 Aug 1800
3708Jacob Myers
Rolling ForkJacob Froman,
Paul Froman
James Shanks,
Thomas Harris,
Thomas Wells,
Benjamin Brown
50013 Aug 1800
3712John Phelps
Salt River
Floyd's Fork
Richard Simmons Sr.,
Marsham Brashear
James Shanks,
Guy Phelps,
John Lucas,
John Phelps
100012 Jul 1799
3713John P. Williams
Floyd's ForkJohn Edwards,
Thomas Hardin,
Joseph Sanders
James Shanks,
John Bailey,
Isaac Marshall,
Edward Rogers
100012 Jul 1799
3780Lynaugh Helm
Salt River
Plum Ck.
Mr. McGee,
Humphrey Marshall
William Polke,
James Shanks,
Charles Polk,
Ewd Polk
100021 Mar 1800
3972Ann Connell
Knob Ck.Zachariah Connell,
Benjamin Johnson,
William McKee
James Shanks,
John Massey,
Joshue Massey,
John Burks
50017 Jun 1801
4042Benjamin Frye
Long Lick Ck.Mr. Essery,
Nacy Brashear
James Shanks,
Thomas Cockren,
John W. Cabe,
James Cockren,
Benjamin Frye
3472 Feb 1800
4319John Essary
Wilson Ck.John Carr,
Peter Shepherd
James Shanks,
Philip Johnson,
Robert Samuels,
John Essery,
Adam Shepherd
1506 May 1800
4507William Logston
Salt RiverBenjamin Pope,
John E. King,
Mr. Christian,
Jonathon Irons
James Shanks,
Johathan Irons,
James Harris,
Benjamin Pope Sr.
556 Jun 1800
4543George Cullim (or)
Benjamin Stansberry
Salt RiverLenard Briscoe,
Charles Boone
James Shanks,
Robert Brashear,
Thomas C. Brashear
30011 Dec 1799
4572John Essary
James Shanks
Rolling Fork
Indian Run
Benjamin Pope,
James Withers,
Jacob Myers,
Benjamin Brown
James Shanks,
John Carr,
John Essary
20714 Jun 1800
4652Nicholas Hail
Salt RiverMarsham BrashearGeorge Moore,
James Shanks,
Thomas Allender,
Benjamin Wheeler,
Thomas Stansbury
50020 Jun 1800
4776Adam Shepherd
James Shanks
none givennoneJames Shanks7501 Nov 1800
4868Adam Shepherd
Long Lick Ck.Charles Broughton,
Mr. Bowman,
Peter Philips,
Isaac Baker,
Benjamin Edwards,
James Henry,
James Brend,
George Cullum,
Matthew Walton
James Shanks,
Samuel Simmons,
Richard Miles,
Jesse Harris,
Adam Shepherd
92516 Mar 1801
4975Henry Crist
Coxes Ck.James Cox,
John Bennet,
Thomas Rowland,
Mitchell F. Wilson,
Gabriel Cox,
William Shannon
James Shanks,
Henry Crist,
Jonathan Armstrong,
Nicholas Crist
20011 Jun 1801
5206Henry Crist
Salt River,
East Fork
of Coxes Ck.
James Cox,
David Crawford,
David Cox,
Laurence Slaughter,
Andrew Vaughn,
Edward Spalding
James Shanks17018 May 1802
5254James Dowdall
Salt RiverThomas DowdallJames Shanks,
John Ferry,
David Clark,
John Stokely
5002 Jun 1802
5283Charles West
(heirs of)
Blue Lick Ck.noneJames Shanks,
James Ferry,
John Scott,
William Wethers,
William B. Sears
40021 Jun 1802
5522Walter Baker
(heirs of)
Cedar Ck.Richard Morton,
William Panabaker
James Shanks,
Isaac Whitaker,
Baalis Coomes
34029 Nov1803
5523James Shanks
none givenRichard Johnston,
John Whitaker,
Mr. Frigg
James Shanks,
Zachariah Harris,
Walter Harris
2004 Feb 1805
5524James Shanks
none givenRichard Johnston,
John Dowdall,
Mr. Whitaker,
Mr Frigg
James Shanks,
Zachariah Harris,
Walter Harris
5004 Feb 1805
5525James Shanks
none givenRichard Johnston,
John Whitaker,
John Dowdall,
Alexander Miller,
William Alexander
James Shanks,
Zachariah Harris,
Walter Harris
20020 Nov 1805
5630Alexander Dick
(defective warrant)
Salt RiverDoctor SmithJames Ferry,
James Shanks,
James Sanders,
Austin P. Coso,
John W. Foster,
Bigger Head
500029 Apr 1805
5650Robert Breckinridge
Brooks Run,
Floyd's Fork
Charles Lynch,
John May,
John Edwards,
Robert Johnson,
Walker Daniel,
Mr. Kitley,
Samuel Hornback
James Shanks,
John Westfall,
Jacob Westfall,
Joseph Brooks
300018 Jun 1805
5146John Kinney
Rolling ForkJohn May,
George Underwood,
George M. Bibbs,
Thomas Lewis,
Ann Lewis,
John Lewis
James Cox,
Robert Samuels,
James Samuels
10008 Feb 1806
6504Kitmah Taylor (widow of)
David Leitch
Salt RiverJoseph Wasegar(?)James Shanks,
David Hawkins,
Simeon Harris,
Joseph Lewis
20008 May 1812

To view images of these land patents which include the original surveys and deeds, follow THIS LINK to the Land Office Services Index. From there select the Search Virginia and Old Kentucky Patents link.

Next scroll down the page until you see directions followed by drop-down links similar to what is shown below.

Click on the "Select a Series" link and you will see two choices. Choose "Old Kentucky Patent Series" as shown below. This will cause the page to reload. Leave the "Sort By:" option as "Patent."

Next click on the "Select an item" link which will open up into a long list of patents in numerical order. Use the warrant number from the chart below to find the one you seek, and select it. The page will reload, and you will see something similar to what is shown below.

From here you have several options for viewing, printing, and/or downloading the images.

A CD containing all of the images for all 42 patents is available from the museum. The cost is $15 if mailed to you, $12 if picked up at the museum. Contact the museum for details.

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