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T.C. Carroll Plats

Some years ago, Attorney T. C. "Tot" Carroll rescued a large number of old plats and related items from the trash bin, and local surveyors and researchers have been thanking him ever since. The plats, many of which had been drawn as evidence in court cases or at the request of landowners, were being discarded because room was needed for newer documents. However, Tot Carroll realized their value and saved them.

Some of these plats were professionally done by skilled surveyors, while others are rough sketches of plat drawings. Today you will find them in a large cabinet in the county clerk's office. There the plats, also called maps, are stored in large numbered plastic sleeves.

An index of names found on these documents began as typed pages in a large binder at the clerk's office. This index identifies the location of the plats by their sleeve number following by another identifier, often a number or number and letter together. For example, in sleeve #140 you will find a plat identified as map #152 which shows the division of David Hall's property following his death. For the index it is identified as 140-152 (sleeve-map).

Now, through the efforts of a number of individuals, images of these documents are being made available at the clerk's office, at the Bullitt County History Museum, and online here on the museum website.

Our online indexes provide links to these images. In one index we have listed the images by their slide/map numbers, followed by the names that have been found on the plat. In the other index, listed alphabetically by names, we have provided links to each plat on which that name is located. Finally, we have divided that index list into sections as shown here to make it easier for you to jump to the part you need. The index has been through many hands and over the years has been revised, but there are still errors in names and spelling. We welcome suggestions of corrections that you may find needed.

Please keep in mind that these images are large, and vary in size from half a megabyte to several megabytes. Most are also large in dimension and will not fit on most computer screens in full size, requiring scrolling to see the entire image. Also, some were not scanned right side up, and will require rotating which may be done on the display screen.

Finally, if you are visiting this page with a phone or small screen device you will not find these pages very useful. Please return on a computer with as large a screen as you can.

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