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Wilderness Road Cemetery Index

Over the years various Bullitt County cemeteries have been featured in issues of The Wilderness Road, the quarterly of the Bullitt County Genealogical Society. Daniel Buxton has pulled together a list of them and shares it below. The first twelve volumes of the quarterly are viewable online on this website. The remaining volumes are available for purchase from the history museum.

1988September1122Magruder CemeterySteve Masden
1988September1122Ezekiel Magurder CemeterySteve Masden
1990December3241Old Foster Family CemeteryEdith Crigler Foster
1990December3251Quick CemeteryClint Bauer
1991March3377Cemetery Clean-up ReportUnknown
1991June3193-94Old Shepherdsville CemeteryEzra Offutt 2/1932 - Betty Darnell
1992June44107Tombstones in Bullitt County Sheriffs OfficeUnknown
1993June54106Addition to Old Foster Family CemeteryPeggy Ray
1994September7118James Swearingen CemeteryDoris Owen
1994September7118Simon Harris Family CemeteryBetty Owen
1995June74152Archibald Magruder CemeteryBetty Darnell
1995September8112Tombstones turned in Bullitt County SheriffUnknown
1996March8392Newkirk Cemetery AdditionsUnknown
1996March8393-94Finding Newkirk CemeteryLarry Hutchison
1996September91Page 3Slave Cemetery's Secrets UnfoldingYvonne Eaton
1996September918--15Shepherdsville CemeteryBetty Darnell/Gail Burns
1996September9116Mt, Washington Cemetery Proves of Great InterestThe Salt River Valley News, 12/2/1949
1996September9117Forgotten Cemetery Haunts Road BuildersLarry Werner
1997March9382Lincolin Memorial GardensUnknown
1997September10135Cemetery Restoration in Christian County,KYTree Builders XVII:3, Christian Co.KY, Sept. 1997
1998March103103Lincolin Memorial GardensUnknown
1998June104125-126Old Cedar Grove CemeteryDonna B. Greenup
1998June104132Hall CemeteryDorsi Owen 5/1998 - Betty Owen Records
1998September11126Old Hall CemeteryJames Zambroski - Courier Journal 5-20-1998
1999March113100Old Brooks Burial GroundA.H. Bowman/Mrs William Cahmbers 10-19-1931
1999September121Page 3Sanders-Smithers Family GraveyardArthur Miller 1999
2000March12392Vine Hill Cemetery (Clermont Cemetery)Thomas Hembry
2000June124133Students' Cemetery Clean-up Expanded Missy Baxter - Courier Journal 12/1999
2001March133105Ann Bailey CemeteryKen and Barbara Bailey, Tom Pack, Betty Darnell
2002June144119Trunnell Graveyard Jim Cronin
2002June144119Cemetery ProjectBullitt County Genealogical Society
2002September15114Trunnell Graveyard AdditionsPat Payne 11/2001
2003March15381Barrall CemeteryKen and Barbara Bailey
2003March15382Samuels CemeteryKen and Barbara Bailey
2003December16243-46Rogers Family CemeteryJames T. Barger 2003
2004June164116-117Moore Family CemeteryRosalind and Rachael Moore 6-25-2002
2004September171113Shephersville Colored CemeteryTom Hembry/Mary and Remo Sabetti 6-13-1993
2004December17246Foster CemeteryMarguerite Miller
2005June17495-98Cemetery ListBetty Darnell
2005September1816--8Cundiff CemeteryAnthony Hawlins, Lee Watkins and George A.Jones
2006March18368-69Mt. Eden CemeteryGeorge L. Funk/Barbara Bailey
2006September191Page 2Shepherdsville Pioneer Graeyard BurialsBullitt County Genealogical Society
2006September19118Shepherd Family CemeteryKen and Barbara Bailey, Phyllis Mitchell
2006December19234Shephersville Pioneer GraveyardBullitt County Genealogical Society
2007March19367-69Purcell Hill CemeteryJudi Beckham 8/17/1983
2008March20369-71Barrall CemeteryKen and Barbara Bailey
2008March20359-65Shephersville Colored Cemetery/Hall CemeteryDaniel Buxton
2008June20495-96Benjamin PopeCemeteryDaniel Buxton
2008June20497Woodlawn/Linclon Memorial Gardens CemeteryDaniel Buxton
2008September2116Caldwell CemeteryDaniel Buxton
2008September2115Hardy/Cruise CemeteryDaniel Buxton
2008December21244Kelly Family CemeteryDolores Calvert 11/18/1977-Daniel Buxton 1/7/2008
2008December21243Roberts Family CemeteryDaniel Buxton
2009March21367-70Simmons/Henderson CemeteryDaniel Buxton, Lynn Eddington, Robert Cline
2009June21491-94John T. Rogers CemeteryDaniel Buxton
2009September2213--4Rogers Family CemeteryLynn Eddington
2009December22239-42Archers/Achors CemeteryDaniel Buxton, Lynn Eddington, Robert Cline
2010March22369-71Bullitt County Poor Farm CemeteryDaniel Buxton, Lynn Eddintgon, Holly Buxton
2010September23116Losch CemeteryDaniel Buxton
2011March23377-78Weathers Cemetery Daniel Buxton
2012March24115-16Kelly African American Cemetery Daniel Buxton
2014December26493-97Pratt Family Cemetery (Houghland Hill Graveyard) Lynn Eddington
2015September27361-65Thomas W. Riley Family Cemeery Lynn Eddington
2015December27487-90Pendleton Family Cemetery Lynn Eddington
2016June28239-43Caldwell FamilyCemetery Lynn Eddington
2016September28367-71Joseph Simmons Family Cemetery Lynn Eddington
2016December28488-94Simmons Family Cemetery Lynn Eddington
2017March29117-20Jesse T, Moreman TombstoneLynn Eddington
2017June29231-35Funk Family Cemetery Lynn Eddington
2017September29367-70Buckman Family Cemetery Part 1Lynn Eddington
2017December29487-91Buckman Family Cemetery Part 2Lynn Eddington
2018March3013 --6Buckman Family Cemetery Part 3Lynn Eddington
2018June30238-42Congrove Cemetery Lynn Eddington
2018September30366-70Simmons /Swearingen Cemetery Part ALynn Eddington
2018December30487-91Simmons /Swearingen Cemetery Part BLynn Eddington
2018December30499-101Jackson Family Graveyard Part 1Lynn Eddington/Daniel Buxton
2019March3113--7Jackson Family Graveyard Part 2Lynn Eddington/Daniel Buxton
2019June31231-35Jackson Family Graveyard Part 3Lynn Eddington/Daniel Buxton
2019June31249-50Mystery Graveyard Daniel Buxton
2019September31371-72Jeremiah Stallings Cemetery Daniel Buxton/Lynn Eddington
2019December314106-108Baron Dekalb Hall Cemetery Part 1Lynn Eddington
2020March32121-25Baron Dekalb Hall Cemetery Part 2Lynn Eddington
2020June32248-53Greenwell Cemetery Part 1Lynn Eddington
2020September32375-77Greenwell Cemetery Part 2Lynn Eddington
2020September32360Simmons/Lee Cemetery QueryDaniel Buxton
2020December32491-94Greenwell Cemetery Part 3Lynn Eddington
2020December324102Simmons/Lee Cemetery QueryDaniel Buxton
2021March3315--10Samuels Cemetery 198Lynn Eddington
2021June 33233-35Simmons/Lee Cemetery Daniel Buxton
2021June33237-38Levi SimmonsDaniel Buxton
2021September33373-76Simmons/Old Lee Cemetery #219Lynn Eddington
2022June34237-42Crigler Cemetery #45Lynn Eddington

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