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Rogers Cemetery

Rogers Cemetery - Location: 4796 Hickory Hollow Road (N 38 2.6450 W 85 41.3551); Elevation: 508 feet; Date Visited: 5/17/2008; Available Pictures= 1 [Cem #192]

Location: Exact location of the Rogers Family Cemetery is unknown. Some say that the home of Karen Henson located at 4796 Hickory Hollow Road was built on top of the cemetery. Others say that her house is the Chase house. The above stone is located in front of the house to the right in memory of the cemetery.

Directions: Take Highway Buckman/Highway 61 north 4.9 miles to West Hebron Lane. Turn left onto West Hebron Lane. Then turn left onto Fox Drive. Then turn left onto Hickory Hollow Lane. The stone pictured above is to the right at the end of the lane.

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History: On May 12, 1852, John Tunstall Rogers bought 400 acres of land from John Anderson in Bullitt County, Kentucky, in the area now known as the incorporated city of Fox Chase (Bullitt County, Kentucky Deed Book M, Pages 286 & 287). This property would remain in the family for 122 years when it was sold by John Tunstall Rogers' great-granddaughter, Lillian Netherland Chase, on August 19, 1974 (Bullitt County, Kentucky Deed Book 180, Page 194).

Sometime after the property was sold the gravestones in the family cemetery were removed to build a house. It has been indicated that there were over 20 gravestones. The cenotaph (an empty tomb or monument in honor of person or persons buried elsewhere) pictured above was purchased by Lillian Netherland Chase to replace the stone that had been removed, but she was not allowed to place it at the cemetery location. This stone rests several hundred feet from the original cemetery site, the only indication that a cemetery once existed in that area.

John T. Rogers, Sr. was born in Culpepper, Virginia, about 1804 and came to Kentucky before 1850. His brother, Lewis, may have come to Kentucky with him, but no documentation has been found to indicate this. In the 1850 Franklin County, Kentucky census, the Rogers' household included John, 46, Elizabeth, 40, John T., 16, Lewis, 23, Henry North, 26 and Elizabeth North, 19. At this time no record has been found where and when John Tunstall and Elizabeth Rogers were married. Henry North and Elizabeth Rogers were married on September 28, 1848, in Franklin County, Kentucky. In the 1860 Bullitt County, Kentucky census John T. Rogers' household included John T., 55, Eliza, 50, Lewis, 30, and J. T., 24. Henry North, in another household in the 1860 Bullitt County census, H. B., 34, Eliza, 26, Rosalie, 10, Bettie, 5, Constantine, 3, and Henry 3/12.

John T. Roger, Sr. died sometime between 1860 and 1868, apparently intestate, since Henry North sued Lewis and John T. Rogers, Jr. for division of the estate of John T. Rogers, Sr. (Bullitt County, Kentucky Order Book J, Pages 35, 36, 40, 41 & 43). The division is recorded in March 1868 in Bullitt County, Kentucky, Will Book G, Pages 539, 540, 541 and 542. In the division Henry and Elizabeth Rogers North receive 122 acres and Lewis and John T. Rogers, Jr. receive 244 acres.

In 1876, Lewis Rogers died and left his share of his father's estate to his brother, John T. Rogers, Jr. (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Will Book J, Page 8, written September 14, 1875, probated August 21, 1876).

John T. Rogers, Jr. died in 1886 and according to his will left his estate to his wife, Sue Phillips Rogers, and his daughter, Lillie Rogers (Bullitt County, Kentucky Will Book J, Page 103, written March 16, 1881, probated October 11, 1886). Susan Phillips Rogers would live another 42 years and die at the age of 90 on February 23, 1929. She would be buried with her husband at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky. Sue Rogers left her estate to her daughter, Lillie Rogers Netherland, and her granddaughter, Lillian Netherland (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Will Book K, Page 130, written February 1, 1918, probated February 11, 1929, sic). The property would remain in the family for another 45 years, but would change ownership again on the death of Lillie Rogers Netherland on April 5, 1953, when she left her estate to her daughter, Lillian Netherland Chase (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Will Book L, Page 342, written July 11, 1952, probated April 23, 1953).

On August 19, 1974, the property would leave the family when Lillian Netherland Chase, the great-granddaughter of John Tunstall Rogers, Sr., sold 239 acres to Leigh & Meredith Reality Company for $188,574.37 (Bullitt County, Kentucky Deed Book 180, Page 194). This property would be developed into the Fox Chase Subdivision and later become the incorporated city of Fox Chase.

Possible burials in the original cemetery:

John Tunstall Rogers, Sr. born about 1804 - died between 1860 & 1868
Elizabeth Rogers, his wife, born about 1810 - died between 1860 & 1870
Lewis Rogers, his brother, no dates available
Lewis Rogers, his son, born about1830 - died 1876
John Henry North, son of Henry and Elizabeth Rogers North born about 1850 - died 9/17/1852 (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Death Records)
Mary North, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Rogers North born 12/15/1866 - died 12/3/1867 (North Family Researcher)
Unknown North, possibly child of Henry and Elizabeth Rogers North born no date available-died 10/15/1853 (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Death Records)

Notes: Sometime after 1880, Henry and Elizabeth Rogers North migrated to Bates County, Missouri. They and some of their family are buried in Hume Cemetery in Bates County, Missouri. We did not follow the ownership of Henry and Elizabeth Rogers North's 122 acres since there is no indication of a cemetery on it, at least at this time.

At 4911 Hickory Hollow Drive there is an African American Cemetery (John T. Rogers Farm Cemetery) on land that was part of the original 400 acres of John Tunstall Rogers and follows the same ownership until August 19, 1974.

Lillie Rogers Netherland and Lillian Netherland Chase are also buried in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky.

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