The Bullitt County History Museum

Bullitt County Cemeteries

What's Here?

We have identified over 300 cemeteries in Bullitt County. For many of these our cemetery committee has visited the cemetery and taken photographs. For each of these we have created a separate web page here on the museum web site. To make it easier for you to locate and view these pages, we have divided them into twelve groups alphabetically. Below are links to these twelve groups. Following one of these links will take you to another page that lists links to all of the pages that fall in that group.

Cemetery Map Regions

You can get an overall map view of the locations of these cemeteries by sections of the county by following this link, or view a single map showing all of them by following this link. PLEASE NOTE: Following links on these maps sometimes confuse the browser's BACK arrow. If you find that using it seems to keep you on the same page, try clicking it twice quickly instead. Also, you may hold down your mouse button while clicking on the BACK arrow which will show you a list of the pages you have recently visited, and you may select a page to return to from there.

African American Burials

Here is a link to a list of the African American cemeteries that we've located or identified in Bullitt County. We also have a separate page with information about African American burials in other Bullitt County cemeteries.

Latest Additions and Updates

To aid you in locating recent additions and updates to our lists, we will display links to them below.

Cemeteries Not Yet Visited

Our cemetery committee has a fairly long list of cemeteries they have not yet visited. You may see this list by following this link.

Obtaining Information

For a reasonable donation, copies of readings of individual cemeteries can be provided, as well as of cemetery and headstone photos. We now have over three thousand photos in our cemetery database. In some cases, if a known tombstone is not in our photo database, and team members can find the time, we might be able to take a photo for you for a reasonable donation. Use the contact section described below for more information.

Joining Our Team

If you can help, by going out with the committee to map and photograph cemeteries in the county, or by providing previous reading or background information on people buried in Bullitt County cemeteries, please contact us by using our main contact page (see link above) to send a message to the museum.

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