The Bullitt County History Museum

T.C. Carroll Plats

This is an alphabetical listing of all names (no matter how minor) mentioned in the series of plats now known as the T. C. Carroll Plats. These plats, being many of the earliest and original land plats in Bullitt County, Kentucky, were nearly thrown away and destroyed. But local attorney T.C. Carroll discovered them and saved them from the trash, thus preserving for us today an invaluable research source.

These plats are now preserved on microfilm at the Bullitt County main library branch and at the Bullitt County History Museum, and the originals can be found at the Bullitt County Clerk's office.

This version of the plat index was created by the museum staff, and completed on 13 Jul 2011. The index is (or should be) in alphabetical order.

The first column lists the names, as they are transcribed in the original index. The second column shows on what maps that name is located, again according to the original index. The maps are identified by slide and map number. For example, 462/445 for M.C. Aaron indicates that the plat is numbered #445, and is located on slide #462. Where there are multiple plats containing a name, they are separated with a semicolon. Map # indicates the actual record keeping number on the plat map. Slide # indicates the hanging storage slide number at the clerk's office where the originals are stored.

A master list grouped according the the slide and map numbers is located at this link.

Aaron, M.C.462/445
Abbel, Mollie343/141
Abel, Albert500/608
Abel, Geo320/110b
Abel, Hugh L.490/565a
Abel, Joe433/338a
Abell179/240a; 179/240b
Abell, George343/141
Able10/50a; 11/53; 434/338b
Able, Geo.458/427b
Able, Henry70/1
Able, Joe431/326b
Adams123/118; 158/193; 278/62b; 391/216b; 454/411
Adams Addition503/630
Adams, G. W.20/92; 226/348
Adams, J.70/2
Adams, John70/2
Adams, Mahala484/534
Adams, Sherman L.484/534
Adams, T.H.448/399
Adams, Tenny363/168e
Adams, Thos. N. & Mabel503/630
Adams, Tom223/341; 440/372
Addition To Lebanon Jct. Masden Graveyard34/146
Addition To Lebanon Junction19/91
Ahers Heirs425/308a
Akers, Grover49/209; 425/308c
Akers, Maude49/209; 425/308c
Alcorn, Darrell519/702b
Alexander7/41; 36/152; 118/104; 118/105; 239/5c; 313/101b; 411/247a
Alexander vs. Jones382/199a
Alexander, J.267/42
Alexander, J.B.29/125; 338/136a; 383/199c; 396/223a
Alexander, J.W.4/24b; 412/254b; 419/278
Alexander, Jas.352/155
Alexander, S.G.361/167
Alexander, Wm.113/92; 306/95a
Alford, Sallie I.75/15
Allcom, Lillie208/304
Allcorn, Lillie463/446a
Allen66/278; 71/4; 137/137; 265/37b; 307/95b; 315/103a; 454/410; 517/692
Allen Or Bolton112/91
Allen, Arzilia517/692
Allen, E. E. & Anna71/3
Allen, Eliza A13/61; 14/62
Allen, Eliza A. Lt.; 157/191b
Allison Heirs165/208; 245/9a; 246/9a; 246/9a; 266/41a
Allison, Samuel396/223a
Allison, Tyler295/81b
Alloway286/70; 295/81b
Ambrose, Geo.474/484
Ambrose, George476/496b
American Hotel Stable173/226
Ancient Map of Shepherdsville55/235
Anderson232/364; 243/8b; 401/8a; 430/324; 526/735a
Anderson, D. B.310/99
Anderson, John61/257
Anderson, Malvina Starks310/99
Anderson, W. E.505/644a
Applegate, Ambrose376/191
Applegate, Ambrose & Chas.39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169; 424/304
Applegate, Charles376/191
Applegate, Chas.441/370
Approved Bancredit Corp.522/718b
Armstrong60/253; 137/137; 455/412; 455/415; 459/433; 493/577; 513/677; 518/700
Armstrong Fabric Shop524/725
Armstrong Heirs5/35; 421/228a
Armstrong, C.Q. Heirs359/165
Armstrong, Gordon493/577; 505/643
Armstrong, Hallie505/643
Armstrong, Helen462/445
Armstrong, J. B.493/577
Armstrong, Prudence425/307; 426/315; 462/445
Armstrong, Sam472/482
Armstrong, W. R.462/445
Armstrong, W.D.287/72
Armstrong, Wallas & Hazel517/693
Armstrong, Walter455/415
Arnett, William H.239/5a
Arnold71/4; 102/74; 109/86; 449/404a
Arnold, Carl71/4; 449/404a; 449/404c; 501/618
Arnold, Carroll511/669
Arnold, F. Turner71/4
Arnold, F.T.431/326b; 449/404c
Arnold, Francis Turner71/4
Arnold, G.43/189; 405/32
Arnold, I. P.71/4; 103/75; 442/377
Arnold, J.431/326b
Arnold, James71/4; 102/74; 292/78; 300/86; 308/96; 309/98; 314/102; 321/112; 430/326a
Arnold, James B.71/4
Arnold, Jas.71/4; 102/74
Arnold, Roxanna & Cordelia370/182a
Arnold, Skinner & Chappell108/82
Arnold, Stephen71/4
Arnold, Turner62/260; 314/102
Arnold, W.B.62/260
Arnold, William71/4
Arnold, Wm.308/96; 309/98
Arnstrong, Hallie505/643
Ash46/198; 72/5; 112/91; 471/478c
Ash Children63/263
Ash, Charles & Eliza395/222
Ash, E.R. & E.K.46/198
Ash, Edward R. & Eler K.389/211a
Ash, Elizabeth M.353/156
Ash, G M13/63
Ash, G.M.292/77; 305/93; 321/111; 371/183
Ash, Geo & Wife72/5
Ash, George & Wife12/58
Ash, Harry & Ada497/593
Ash, Jim111/89
Ash, Mathias326/119b
Ash, Matthias367/177
Ash, Nick204/294
Ash, W.326/119b
Ash, W. J.326/119b
Ash, W. M.422/292
Ash, Wood460/436a
Ashbaugh204/294; 334/129b
Ashbaugh, Geo.471/478c
Ashbaugh, Jas.334/128d
Ashby10/50a; 11/53; 37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 326/119c; 391/216b; 431/326b; 449/404c; 495/588
Ashby, Berl72/6
Ashby, Chas.494/581
Ashby, J. V.391/216b
Ashby, W.B.462/445
Ashe, Floyd520/708
Ashe, Floyde T. & Beatrice520/707
Ashlock105/78; 462/444
Atcher & Co.60/252
Atcher, C.44/190
Atcher, Catherine60/252; 456/416b; 456/416c
Atcher, Charles456/416b; 456/416c
Atcher, Chas.60/252
Atcher, J. C.462/445
Atherton196/274a; 196/274b
Atkinson68/284; 446/393a
Atkinson, Abigail425/308c
Atkisson, Abigal317/104c
Atwell, Joseph & Butchman268/44
Augustus, C. K.3/27
Avey, Mrs. Jennie K.475/491
Ayer, A. R.497/596
B. F. Oxley Addition To Shepherdsville483/530a
Babbitt, Mary J.51/217
Badgett, Thos.43/183
Bailey9/45; 37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 72/8; 81/27; 156/188; 323/114a
Bailey & Bridges37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161
Bailey, George37/160; 37/160; 38/161; 38/161
Baker36/152; 204/294; 242/8c; 242/8c; 294/80b; 311/101a; 313/101b; 338/136a; 433/334b; 433/336
Baker, Isaac20/86; 239/5c
Baker, J.H.266/40; 396/223a
Baker, W.23/101
Baker, Walter135/142; 238/4b; 238/4b; 262/31
Baldwin383/199c; 396/223a; 453/409
Baldwin Heirs448/395
Baldwin, A.B.52/216a
Ball359/165; 493/574b
Ball, B. B.8/38; 419/280
Ball, J. R.490/558
Ballie, Rufus474/486
Bank240/5d; 240/5d
Bank Of Commonwealth139/150
Bank Of Kentucky139/150
Banks, H. & Cave73/9
Banks, Henery396/223a
Banks, Henry306/95a
Bannin & Engle18/84b; 73/10
Baptist Church53/225; 177/235; 412/254b; 419/280; 486/541; 504/638
Barber77/18; 162/202a; 162/202b; 421/288b; 421/309; 430/324
Barber, John R. T.423/300
Barbour47/203; 61/257; 317/104c
Barbour, J. R. T.421/288c
Barclay & Thomas268/44
Bardstown Branch R R13/67
Bardstown Branch R.R.22/96; 27/119
Bardstown Junction432/330a
Bardstown Junction "Y"432/330d
Bardstown R.R.29/125
Barger28/120; 44/186; 471/478b
Barger & Samuels344/144a; 348/150
Barger, Forest459/431
Barger, G.S.364/171
Barger, J. Heirs344/144a
Barger, Robert497/593
Barger, Robt.507/649
Barger, Roger490/558
Barker196/274a; 196/274b
Barnes204/294; 405/32; 498/597; 516/690; 519/702
Barnes Bros.74/11; 74/12
Barnes, D. C.473/481
Barnes, H.320/110b; 385/203
Barnett19/91; 44/190; 67/286; 67/287; 68/286; 68/287; 181/243; 181/243; 390/213; 439/364
Barnett & Heft44/190
Barnett, Camilla L.418/274b
Barnett, Dr.75/13; 395/221; 424/302
Barnett, F. A. & Co.418/274b
Barnett, F. A. & Wife418/274b
Barns, Lavilla329/123
Barrall3/27; 63/267; 83/34; 222/338; 266/41b; 408/240c; 429/323; 431/329; 432/331b; 438/365a; 467/459c; 475/491; 475/493a
Barrall & Wife63/265
Barrall Heirs32/134
Barrall, Alden32/134; 183/248a; 183/248b; 245/9a; 246/9a
Barrall, C.31/135
Barrall, Christian Division75/14
Barrall, J.A.76/16; 445/387a
Barrall, J.W.445/392
Barrall, James490/563
Barrall, John369/181; 441/370
Barrall, Marie445/392
Barrall, S.E.62/256
Barrall, S.F.76/16; 245/9a; 246/9a; 317/104c
Barrall, S.F. Heirs429/321b
Barrall, S.F. Heirs Division75/15
Barrell23/105; 250/16c
Barrell, Alton185/251
Barrell, C.185/251; 379/195a
Barrell, C.H.347/147
Barrell, Elizabeth287/72
Barrell, Heirs185/251
Barrell, Helton185/251
Barrell, S. F.24/106
Bars. Chas.472/479
Bart, Morgan Tindle &77/17
Barth363/168e; 363/168e; 384/200
Barth, Mrs. Sarah91/53
Barth, Philip381/197a
Bartlett, Eddie R.41/181
Basham, Clarence383/199b; 396/223a; 442/379a
Bashear, Bev.445/390
Bass, Dr.38/158
Bass, Ethebread50/212
Bass, Etheldred286/71
Bass, James Heirs50/212; 286/71
Bass, Mathew10/52; 286/71
Bates106/79a; 106/79b; 351/152b; 420/285a; 469/473b; 504/637
Bates & Co.60/250
Bates & Troutman77/20
Bates Heirs8/38; 77/19; 469/473b
Bates, Bettie7/43; 11/59
Bates, D. M. Heirs420/285a
Bates, Dr. David Arthur515/686
Bates, Nannie39/171
Bates, S. W.419/280
Baty3/27; 24/106; 200/284
Bauchman, James499/603
Baxter, S.F.487/545
Beall, M. B.102/74
Beall, M. B. Heirs109/86
Beall, Mayor102/74
Bealls, Brook243/8b; 401/8a
Bealls, Heirs315/103a
Beam116/100a; 116/100b
Beam, Baker526/735b
Beam, Celia A347/147
Beam, James B. Distilling Co.79/22
Beam, John H.482/526
Beam, Phil322/113a
Beam, Philip420/281
Beams, Phil4/26
Bean, Ann33/142; 33/143; 388/210a
Bean, Ceatia323/113b
Bean, Phil323/113b
Beard, James314/102; 315/103a
Beard, Jas.133/139
Beason, J.81/28
Beason, John182/246
Beasons, John427/318a
Beatty432/331a; 475/493a
Beck440/366b; 448/395
Beck, Joe396/223a; 418/274b
Beck, Jos.398/223b
Beck, Joseph417/271b
Becker224/344; 232/362
Becker, Gilmore78/23
Becker, Wm7/43
Becker, Wm & Estelle80/24
Becker, Wm.472/479
Beckers, Wm8/42
Beckwith80/25; 363/168e; 412/254a
Beckwith & Grayson80/25
Beckwith, John243/8b; 401/8a
Beech To398/227
Beeler3/25; 50/208; 181/243; 459/432b; 516/691a
Beeler Heirs520/706
Beeler, Ament510/663
Beeler, Conklin381/197b
Beeler, Dr.167/213
Beell, Jacob A.313/101c
Beghtol24/106; 25/109a; 26/110; 37/159; 39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169; 68/284; 246/9a
Beghtol, Elven351/152b
Beghtol, Harry316/104b
Beghtol, Henry11/55; 185/250
Beghtol, Josh320/110a; 356/162
Beghtol, Leonard Heirs477/499
Beghtol, Mahala & Sarah317/104c
Beghtol, Mahala, Widow & Beghtol, Sarah E11/55
Beghtol, Neil317/104c
Beghtol, Neil Heirs Division49/209
Beghtol, Peter317/104c; 425/308b; 425/308c
Beghtol, Sarah185/250; 316/104b
Beghton, Marie134/140
Begntol, Henry317/104c
Begthol, Henry C.401/231
Begthol, Leonard Heirs401/231
Begthol, Mahala (Widow)401/231
Begthol, Sarah E.401/231
Begwood, J.S.466/460
Belknap, Walter K.472/479
Bell24/102; 35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155; 60/254; 67/285; 77/20; 82/31; 93/56; 106/79c; 201/286; 325/119a; 332/127; 462/445; 462/445
Bell Mill151/177
Bell, Abbie415/268
Bell, Charles353/158
Bell, Charles (Widow)353/158
Bell, H.S.458/429a
Bell, J S9/45
Bell, J.A.80/26
Bell, J.E.201/286
Bell, J.E. & Glen494/580
Bell, J.S.210/306
Bell, J.W.487/546
Bell, Jacob A.80/26
Bell, Jake204/294
Bell, Jocob A.24/102
Bell, John244/8f; 244/8f; 244/8g; 244/8g
Bell, Minnie494/580
Bell, Saml.72/7
Bell, Wm. Heirs24/102
Bells Heirs471/478c
Bells Mill Acres526/736
Bells Mill Acres Lot # 14526/734
Belmear, Gabe & Polly81/27
Belmel, Peter & Elizabeth508/651
Belmond Church277/61
Belmond Furnace277/61
Belmont & Nelson Iron Co.360/166a
Belmont Depot18/84b
Belmont Furnace28/124
Belmont Furnace Co.396/223a
Ben Chapeze414/259b
Benford, J.N.474/488
Benjamin, T.H.216/322
Berckeridge, Robert243/8b
Berkley62/260; 71/4
Berman, Clarence & Ruth494/580
Bernheim Forest520/709
Bernheim Foundation510/662
Bernheim, I. W. Foundation526/735b
Berry5/35; 104/77; 116/99
Bess or Mckay289/73
Best175/229; 458/425; 459/429b; 459/429b
Bethtol, Len Heirs11/55
Bethtol, Louisa415/265
Bettierick, Arnold462/445
Bettler, A.490/563
Bibb To289/73
Bieler, Thelma Daughtery521/716
Biggs111/89; 305/93; 422/292
Biggs, Ben113/93
Biggs, Benjamin Heirs378/193
Biggs, Eli111/90
Biggs, Ely378/193
Biggs, James112/91
Bigwood55/233; 200/285
Bigwood, J.S.55/233
Bird63/268; 63/269; 64/268; 64/269; 423/301
Birdwell, Coleman113/93
Birkhead44/184; 239/5c
Birkhead Teunnell, Mrs.(Dower)239/5c
Bishop82/29; 82/30; 423/297; 474/488
Bishop Tract171/220
Bishop, Elmer504/637; 504/639
Bishop, Foster166/209
Bishop, Oliver P. & Mary J.253/19
Bishop, Perry10/52; 50/212; 72/7; 277/60b
Bishop, Sally7/43
Bishop, Temple277/60b
Bissing & Wife256/22b
Biven110/87; 467/458
Biven, Geo.334/128d
Bivens, Wash14/64; 415/266
Bivins, G.W. Heirs471/478b
Black, W.V.490/563
Blair240/6; 241/6; 408/240a; 437/355a
Blair Heirs64/270; 129/126a; 129/126b; 215/316; 437/355b
Blair's Heirs31/137
Blairs Heirs329/124
Blakenship82/31; 399/228a
Blandford204/294; 225/347
Blandford, Joseph326/119b
Blankenship448/398; 494/581
Blankenship, Emma477/500
Blankenship, J. J.477/503
Blanton & Jones83/32
Blanton Distillery83/33
Blanton, George27/119
Blats, Herman462/445
Blatz83/34; 429/321b; 445/387a
Bledsoe, R. B.83/35
Bleemel, Freddie & Leo513/683
Bleemel, H. E.512/675
Bleemel, John267/43a
Bleemel, Matt488/551
Bleemel, Ray512/675
Bleemell, Earl Ray & Carmelle513/680
Bleemell, Peter454/412
Bleemell, Ralph513/680
Blemel, Ed509/659
Blemel, Matt501/621
Bliven, Gilly463/449b
Bloch, M.287/72
Boats, John268/46
Boax37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161
Bogard84/36; 140/152; 207/303; 325/119a; 455/412; 463/446a; 468/463; 468/463
Bogard Children83/36
Bogard Heirs473/481
Bogard To Harris478/507
Bogard, Elizabeth (Dower)55/237
Bogard, Geo. Heirs Division55/237
Bogard, Wn. Arthur500/613
Bogard's Island391/215
Bogart, Cornelius K. & Bogart, Eliza R253/19
Bohannon49/209; 429/322b; 463/447
Bohme, Amelia M.428/320b
Bohn, Adam287/72
Bohne61/257; 214/314; 232/364; 459/430
Bohne Heirs214/314
Bolston, A.H.84/37
Bolton12/60; 454/411
Bolton, 0 H14/68
Bolton, 0.H.84/38
Bolton, C.454/411
Bolton, Charlie454/410
Bolton, Chas.84/37
Bolton, D. H.307/95b
Bolton, Evaline463/449b
Bolton, Geo.132/135
Bolton, J.H.172/224a; 172/224b
Bolton, J.Q.454/410
Bolton, James321/111
Bolton, Jeff14/68; 84/37; 84/38
Bolton, Junior84/37
Bolton, Lucinda14/68; 84/38; 223/341
Bolton, Martin13/63; 321/111; 371/183
Bolton, Thos.J.452/410
Boltton, J.Q.440/369
Boone302/89b; 420/285b
Boons or Stansberry291/76b
Booth, Lee469/473a
Boots53/223; 66/278; 221/334; 424/305d; 436/350; 446/393a; 447/393b
Boots Catherine (Widow)418/276
Boots Elijah Heirs418/276
Boots, Catherine6/33a
Boots, E.463/449b
Boots, Elijah6/33a; 60/252; 67/286; 67/287; 68/286; 68/287
Boots, Elisha456/416c
Boots, Elishia439/364
Boots, Eliza264/37a
Boots, John264/37a; 265/37b; 418/276
Boots, John,Admr.6/33a
Boschung, E. D.462/445
Botton, Lucinda307/95b
Boulier, C.287/72; 426/316
Bouvier, M. C.419/280
Bowley, W. T.495/584a
Bowman6/32; 38/168; 44/184; 55/235; 61/261; 68/288; 68/289; 69/288; 69/289; 73/9; 73/9; 85/39; 86/40; 86/41; 96/62; 99/68; 118/104; 150/175b; 222/338; 230/357; 393/219; 410/247c; 423/298; 427/318d; 431/327; 433/337; 438/357b; 439/367; 447/396a; 457/418b; 467/459c
Bowman A86/40
Bowman Heirs18/80; 481/519
Bowman Heirs & Chapeze113/92
Bowman, A15/73; 15/75; 21/99
Bowman, A.87/42; 89/48; 239/5c
Bowman, A. B.88/44
Bowman, A. C.89/48
Bowman, A. H.445/388
Bowman, A.H.344/143
Bowman, A.H. Heirs469/469
Bowman, Aaron49/211; 88/44; 164/206
Bowman, Amanda389/211a
Bowman, Amanda E.63/263
Bowman, Bas.411/247a
Bowman, Basil15/73; 393/219
Bowman, Baz & H15/73
Bowman, Bettie15/75
Bowman, G W15/75
Bowman, G.W.99/68; 306/95a; 313/101b; 427/318a
Bowman, Geo.239/5c
Bowman, George89/48
Bowman, H.411/247a; 462/445
Bowman, Henny457/422
Bowman, Henry5/31a; 15/73; 415/267; 445/388; 457/423
Bowman, J.88/46; 88/47
Bowman, J.W.89/48
Bowman, Jacob Heirs88/44
Bowman, Jacob W.427/318a
Bowman, James W. Maggie & Mary328/122
Bowman, Jeff Heirs88/47
Bowman, Jerry411/247a
Bowman, John16/72; 48/206; 433/335
Bowman, John & Patric18/80
Bowman, John & Patrick445/388
Bowman, John Heirs462/445
Bowman, Jos15/73
Bowman, Joseph89/48
Bowman, M S15/75
Bowman, Mary89/48
Bowman, Mary L & Patrick H. (Will Bk G, Pg.543-548)328/122
Bowman, Mrs. Amanda E.46/198
Bowman, Parmelia313/101b
Bowman, S16/76
Bowman, Sue E.63/265
Bowman, Susan12/52; 16/76; 230/357
Bowman, Thomas J. Heirs405/33; 427/318a
Bowman, Thomas J. Widow427/318a
Bowman, Thomas T.89/48
Bowman, Thomas Widow405/33
Bowman, Thomas, J. Heirs405/33
Bowman, Thomas, Widow405/33
Bowman, Thos J.89/48
Bowman, Thos. J. Heirs432/330a
Bradbury30/132; 43/185b; 57/245; 90/50; 126/122; 130/129; 187/255; 205/296; 207/303; 440/372; 448/403; 455/414c; 466/456; 467/459c; 469/466
Bradbury, C.462/445
Bradbury, C. P.455/414b
Bradbury, Geo. H.90/51
Bradbury, J T13/65
Bradbury, J.J.5/31a; 408/238
Bradbury, T.J.35/151
Brady345/144b; 398/223b; 416/271a; 448/395
Brady, Levi440/366b
Brady, Levy & Co.66/272
Braithwait, John277/60b
Braitwait, Ada48/200
Bramel303/90b; 430/326a
Brammel, Nathan309/98
Branham, Bradley90/52
Branmel, Mrs. Celpha308/96
Brashear7/41; 46/192; 70/1; 77/18; 91/53; 92/54; 207/303; 325/119a; 356/162; 408/239b; 415/270; 420/285a; 442/376; 444/386c; 461/441; 462/446b
Brashear, B.207/303
Brashear, Barak389/210c
Brashear, Ben65/279
Brashear, Ben & Lee463/449b
Brashear, Beverly464/450
Brashear, Fleix & Effie277/60b
Brashear, L23/101
Brashear, M.92/54
Brashear, Marshall92/54
Brashear, R.463/449b
Brashear, Richard389/210c
Brashear, Richard, Jr.201/286
Brashear, Wm.201/286; 420/285b
Brashear, Wm. Heirs92/54
Brashears & Wonder462/446b
Brchall, W.D.425/310
Breckenridge Heirs81/17; 422/292
Breckenridge, Robert243/8b; 401/8a; 401/8a
Breckenridge, W.L.493/579a
Breckenridge, Wistar L.512/674
Brell, C.T.520/709
Brell, C.T. Helen520/710
Brend, James236/2a; 236/2a
Brewer485/540; 517/696; 517/696
Brghtol, Peter Heirs425/308a
Bricely, Lewis114/94
Bridges, John268/44
Bridges, Purlina318/106
Bridges, Smith37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 217/321
Bridwell37/163; 46/192; 48/202; 55/233; 335/132; 337/134; 434/340; 460/436a; 462/446b; 471/478c
Bridwell, Arval & Maggie512/675
Bridwell, Col.326/119b
Bridwell, Coleman Heirs367/177
Bridwell, Colman305/93
Bridwell, Fielden269/48
Bridwell, H.471/478c
Bridwell, Hayden46/192; 55/233; 56/232; 200/285
Bridwell, John286/70; 295/81b; 365/173
Bridwell, Joseph P.273/55
Bridwell, Maggie505/643
Bridwell, Robt.478/505
Bridwell, Rose Lee463/446a
Bridwell, Sim434/340
Bridwell, T.80/26
Bridwell, Tom466/460
Bright49/211; 164/206
Bright, G.W.287/72
Bright, Geo.W.88/45
Briscoe44/184; 47/205; 64/266; 73/9; 87/43; 111/90; 113/92; 121/113; 149/175a; 150/175b; 239/5c; 239/5c; 244/8h; 244/8h; 294/80c; 306/95a; 311/101a; 338/136a; 383/199b; 383/199c; 383/199d; 418/274a; 427/318a; 427/318d; 449/405a; 449/405b
Briscoe & Raymond341/137
Briscoe, Gerard29/125; 396/223a
Briscoe, Gerrard262/31; 339/136c
Briscoe, Lucinda387/207b
Briscoe, P.182/246
Briscow, Gerard22/96
Britt362/168b; 442/379b; 471/476
Britt, Tract107/80
Brook, Elisa44/186
Brook, J. A.218/325
Brookes, Inez K. & Mary Tyler Williams 56.8 Acres521/712b
Brooks5/35; 5/35; 9/45; 14/64; 31/137; 37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 41/179; 65/271; 78/23; 92/55; 225/346; 329/124; 352/155; 413/257c; 420/285a; 421/309; 430/324; 432/331c
Brooks or Allen420/285b
Brooks School485/540
Brooks, D.F.60/254; 93/56; 210/306
Brooks, D.L.301/88a
Brooks, Dr.93/56
Brooks, Eliza13/63; 371/183
Brooks, Fannie415/266
Brooks, Heirs324/117
Brooks, J.A.331/126
Brooks, J.A. & W.W.324/117
Brooks, J.N.487/546
Brooks, Jos.232/365
Brooks, Joseph5/35; 225/346; 243/8b; 243/8b; 267/42; 352/155; 401/8a; 401/8a; 420/285a; 420/285b
Brooks, Joseph A.301/88a
Brooks, M. M.93/56
Brooks, Mrs. M. M.93/56
Brooks, Mrs. M.M.60/254
Brooks, P.O.60/254
Brooks, S N9/45
Brooks, S.N.93/57; 208/305a; 208/305b; 208/305c; 515/688; 521/712a
Brooks, S.N. Heirs372/185
Brooks, S.N. Heirs Division41/179; 60/254
Brooks, Sam & Co93/57
Brooks, W.B.M.3/25; 25/113; 41/179
Brooks, W.W.331/126; 359/165
Brooks, William A.301/88a
Brooks, Wm.321/111
Broughton15/73; 18/80; 328/122; 353/157; 393/219; 427/318a
Broughton, Charles427/318d
Broughton, Chas.182/246
Broun, Malcolm & Rosa495/584a
Brounfng, Henery396/223a
Brouning, Sarah E.396/223a
Brouning, Wm. Heirs396/223a
Brown4/26; 7/41; 7/43; 8/40; 117/102; 132/136; 150/175b; 204/294; 214/313a; 214/313b; 232/362; 306/95a; 310/99; 333/128c; 398/226; 415/270; 428/320a; 456/416b; 488/552; 495/584a
Brown & Jones489/562
Brown & Parrott488/548
Brown, C.524/726a
Brown, Casander44/188
Brown, Casander Napper414/260
Brown, Dan384/200
Brown, Douglas & Belle94/59
Brown, Dr.277/61
Brown, Ed436/350
Brown, F.423/299b
Brown, Frank39/171
Brown, J.0.224/344
Brown, Jo.217/321
Brown, Joseph117/102
Brown, M.V .57/241
Brown, Martin V.8/40
Brown, Nancy51/215b; 418/277
Brown, S.26/114
Brown, W.J.57/241
Brown, Z.L.59/251
Brownee, Chas.204/294
Bruce95/61; 211/309
Bruce, Wm. F.& Nellie Ray491/571
Brumgardner, Doris235/371
Brunley, Wm.408/239b
Bryan61/259; 62/258; 216/322; 361/167
Bryan, Ferguson207/301
Bryan, J.D.216/322; 361/167
Bryan, Wm.161/198
Bryant, A.485/535
Bryant, Joseph R.413/257b
Bryant, Mock423/299b
Bryant, Robt. Admr.24/108a
Bryant, Robt.Heirs & Co.24/108a
Bryant, Tom429/325a
Bryen, Luke259/25c
Buchanan, Robt.417/272b
Buchanon, Geo.499/601
Buchman239/5c; 239/5c; 407/237; 423/298; 438/357b
Buchman, Francis Heirs293/79
Buchman, Howard490/563; 490/563
Buchman, J.298/83
Buchman, J.R.158/195; 411/247a; 434/342
Buchman, Joanna293/79
Buchman, John H.293/79
Buchman, William293/79; 313/101b
Buckham, James R.293/79
Buckholtz, Gustav421/290
Buckholz, Gustave8/40
Buckman22/98; 40/172; 59/249; 99/68; 166/209; 420/287; 482/523
Buckman, Francis Heirs (Division)21/97
Buckman, J.D. Jr.521/716
Buckman, J.D., Jr.510/661
Buckman, J.R.29/131
Buckman, James R.21/97
Buckman, Joan21/97
Buckman, Joanna99/68
Buckman, John462/445
Buckman, John H.21/97
Buckman, Robt.56/238
Buckman, W.A.429/321b
Buckman, Wm96/62; 415/267
Buckman, Wm.21/97; 99/68
Buckner67/283; 165/208; 245/9a; 246/9a
Buckner to Miller245/9c
Buckner, L.M.35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155
Bucky, B.B., Chas, Evalrte & Lillie364/171
Bukey- (Yankee Bill)422/292
Bukey, Jake436/353
Bukey, John305/93; 321/111
Bukey, John C.325/118
Bukey, John W.396/223a
Bukey, Juliius459/431
Bukey, Julius321/111
Bukey, Julius L.325/118
Bukey, Rodolphus113/93
Bukey, Sarah321/111
Bukey, Sarah F.325/118
Bukey, William321/111
Bukey, Wm. R325/118
Buky37/163; 113/93; 150/175b
Buky Heirs364/171
Buky, Beverly321/111
Buky, Beverly & Chas.371/183
Buky, Charles321/111
Buky, Evalene321/111
Buky, Evalene (Widow)321/111
Buky, Evaline371/183
Buky, Evaline (Widow)364/171
Buky, Jacob & Louise96/63
Buky, James96/63
Buky, John W Heirs13/63
Buky, John W. Heirs321/111; 364/171; 371/183
Buky, Lillie321/111; 371/183
Buky, Rodolphus321/111
Buky, Rudolpus395/220c
Buky, Wm. R., John C.,Julius L. & Sallia F.364/171
Bullam, Jessie19/91
Bullett Co. Court House287/72
Bullett House287/72
Bullett Lick Church462/445
Bullett Seminary287/72
Bullitt Circuit Court359/165
Bullitt Co. Bank467/459c; 506/654
Bullitt Co. Board Of Education484/533; 492/573; 506/646; 515/688
Bullitt Co. Fair Assoc504/637
Bullitt Co. Fair Association39/171
Bullitt Co. Fair Race Trust97/64
Bullitt Co. Highway Map489/556
Bullitt Co. Magisterial Dist.97/65
Bullitt School462/445
Bumgardener, David476/496b
Bumgardner68/282; 383/199b; 433/334b; 438/361; 440/366b; 442/379a; 448/395; 462/444; 476/496b
Bumgardner, Ambrose438/361
Bumgardner, B. Heirs462/444
Bumgardner, D.424/305a
Bumgardner, D. & Mccubbins,44/186
Bumgardner, Davis396/223a; 453/409
Bumgardner, Mr424/305a
Bunch491/566; 505/644b
Bunch, Hansford499/607
Bunch, James505/644b
Burch45/193; 98/66; 136/144a; 136/144b; 171/221; 204/294; 435/346a
Burch, J.F. & B.D.423/296
Burch, J.W.489/557
Burch, Jessy294/80b
Burch, S.294/80a; 294/80b
Burch, T.J.2/20; 98/66; 423/296
Burchall, W.D.402/232b
Burchell, W.D.402/232a
Burdett8/44; 35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155; 37/164; 37/165; 38/164; 38/165; 74/11
Burdett, B.F.35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155
Burdett, E.M.35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155
Burdett, Elizabeth385/203
Burdett, John Children35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155
Burdett, Lillie35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155
Burdett, M.F.74/12
Burdett, P.35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155
Burdett, P.R.35/155; 35/156; 36/155; 36/156
Burdett, Peyton99/67; 299/84
Burdett, Peyton Widow & Heirs Division35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155
Burditt Heirs378/192
Burford, J.N.467/459b
Burhanheim, J. W. (Reservation)478/504
Burk385/204; 450/432a; 477/498
Burke, John287/72
Burkett or John Flich268/45
Burkley102/74; 308/96
Burks43/187; 80/25; 381/197b; 418/275; 477/498
Burn, Harold R.503/633b
Burns166/210; 433/335; 433/337; 496/590
Burns & Foster116/100a; 116/100b
Burns, Bertie441/375a
Burns, Birdie496/590
Burns, J.462/445
Burns, Wm Heirs Sub-Division496/590
Bushop, Sallie11/59
Button48/204; 249/15a; 249/15b; 249/15b
Button Bros.249/15b
Buzick, Cliff503/633b
Byford, Ernest P. & Madge A.521/715
Caldewell & Co.447/394
Caldwell101/73; 291/76b; 306/95a; 457/423
Caldwell & Co16/78a
Caldwell & Co.51/219
Caldwell, B.F.362/168
Caldwell, B.F. & Mary362/168
Caldwell, Harriett, Widow Of John Caldwell265/39
Caldwell, James361/168a; 362/168; 363/168e
Caldwell, John265/39
Caldwell, William363/168e
Caldwell, Wm.362/168
Callahan85/39; 100/69; 220/331; 448/398; 456/416a
Calvert, George259/25b
Calvert, J.P.155/185
Cambrin Heirs473/481
Cambron166/210; 438/360
Cameron18/82b; 295/81a; 320/110b; 365/173; 385/203; 458/427a; 458/427b; 471/477
Campbell68/288; 68/289; 69/288; 69/289; 431/327
Campbell & Hays Addition57/245
Campbell, J.F.445/387b; 445/387c
Campbell, James287/72
Camron, John212/311; 238/4a; 238/4a
Cane Spring Co344/144a
Cape, J.C. & Bessie526/735a
Cardwell104/77; 358/164a
Cardwell, Heirs113/93
Carey, Elmo503/628
Carithers, Charles & Porter268/44
Carland36/152; 470/472
Carland, Thomas237/3a; 237/3a
Carothers, Charles161/200a; 161/200b
Carpenter29/131; 30/130; 53/225; 107/81; 139/150; 190/265; 264/37a; 265/37c; 279/63; 353/157; 363/168e; 405/234b; 405/234c; 411/247a; 427/318a; 429/325a; 440/371; 466/456
Carpenter Heirs29/131; 415/267
Carpenter Lots 13,14,15,29, & 30100/70
Carpenter W.180/241
Carpenter, E462/445
Carpenter, Frank Division522/714b
Carpenter, J.M.45/191; 59/251
Carpenter, Kit128/124; 320/110c
Carpenter, Kitt303/90b
Carpenter, Kitty405/234a
Carpenter, M Heirs18/80
Carpenter, W17/83
Carpenter, W.6/30; 158/195; 298/83; 361/167; 390/212; 411/247a
Carpenter, W. Heirs40/172
Carpenter's Heirs39/173
Carpenters Heirs6/30
Carpnenter, Michael415/267
Carr442/379a; 470/471
Carr Vs281/65b
Carr, E.477/498
Carr, J.81/28
Carr, John28/124; 239/5a; 338/136a
Carr, John Or250/16b
Carr, Thos.478/504
Carrico358/164a; 358/164a
Carrico Vs. Wm. Stone & Co.268/44
Carrier, Jesse Arthur511/668
Carrithers, C18/82b
Carrithers, Chas.41/177
Carrithers, E.C.491/568
Carrithers, F.0.207/300; 458/427a
Carrithers, F.O.41/177
Carrithers, Less207/300
Carrithers, P.O.43/183
Carrithers, Wm.41/177; 458/427a
Carroll, T.C.467/459c; 506/654
Carroll, Tot473/481
Carson, Caddie457/419
Carter, Alice522/718b
Carter, Chas. H.522/718b
Carter, Malica161/198
Carter, W.T.475/489
Case, Rubin420/285b
Case, Samuel454/410
Cash204/294; 498/602
Cash, Ilus- Janie526/735b
Cassell, J. A.24/102; 313/101c
Cassiday31/139; 100/71; 227/352; 421/228a; 421/288c; 421/288e; 448/402
Caster, L. E.475/492
Caswell21/93; 158/192; 160/196; 160/196; 250/16c; 251/17b; 278/62a; 278/62b; 411/247a; 469/467
Caswell, J.A.204/294
Caswell, James226/348; 250/16c; 391/216a; 443/380; 456/417
Caswell, Jas.251/17b
Caswell, Melissa80/26
Catholic Church100/71; 216/322; 419/280; 485/537
Cedar Grove Cementery480/512b
Cedar Grove Church14/68; 492/573
Ceres Co.74/11
Ceres Coop. Assn. Store House74/12
Cerf, N.287/72
Chaddie139/150; 170/218; 385/204
Chaddie, John19/87; 381/197b; 401/229b
Chaddie, John (Widow)347/149
Chaddie, Mary347/149
Chadley, Frank D.490/559
Chambers158/193; 201/287; 250/16c; 278/62b; 391/216a; 456/417
Chambers & Holsclaw137/137
Chapeze15/75; 16/76; 45/195; 101/72; 101/73; 150/175b; 217/323; 230/357; 291/76a; 306/95a; 313/101b; 413/255; 453/409; 456/418a; 485/537; 485/537
Chapeze A. Heirs427/318a
Chapeze Heirs427/318c
Chapeze Knob123/118
Chapeze, A. & B.457/423
Chapeze, A. Heirs442/379b
Chapeze, Adam Heirs49/213; 433/344a
Chapeze, B.230/357
Chapeze, Ben16/76; 49/213; 101/73; 396/223a; 413/259a; 427/318d
Chapeze, Ben & Adam302/89
Chapeze, Ben & Adam S.304/91
Chapeze, Ben Heirs304/91
Chapeze, Dower49/213
Chapeze, Elizabeth101/73
Chapeze, Knobs149/175a; 311/101a
Chapeze, Mary362/168; 363/168e; 433/344a
Chapeze, Taylors361/168a
Chappel Bros315/103a
Chappel, Abraham327/120a
Chappel, B.S.314/102
Chappel, E.116/99
Chappel, Floyd379/195b
Chappel, George314/102
Chappel, James314/102
Chappel, Stuart314/102
Chappel, Teresa Jane330/125b
Chappel, W.F.327/120b
Chappel, William F.300/86
Chappel, Wm. F.102/74; 327/120a
Chappell42/178; 53/227; 71/4; 76/16; 102/74; 109/86; 133/139; 304/90c; 315/103a; 333/129a; 422/293a; 422/293b
Chappell Bros315/103a
Chappell Ridge42/178
Chappell, Abraham102/74; 300/86
Chappell, Abram108/83
Chappell, Ballard300/86
Chappell, Ben L.71/4; 103/75; 442/377
Chappell, Floyd42/178; 422/293a
Chappell, Geo. D.103/75
Chappell, Geo. D. Heirs103/75
Chappell, Heirs129/127
Chappell, J.E.315/103a
Chappell, James300/86
Chappell, Janie315/103a; 442/377
Chappell, Joe E103/75
Chappell, Joe E.71/4; 103/75; 442/377; 442/377
Chappell, M. F.103/75
Chappell, M.F.449/404a; 449/404b; 449/404c
Chappell, Ruth18/78
Chappell, S. F. Barrall183/248a; 183/248b
Chappell, Stewart53/227; 71/4
Chappell, Stuart102/74; 109/86
Chappell, W.F.37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161
Chappell, Wm. F.138/147
Chase31/135; 165/208; 185/251; 323/113b; 327/120a; 379/195b; 420/281; 449/404c
Chase & Myers445/387a
Chase, Samuel35/153; 346/146
Chase, Samuels322/113a
Chatty, John450/432a
Chenoweth43/183; 77/18; 161/200a; 161/200b
Chesher199/280; 371/184; 438/362
Chester, Roby179/240a; 179/240b
Chicago Lumber & Coal Co.448/402
Chickering71/4; 449/404a
Childers, Ralph516/691a
Children of James Bowman, Dec.328/122
Children of P.H. Bowman, Dec.328/122
Children of Sam J. Stallings, Son Of Sam Stallings335/131
Chinn15/75; 73/9; 123/118; 311/101a; 457/423
Chinn, Charles302/89b; 427/318d
Chinn, Chas.427/318a
Choddie, John Heirs338/135
Christ15/75; 23/101; 38/168
Christensen52/222; 426/317a; 427/317b
Christian4/22; 65/271; 104/76; 115/98; 116/100a; 116/100b; 160/196; 165/208; 166/209; 220/332; 222/336; 240/6; 240/6; 322/113a; 323/113b; 323/113b; 329/124; 381/197b
Christian & Brooks414/264
Christian Church441/374
Christian From Wilson104/77
Christian, William267/42
Christian, Wm.35/153; 322/113a; 420/281; 420/285a; 420/285b; 420/287
Christman, Frank467/459b
Church27/117; 398/223b; 423/300; 430/324; 433/334b; 448/395
Church, Milton476/496b
Clark57/245; 204/294; 234/369; 242/8c; 326/119b; 334/128d; 460/436a; 468/463; 505/644b; 509/660; 510/665; 511/667
Clark, Catherine299/84
Clark, D. Heirs326/119b
Clark, Jas.187/255
Clark, Jess487/542
Clark, Jessy299/84
Clark, John299/84; 334/128d
Clark, John Alfred Jr & Athansea511/670
Clark, Johnson234/369
Clark, Mrs17/79
Clark, Wash294/80b
Clark, William & Wife48/200
Claxon362/168; 442/379a
Clements, Leonard475/492
Clerk's Office412/254b
Clermont Forest Project473/481
Close, Sevilla520/707
Co. Farm485/537
Co. Pauper Farm433/344a
Co. Road433/337
Coakley, I.L.105/78
Coats, F.J.287/72
Coats, Wm. Heirs395/222
Cochran104/77; 250/16b; 280/65a; 288/72c; 427/318a; 466/455; 470/473c
Cochran, Lulu469/473b
Cochran, M.A.424/305c
Cochran, Mary Ann412/254a; 441/374
Cochran, Mary Ann Devisees (Mudd,Smith,Fawcett)424/305c
Cochran, Nathan456/418a
Cochran, Peter (Add To Lebanon Jct)441/374
Cochrane Addition417/271b
Cochrane, James287/72
Cochrane, Tom497/593
Cochrell, M. J (Add. To Lebanon Jct)390/213
Cockerall Addition181./243
Cockerell67/286; 67/287; 68/286; 68/287; 456/416c
Cockerell, M.J.19/91; 67/286; 67/287; 68/286; 68/287
Cockerell, M.J. Dower424/305d
Cockran15/75; 53/223; 89/48; 456/416b
Cockran, M.J. Dower53/223
Cockran, Peter52/220; 53/223
Cockrane, Peter (Addition To Lebanon Jct.42/176
Cole, Mikiji239/5b; 239/5b
Colelely, Wm.462/445
Coleman11/55; 19/87; 28/122; 29/127; 60/248; 76/16; 105/79a; 105/79b; 106/79a; 106/79b; 224/343; 227/351; 243/8b; 243/8b; 401/8a; 401/8a; 401/229b; 420/285a; 420/285b; 421/288c; 422/295; 423/299b; 426/317a; 434/343; 448/402; 462/442; 495/586; 499/609; 503/633b; 503/633b
Coleman Heirs485/535
Coleman, James & Doris499/609; 503/633b
Coleman, Robert213/312; 232/365; 317/104c
Coleman, T.C.5/35; 39/171; 43/185a
Coleman, T.C., Jr.424/305b
Coleman, W, W, Heirs499/609
Coleman, W. W. Heirs503/633b
Collage Tract394/220b
Collett35/153; 184/249
Collings28/124; 35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155; 65/273; 99/67; 266/40; 287/72; 338/136a; 384/201; 405/234b; 405/234c; 419/283; 433/334b; 456/416b; 516/691b; 527/738
Collings, Alfres289/74a
Collings, Ben320/110c
Collings, Felix231/360
Collings, G.468/464
Collings, J. H.424/302
Collings, Joseph268/44
Collings, Joseph M.286/70
Collings, Mrs.461/439
Collings, Thomas182/246; 256/22b
Collings, Thos.427/318a
Collins442/379c; 470/471
Collins, A. (Guardian To R.268/44
Collins, J. F.420/281
Collins, W. S.399/255
Colored Cemetery418/275
Combs12/60; 37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 54/228; 115/96; 149/175a; 150/175b; 172/224a; 172/224b; 224/342; 313/101b; 347/148; 408/239a; 420/286; 440/372; 453/409; 479/512a
Combs & Carroll107/80
Combs Addition516/691b
Combs Heirs17/82
Combs, 0 P13/65
Combs, Diana516/691a; 527/739
Combs, Flc.473/481
Combs, H.H.506/654
Combs, Heirs306/95a
Combs, J.F.55/235; 184/249; 387/207b; 412/254b; 419/280; 459/432b; 516/691b
Combs, James Heirs308/97
Combs, Morris516/691a; 527/739
Combs, T.F.55/235
Comes, Gus473/481
Comes, J.0.473/481
Comm. Of Ky499/605
Commissioner522/718b; 522/718b
Commissioners Report- Bullitt County Line4/24a
Commissioners Report- Jefferson Co. Line4/24a
Compton, S.416/271a
Condiff, Ralph522/714b
Condor, Hunter458/427a
Congrove37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 71/4; 303/90b; 381/197b; 393/219; 450/432a; 459/432b; 498/599b; 498/599b
Congrove (Dower)268/44
Congrove Heirs268/44
Congrove, Elizabeth (Widow)382/198
Congrove, Erastus381/197a
Congrove, H.107/81
Congrove, Henry370/182b; 381/197a; 405/234a; 498/599b
Congrove, Henry Heirs405/234b; 405/234c
Congrove, Herny498/599b
Congrove, Martha A.381/197a
Congrove, Rufus381/197a
Congrove, Widow381/197b
Congrove, William251/18
Congrove, William & Wife247/10
Congrove, Wm.381/197a
Conley28/118; 45/193; 136/144a; 136/144b; 204/294; 234/369
Conley, G.E.2/20; 423/296
Conley, Geo. E.47/201
Conley, Geo. F. & Co.48/202
Conley, George E98/66
Conley, John17/79
Conley, Orville & Co.48/202
Conley, Orville & Thos.47/201
Conley, Tom14/66; 289/73
Conley, W. T.459/431
Conlry, Tom422/292
Connell, Anne35/153
Conniff44/184; 100/69; 456/418a
Conniff Heirs85/39
Conniff, John439/367
Conniff, Martin15/75
Conniff, Tom491/565b
Convenient Food Industries522/717
Convenient Food Mrk.524/725
Cook62/258; 115/96; 198/277a; 198/277b; 370/182a; 418/276; 439/364; 443/380; 455/415; 478/505
Cook & Funk108/83
Cook Orchard207/301
Cook, Dalila, Wife Of Thomas Cook278/62a
Cook, R.T.108/82; 109/84; 449/404c
Cook, Rob109/84
Cool, John485/538
Coonfield439/367; 439/367
Cooper, Hiram104/77
Coran, B.F.462/445
Coran, J.W.462/445
Corbet450/432a; 459/432b
Cornell109/85; 150/175b; 162/201; 511/666; 518/700; 519/702
Cornell, Ann150/179
Cornell, Bill491/568
Cornell, Billy521/713
Cornell, Claude519/702b
Cornell, Guy524/726a
Cornell, Nancy & William299/84
Cornell, R. Co.519/702b
Cornell, T.E.109/85; 150/175b; 162/201
Cornell, W.R. & Roy518/700
Cornwell, Jacob299/84
Cornwell, Malinda269/49; 299/84
Corum, Avery495/589
Cotner, Wm.420/286
Couch, Wm.513/682; 515/687
Couchman110/87; 467/458
County Road118/104
Court House419/280; 431/329; 460/434; 467/459c
Cox23/103; 35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155; 103/75; 150/175b; 204/294; 237/2b; 237/2b; 244/8g; 244/8h; 306/95a; 313/101c; 314/102; 315/103a; 491/570; 510/665
Cox, Charlie Masden120/111
Cox, Gabriel300/87; 334/129b
Cox, Heirs109/86
Cox, Irvin443/383b
Cox, Isaac135/142; 238/4b
Cox, James135/142; 238/4b; 244/8f
Cox, Purdy242/8c
Cox, Roscoe519/702a
Cox, Susannah113/93; 135/142; 237/2b; 237/2b
Coy, Allen518/699a
Coy, Lester489/561
Coyle, James473/481
Coyle, Mary B.509/659
Craan, James Sr347/147
Craddock, Pascal D.253/19
Craig380/196a; 409/240d
Craig & Langley224/343
Craig, Crawford136/143; 179/240a; 179/240b; 466/457; 468/462
Craig, J.E.446/391b
Craycroft33/140; 33/141; 61/259; 216/322; 222/338; 381/197a; 477/502
Craycroft, H. I. Vs.268/44
Creggan Partners522/718b
Cremshaw, Nathan98/66
Crenshaw45/193; 136/144a; 136/144b; 199/279c; 204/294; 242/8c; 242/8c; 306/95a; 414/261; 422/292; 452/407b; 466/454; 505/640; 518/699b; 525/730
Crenshaw Heirs475/494
Crenshaw, 0.113/93
Crenshaw, A.423/296
Crenshaw, Alf448/403
Crenshaw, Alf.440/372
Crenshaw, Arkins2/20; 98/66
Crenshaw, Atkins289/73
Crenshaw, C. A.199/279c
Crenshaw, C. E.440/369; 452/407d; 480/512b
Crenshaw, Charles373/187b
Crenshaw, Chas463/448
Crenshaw, Chas.39/167; 90/50
Crenshaw, Clyde515/687
Crenshaw, Ewing110/87; 392/217b; 467/458; 471/478b
Crenshaw, Ewing Heirs471/478b
Crenshaw, Hecker110/88
Crenshaw, Henry132/135
Crenshaw, J.D.111/89; 111/90; 112/91
Crenshaw, J.V.14/64; 113/92; 149/175a; 150/175b; 306/95a; 313/101b; 318/105; 337/134; 394/220a; 415/266; 467/458; 467/458
Crenshaw, J.V. Heirs467/458
Crenshaw, James212/311; 463/448
Crenshaw, Jim113/93; 422/292
Crenshaw, John113/93; 378/193; 422/292
Crenshaw, John T.114/94
Crenshaw, Laura463/448
Crenshaw, Laura C305/93
Crenshaw, Laura C.113/93
Crenshaw, N.M.305/93
Crenshaw, Nelson Heirs318/105
Crenshaw, Russell Andrew111/90
Crenshaw, William318/105
Crenshaw, Wm14/64
Crenshaw, Wm.28/120; 98/66; 242/8c; 321/111; 467/458; 471/478b
Crepps, Wm.487/542
Crigler22/98; 53/225; 64/266; 86/40; 99/68; 123/118; 166/209; 190/267; 313/101b; 393/219; 411/247a; 427/318a; 438/357a; 459/429b
Crigler, A.85/39; 88/44; 113/92
Crigler, Abe15/75; 439/367
Crigler, Abraham306/95a; 311/101a; 313/101b; 427/318a
Crigler, C.462/445
Crigler, E.462/445
Crigler, J.H.393/219
Crigler, J.L.474/485
Crigler, James114/95; 393/219
Crigler, James Vs.269/47
Crigler, Jas53/225
Crigler, Lewis86/41
Crigler, Lewis Heirs89/48
Crigler, Lewis, Heirs393/219
Crigler, Mrs.438/357b
Crigler, Robt.410/247e
Crist23/101; 23/101; 44/184; 96/62; 113/93; 137/137; 150/175b; 204/294; 242/8c; 251/17b; 304/90c; 311/101a; 313/101b; 313/101b; 426/315; 456/416a
Crist Heirs269/47
Crist Mill262/31
Crist To Roby242/8c
Crist, A.H.113/93
Crist, Alexander471/478c
Crist, Alexander H.305/93
Crist, B.H.460/436a; 461/438
Crist, B.H. & J.F.113/92
Crist, Ben306/95a
Crist, E.I.48/202
Crist, E.J.47/201
Crist, F.306/95a; 313/101b
Crist, H.294/80a; 471/478c
Crist, H.S. Heirs304/93
Crist, Irene (Widow)460/436a
Crist, J.E.313/101b
Crist, J.F.99/68; 150/175b; 306/95a; 418/274a
Crist, J.T.113/92
Crist, John F.311/101a
Crist, John Heirs460/436a
Crist, Mary304/93
Croan24/104; 24/108b; 42/180; 46/192; 46/192; 68/288; 68/289; 69/288; 69/289; 115/96; 222/336; 240/6; 241/6; 419/279a; 425/307; 426/315; 431/327; 458/426; 459/433; 469/467; 498/598
Croan & Griffin450/405d; 464/451
Croan & Shepherd216/322
Croan Heirs441/370
Croan Now Shepherd Heirs159/194
Croan, 0.W.160/196
Croan, B.H.441/375b; 469/467
Croan, B.H. Heirs462/445
Croan, C.L.41/175; 77/20; 115/97; 427/318a; 464/449a; 478/506; 478/506; 496/592
Croan, Charlotta376/191
Croan, Ed4/26; 24/108b; 41/175; 41/181; 42/180; 115/98; 322/113a; 420/281
Croan, Ed Heirs116/100a; 116/100b; 441/375b; 496/590
Croan, Ed.23/105
Croan, Eliza160/196; 251/17b; 283/68; 347/147
Croan, Elizabeth425/307
Croan, Herbert441/375b
Croan, J.342/140
Croan, J.W.39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169; 116/100a; 116/100b; 424/304; 441/370; 462/445
Croan, Jack400/229a
Croan, James116/100a; 116/100b; 250/16c; 425/307; 456/417
Croan, Jas.23/105; 62/262; 115/98; 250/16c; 251/17b; 251/17b
Croan, Jas. Sr.185/251
Croan, Joh Heirs27/117
Croan, John26/110; 116/99; 333/129a; 333/129a
Croan, John Division39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169
Croan, John Heirs375/189; 376/191
Croan, John W.376/191
Croan, Nannie441/375a
Croan, P.H.116/100a; 116/100b
Croan, R.H.462/445
Croan, Widow Charlotte39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169
Croane Heirs424/304
Croane, C.L.436/353
Crockeral, M.J. (Addition To Lebanon Junction)395/221
Cromwell, Amanda304/90c
Crone & Armstrong462/445
Crone, C.L.419/280
Cross37/159; 139/150
Crothers, Chas.375/190
Crow3/23; 112/91; 219/328; 306/95a; 422/292; 429/321b; 442/378; 454/411; 481/521
Crow, Charles454/410
Crow, John436/352; 454/410
Crow, John Heirs132/135
Crow, Sam58/244
Cruise85/39; 100/69
Cruise, Hardy100/69; 456/418a; 461/436b
Crumbacher7/41; 11/59; 224/344
Crumbacher Heirs117/101
Crumbacher, Lydia Kate117/101
Crumbacher, Walter493/574b
Crumbacher, Wm.132/136; 232/362
Crumbacker37/157; 81/27
Crumbacker, Wm7/43
Crumbacker, Wm. & Wm. Smith117/102
Crumbaugh, J.117/103
Crume, Martha Sub-Division524/726b
Crump, Harold511/667
Crunbacher, Walter509/653
Crunch, T.J.234/369
Culberson, B.E.517/693
Cullum51/219; 353/157; 457/418b
Culverm, John473/481
Cummings17/77; 65/273; 65/273; 423/299a; 427/318a; 427/318d
Cundiff28/124; 51/219; 118/104; 338/136a; 345/144b; 356/162; 368/178; 411/247a; 441/375b; 457/421; 504/638
Cundiff Addition52/220; 439/364
Cundiff, A.L.462/445
Cundiff, Amanda6/34; 36/150; 51/221; 411/247a
Cundiff, Amanda Widow416/271a
Cundiff, Arthur433/335
Cundiff, B.250/16b; 462/445
Cundiff, Benjamin H.433/335
Cundiff, Chas.512/672
Cundiff, Eliza E.51/221
Cundiff, Elizabeth118/104; 386/206
Cundiff, G W.433/335
Cundiff, G.W.118/104; 462/445
Cundiff, G.W. Heirs433/337
Cundiff, G.Will462/445
Cundiff, Geo.433/335
Cundiff, Geo. B.118/104
Cundiff, Geo. W. Heirs433/335
Cundiff, Gilly51/221; 73/10; 384/201; 399/255; 411/247a; 416/271a
Cundiff, Gilly (Dower)18/84b
Cundiff, H.C.462/445
Cundiff, Howard433/335
Cundiff, J.B.360/166a; 411/247a; 469/470
Cundiff, J.B. Admr.51/221
Cundiff, J.B. Heirs51/221; 355/161
Cundiff, J.D.469/470
Cundiff, J.M.51/219; 462/445; 478/506
Cundiff, J.R.433/337
Cundiff, James335/130
Cundiff, James B.337/133; 360/166a
Cundiff, James P.433/335
Cundiff, Jane277/61
Cundiff, Jas.73/10
Cundiff, Jas. B.51/221; 469/470
Cundiff, Jim433/335; 446/393a
Cundiff, Jimmy245/9b; 404/16a
Cundiff, John51/221; 251/17a
Cundiff, John & Wife Mary J.369/180
Cundiff, John B360/166a
Cundiff, John B Heirs Division18/84a
Cundiff, John B.268/44
Cundiff, Leland499/605
Cundiff, Leroy433/335
Cundiff, Maggie433/335
Cundiff, Mary (Dower)273/56a
Cundiff, N.J.462/445
Cundiff, Nace433/335
Cundiff, Nathan433/335
Cundiff, P.W.462/445
Cundiff, R.30/129; 118/104; 374/188a; 462/445
Cundiff, R. & Wife386/206
Cundiff, Rich255/22c
Cundiff, Richard273/56a; 411/247a
Cundiff, S.P.478/506
Cundiff, S.P. & W. M. Division478/506
Cundiff, Sarah E.51/221
Cundiff, Susan411/247a; 443/383a; 462/445
Cundiff, Thomas P18/84a
Cundiff, Thos. P.73/10
Cundiff, Virgie441/375a; 441/375b
Cundiff, W Harvey433/335
Cundiff, W.A.34/146
Cundiff, W.B.7/37; 33/147; 399/225; 417/271b; 424/305d; 462/445; 469/470
Cundiff, W.B. Addition53/223; 510/663
Cundiff, W.B. Admr.36/150
Cundiff, W.B. Heirs396/223a; 416/271a
Cundiff, W.B. Heirs & Co.36/150
Cundiff, W.H.411/247a; 462/445
Cundiff, W.H. Heirs7/37
Cundiff, W.M.118/104; 417/271b; 478/506
Cundiff, Walter433/335; 462/445; 504/638
Cundiff, Wes443/383a
Cundiff, Wes Heirs411/247a
Cundiff, Wesley16/70; 48/206; 118/104; 190/265
Cundiff, Wesley M.26/116
Cundiff, Wm.384/201; 419/279b; 433/335; 462/445; 469/467
Cunningham, John295/81b
Cunningham, Joseph47/199
Curd29/131; 44/184; 85/39; 87/43; 89/48; 239/5c; 239/5c; 239/5c; 393/219; 411/247a; 456/416a; 461/436b
Curd, Josh100/69
Currens, N. P.512/676
Curry, Mrs60/254
Curry, Mrs.93/56
Curtsinger, Robert493/575
Curtsinger, Robt.493/575
Custer, Frank490/559
Cynthia Brumfield103/75
Dacon240/5d; 242/8c
Dacon, America A347/148
Dacon, B. H.389/211a
Dacon, James113/93
Dacon, James W.389/211a
Dacon, Thomas321/111; 371/183
Dacon, Thos13/63
Dacon, Thos.113/93
Dacon, Tom422/292
Dacon, W.35/151
Dacon, W.C.14/68
Dacon, William347/148
Dacon, Wm.36/152; 306/95a
Daivs, Joe306/95a
Dale, Mae462/445
Daniel24/108a; 36/152; 62/258; 90/50; 149/175a; 198/277a; 198/277b; 207/301; 311/101a; 411/247a; 432/330d
Daniel, Arch L12/52
Daniel, Archie,L.413/259a
Daniel, Leroy5/29; 14/64; 63/265; 150/175b; 431/329; 457/423
Daniel, R.& W.259/25c
Daniel, Robert259/25b
Daniel, Stephen36/152
Daniel, T.J.432/330a
Daniel, Thos. J.432/330a
Daniels26/110; 310/99; 313/101b
Daniels, Leroy415/266; 471/478b
Danner, Jacob287/72
Daugherty115/96; 133/138; 497/596
Daugherty, C.C.143/157; 495/588
Daugherty, Gib192/264
Daugherty, L.H.178/239
Daugherty, W.F.136/143
Daugherty, W.P.444/386a; 466/457; 468/462
Daughterty, W.P.468/462
Daughtery, C.C.521/716
Davidson, Samuel249/14
Davis6/30; 105/78; 115/96; 120/111; 133/139; 133/139; 153/181; 153/181; 168/212; 216/318; 230/359; 314/102; 315/103a; 383/199b; 394/220a; 411/247a; 426/313; 432/331a; 440/371; 443/381; 449/405a; 453/409; 456/418a; 456/418a; 487/546; 520/705
Davis & Beeler17/82
Davis & Wife28/122; 202/291a; 202/291b
Davis, A.417/271b
Davis, C.B.199/280; 306/95a
Davis, Coleman149/175a; 150/175b; 306/95a; 395/221; 402/8d; 468/461a
Davis, Henry6/30; 29/131; 158/195; 413/256
Davis, J.H.411/247a
Davis, Jno.387/207b
Davis, Jo77/17; 149/175a
Davis, Jo.402/8d
Davis, Joe150/175b; 242/8c
Davis, John436/353
Davis, Mac413/256
Davis, Marion Myers420/285a
Davis, Moses150/175b; 306/95a
Davis, Robert109/86
Davis, Robt.166/210
Davis, Susan62/262
Davis, Suzanna129/126a; 129/126b
Davis, W.W.411/247a
Davis, Wm. & Mary203/289
Davison & Hundley99/67
Dawer, Douglas497/596
Dawkins, J.E.50/214
Dawson27/119; 63/268; 63/269; 64/268; 64/269; 83/32; 91/53; 358/164a; 429/322a; 433/337; 440/371; 462/442; 469/467; 475/490; 487/543b; 494/582; 499/601; 499/606; 520/705; 520/706
Dawson, C.462/445
Dawson, C.A.462/445; 487/543b
Dawson, C.A. Division510/661
Dawson, Charles J.358/164a
Dawson, Chas.44/190
Dawson, Clarence118/106; 358/164a; 477/498; 506/654
Dawson, Delmar Sub-Division497/596; 499/607
Dawson, G.T.287/72
Dawson, G.W.189/261; 228/354
Dawson, George58/244; 438/358
Dawson, Hallie518/699b
Dawson, Hillary518/699b
Dawson, Hillary Estate525/731
Dawson, Hillery Heirs520/705
Dawson, Horace E.501/620
Dawson, I.L.468/464
Dawson, J.B.358/164a; 462/445
Dawson, J.L.450/406
Dawson, J.Roy475/490
Dawson, Jess462/445
Dawson, Lee462/445
Dawson, R.L.169/215
Dawson, Rice462/445
Dawson, Rice Jr.500/610
Dawson, Robert358/164a
Dawson, Robert Heirs358/164a
Dawson, Robert L358/164a
Dawson, Robt.L.496/592
Dawson, S.488/549
Dawson, Sleet A.518/699b
Dawson, W.144/161
Dawson, Wash206/299
Dawson, Wm13/67; 453/409
Dawson, Wm.118/107
Dawson, Wm. Sr358/164a
Dawson, Wm.W.358/164a
Dawson. Stanley462/445
Deacon112/91; 240/5d; 454/411
Deacon, Alf28/120
Deacon, C. P.452/407d
Deacon, Earl226/349
Deacon, George36/152
Deacon, Harvy242/8c; 242/8c
Deacon, Hascal503/633b
Deacon, Thomas357/163
Deacon, W C12/60
Deacon, W.C.149/175a; 223/341
Deahen, W. C.440/372
Deaken, Thos.436/352
Deakin, F. E.509/660
Deats63/268; 63/269; 64/268; 64/269; 119/108; 333/128c; 333/128c; 423/301; 429/322a; 442/379c; 448/401; 457/424
Deats & Evans68/282; 274/56b; 445/387c; 456/416b
Deats, A.W.457/424
Deats, C.442/379c
Deats, J.W.429/322a
Deats, John423/301
Deats, John W.457/424
Deats, R.W.429/322a
Deats, Richard358/164c
Deats, Richard W.264/37a
Deats, W.W.461/443
Deats, Wm.119/109; 429/322a
Defler68/284; 246/9a
Dellander, F.E.510/661
Demaree, L.W.482/528
Denley172/224a; 172/224b
Dennison48/206; 170/217; 492/569
Dennison, John489/560
Dent & Thompson268/44
Dent Or Weller408/239a
Dent, G.B.268/44
Dent, George B Heris308/97
Dent, John C.212/311
Deohen, W.C.448/399
Depot3/21; 13/67; 28/124; 57/245; 177/234; 178/236; 426/313
Deppens, Golddfried421/290
Deppers, Godfried8/40
Devers, Henry462/445
Devore, Daniel135/142; 289/73
Devours, Daniel113/93
Dewhurst417/272c; 457/419
Dews, Coleman77/17
Dezern, Thos. B.120/110
Diehl232/364; 421/288c
Dillander, Chas.493/575
Dillon, C.462/445
Distillery22/96; 23/101
Distillery Co.449/405a; 453/409
Distillery Lot123/118
Dixon, Catherine424/304
Dobbins61/257; 232/364; 232/365; 338/136a; 459/430
Dobson179/240a; 179/240b
Dobson, Buny219/327
Dobson, Joe468/464
Doc. Skinner's Store400/229a
Dodd118/104; 190/266a; 190/266b; 256/22b; 411/247a; 433/337; 457/422
Dodd & Burns443/383a
Dodd, F.411/247a
Dodd, Frank433/335
Domm3/25; 468/461b
Domm, Bettie50/208
Donahue, Jane173/226
Donhone, Elizabeth287/72
Donley150/175b; 402/8d
Donley, James77/17
Donnely, Jas.227/350
Dontaz, Mary Jr.433/333b
Doom13/67; 43/189; 81/28; 118/107; 121/112; 121/113; 149/175a; 168/212; 199/280; 217/323; 337/134; 339/136b; 343/141; 371/184; 382/199a; 383/199b; 394/220a; 424/305a; 438/362; 442/379a; 453/409; 453/409; 462/444
Doom & Co449/405b
Doom & Co.150/175b
Doom, Ben29/125; 121/112; 217/323; 244/8h; 338/136a; 344/144a; 348/150
Doom, Ben & Sons338/136a
Doom, Ben J.396/223a
Dorsey24/108a; 27/117; 39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169; 314/102; 314/102; 343/141; 375/189; 449/404c; 449/404c
Dorsey, John35/153; 102/74; 327/120a
Dorsey, Thomas346/146
Dotson, Otis492/574a
Dougherty, L.H.56/234
Douglas & Owens187/255
Douglas, Sam132/134; 187/255
Douglas, Samuel461/437
Douns, Wallace473/481
Dovins, John F.300/87
Dowdall112/91; 198/278; 454/410; 459/431
Dowdall, John237/3a
Dower24/102; 66/272; 199/279a; 199/279b
Downns, John H. Davision22/100
Downs23/103; 334/128d
Downs & Raymon24/102
Downs, John H.122/114a; 122/114b; 210/308
Dowrus, James462/444
Doyl44/184; 311/101a; 427/318a; 456/416a
Doyle85/39; 89/48; 313/101b
Dozier55/235; 464/451
Dragoo, Elihu428/320a
Drake33/140; 33/141; 351/152b
Drake, Jesse13/61
Drake, John259/25c
Drake, Thomas287/72
Dress, John B.287/72
Drury Vs Drury526/733
Duhurst, John417/272b
Dulworth, J.C.495/590
Dunaway, Mahala324/115
Dunbar43/183; 414/264
Dunbar Heirs319/107; 425/308b
Duncan433/334b #2; 448/395
Duncan, Ann523/720
Duncan, Mrs.457/421
Duncan, Mrs. Sallie235/371
Duncan, Sallie H.433/334b #1
Dunn19/87; 65/271; 67/285; 292/78; 426/317a; 430/324; 431/328
Dunn & Fields202/291a; 202/291b
Dunn Heirs50/214; 421/309
Dunn, J.&225/346
Dunn, John401/229b
Dunn, John Heirs352/155; 414/264
Dunn's Bottom-Oldham122/115
Dunn's Heirs5/35; 29/127
Duvall21/99; 29/125; 45/191; 55/231; 86/40; 123/118; 150/175b; 357/163; 427/318a; 427/318d; 430/325b; 438/360; 462/444; 495/585; 498/602
Duvall J. L.86/40
Duvall vs. Lee123/116a; 123/116b
Duvall, Amin368/179
Duvall, Ben124/116a; 124/116b
Duvall, C.M.43/189; 405/32
Duvall, Charles & William Waters268/44
Duvall, Chas & Ida94/59
Duvall, Chas. Heirs Division55/231
Duvall, Dennis125/117a; 125/117b; 348/150; 438/360
Duvall, Ida424/305d; 439/364
Duvall, Ida Hammond441/374
Duvall, J.L.313/101b
Duvall, J.M.43/189; 348/150; 405/32
Duvall, Jack G.498/602
Duvall, Jacob43/189; 405/32
Duvall, John123/118
Duvall, L.182/246
Duvall, Lewis168/212; 348/150; 438/360
Duvall, Mayme448/403
Duvall, W.C.171/222
Duvall, Wm.495/585; 526/735b
Duvall, Wm. & Georgia498/602; 498/602
Dye162/202a; 162/202b; 164/207
Dye, Wm.161/200a; 161/200b; 295/81b
Earl, E.287/72
Easley17/77; 65/273; 433/334b #1
East View Sub-Division Amendment507/649
Easton, Lucinthia330/125b
Easton, Mary330/125b
Easton, Robert & Elizabeth, Wife330/125b
Eddington433/335; 441/375b; 447/396a; 478/506
Eddington, J.T.433/337; 458/428; 462/445; 470/475
Eddington, J.W.470/475
Eddington, John462/445
Edward161/199; 213/312
Edward, John236/2a; 311/101a
Edwards7/43; 20/86; 37/157; 58/240; 99/68; 117/102; 224/344; 239/5c; 293/79; 311/101a
Edwards Line217/321
Edwards, Ben73/9; 239/5c
Edwards, J.239/5c
Edwards, John73/9; 78/23; 236/2a
Edwards, Richard488/554
Eisenmenger, Albert H.493/574b
Elizabeth, Free Woman Of Color381/197b
Ellaby74/11; 118/106
Ellaby & Jones Division13/61
Ellaby, John14/62
Ellaby, Wm14/62
Elmex198/277a; 198/277b
Elmore130/129; 469/470
Elmore, Mose360/166a; 469/470
Elsey, Wm.462/444
Elsy, S.T.495/589
Elzey, G.T. & Mary495/589
Elzie, Wm.396/223a
Elzy, G.T.495/589
Emory, Brent511/668
End, Jacob287/72
Engle6/34; 36/150; 416/271a
Engle, Bettie & Laura51/221
Engle, Chas.468/462
Engle, Elizabeth277/61
Engle, Julia Ann337/133; 360/166a
Engle, Marcus40/170
Englebrechts24/106; 200/284
Ennes, Annie387/208
Ernnison, Chas6/32
Ernst, Susie503/629; 503/629; 503/631
Ernst, Susie Heirs503/629
Ernst, W.C.503/631
Estes7/43; 422/293b
Estes, B.T.499/601
Estes, Ben42/178; 422/293a
Estes, Gilmore224/344
Etheridge, James L.526/736
Evans28/124; 35/155; 35/156; 36/155; 36/156; 51/215b; 277/61; 320/110b; 338/136a; 385/203; 445/387c; 448/401; 457/421; 470/471
Evans & Livers12/60
Evans, Annie32/138
Evans, C.D.418/273
Evans, David456/416b
Evans, Josiah59/251
Evans, Samuel212/311; 249/14
Ewing From Sheriff123/119
Ewing, A C9/51a; 11/57
Ewing, A.C257/23
Ewing, A.C.25/113
Ewing, Geo. B.410/245
Fair Haven Sub466/454
Farmer, Raymond-Partial Map Only493/578
Farnsley134/140; 196/274a; 196/274b
Farris, James N.505/644b
Federal Land Bank Of Louisville517/695
Fegley, J.L.287/72
Felker38/158; 333/129a; 379/195a
Felker, Dick356/162
Ferguson26/110; 27/117; 39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169; 46/198; 186/259; 311/100b; 475/493b; 495/590; 511/667
Ferguson & Duerson51/219
Ferguson Heirs24/106
Ferguson, Frank511/667
Ferguson, Frank & Catherine511/667
Ferguson, Heirs200/284
Ferguson, Sarah24/106
Ferrell, L.L.82/31
Ferriell, F.L.52/216a
Fichentsher, Wm.24/108b
Fiddler Ruben Heirs365/173
Fiddler, R.295/81b
Fiddler, Rubin286/70
Fidler124/120; 207/300
Fidler, Henry124/120
Field106/79a; 106/79b; 205/293; 205/293; 240/5d; 240/5d; 240/5d; 240/5d; 249/14
Field & Phelps367/176
Field, A.H.170/218; 401/229b
Field, R H19/87
Field, R.H.338/135; 362/168
Fields5/35; 10/46; 58/242; 67/285; 171/222; 171/222; 361/168a; 362/168
Fields, A.225/346
Fields, F.462/445
Fields, H.H.385/204
Fields, R.H.126/122; 360/166a; 384/201; 401/229b
Fields, R.H. & Kate362/168
Finck, R.J.106/79a; 106/79b; 227/351
Finck, T.D.448/402
Fink5/35; 52/222; 60/248; 425/309; 426/317a
Fink, R.J.31/139; 421/228a; 421/288c; 426/317a; 427/317b
Finn43/189; 166/210; 405/32; 438/360
Finn, James348/150
Finn's Settlement58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247
First Corinthian Baptist Co.504/635
First Federal Savings & Loan E-Town Ky522/718b
Fischer, Claude499/603
Fisher432/331a; 442/378; 463/449b; 482/523; 523/722
Fisher, Albert H. & Mary E.490/564
Fisher, Claude E.523/722
Fisher, Cora501/617
Fisher, Ethel462/445
Fitch, Charles F134/140
Fitzhugh110/88; 113/93; 205/297; 244/8f; 452/407d
Flaugher, Nellie424/305d; 441/374
Fleming, Peter287/72
Flentser, Emalie411/247a
Flinster, John. D.425/306
Flood, Westly204/294
Florence, Leonard497/593
Flynn, Wayne T.500/613
Fogle203/292; 515/689
Foley, Jess512/673
Foley, Jim513/679
Foley, Wm.472/479
Fonday, F.37/163
Fondy321/111; 364/171
Fondy, Frederick305/93
Foreman28/122; 29/127; 60/250
Foreman, Betty G.420/285a
Forge, Tract453/414a
Forman, 0.W.422/295
Forsyth, R.237/3a
Fort Knox Res.520/707
Fort Knox Reser499/601
Foster28/124; 39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169; 82/30; 127/124; 148/178; 222/336; 227/351; 303/90b; 421/288c; 421/309; 426/317a; 428/321a; 430/324; 457/419; 462/442; 522/717
Foster To Foster319/107
Foster, Bud466/460
Foster, Capt. John50/214
Foster, Charles320/110a
Foster, Chas324/115
Foster, Harrison426/317a
Foster, J.T.4/26
Foster, J.Tom4/26; 61/255; 62/256; 251/17b; 420/281
Foster, James186/259; 311/100c; 319/107
Foster, James Heirs25/111; 39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169; 375/189; 400/229a
Foster, John414/264
Foster, Joseph M451/408b
Foster, Mollie B.75/15
Foster, Rolund Comm. Lot524/725
Foster, S.B.451/408a
Foster, T.Tom65/271
Foster, W.H.287/72
Foster, W.P.488/550; 497/596; 504/633a
Fourman, J462/445
Fowler & Riley110/87; 467/458
Fowler Bros.424/302
Fowler, H.424/302
Fowler, H.G.418/273
Fowler, H.G. & Brothers424/302
Fowler, Luberton277/60b
Fox, Mart199/280; 438/362
Fox, Martin394/220a
Frantz, E.M.487/543b
Fraternal Hall434/342
Freight Depot423/297
French380/196a; 380/196b; 383/199b; 453/409; 462/444; 473/481; 509/658
French, Ben380/196a; 380/196a; 380/196b; 454/413; 466/457; 466/457
French, Henery396/223a
French, Henry383/199c; 442/379a
French, Hubert & Evelyn509/658
French, J.Q.454/413; 466/457
French, Joe380/196b
French, Paul M. & Dorothy520/710
French, Richard J. & Elizabeth L.509/656
French, W. Russell504/637
Frick, Florence509/653
Frigg, John73/9; 311/101a
Froman31/137; 81/28; 116/100a; 116/100b; 127/125; 160/196; 171/222; 210/307; 239/5b; 239/5b; 239/5c; 322/113a; 341/137; 361/168a; 362/168; 362/168b; 383/199b; 383/199c; 383/199d; 420/281; 442/379a; 448/395; 456/417
Froman & Jones Heirs251/17b
Froman Division31/137
Froman Heirs64/270; 115/98; 240/6
Froman, A.268/45
Froman, Abraham248/12
Froman, Absalom254/20; 320/110c
Froman, Ailsey129/126a; 129/126b
Froman, Evaline62/262; 129/126a; 129/126b
Froman, Harrison31/137; 129/126a; 129/126b; 240/6; 241/6; 329/124
Froman, Heirs241/6
Froman, I.W.129/126a; 129/126b; 240/6
Froman, Isaac35/153; 247/10
Froman, Isaac Division62/262
Froman, Isaac Heirs31/137; 64/270; 329/124
Froman, Isaac W.329/124
Froman, Issac Heirs347/147
Froman, J.V.324/116
Froman, Jacob248/12; 391/216a
Froman, James462/445
Froman, Jerry V.296/82
Froman, Nelly254/20
Froman, Paul29/125; 66/280; 101/73; 236/2a; 236/2a; 291/76a; 302/89b; 303/90a; 338/136a; 382/199a; 427/318a; 439/366a; 457/423
Froman, Polly129/126a; 129/126b
Froman, R.462/445
Froman, W.P.320/110c
Froman, Wm.31/137
Frowman, I.W.241/6
Fry, Sarah129/126a; 129/126b
Frye, Wm.526/735a
Fryrear, Sam473/481
Fulmer, John466/456
Fulner187/255; 187/255
Fulner, John187/255
Funday, Fred37/163
Fundy37/163; 242/8c
Funk3/25; 62/258; 129/127; 172/224a; 172/224b; 207/301; 432/331c; 465/453a
Funk, A.E.3/25; 50/208
Funk, A.E. Heirs461/440
Funk, C.E.109/84; 129/127; 449/404c
Funk, Caroline70/1; 424/304
Funk, Caroline (Widow)384/200
Funk, Clinton384/200
Funk, Goerge W.384/200
Funk, James24/104; 424/304
Funk, James Heirs384/200
Funk, Jas. Robert449/404c
Funk, Jo Heirs130/128
Funk, Joseph384/200
Funk, Kerns520/707
Funk, Mrs. Clara475/491; 475/493a
Funk, R.292/78; 400/229a
Funk, Robert333/129a; 431/326b #1; 449/404c
Funk, Robt.109/84
Funk, W. F. Heirs108/82; 422/293b
Funk, Weeden, F. (Dec)449/404c
Funk, Weedon F. Heirs109/84
Funk, Wm.384/200
Funks & Mcelroy468/461b
Fuqua150/175b; 306/95a
Furgerson, Martin375/189
Furguson389/211a; 411/247a
Furguson, Henry & Richard477/499
Furguson, Leroy268/44; 306/95a
Furguson, Martin400/229a
Furnace Co.49/207; 348/150
Furnace Land43/189
Furnace, Tract65/273
G.W. Simmons288/72c
Gaban, J.W.424/302
Gaben, Killy205/295
Gabon, Kitty27/121
Gabun, J.W.130/129
Gafford, Sam436/350; 463/449b
Gafford, Samuels424/303
Gaither39/167; 65/271; 166/209; 202/290; 429/323; 452/407b; 452/407c; 460/434; 470/472
Gaither, Geo.25/109b; 61/255; 401/230; 428/321a; 445/387a
Gaither, Geo. Heirs429/321b
Gaither, George62/256
Gaither, John237/3a; 237/3a
Galch, Frederick59/251
Gammon, John443/383a
Gannon411/247a; 457/423
Gardner5/35; 29/127; 81/27; 130/130; 323/114b; 425/309; 426/317a
Gardner, B.F.356/162
Garnett, Ruth494/582
Garr, James480/516
Garrard, James267/42; 420/285a; 422/295
Garrett102/74; 109/86; 164/204; 171/222; 314/102; 361/168a; 362/168; 442/379a
Garrett, Goldie M.478/509
Garrett, James225/346; 420/285b
Garrett, Thos.338/136a
Garvin, Marion131/131
Garvin, Mossie131/131
Gasaway, B.268/44
Gatewood23/107; 37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 133/139; 189/263; 495/584a
Gatewood Tract315/103b
Gatton, Nat291/76a; 363/168e
Gatton, Susan C.361/168a; 362/168
General, Dr. H. F.131/132
Genert132/135; 454/411
Genert Bros.454/410
Genert Lumber Co.454/411
Genton, A.240/6; 241/6
Gentry7/41; 8/40; 23/103; 23/103; 50/212; 84/36; 140/152; 161/198; 187/255; 204/294; 250/16c; 277/60b; 280/64; 290/75; 415/270; 437/356a; 460/435; 474/486; 491/570
Gentry & Raymond268/44
Gentry Division131/133
Gentry M.E.378/192
Gentry, A.C.494/581
Gentry, A.L.162/202a; 162/202b
Gentry, A.Q.35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155; 99/67; 378/192
Gentry, A.Q. & J.H.35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155
Gentry, A.Q. Sr.377/192
Gentry, A.T.141/153
Gentry, Amelia11/59
Gentry, B.472/479
Gentry, Blanton117/102; 132/136
Gentry, Blaxton7/43; 55/237; 58/240
Gentry, Celia50/212
Gentry, Chas8/40
Gentry, David300/87; 313/101c
Gentry, Eliza (Widow)377/192
Gentry, Fountain Admr10/52
Gentry, Fountain Heirs10/52
Gentry, Frank162/202a; 162/202b
Gentry, G. W.478/509
Gentry, Horace513/683
Gentry, John187/255
Gentry, John H. Heirs377/192
Gentry, Lillie B.498/599a
Gentry, Martin386/205
Gentry, Martin (Bk. F, Pg. 38)277/60b
Gentry, Mary50/212
Gentry, Mary Albert513/683
Gentry, Mary Albert Heirs513/683
Gentry, Mary S.286/71
Gentry, Melbertl.494/583
Gentry, Norman Dale & Norma Jean513/683; 513/683
Gentry, Rebecca295/81a
Gentry, Sam520/708
Gentry, Taylor164/207
Gentry, W.B.52/218a; 58/240
Gentry, W.S.455/412
Gentry, Winkfield10/52; 277/60b
Gentry, Wyatt50/212
Geo K. Johnson278/62a
Gernett Lumber Co.198/278
Gersh, Henry287/72
Gertly Dell421/309
Gertly, James L.421/309
Gibb, Jess391/216b
Gibbs361/168a; 362/168
Gibson, B.W.208/304
Gibson, F.F.462/445
Gibson, Lizzie161/198
Gill, A.411/247a
Gill, Mary Ann6/32
Gillion, Thomas244/8f
Gillum72/5; 422/292
Gillum, Robert72/5
Gillum, Robt12/58
Gilmore7/41; 60/254; 415/270; 472/480
Gilmore, Joe H.479/509
Gilmore, John7/43; 132/136; 232/362
Gilmore, Joseph48/200
Gilmore, Julia48/200
Gilmore, Lillian48/200; 104/77
Gilmore, Perry Heirs Division48/200
Givens, George299/84
Givins, George283/67a
Glass65/273; 101/73; 427/318a; 427/318d
Glen H.H.483/530a
Glen Meadows425/307
Glen, Dolly425/307
Glen, Dolly (Widow)425/307
Glen, H.H.425/307; 453/414a; 483/530a; 497/596
Glen, J.W. Or R. Hardesty268/45
Glen, Jhn W.426/315
Glen, John W. Heirs425/307
Glenn37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 303/90b; 304/90c; 304/90c
Glenn Meadows60/253; 137/137
Glenn, Dolly (Dower)60/253
Glenn, H. H.115/96; 423/299b
Glenn, Jas. H.60/253
Glenn, John W. Heirs47/205
Glenn, Mckinney & Co304/90c
Glodsmith, Ann24/108a
Gnau, Katherine499/603
Goff23/101; 294/80a; 294/80c
Goffard, Samuel475/489
Goheen102/74; 138/147
Goheen, John W.300/86
Goldsmith53/227; 102/74; 105/78; 133/138; 133/139; 138/147; 444/385a; 446/393a
Goldsmith & Daugherty178/238
Goldsmith, Ann- Dower12/86
Goldsmith, B.F.314/102
Goldsmith, D.R.315/103a
Goldsmith, Elizabeth Moore, Wife Of Dav Goldsmith268/62a
Goldsmith, John12/86; 18/78
Goldsmith, Lee53/227
Goldsmith, Mary E.53/227; 422/293b
Goldsmith, N.133/139
Goldsmith, Samuel133/139
Goldsmith, Scott53/227
Goldsmtih, Ann315/103a
Goldsmtih, John Heirs314/103a
Goodacre, R.C.483/530a
Goodman, Esther A.285/69
Goodman, Henry H.285/69
Goodrich, Oris J.398/227
Goodwin, Geo. & Nancy502/625
Gore7/43; 415/270
Gore, Josh7/41
Gormly, Jos. & Co29/125
Goya, James519/703
Grabfelder & Co.443/382
Grable65/273; 433/334b #1; 442/379c
Grable, Phil45/191; 430/325b
Graham72/6; 246/9a
Graham, Alvilar401/231
Graham, Mrs.521/713
Gran422/292; 454/410
Granger, E. C. Bullitt & Jeff Co.134/140
Grant199/279c; 363/168e; 363/168e
Grant, Elsey45/196; 45/197; 46/196; 46/197; 391/215
Grant, Henry433/336
Grant, John276/60a
Grant, John L.280/64
Grant, Laura333/128c
Grant, Posey99/67; 187/255; 365/172
Grant, S. & Wife196/274a; 196/274b
Grass, John367/176
Graves282/66; 455/412
Graves, Nettie135/141
Gray, Frank, Catherine Duprey500/614
Gray, Mary422/293b
Grayham, Oliver11/55; 24/106; 200/284
Greathouse, Granville144/161
Greathouse, James473/481
Green37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 60/250; 61/255; 62/256; 158/193; 199/280; 222/336; 327/120b; 327/120b; 391/216b; 422/293b
Green Acres Sub-Division #2499/609
Green Or Hibbs111/90
Green, C.A.471/478a
Green, G.37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 327/120b
Green, Geo327/120a
Green, Leven59/251
Green, Mahala37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161
Green, Mary S.227/350
Green, Wm.158/193; 324/116; 391/216b; 456/417
Green, Wm. & Wife324/116
Greene60/250; 110/87
Greenier431/326b #1
Greenley433/338a; 434/338b
Greenwell14/64; 14/68; 28/118; 84/38; 90/50; 98/66; 111/89; 234/369; 296/82; 358/164a; 380/196a; 411/247a; 419/279a; 422/292; 448/399; 464/452a; 466/457; 468/461a; 468/461a; 469/467
Greenwell Heirs469/467; 469/467
Greenwell, A.J.500/614
Greenwell, A.V.459/430; 459/431; 460/436a
Greenwell, Carrie & Louise471/478b
Greenwell, Chas.358/164a
Greenwell, George111/90
Greenwell, H.J.178/236; 441/375b
Greenwell, H.T.419/279a
Greenwell, Heirs469/467
Greenwell, Hillary462/445
Greenwell, J.358/164c
Greenwell, J.L.462/445; 469/467
Greenwell, Jo.344/144a
Greenwell, John344/144a; 453/409; 454/413; 471/478b
Greenwell, Jos.98/66; 136/144a; 136/144b
Greenwell, Jos. Heirs (Buky Tract)243/8e
Greenwell, Jos.,Heirs(Buky Tract)243/8e
Greenwell, Joseph45/193; 242/8c; 415/266
Greenwell, Joseph Heirs28/120
Greenwell, Mrs.419/279a
Greenwell, Robt.469/467
Greenwell, Sam5/29; 46/198; 63/263; 137/145; 149/175a; 150/175b; 389/211b; 394/220a
Greenwell, Sam & Co77/17
Greenwell, W. R.459/430; 459/431
Greenwell, William289/73; 422/292
Greenwell, Wm.113/93; 423/296; 459/431
Greenwell. Joseph423/296
Greenwell's Ford135/142
Greer, Mahala391/216a
Gregory65/273; 137/146; 383/199b; 396/223a; 398/223b; 433/334b #1; 439/366a; 442/379a; 442/379a; 442/379a
Gregory, J.T.476/496a
Gregory, James476/496b
Gregory, James P.448/395; 453/409; 476/496b
Gregory, Judge473/481
Gregory, R.P.448/395
Grenwell121/113; 338/136b; 358/164d
Grenwell, Charles289/74a
Grenwell, Sam389/211a
Grider, Clifton506/647
Grider, Clifton A. & Myrtle509/653
Griffin23/107; 37/164; 37/165; 38/164; 38/165; 42/178; 47/205; 62/258; 108/83; 207/301; 422/293a; 422/293b; 449/404c; 460/434
Griffin, Gilbert37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 408/240b
Griffin, Gilebrt109/84
Griffin, Merritt391/216b
Griffin, Thomas282/66
Griffin, W.H.477/498
Griffin, W.N.326/119c; 444/385a
Griffin, W.N. & Jasper37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161
Griffin, Wm.N.138/147
Griffith, Arretta67/281; 342/330c
Grigsby138/148; 461/439
Grigsby, Leon515/687
Grigsby, R. L.458/427a
Grigsby, Virgil S.503/633b
Griscoe, Garrard113/92
Grohfelder383/199b; 396/223a
Gross67/285; 290/74b; 421/288c; 421/309; 430/324
Gross, Capt. John138/149
Gross, John19/87; 426/317a
Grove, Thomas G. & Mildred S.512/673
Growings, Henry415/266
Grubbit, Julia39/171
Guealot, Lavinia129/126a; 129/126b
Guthrie196/275; 201/287; 353/157; 393/219
Guthrie, James247/10
Gutzahr, N.287/72
Haag, Ernest517/694
Haag, James L.432/331a; 432/332
Haag, Margaret L.504/635; 504/635
Haag, Marquerite505/641
Hackett6/33b; 15/75; 49/213
Hackley, Mrs427/318a
Hackney81/27; 399/288a
Hackney, C.C.526/736
Hackworth94/58; 432/331c; 484/532
Hagan31/139; 47/203; 49/213; 56/238; 60/248; 61/257; 417/272b; 417/272d; 421/288c; 430/324; 485/537; 510/663
Hagan, E.J.60/248
Hagan, F.G.419/278
Hagan, F.J.4/24b
Hagan, Helen490/559
Hagan, J 012/52
Hagan, J.0.427/318a
Hagan, J.0. From Trust Co.414/259b
Hagan, J.0. Heirs427/318c
Hagan, James 0.427/318b
Hagan, Susan M.433/344a
Hagen426/317a; 426/317a; 430/324
Hagen (Wilcox Tract)425/309
Hagen, F.J.426/317a
Hagen, F.J. & Wife425/309
Hagen, J.0.423/299a
Hagen, J.0. Heirs433/334a
Hager, George308/97
Hagin421/228a; 421/288a; 421/309
Hahn, J.D. & Thelma520/708
Hail, N.92/54
Haire, Irine & Frank474/483
Halbert139/150; 173/225
Hale, J.B.476/496b
Hall37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 45/196; 45/197; 46/192; 46/196; 46/197; 58/242; 84/36; 199/279c; 216/318; 231/360; 327/120b; 391/216b; 462/446b; 474/486; 478/507; 492/569
Hall & Grant Division139/151
Hall Bros.481/518
Hall, Asa55/237
Hall, Bert461/439; 498/597; 503/628
Hall, Charles363/169
Hall, Clifford527/738
Hall, Clifton7/41; 7/41; 7/43; 58/240; 132/136; 140/152; 217/321; 232/362; 267/43a; 280/64; 415/270
Hall, Clifton Or J. C. Wheeler117/102
Hall, D.129/127
Hall, Daivd231/360
Hall, David277/60b; 437/356c
Hall, David Heirs139/151
Hall, E.A.495/587
Hall, E.D.134/140
Hall, E.W. (Deposition Of)384/201
Hall, Eliza J.267/43a
Hall, Glendon493/577
Hall, H.H. & Lena R.509/659
Hall, James141/153; 474/488
Hall, Joe524/726b
Hall, Lena509/659
Hall, Lena R.498/597
Hall, Lewis142/155
Hall, Lewis Q.365/173
Hall, Lyman474/486
Hall, M.E.443/383b
Hall, Mary A.295/81b
Hall, Minor142/153; 367/177
Hall, Mrs. Bert498/597
Hall, Nathan139/151
Hall, Nathan Heirs142/155
Hall, Ollie109/85; 150/175b; 162/201
Hall, R. & N.268/44
Hall, R.K.267/43a; 268/43b
Hall, Rebecca F.45/196; 45/197; 46/196; 46/197; 391/215
Hall, Sarah299/84
Hall, Simon140/152
Hall, Thos.55/237; 388/209
Hall, Thos.J.212/311
Hall, Tom55/237
Hall, Willard & Quincy142/156
Hall, Wm.140/152
Hall, Wm.0.277/60b
Hallech, Leonard468/465
Halleck, Chas.462/445
Halleck, Lawerence462/445
Halls Heirs222/338
Halsey, E.T.417/272d
Hamilton29/125; 63/268; 63/269; 64/268; 64/269; 119/108; 137/146; 164/207; 212/311; 281/65b; 295/81a; 333/128c; 338/136a; 396/223a; 420/286; 429/322a; 527/740
Hamilton Division429/322a
Hamilton, Ada469/473a; 527/740
Hamilton, Angeline429/322b
Hamilton, Benjamin429/322b
Hamilton, Bruce143/157
Hamilton, H.C.295/81b
Hamilton, Isaac429/322a; 429/322b
Hamilton, James429/322a; 429/322b
Hamilton, M.L.407/237; 408/239a
Hamilton, Stewart429/322a; 429/322b
Hamilton, Thomas527/740
Hamilton, Thos.333/128c; 429/322b
Hamilton, Tom527/740
Hamilton, W.B.50/212
Hammond, W.R.505/644b
Harden, Jim456/416a
Harden, Lyda475/492
Harden, W.V.176/231
Hardesty158/193; 159/194; 226/348; 391/216b
Hardesty, Robert250/16c; 456/417
Hardesty, Robt320/110c
Hardin5/35; 408/240a; 409/240d
Hardin, J.R.473/481
Hardin, James195/271
Hardin, Jim85/39
Hardin, Miner441/370
Hardin, Thomas243/8b; 243/8b; 401/8a
Hardin, W.V.410/245
Hardin, Wm.245/9b
Harding37/157; 323/114a
Harding, Jas.100/69
Harding, Thos.217/321
Hardings, Thos.78/23
Hardwick520/705; 520/706
Hardy204/294; 358/164a; 405/234b; 405/234c; 436/354b; 458/427a; 471/478c; 516/691b
Hardy Above Tract Div-5 Tracts437/354c
Hardy, Ben462/445
Hardy, F.M.405/234a; 405/234b; 405/234c
Hardy, Frank M.436/354a
Hardy, G.W.457/422
Hardy, Harold495/587
Hardy, Hilary470/474b
Hardy, J.A.313/101c
Hardy, Jimmie497/593
Hardy, R.M.456/416b
Hardy, Sam523/721
Hari, Md, W.L.143/158
Hari*, Md468/462
Harman, Jacob92/54
Harman, John & Martha299/84
Harmon111/89; 111/90; 112/91; 207/303; 378/193; 408/239b; 462/446b
Harmon, John113/93; 305/93
Harmon, M.463/448
Harned55/231; 126/121; 169/215; 466/457
Harned & Wife58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247
Harned, B. S.179/240a; 179/240b; 468/462
Harned, Bud454/413
Harned, Elizabeth329/123
Harned, Fisher136/143
Harned, Geo45/191
Harned, George329/123
Harned, J.H.357/163
Harned, John427/319
Harned, John D.444/385a
Harned, Laura399/228a
Harned, S.H.189/262
Harned, W.C.189/262
Harold W. Hardy Super Market521/716
Harold W. Hardy Super Market Corp.521/716
Harris14/66; 37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 72/8; 111/90; 185/250; 204/294; 240/5d; 240/5d; 256/22b; 266/40; 326/119b; 463/448; 468/463; 472/482; 478/507; 478/507; 481/521; 481/521; 522/718b
Harris & Shepherd Heirs456/417
Harris Division (See Map #89)20/88
Harris Heirs508/651
Harris, B.H.283/67b
Harris, Brent143/159
Harris, Brenton299/84; 299/84
Harris, Burr468/463
Harris, C.S.503/628
Harris, C.S. & Gladys503/628
Harris, C.S. Sub-Division503/628
Harris, David195/273; 437/356a; 437/356c
Harris, David-Division437/356b
Harris, Elizabeth378/193
Harris, F.Wayne283/67b
Harris, Felise307/95b
Harris, Felix223/341
Harris, H.287/72
Harris, James433/336
Harris, James R.299/84
Harris, Jas17/79
Harris, John299/84; 301/88b
Harris, John & Wife301/88b
Harris, John J.299/84
Harris, John T.283/67a; 299/84
Harris, John T. Heirs113/93
Harris, Lewis299/84; 299/84; 299/84
Harris, Lillie B.494/583
Harris, Minerva459/431
Harris, N.L.283/67c
Harris, Overton10/52; 50/212; 277/60b
Harris, S.269/49
Harris, Sarah299/84
Harris, Sim433/336
Harris, Simeon299/84
Harris, Simon301/88b
Harris, Thomas Division- (Leaches)19/88
Harris, W L & Wife14/66
Harris, W.468/463; 478/507
Harris, W.L.283/67b
Harris, W.S.242/8c; 364/171
Harris, Walter506/648
Harris, Wayne283/67c; 472/482
Harris, Will132/135
Harris, Wydler143/160
Harris, Wylder480/514; 480/515
Harrison65/277; 66/274; 110/87; 199/280; 265/37b; 275/59a; 281/65b; 358/164a; 380/196a; 438/362; 444/385a; 446/393a; 447/393b; 453/409; 463/447; 505/640
Harrison Heirs380/196a
Harrison, Cuthbert250/16b
Harrison, G.188/260
Harrison, Rufus392/217b
Harrison, W.H.144/161
Harrod, John H.386/207a
Harshfied, H.144/162
Harshfield42/178; 166/209; 185/251; 245/9a; 245/9c; 246/9a; 246/9a; 379/195a; 408/240a; 408/240a; 408/240c; 408/240c; 409/240d; 409/240e; 428/321a; 429/321b; 445/387a; 484/534; 498/598
Harshfield, C.32/134; 144/162; 185/251; 245/9a; 246/9a; 246/9a; 410/245
Harshfield, Christopher34/144
Harshfield, Clementine34/144
Harshfield, D.D.192/264
Harshfield, Fred30/128; 31/135; 37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 185/251; 215/316; 245/9b; 266/41a; 266/41b; 408/240c; 498/598
Harshfield, Frederic408/240b
Harshfield, John408/240c
Harshfield, John F.185/251
Harshfield, Martin144/162; 245/9a; 246/9a; 246/9a
Harshfield, Milton429/321b
Harshfield, R.M.37/160; 189/263
Harshfield, Richard, M.408/240b
Harshfield, S.F. & Wife61/255
Hart9/51a; 17/77; 28/124; 60/252; 65/273; 256/22b; 338/136a; 345/144b; 380/196a; 380/196a; 380/196b; 382/198; 423/299a; 424/305d; 427/318d; 434/339; 438/359; 439/364; 441/374; 458/425
Hart, H.266/40
Hart, Henry101/73
Hart, Henry & John380/196a
Hart, John & Squire333/128c
Hart, Mrs9/51b
Hart, Squire53/223; 264/37a; 265/37b; 424/305d; 456/416c
Hart, W.A.430/326b #2; 433/338a
Hart, Williard A.414/263
Hart's Ferry443/385b
Harting44/184; 311/101a; 435/346b; 435/346c; 435/347
Hartman86/41; 411/247a
Hartman, Henry17/83; 390/212
Hartung, Geo. B.435/346a
Harty, W.D.480/513
Harves, Mrs.E.490/559
Haskins, Lee473/481
Hasll, Wm.55/237
Hatfield123/118; 158/193; 226/348; 338/136a; 443/382; 483/529; 485/537
Hatfield, Carpenter313/101b
Hatfield, Elin473/481
Hatfield, Elmore447/397; 481/520
Hatfield, Gilbert487/542
Hatfield, L. E.495/585
Hatfield, Lon86/40
Hatzell475/493a; 477/498
Haubick, Theodore432/333a
Hawkins37/157; 493/579
Hawkins & Terrell299/84
Hawkins, A.R., Sr.502/625
Hawkins, Anna495/587
Hawkins, M.H.433/333b
Hawkins, Mamie388/209
Hawkins, Matilda419/282
Hawlett, Wm.426/315
Hay, W.G.423/299a; 457/421
Hay, W.H.6/33b; 423/299a
Hayden, B.471/478c
Hayden, Peter22/98
Haydon, Peter411/247a; 411/248
Hayes, Chas. W. & Tommie503/629
Hayes, Chas. Wm. & Tommie504/633a
Hays42/180; 56/238; 57/245; 65/273; 126/122; 145/163; 230/357; 358/164a; 358/164a; 396/223a; 398/223b; 417/272b; 419/280; 427/318a; 434/342; 448/395; 457/423; 470/474b
Hays & Campbell426/314
Hays, C16/76
Hays, Campbell411/247a
Hays, Chas. W.497/596
Hays, H.C.427/318c
Hays, Harriet P. (Widow)423/299a
Hays, Harry Clay423/299a; 427/318a; 433/344a
Hays, J. Clay196/274a; 196/274b
Hays, James Clay Or Nancy196/274a; 196/274b
Hays, Nancy196/274a; 196/274b
Hays, R.160/196
Hays, R.E.41/175
Hays, R.F.417/271b; 420/285a; 424/302; 431/329
Hays, W H16/76
Hays, W H Heirs12/52
Hays, W.G.40/170; 65/273; 65/273; 416/271a; 427/318a; 433/334b #1; 442/379a; 442/379c; 453/409; 470/471
Hays, W.H.145/164; 196/274a; 196/274b; 423/299a; 427/318d
Hays, W.H. & Wife196/274a; 196/274b
Hays, W.H. Estate477/497
Hays, W.H. Heirs6/33b; 423/299a
Hays, Wm.49/213
Hays, Wm. H.382/198
Hazza, Heirs118/104
Hazzard433/335; 446/393a
Hazzard & Co30/129
Hazzard, Heirs374/188a
Head244/8g; 305/93
Head, James G.244/8f
Heady, Ruby524/726b
Heath, Carol503/627
Hebron Cemetery449/405c; 451/405c
Hebron Cemetery Co.449/405c; 451/405c
Hebron Presbyterian Ch.515/688
Hebron School208/305a; 208/305b; 208/305c
Heck10/48a; 138/147
Heck, Stevens145/165
Hecker39/167; 81/17; 90/50
Hecker, Barbara & Mary64/264
Hecker, G.R.39/167
Hecker, G.R. Division64/264
Hecker, Geo Heirs373/187b
Hecker, Geo.372/187a
Hecker, Geo. Heirs Division39/167
Hecker, George379/194
Hecker, J.F.64/264
Hecker, Mary & Barbara373/187c
Hedger, Logan400/228b
Hedges242/8c; 400/228b
Hedges, Logan400/228b
Heff52/220; 60/252; 424/305d; 445/390
Heffley, George Ellen366/174
Hefley51/221; 53/229; 73/10; 101/72; 410/247b; 446/393a; 484/534
Hefley, W.E.462/445
Hefley, Wm.463/448
Hefley, Wm.T.481/517b
Heft53/223; 275/59b; 439/364; 461/441; 488/554; 506/646
Heft, C.H., Jr.517/695
Heft, Susan433/333b
Helm, Lynaught420/285b
Helm, N.B.493/579a
Helmus, Jacob287/72
Henderson20/86; 44/184; 96/62; 239/5c; 239/5c; 311/101a; 313/101b; 407/237; 415/268; 456/418a; 516/691b
Henderson & Hardy146/166; 497/593
Henderson, Annie M.416/269
Henderson, F.99/68
Henderson, Frank44/184; 64/266; 87/43
Henderson, J.H.287/72
Henderson, Sarah Jane99/68; 293/79
Henderson, Sarahj.21/97
Henderson, W.F.311/101a; 313/101b; 416/269
Henderson, W.F. Heirs416/269
Henderson, W.Frank311/101a
Henry Myers Dec.327/120a
Heprs, C.307/95b
Herke, J.H.421/309
Herman, A.137/146
Hermon, A.462/444
Herp, J.M.38/168; 415/266
Herpes, C.389/211a
Herps14/68; 38/168; 38/168; 63/263; 149/175a; 150/175b; 223/341; 239/5c; 242/8c; 242/8c; 244/8h; 244/8h; 389/211b
Herps, C.22/99; 46/198; 84/38; 306/95a
Herps, Casper38/168
Herps, Caspor38/168
Herps, J. M.223/341; 307/95b
Herps, Jacob38/168
Hesler, Kate443/381
Hessy, Catherine363/169
Hessy, Edward363/169
Hessy, Edward Heirs363/169
Hessy, Wm.363/169
Hester, B.F.487/544a
Hester, B.F. & Selva487/544b
Hester, B.F. & Vevla516/691a
Hester, B.F. & Viola513/678
Hester, Ben H., Jr.516/691a
Hester, Ben, Jr. & Elnora516/691a
Hester, John512/672
Hester, Kenneth487/544b
Hester, Shirley527/739
Hester, Stanley516/691a
Hester, Stanley & Shirley513/678; 516/691a
Heuttig51/219; 410/247e
Hewlett, Harry380/196b
Hiatt, G. W.469/473a
Hibb, Isaac315/103a
Hibbetts, James212/311
Hibbs112/91; 242/8c; 242/8c; 315/103a; 449/404b
Hibbs Or Green111/89
Hibbs, Bill242/8c
Hibbs, H.305/93
Hibbs, Ike65/273
Hibbs, Isaac315/103a
Hibbs, Katherine504/633a
Hibbs, Ltme103/75
Hibbs, Virgil462/445
Hibbs, Wm.424/302
Hickman & Ducan263/36
Hickman, W.A.423/299a
Hiffley, H.R.263/36
Higgenbottom, C. A.393/219
Highland & King145/163; 363/168e
Highway 3 1 -W-Bullitt County146/167
Hiland & King362/168
Hilgar & Roney396/223a
Hill29/131; 185/251; 410/247c
Hill Crest Add To Mt Washington461/439
Hill, 0.D.447/393b
Hill, Claud447/393b
Hill, Clyde146/168
Hill, Dr.480/514
Hill, E.H.C.53/229; 147/169
Hill, E.H.C. Heirs421/289
Hill, Ed277/61
Hill, Ed.53/229
Hill, Elmer146/168
Hill, Heirs146/168
Hill, Ivey231/360
Hill, J.A.53/229
Hill, J.R.105/78
Hill, James A.446/393a
Hill, Jas.A.27/121; 205/295
Hill, Jessie433/334b #1
Hill, John447/393c
Hill, S.358/164c
Hill, Vessie235/371
Hill, W.T.446/393a
Hill, William245/9b
Hill, Wm.440/368; 446/393a
Hillgar, Harry396/223a
Hilton, Chas. L. & Gladys M.517/697a
Hilton, John462/445
Hilton, L462/445
Hilton, P.452/407d
Hilton, Sam327/120a
Hilton, Samuel129/127; 449/404c
Hilton, Walter488/553
Hines, Richard B. & Eva509/653
Hinton37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 189/263; 326/119c; 451/408b
Hite, A.C.201/286
Hoag, Robert515/687
Hoagland37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 64/266; 303/90b; 383/199b; 383/199d; 391/216b; 410/247e; 447/396a; 453/409; 459/429b; 471/476
Hoagland, Carrie513/681
Hoagland, J.T.513/681
Hoagland, Moses456/417
Hoagland, Neil458/425
Hoagland, T.W.462/445
Hoagland, Tom147/170
Hoagland, W.J.458/425
Hobbs231/360; 383/199b
Hocker126/121; 153/181; 224/343; 228/353a; 228/353b; 423/297; 457/424
Hocker & Cotton148/172
Hocker, H.B.423/301
Hocker, Molly M.423/301
Hocker, P.M.179/240a; 179/240b
Hocker, R.M.148/172
Hockerchift, Romania Heirs347/148
Hockney208/305a; 208/305b; 208/305c; 400/228b
Hodge, Altoon511/668
Hodge, Leslie487/542
Hodge, T.520/707
Hodgeman49/209; 316/104b; 495/584b
Hodgman185/250; 317/104c
Hodgman, F.436/351
Hoffman, A.173/226
Hoffman, Ben380/196a
Hoffman, Burr466/457
Hoffman, Elizabeth380/196a
Hoffman, Henry380/196a
Hoffman, J.419/280
Hoffman, J.A.419/284
Hoffman, James454/413
Hoffman, M.287/72
Hogan5/35; 431/328
Hogen, Robt.J.440/373
Hoglan, L.1/19
Hogland13/67; 37/160; 37/161; 37/164; 37/165; 38/160; 38/161; 38/164; 38/165; 270/51a; 279/63; 304/90c; 327/120b; 339/136b; 341/137; 344/144a; 361/167; 394/220a; 396/223a; 402/233; 411/247a; 442/379a; 443/382; 445/388; 457/418b
Hogland Heirs121/113
Hogland, L19/87
Hogland, L.401/229b
Hogland, L. Depot287/72
Hogland, Moses341/137; 391/216a
Hogland, Moses Widow Of (Mary Polly)272/53
Hogland, R.1.411/247a
Hogland, R.I.7/39
Hogland, R.J.328/122
Hogland, Rl18/80
Holbert55/235; 387/207b
Holclaw, Elick37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161
Holden243/8b; 243/8b; 401/8a; 401/8a
Holesclaw, Charles, Jr493/579
Holesclaw, W. H.414/264
Holland, Thomas35/153
Hollett, Luke380/196a
Hollis25/109a; 25/109a
Hollis Amanda415/265
Hollis, Amanda25/109a
Hollis, Jess281/65b
Holmes74/11; 497/596
Holsclaw30/129; 37/157; 37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 47/205; 50/214; 51/215a; 60/253; 118/105; 200/281; 224/344; 231/361; 264/37a; 419/279a; 421/309; 426/315; 430/325b; 438/358; 470/473c; 493/574b
Holsclaw Heirs150/175b
Holsclaw, Burns303/90b
Holsclaw, Charles503/633b
Holsclaw, Clarence433/337
Holsclaw, Dr.81/27
Holsclaw, H.374/188a; 374/188b
Holsclaw, Hardin200/284; 368/178
Holsclaw, J.C.151/176
Holsclaw, J.L.63/265; 431/329; 440/373
Holsclaw, Jack Heirs217/321
Holsclaw, John R. & Mary E.151/177
Holsclaw, L.H.151/177; 224/344
Holsclaw, Landis149/175a
Holsclaw, Lands150/175b
Holsclaw, W.H.24/106; 47/205; 148/178; 419/279a
Holsclaw, Warren152/180; 435/346a; 475/493a; 475/493b
Holsouser172/224a; 172/224b
Holt, John443/384
Holthouse, Chas. & Myrtle523/734
Holthouser, Chas. & Myrtle (Lt 15)489/555
Holthouser, Jim481/517a
Holtsclaw156/188; 411/247a; 443/381
Holtsclaw, Clarence433/335
Holtsclaw, W.H.469/467
Holtzclaw Heirs449/405b
Honaker84/36; 463/446a
Honey, James236/2a
Hood, J.R.475/492
Hope & Patton388/209
Hopewell, Florida32/138
Hopkin, Vs Stone344/144a
Hopwell, Florida387/208
Horine25/115; 63/267; 68/284; 317/104c; 475/493b
Horine & Shepherd Lands150/179
Horine Division33/145
Horine, G. & J.317/104c
Horine, Helen B.152/180
Horine, J.Virgil152/180
Horine, Jacob150/179
Horine, John70/1
Horine, Michael150/179; 316/104a
Hornback, Solomon352/155
Hornbeck243/8b; 243/8b; 420/285a
Hornbeck Heirs243/8b; 243/8b; 401/8a; 401/8a
Hornbeck, Heirs267/42
Hornbeck, Isaac267/42
Horton, A.153/182a; 153/182b
Horton, A. & Wife153/182a; 153/182b
Horton, Geo. E. & Alma L.509/658
Hoskins18/82a; 19/91; 348/150; 395/221; 418/276
Hoskinson, J.J.512/675
Hoskinson, Jody & Lillie Mae487/542
Hoskinson, Raymond487/542
Hoskinson, Raymond & Eva Mae506/648
Houch204/294; 442/379a; 473/481
Houck171/222; 383/199b; 383/199c; 383/199b #1; 383/199b #2; 440/366b; 442/379a; 448/395; 453/409; 473/481
Houck, Carrie396/223a
Houck, Mrs.453/409
Houck, Q.T.383/199b
Houck, S.C.24/102
Houck, Saml. C.80/26
Hough35/155; 35/156; 36/155; 36/156; 290/75
Hough, A.458/427a
Hough, Austin299/84; 320/110b; 458/427b
Hough, Frona460/436a; 478/508
Hough, H. & Wife301/88b
Hough, J.D.56/232
Hough, James D41/181
Hough, Joseph277/60b
Houk, S.C.313/101c
House, Cadasy161/20oa; 161/20ob
Housh, Theo287/72
Howard265/37b; 423/299b
Howard, Heirs411/247a
Howie, Lizzie B.75/15
Howlet, Luke463/449b
Howlett119/108; 143/157; 281/65b; 425/307; 495/588; 518/699b
Howlett, J.Lon48/206
Howlett, Jane117/103
Howlett, L.466/454
Howlett, Luke38/162; 444/386b
Howlett, Wm.60/253
Hubbard37/164; 37/165; 38/164; 38/165
Hubbard, A.E.268/44
Hubbard, Martha A.47/199
Huber5/35; 47/203; 50/214; 52/222; 153/183; 200/281; 232/364; 352/155; 414/264; 421/288a; 421/288b; 421/288c; 421/288d; 421/288e; 421/309; 426/317a; 430/324; 518/700; 520/705
Huber Station227/351; 421/288c
Huber, J.H.331/126; 359/165; 426/317a; 428/320b
Huber, James H. Heirs47/203
Huber, James Henry421/228a; 425/309
Huber, Jas. H. Heirs47/203
Huber, Joseph154/184
Huber, Mary423/299b
Hucks, Elmer467/459b
Hudson, R.A.481/517b
Huetig, Conrad411/247a
Huff, Wm.463/449b
Huffman188/260; 380/196b
Hughes55/235; 139/150; 216/319
Hughes, Thomas & Dolly155/185
Hughs, Annie378/192
Huhlein, C.F.227/351
Hulswett, Blacksmith & Ironworks458/426
Hummel, Eugenia460/436a
Humphrey100/71; 214/314; 459/430; 465/453a
Humphrey, E.P.214/314
Humphrey, Ed421/288e
Hundley, Joel W., Children253/19
Hundley, Thomas J.253/19
Hundley, William A.253/19
Hunt, Wm.220/332
Hunter65/277; 429/322a; 436/350
Hurley, Elizabeth196/274a; 196/274b
Hurley, M.179/240a; 179/240b
Hurst, Wm.450/432a
Hurst, Wm. & Children381/197b
Hy-Land Acres505/643
Hyman, Simon287/72
Hynes, W.R.196/274a; 196/274b
Ice169/215; 446/393a
Ice Mill458/426
Ice, Grace488/549; 488/550; 497/594
Ice, Grace (Sub-Division)488/549; 488/550
Ice, Grace Sub-Division496/592
Ice, J.A.48/206
Ice, J.A. & W.A.464/449a
Ice, J.A. & W.A. Subdivision464/451
Ice, James433/335; 433/337
Ice, James A.48/206
Ice, Kate433/335
Ice, Leslie480/516
Ice, W.A.423/299b; 464/449a; 464/451
Ice, W.A. Associates464/451
Immons Heirs473/481
In A Line Of Brooks To Bell417/272a
Ingleside Improvement Co.428/320b
Interferences At Solitude On Cox's Creek23/101
Iron Co.384/201
Iron Division393/219
Iron, Jonathan Heirs247/10
Irons First Division54/224
Irvin150/175b; 239/5a; 239/5a; 244/8h; 339/136b; 357/163; 394/220a; 522/718b
Irvin, Cora155/186
Irvin, Rachel323/114a
Irvin, Thos.201/286
Ives, E.508/655
J. Moore Post Of V.F.W.507/649
Jackson46/192; 112/91; 120/111; 242/8c; 242/8c; 280/65a; 318/106; 378/193; 414/261; 434/340; 438/362; 440/366b; 448/395; 453/409; 463/448; 473/481
Jackson, Andrew389/210c
Jackson, Andy216/320; 389/210c
Jackson, Dora149/175a; 150/175b; 199/280; 242/8c; 242/8c; 372/186; 402/8d; 402/8d
Jackson, Harry462/445
Jackson, J.T.104/77
Jackson, Jas.55/233
Jackson, John22/94; 223/339; 305/93; 396/223a; 453/409
Jackson, Mart155/187; 389/210c
Jackson, Noah195/271
Jackson, S.394/220a
Jackson, Sam48/200; 155/187
Jacob & Bell313/101c
James12/58; 72/5; 104/77; 149/175a; 240/5d; 240/5d; 240/5d; 240/5d; 276/60a; 288/72c; 422/295; 434/340; 440/372; 462/446b; 463/448; 466/455; 483/531
James & Sullivan213/312
James, Cleus E. & Reva506/650
James, Elvina448/403
James, H.H. C.Q.43/185b
James, Hardin46/192
James, I.478/509
James, J.T.12/60; 30/132; 35/151; 422/294; 440/372
James, J.T. & Wife30/132
James, Jack60/250; 203/289
James, John36/152; 347/148
James, John Jr.287/72
James, John T.408/238
James, John T. Heirs448/403
James, Mary Eliza483/531
James, Ortho B. Heirs200/283
James, Pearl500/614
James, Richard31/133; 201/286; 335/131
James, Roberts478/509
James, Susan48/200
James, W.W.111/90; 113/93; 422/292; 454/410; 459/431
James, Wm.378/193
Jankins, Isaac394/220b
January, Thomas239/5c; 239/5c
Jas. Chappell129/127
Jasper37/164; 37/165; 38/164; 38/165; 143/159; 519/702; 524/726b
Jenkins80/24; 153/181
Jenkins, Betty Heirs443/381
Jenkins, Chester505/642
Jenkins, Curt D.498/599a
Jenkins, Floyd37/157; 81/27; 156/188; 472/479
Jenkins, Frank348/150
Jenkins, Jeremiah F.304/92
Jenkins, Jeremiah N. F.306/94
Jenkins, Maude472/479
Jenkins, Nichols268/44
Jenkins, Russell505/642; 505/642
Jenkins, W. H.443/381
Jenkins, Will37/157
Jenkins, Wm. H.231/361
Jennings133/139; 315/103a
Jennings, Geo10/48b
Jessey, Wm.471/478c
Jewell53/225; 67/285; 457/418b; 459/429b; 501/622
Jewell Division53/225; 353/157
Jewell, Benjamin247/10
Jewell, J.30/130; 353/157; 393/219; 411/247a
Jewell, M.393/219
Jewell, M. (Dower)353/157
Jewell, M. Dower53/225
Jinkins244/8h; 244/8h; 372/186
Jinkins, Isaac268/44
Jinkins, P.B.348/150
John, Sarah115/96
Johnson20/92; 21/93; 27/117; 29/131; 51/219; 55/235; 159/194; 249/15b; 251/17b; 265/37b; 277/60b; 278/62b; 310/99; 323/113b; 375/189; 394/220b; 421/309; 436/350; 443/383a; 456/417; 459/430; 462/442; 464/451; 464/452a; 477/498
Johnson B.259/25c
Johnson, A.K.278/62b
Johnson, Alice Crenshaw111/90
Johnson, Anna R.301/88a
Johnson, Augustus511/669
Johnson, Ben259/25b
Johnson, C.A.393/219
Johnson, Celia4/26
Johnson, Celia A322/113a
Johnson, Celia Ann420/281
Johnson, Charles308/96
Johnson, Ephriham59/251
Johnson, Francis464/449a
Johnson, Frederick S.212/311
Johnson, G. K.20/92; 226/348
Johnson, Heir S462/445
Johnson, Howard B.478/504
Johnson, James420/281
Johnson, James H.212/311
Johnson, Jo428/320a
Johnson, Joe6/33a; 418/276
Johnson, John386/207a
Johnson, M. P.116/100a; 116/100b
Johnson, Margret Moore278/62a
Johnson, Margret Moore, Wife Of278/62a
Johnson, Mary251/17b
Johnson, R323/113b
Johnson, Randolph411/247a
Johnson, Rawling314/102
Johnson, Richard322/113a; 420/281
Johnson, S.C.334/129b
Johnson, Sam204/294
Johnson, Sarah387/207b
Johnson, W. P.251/17b
Johnson, W.D.498/599b
Johnson, W.P.23/105; 156/189; 251/17b; 283/68; 342/140
Johnson, W.P. Admr.327/120a
Johnson, William R Heirs347/147
Johnson, Wm.392/218
Johnson, Wm. P. (Dower)347/147
Johnston39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169
Johnston, Anna B. & Harris H324/117
Johnston, Botts A. & Georgia M.495/589
Johnston, Henry495/589
Jones5/35; 31/139; 43/187; 60/248; 78/23; 80/25; 115/96; 129/127; 139/150; 156/190; 244/8h; 339/136b; 343/142; 344/144a; 361/168a; 362/168; 362/168b; 383/199b; 419/280; 421/309; 426/317a; 429/322a; 430/324; 430/325b; 433/336; 448/395; 453/409; 460/434; 471/478c; 475/493b; 527/740; 527/740
Jones Heirs121/113
Jones, A357/163
Jones, Aaron333/128c
Jones, Adrian488/552; 496/592
Jones, Bettie387/207b
Jones, Cyrus129/127
Jones, Cyrus & Chas. Funk108/83
Jones, E.D.173/226
Jones, F.115/96
Jones, Gabriel243/8b; 401/8a
Jones, Geo W Heirs14/62
Jones, Geo. Clayton157/191a; 157/191b
Jones, Henry113/93; 242/8c; 422/292; 433/336; 463/448
Jones, Iley459/431
Jones, J.H.82/29; 422/292
Jones, K S17/79
Jones, K.S.204/294; 433/336
Jones, Mrs27/119
Jones, Noah B. Heirs157/191a; 157/191b
Jones, P.H.289/73
Jones, Pat422/292
Jones, R453/409
Jones, S.E.396/223a
Jones, W L14/66
Jones, W.L.362/168b; 442/379a; 442/379b
Jones, Widow244/8h
Jones, William & Kennison A.C.252/18
Jones, Wm.335/132
Jones'butcher Shop173/226
Joseph A, Margaret, & Brook A. & Elizabeth Risley355/160
Joyce37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 43/187; 116/99; 139/150; 333/129a; 379/195b; 381/197b; 393/219; 408/240a; 418/275; 426/312
Joyce, Alexander26/112
Joyce, Allexander254/21
Joyce, Debora250/16c
Joyce, Deborah159/194; 327/120b
Joyce, Debra379/195a; 391/216a; 456/417
Joyce, Emaline424/304
Joyce, G327/120b
Joyce, H. & Others195/272
Joyce, Harison333/129a
Joyce, James401/245; 456/417
Joyce, Jim342/140
Joyce, Joe251/17b
Joyce, Joseph158/192; 158/193; 385/202; 391/216b
Joyce, Joseph Heirs379/195a
Joyce, Richard37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 186/254; 327/120a; 327/120b; 333/129a; 379/195a
Joyce, Richard & Jos. Myers159/194; 251/17b
Joyce, Richard Heirs333/129a
Joyce, Thomas254/21; 255/22a; 333/129a
Joyce.G.37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161
Kalbus To380/196b
Kalfus66/274; 139/150; 268/44; 313/101b
Kalfus, Henry516/691b
Kalfus, Judge C. Vs.275/59a
Kappel, Elmer71/3
Kasee, Mrs. Geneva504/636
Kaufman, C.S.287/72
Kay, Geo.133/139
Kean, Mark227/351
Keane, Marc31/139
Kearnes, Chester511/668
Kearnes, Geo. & Myrtie K.511/668
Keene5/35; 411/247a; 466/456
Kein & Fulner298/83
Keith, Lida Hiers499/603
Keller & Handley35/155; 35/156; 36/155; 36/156
Kelley67/285; 106/79a; 106/79b; 421/288c; 425/309; 426/317a; 462/442
Kelley, D.M.462/445
Kelly, Joe505/642
Kendall, William239/5a
Kendall, William H.239/5a
Kendall, Wm.348/150
Kenedy45/191; 430/325b
Kennedy Realty Co.515/686
Kennedy, Mrs. W.H.490/559
Kennison160/196; 278/62a; 443/380; 446/393a; 456/417
Kennison & Jones381/197b
Kennison A.C.160/196
Kennison Heirs160/196
Kennison, John Heirs455/415
Kentucky Orchard Co.91/53; 202/288
Ketcham, Johnathan237/3a
Ketcham, Jonathan237/3a; 237/3a
Ketchum110/88; 240/5d; 240/5d; 436/352; 448/399; 454/410
Key, G.L.333/129a; 379/195a; 449/404c
Key, George L. Heirs370/182a
Key, J.T.53/227
Key, John370/182a
Key, John T.53/227
Keys, George L. Heirs314/102
Kiag, Wm13/61
Kindred, J.H. & Henry463/447
King25/109a; 29/125; 38/158; 81/28; 128/125; 134/140; 139/150; 286/70; 311/101a; 351/152c; 362/168b; 441/370; 442/379a; 448/400; 509/660
King Or Johns362/168b
King Or Johnson442/379b
King-Hollis Division25/109a
King, A.161/199
King, Abner244/8h; 244/8h
King, Annie B.415/265
King, Bell25/109a
King, Bell & Amanda Hollis351/152b
King, Ben37/159; 356/162
King, Ben F134/140
King, Charles161/200a; 161/200b
King, Charlota161/200a; 161/200b
King, Charlotte (Dower)43/183
King, Felix160/197
King, Geo W.162/202a; 162/202b
King, Geo.161/198
King, Hy161/199
King, Isham37/159
King, Isom356/162
King, J.301/88b
King, James299/84
King, James I.43/183
King, Jas.45/196; 45/197; 46/196; 46/197; 301/88b; 391/215
King, John161/199; 238/4a
King, John A161/200a; 161/200b; 162/202a; 162/202b
King, John A.43/183
King, John E.113/92; 182/246; 306/95a
King, John W.419/280
King, Joseph L.161/200a; 161/200b
King, Joseph Y.162/202a; 162/202b
King, Julia A.45/196; 45/197; 46/196; 46/197; 391/215
King, L. C.162/202a; 162/202b
King, Len C.161/198
King, Mary Elizabeth162/202a; 162/202b
King, Mary M355/160
King, Mary M.162/202a; 162/202b
King, Minerva462/446b
King, Monroe161/199
King, Nelson Heirs161/200a; 161/200b
King, Nelson Heirs Division43/183
King, Oha43/183
King, Valentine238/4a
King, Vallentine238/4a
King, W.A.162/201
King, W.R.109/85
King, W.T.43/183
King, Weathers73/9; 150/175b; 306/95a; 338/136a; 344/144a
King, William238/4a
King, William Dale Davidson485/535
King, Wim.441/370
King, Wither302/89b
King, Withers291/76a; 313/101b; 361/168a; 362/168; 396/223a; 427/318a
King, Wm18/82b
King, Wm.375/190
King, Wm.J.162/202a; 162/202b
King, Wm.T.161/200a; 161/200b
King, Yelvingston164/207
King, Yelvington Heirs162/202a; 162/202b
Kings Church164/207
Kinnerson, John251/17b
Kinniard452/407b; 452/407c; 470/472
Kinnison Now Perkiins159/194
Kirk52/218a; 58/240; 465/453a
Kirk Heirs482/524
Kirk, Dr.208/305a; 208/305b; 208/305c; 214/313a; 214/313b; 417/272c
Kirk, Dr. Geo.W.8/40
Kirk, Dr.G.W.58/240
Kirk, Joe Heirs313/101b
Kirk, Lewis8/40; 57/241; 214/313a; 214/313b; 398/226
Kirks, Heirs306/95a
Kirts, Heirs150/175b
Kiwood Garden Sub-Division491/567
Kloffer, Mary Rose496/592
Klotz, E.508/651
Knight9/49; 57/239; 417/272b; 417/272b; 462/445
Knight, Geo.417/272b
Knight, Susan445/389
Knizer, Henry532/721
Knob Creek163/203
Knob Creek Bridge400/229a
Knob Creek Church400/229a
Knoll View480/514
Korb279/63; 363/168e
Korb Tract Oxley Add To Shepherdsville460/434
Korb, W. N. S.469/473b
Kosmos Dale Cement Co500/608
Kouffman, Christopher244/8f
Krodel20/92; 391/216a
Kugler50/214; 50/214; 421/309; 426/317a; 431/328; 462/442
Kugler, Comstantine414/264
Kuhn, Edward168/214
Kulmer39/167; 64/264; 81/17
Kulmer, Andy G.64/264
Kulmer, F.64/264
Kulmer, Fred452/407c
Kulmer, G. R.198/278
Kulmer, Geo. Heirs372/187a
Kulmer, George Heirs379/194
Kulmer, Peter390/212
Kurtz164/204; 383/199d; 432/333a; 453/409
Kurtz Heirs149/175a
Kurtz, George Ellen (Widow)366/174
Kurtz, Jacob Heirs366/174
L & N Golf Course510/665
L & N R220/R.
L & N R. R. Co.73/10; 216/322; 216/322; 383/199b; 417/271b; 419/280; 424/302
L & N R.R.28/124; 36/150; 39/173; 40/172; 43/185a; 67/286; 67/287; 68/286; 68/287
L & N R.R. Co.51/217; 55/235; 57/245; 61/259
L & N R.R.Co.34/146; 61/259
L & N Railroad Co.287/72
L & N Railroad Depot342/139
L & N Section465/452b
L & N Section House464/452a
L. & N.493/579
L. & N. R. R. Co.442/379a
L. & N. Rr. Co.443/382
L. G. & E. Easement509/656; 509/657
L.& N. R. R.413/257a
L&N61/259; 190/266a; 190/266b
L&N R. R.88/47; 94/58; 100/71; 106/79a; 106/79b; 150/175b
L&N R. R. -Knoxville Br.164/205
L&N R. R. Co171/222
L&N R.R.3/25; 5/31a; 6/30; 6/34; 7/37; 7/39; 22/98; 28/122; 47/203; 49/213; 50/208; 52/222; 57/243; 60/252; 64/266; 66/278; 79/22; 200/281; 361/167; 510/665
L&N Railroad288/72c
L&Nrrco18/84b; 344/144a
Lacy49/211; 164/206
Ladusaw, William P.482/524
Lake View Sub-Division509/653
Lamb, Chas.487/543a
Land, Henry M452/407c
Landen, James289/73
Landers104/77; 459/431; 459/431; 460/436a; 463/448; 497/596
Landers, James H.305/93
Landers, Jas.H.113/93
Landsdall, S.S. Heirs314/102
Lane, C.L.518/698
Lane, John518/698
Lane, John N.518/698
Lane, N.518/698
Lang4/26; 24/108b; 62/256; 65/271; 165/208; 202/290; 222/336; 322/113a; 420/281; 429/323; 445/387a
Lang, & Wife166/209
Lang, A.H.4/22; 24/108b; 61/255; 62/256; 165/208; 410/246; 413/258; 420/281; 420/287; 428/321a; 429/321b
Langley469/473a; 527/740
Langley, H.C.429/322b; 461/441; 469/473a
Lanham, H.S.513/679
Lanham, Hobart & Dorothy512/673
Lanham, Hobart.513/679
Lansdale, L.L.249/15b
Larimore, H.T.461/439; 462/445
Larimore, J.B.495/588
Larue60/250; 61/257; 352/155; 420/285a
Larue, John117/102; 243/8b; 267/42; 401/8a
Lash, Fred462/445
Lash, J.C.462/445
Lasley348/150; 395/221; 429/325a; 435/344; 517/696
Lausaw, W.A.491/568
Lawerence, John29/125
Lawrence, John W.338/136a
Lawson, Andy493/575
Lawson, J.C. & Mattie Ellen490/565a
Leach35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155; 39/167; 44/188; 50/210; 99/67; 113/93; 113/93; 166/210; 365/173
Leach Trustee432/331a
Leach, Casander B.167/211
Leach, Enoch167/211; 168/212; 473/481
Leach, Letitia44/188; 414/260
Leachs-Bull. Co. Mag. Dist.97/65
Lebanon Junction168/212; 482/528
Lebanon Junction Baptist Church511/671
Lee5/35; 15/69; 28/124; 40/172; 53/229; 67/285; 113/93; 130/129; 139/150; 169/215; 214/314; 338/136a; 345/144b; 360/166a; 415/268; 422/293b; 445/387c; 446/393a; 455/414c; 456/417; 461/441; 464/451; 469/467; 487/543a; 491/566
Lee Heirs411/247a
Lee W.T.411/249
Lee, Barbie500/610
Lee, Basil51/215a
Lee, C.500/612
Lee, C.A.380/196a
Lee, C.C.13/65; 381/196c; 408/239a
Lee, C.D.16/72; 187/255; 298/83; 411/247a; 466/456
Lee, C.R.457/418b
Lee, Charles96/62; 293/79; 344/143
Lee, Chas16/72; 420/286
Lee, Chas.29/131; 168/214; 446/393a
Lee, Chas.D.158/195; 381/197b; 411/247a
Lee, Clarence444/385a
Lee, Doss26/116; 469/467
Lee, Elizabeth (Widow)366/175
Lee, Geo. & Jenny409/242
Lee, Grover458/428; 462/445
Lee, H.W.62/262; 437/355a; 437/355b; 455/414c; 467/459a
Lee, H.W. & Lida B.437/355a
Lee, Henry245/9b; 403/16a; 446/393a
Lee, Herbert115/98; 453/414a
Lee, Herbert W.455/414b
Lee, Ignatius268/44; 281/65b
Lee, Ignatius & James Holtzclaw268/44
Lee, J.250/16b
Lee, J. H.446/393a
Lee, J. M.169/215
Lee, J.B.358/164d
Lee, J.H.53/229
Lee, J.M.46/192; 55/233; 56/232; 448/401
Lee, James500/611
Lee, James E.511/671
Lee, Jeff170/217; 462/445
Lee, Jeffie521/715
Lee, Jeffy481/517a
Lee, Jennie5/35; 67/285; 106/79a; 106/79b
Lee, Jenny409/241; 434/343
Lee, Jenny, Geo.409/243
Lee, Jess445/391a
Lee, Jim183/247
Lee, John245/9b; 374/188a; 404/6a; 404/16a; 433/335; 447/393b; 489/557
Lee, John A.407/237
Lee, John H.53/229
Lee, Joiin245/9b
Lee, Julia A.287/72
Lee, Lida D.& H.W.240/6
Lee, Lida,D.& H.W.241/6
Lee, Lon440/371; 464/452a; 466/456
Lee, M. E.443/383b
Lee, Miles205/295; 277/61; 447/393c
Lee, Mrs.170/217
Lee, Nancy49/207
Lee, O.T.130/129
Lee, Orleans425/306; 447/393b; 447/393c
Lee, Pearl205/296; 495/587
Lee, Phil268/44
Lee, R.E.462/445; 467/459a
Lee, Rice169/215; 281/65b
Lee, Robert445/391a
Lee, Robert E.455/414b; 455/414c
Lee, Robert M.440/368
Lee, Robinson433/335; 446/393a
Lee, Rodalphus358/164c
Lee, Sam458/428
Lee, Sam & Grover169/216
Lee, Samuel462/445
Lee, Sarah456/416b
Lee, Sarah E.60/252; 456/416c
Lee, Stanley275/59b; 464/450; 497/593; 498/599a
Lee, T.B.493/576a; 493/576b
Lee, T.B. Sub-Division493/576a; 493/576b
Lee, T.B. Sub-Division Section 2521/711
Lee, T.B., Jr.521/711
Lee, T.G.Heirs170/217
Lee, T.J.368/178
Lee, T.T.170/217
Lee, Thomas T. Heirs366/175; 368/178
Lee, W.H.441/375b; 446/393a
Lee, W.I.39/171
Lee, W.J.19/87; 169/215
Lee, W.Jeff48/206
Lee, W.T.5/35; 9/45; 10/50b; 43/187; 61/261; 170/218; 282/65c; 381/197b; 402/233; 418/275; 419/280; 431/327; 449/405a; 450/432a; 479/512a
Lee, W.T. & J.I. Rickerson Addition68/288; 68/289; 69/288; 69/289
Lee, W.T. Addition426/312
Lee, W.T. Heirs455/414b
Lee, W.T. Hiers453/414a
Lee, W.T. Lots I Thru 43431/327
Lee, Wilf170/219; 360/166b
Lee, Wilford245/9b; 447/394; 447/396a; 447/396a; 469/470
Lee, Wilford Heirs384/201
Lee, Willford380/196a
Lee, William245/9b; 251/17a
Lee, William Division360/166a
Lee, Wm.48/206; 281/65b; 360/166a; 426/315
Lee, Wm. Heirs60/253; 425/307
Lee, Wm. Henry447/396a
Lee, Wm.H.51/219; 447/393b; 447/393c
Lee, Wolf399/225
Lee's Addition453/414a
Leech212/311; 295/81a; 299/84; 365/172; 388/209
Legros, A.P.362/168
Legros, H.P.363/168e
Leitch50/212; 458/427b
Leitch, David8/44; 458/427a
Lesley188/260; 419/282
Lesley, Ellen439/364
Leslie136/143; 189/262; 380/196a
Leslie, Burr458/429a
Leslie, Ellen67/286; 67/287; 68/286; 68/287; 181/243
Leslie, Geo.473/481
Leslie, W.J. & Dee444/385a; 444/385a
Lewis5/35; 9/49; 58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247; 61/257; 227/351; 232/364; 348/150; 421/228a; 421/288c; 421/288e; 430/324; 503/629
Lewis, E.287/72
Lewis, Eugene511/668
Lewis, Jos.43/189
Lewis, Joseph405/32
Lewis, Mary Jane424/304
Lewis, Nicholas8/44; 45/196; 45/197; 46/196; 46/197; 238/4a; 238/4a; 274/57; 299/84; 391/215
Lewis, R.T.227/351; 423/300
Lewis, Sa.430/324
Lewis, W.M.124/116a; 124/116b
Lichtfield, A.H.485/538
Lick Church420/281
Lie, H.W.462/445
Light, J.W.481/521
Lightfoot53/229; 411/247a; 447/394
Lightfoot, James355/161
Lilly8/40; 57/241
Lincoln, D.287/72
Lind & C.437/356c
Line Railroad482/527
Linn5/35; 47/203; 47/203; 52/222; 60/248; 61/257; 421/288c; 448/402; 459/430; 465/453a
Linn, J.H.227/351
Litsey & Wife33/140; 33/141
Litsey, Lawson33/140; 33/141
Litsey, Susan Ann324/115
Little Flock Baptist Church493/574b
Lively, Ollie M. Sub-Division500/610
Livers84/37; 462/445
Livers & Evans223/341
Livers Deposition344/144a
Livers, H. H.454/411
Livers, J. H.448/399
Livers, John454/410; 454/411
Livers, John H.436/352
Livers, M.P.382/199a
Livers, Sallie B.30/132
Livers, Sally B.448/403
Lloyd50/212; 442/376
Lloyd, Joe Heirs47/199
Lloyd, Joseph Division37/164; 37/165; 38/164; 38/165
Lloyd, R.L.474/486
Lloyd, Tom461/439
Lms, Sallie B.408/238
Logsdon, Cleone476/496b
Loman, J.M. & Florence502/624
Lone Acres Sub- Division525/732
Loney10/48b; 23/107
Loney Heirs315/103a
Loney, Amos35/153; 259/25b
Loney, Amos Heirs315/103a
Long, C.A.468/463
Long, Mrs.468/463
Long, Wm. & Elizabeth381/197b
Lonnie & Myers315/103a
Losch159/194; 456/417
Losch, Anna & Frederick278/62b
Losch, Annie21/93
Losch, Frederick & Annie226/348
Lose, Arthur, Jr. & Dorothy512/676
Lotus Station171/220
Lou. Water Co.520/706
Louisvile & Shep. Turnpike216/319
Louisvile Trust Co. Assoc.442/379b
Louisville Gas & Electric489/561
Louisville Truck Co.44/184
Louisville Trust Co.362/168b; 416/269; 423/299a; 442/379b
Louisville Trust Co.& Ben413/255
Louisville Water Co.525/731
Lovelace45/191; 357/163
Lovely, Jas.334/128d
Loyall, Edmond & Elsie527/739
Loyanbough179/240a; 179/240b
Loyd, Lida482/523
Lucas, Abner53/229; 250/16b
Luig, Mrs.437/356a
Lutes2/20; 55/233; 98/66; 172/224a; 172/224b; 204/294; 281/65b; 422/292; 426/313; 463/449b; 468/461a
Lutes, A.M.98/66; 423/296
Lutes, Asa98/66; 136/144a; 136/144b; 171/221
Lutes, Asa M.2/20; 28/118; 234/369
Lutes, D.A.469/466
Lutes, G W14/66
Lutes, G.W.412/254b; 459/431
Lutes, George (Yankee Bill)421/291
Lutes, Hite469/470
Lutes, O.A.56/232
Lutes, O.H.46/192
Lutes, Ora H.4/28
Lutz394/220a; 453/414a; 505/640
Lutz, G Heirs453/409
Lutz, G.Heirs5/29; 438/362
Lutz, Gab.244/8h
Lutz, Gabriel Heirs394/220a
Lyle, G.Heirs199/280
Lynch, Stanley506/652
Lynch, Stanley & Elnora506/652
Lynn29/127; 421/228a; 426/317a; 430/324
M.E. Church216/318; 516/691b
M.E. Parsonage516/691b
M.J.C.67/286; 67/287; 68/286; 68/287
Macher44/190; 183/247; 448/401; 456/416b
Macher, John81/28; 264/37a
Macker250/16b; 430/325b
Maddox, Geo.515/687
Maddox, Harbin511/667
Maddox, Mill257/23
Maggie, Elizabeth473/481
Magoffin, B.216/322
Magruder49/213; 81/28; 115/96; 145/163; 150/175b; 224/342; 242/8c; 242/8c; 281/65b; 313/101b; 362/168; 362/168b; 363/168e; 380/196a; 383/199b; 394/220a; 429/322a; 452/407b; 467/458; 485/537
Magruder & Patterson56/234; 178/239
Magruder Heirs362/168; 362/168b; 442/379a; 442/379b; 442/379b
Magruder W.L.475/494
Magruder, A.W. & B.W.475/494
Magruder, Arch101/73; 361/168a; 363/168e
Magruder, Archibald291/76a; 362/168; 362/168; 396/223a
Magruder, Archibald & Catherine A.288/72b
Magruder, B.F.333/128c
Magruder, B.W.475/494
Magruder, B.W. & Lydia475/494
Magruder, Ezeke291/76a
Magruder, G.W.29/125; 171/222; 291/76a; 338/136a
Magruder, G.W. Heirs362/168b
Magruder, Geo8/38
Magruder, Geo.W.362/168
Magruder, George291/76a
Magruder, George W.288/72b; 361/168a
Magruder, Henry 0.361/168a; 362/168
Magruder, Hugh W.475/494
Magruder, J E14/64
Magruder, J. E.415/266
Magruder, J. F.456/418a
Magruder, J. L.441/374
Magruder, J. W.448/400
Magruder, Jack Heirs39/171
Magruder, James F.291/76a
Magruder, Joe380/196b
Magruder, Joseph204/294
Magruder, Mrs394/220a
Magruder, S.B.363/168e
Magruder, S.B. & Wife362/168
Magruder, Taylor436/353
Magruder, W.M.333/128c
Magruder, Wm.171/223; 380/196b
Mahoney204/294; 471/478c
Mahoney, Jas.204/294
Malone Vs Barrall346/146
Maloney, James456/417
Maloni, Jas. Trustee251/17b
Mann418/276; 436/350; 457/418b; 458/425; 459/429b; 470/475
Mann, Darvin527/741
Mann, Ed.490/563
Mann, Ernest L. & Agnes497/593
Mann, Herman & Rosella527/741
Mann, Jessie172/224a; 172/224b
Mann, R.D.458/428
Mann, Walter172/224a; 172/224b
Map Of Shepherdsville288/72d
Map Ofshepherdsville288/72e
Maraman60/252; 88/45; 459/429b; 477/503
Maraman & Sons174/227
Maraman Bros. Bldg.173/226
Maraman Bros. Coal House173/226
Maraman, 0.M.175/230
Maraman, Dave175/230
Maraman, F.158/195
Maraman, H.470/474b
Maraman, H.0.174/228
Maraman, H.L.178/236; 477/503
Maraman, H.O.291/76a
Maraman, Henry89/48
Maraman, Howard175/229
Maraman, Jack387/207b
Maraman, Wm.175/230
Maraman's Store174/227
Maramon49/211; 55/235; 173/225; 438/357b; 456/416c
Maramon Bros.55/235
Maramon, C.M.49/211
Maramon, Charles250/16c
Maramon, Chas.251/17b
Maramon, Chas. M.49/211
Maramon, D.H.457/418b
Maramon, Dave459/429b
Maramon, Grover470/474b
Maramon, Henry465/452b
Maramon, M.H. & Co.61/261
Maramon, Wilhelmina457/418b
Marcum57/245; 192/264; 422/293b; 426/313
Marcum, Ed70/1; 176/231
Mardis, Kathryn498/598
Mariman352/154; 419/280; 460/434
Mariman & Porter507/649
Mariman, David459/433
Mariman, Elizabeth298/83
Mariman, F.298/83
Mariman, Francis Heirs297/83
Mariman, G.W.438/358
Mariman, H. L.459/433
Mariman, H.O.407/237
Mariman, Henrietta298/83
Mariman, Jas. W.462/445
Mariman, Kate298/83
Mariman, Martha A. (Widow)298/83
Mariman, Mchenry298/83; 352/154
Mariman, Minor495/588
Mariman, Mocky419/280
Mariman, Mrs. D.462/445
Mariman, Susan470/474a
Mariman, William298/83
Marimon293/79; 363/168e; 381/197a; 426/312; 477/497; 477/500
Marimon, Chas.523/721
Marimon, Conrad434/342
Marimon, D.H.510/661
Marimon, Francis Heirs363/168e
Marimon, G.W.363/168e
Marimon, Geo.W.363/168e
Marimon, H.0.313/101b
Marimon, H.L.434/342
Marimon, H.O.363/168e
Marimon, Henry503/630
Marimon, Howard477/500
Marimon, Jas.W.462/445
Marimon, Marie434/342; 477/498
Marimon, Roy434/342
Marimon, Roy L507/649
Marimon, W.510/661
Marimon, Will & Lillie510/661
Marimon, Winona477/498
Marion, Warren435/346b
Marker, Chas.430/326a
Markham, Mike475/489
Markwell Heirs Division18/82b
Markwell, Brook A18/82b
Markwell, Brook A.375/190
Markwell, Charles W18/82b
Markwell, Charles W.375/190
Markwell, J.R.161/198
Markwell, James W.375/190
Markwell, Jas W18/82b
Markwell, Jas. W. Chas. W.355/160
Markwell, John B.43/183; 161/200a; 161/200b
Markwell, John Heirs161/198; 355/160
Markwell, John M14/62
Markwell, John Sr.161/200a; 161/200b
Markwell, Laura, F.A., John E. & James H.355/160
Markwell, Margaret F.375/190
Markwell, Margarett18/82b
Markwell, Wm.43/183; 161/200a; 161/200b
Marman, Jack & T. H. Wilson115/96
Marmon, H.394/220b
Marques, Wm.291/76a
Marquess, Mrs. Dorothy520/709
Marriman, Moses267/42
Marrimon, Chas.456/417
Marshall, J.R.162/202a; 162/202b
Marshall, Jim162/202a; 162/202b
Marten, Melvin Sub-Division489/561
Martin4/26; 28/124; 31/135; 37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 158/193; 165/208; 185/251; 216/318; 245/9a; 245/9c; 246/9a; 246/9a; 266/41b; 322/113a; 327/120b; 338/136a; 391/216b; 408/240c; 420/281; 469/468; 501/618; 509/658
Martin Bros.227/350
Martin Deposition346/146
Martin, Anna458/425
Martin, Antone287/72
Martin, Bettie469/468
Martin, C.C. Heirs489/561
Martin, C.L.Hall423/297
Martin, Geo. M.489/561
Martin, Melford A.177/232
Martin, O.K.491/570
Martin, R.400/229a
Martin, R.L.320/1 10c
Martin, Richard250/16c
Martin, Richard L.456/417
Martin, T.I.266/41a
Martin, T.J.23/105; 30/128
Martin, Thomas J347/147
Martin's Knob Tract177/232
Martz, Orville C. & Ruby508/655
Maryville Sub-Division521/715
Masden6/30; 57/245; 59/249; 59/251; 78/21; 177/234; 181/243; 189/263; 282/65c; 315/103a; 395/221; 402/232a; 408/239b; 429/325a; 434/342; 435/347; 437/355a; 439/364; 440/371; 441/374; 447/394; 455/414b; 455/414c; 457/421; 462/444; 466/456; 469/466; 502/623; 502/623; 511/671
Masden Acres496/592
Masden Grave Yard417/271b
Masden, 0.H.241/6; 458/428; 470/474b; 470/475; 499/606; 502/623
Masden, A. -Lots177/235
Masden, A. Addition56/234
Masden, Arch179/240a; 179/240b
Masden, C.A.52/2168; 78/21; 178/236; 178/237; 411/247a; 440/371; 440/371; 462/445; 464/452a; 465/452b; 499/606; 502/623
Masden, C.A. & Gertrude506/652
Masden, Chas425/310
Masden, Chas.52/220; 53/223; 424/305d; 439/364
Masden, Cleve40/172; 52/216c; 59/249
Masden, D.67/286; 67/287; 68/286; 68/287; 463/449b
Masden, Davis440/371
Masden, Dennis65/277; 67/286; 67/287; 68/286; 68/287; 181/243; 395/221; 429/322a; 439/364
Masden, Dennis, Jr.392/218
Masden, E.265/37c; 438/358; 475/492
Masden, Ed357/163; 357/163
Masden, Enoch438/358
Masden, Felix19/91; 418/273
Masden, Francis369/180
Masden, Gilly369/180
Masden, H.66/274
Masden, H.G.462/445
Masden, Henry443/385b
Masden, Henry G.444/385a
Masden, I.N.52/218b
Masden, J.L.475/492
Masden, J.M.56/234; 178/239; 413/256; 440/371; 499/606
Masden, J.Mack178/239; 179/240a; 179/240b
Masden, J.W.155/186
Masden, James463/449b
Masden, Jas Heirs Division65/277
Masden, John52/220; 53/223; 281/65b
Masden, John Heirs281/65b
Masden, Johnathan463/449b
Masden, Jonathan55/231; 386/207a; 427/319; 429/325a; 430/325c; 435/344
Masden, Jonathan & Wife55/231
Masden, Josh51/215a; 438/358
Masden, Kate424/302
Masden, L.M.178/237; 488/550; 496/592; 500/612
Masden, Lee179/240a; 179/240b; 511/671
Masden, Leonard52/220; 53/223; 424/305d
Masden, Les78/21
Masden, Leslie51/219; 59/249; 178/236; 178/238; 240/6; 241/6; 411/247a; 455/414c; 467/459a
Masden, Leslie M.51/219
Masden, Luther51/215a
Masden, M.462/445
Masden, Mach411/247a
Masden, Mack52/216c; 53/225; 178/239; 179/240a; 179/240b; 180/241
Masden, Mack& Henry Davis6/30
Masden, Mrs. John473/481
Masden, O. H.411/247a
Masden, O.A.462/445
Masden, O.H.240/6; 426/313; 426/314; 462/445; 464/452a; 465/452b
Masden, Pope Heirs67/286; 67/287; 68/286; 68/287
Masden, R.N.180/242
Masden, Rebecca369/180
Masden, Rodolphus369/180
Masden, Ronnie496/592
Masden, Roy459/430
Masden, Sallie369/180
Masden, Shelton369/180
Masden, Susan58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247
Masden, Sylvester369/180
Masden, Victoria52/220; 53/223; 439/364
Masden, W.P.264/37a; 424/305d
Masden, W.P. From265/37b
Masden, W.P. Heirs Division52/220
Masden, W.Pope Heirs181/243
Masden, Warden P. Heirs418/274b
Masden, William264/37a
Masden, Wm.45/191; 429/325a; 430/325b
Masden, Wm. Pope Heirs Division67/286; 67/287; 68/286; 68/287
Masden, Woodrow496/592
Masden's Fairview Sub-Division502/623
Masdon, Elizabeth329/123
Masdon, H.275/59a
Masdon, H.O.281/65b
Masdon, Johnathan264/37a
Masdon, Susan329/123
Maskwell, Eliza506/650
Masonic Hall460/434
Mathew, Edna481/517a
Mathews, Anna181/244
Mathews, Christie181/244
Mathews, G. Heirs73/9
Mathews, Go.W. (Widow& Heirs)181/243
Mathews, Ida181/244
Mathews, Jacob181/244
Mathews, Joseph181/244
Mathews, Julie347/148
Mathews, Sampson267/42; 420/285b
Mathews, Taylor181/244
Mathias411/247a; 420/286; 440/371; 440/371; 440/371
Mathias, E.H.411/247a
Mathins, Walter516/690
Mathis16/78a; 29/131; 44/184; 96/62; 99/68; 100/69; 158/195; 178/238; 239/5c; 239/5c; 311/101a; 427/318c; 438/357b; 455/414c; 461/436b
Mathis & Nusz17/83
Mathis E. H.455/414b
Mathis Heirs239/5c
Mathis, E.H.6/32; 180/241; 455/414b
Mathis, Elvin29/131
Mathis, Evlin29/131
Mathis. H.V.457/418b
Mathius459/433; 484/533
Mathius Stotirara498/597
Mathius, Anna458/425
Mathius, E H17/83
Mathius, E.H.496/592
Mathius, H.G.458/425
Mathius, Henry440/371; 462/445
Matthews, Christie354/159
Matthews, Elvan H.390/212
Matthews, Geo. W. Heirs354/159
Matthews, Ida354/159
Matthews, Joseph354/159
Matthews, Julie (Widow)354/159
Matthews, Sampson420/285a
Matthews, Taylor354/159
Matthias408/239a; 411/247a
Mattias, E.H.433/344a
Mattingly182/245a; 182/245b; 182/246; 464/449a; 498/599b; 501/622
Mattingly Theodore & Elizabeth495/586
Mattingly, C.R.462/445
Mattingly, Clarence490/563
Mattingly, Clarence P.490/563
Mattingly, D.B., Jr. & Thelma495/586
Mattingly, Ed160/196
Mattingly, Geo519/702
Mattingly, Theodore506/650
May26/110; 39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169; 104/76; 188/260; 242/8c; 242/8c; 293/79; 310/99; 367/176; 384/200; 386/206; 414/264; 427/318a
May & Edwards351/152b
May & Oyler15/75; 123/118; 150/175b; 306/95a; 311/101a; 427/318a; 427/318d
May Thompson, Mary37/159
May, John73/9; 113/92; 113/93; 135/142; 225/346; 259/25c; 267/42; 306/95a; 425/309
May, John F.311/101a
May, Nichols38/158
May, William238/4a
May& Oyler73/9
Mayfield & Hill268/44
Mayfield Knobs183/247
Mayfield, & Purcell20/90
Mayfield, G.W277/61
Mayfield, John245/9b; 404/16a
Mayfield, Wesley59/251; 264/37a
Mayor, Chafus289/73
Mays, Johns5/35
Mcabron, Albert109/86
Mcadams183/247; 456/416b; 503/631
Mcafee4/26; 31/135; 53/225; 109/85; 118/104; 190/265; 353/157; 393/219; 411/247a; 415/267; 458/429b; 469/467
Mcafee, E.T.509/659
Mcalister Stella525/728
Mcallister190/266a; 190/266b
Mccarthy, John397/224
Mccarthy, John Heirs397/224
Mccarthy, Robert E.397/224
Mccarthy, Sidney A.397/224
Mccarthy, Sidney A. Heirs397/224
Mcclain, Rachel510/661
Mcclanahan430/326a; 449/404c
Mcclaughen & Mooney302/89
Mcclenihan431/326b #1
Mcclure190/267; 190/267; 204/294; 443/383b
Mcclure, Sarah E.486/541
Mccormack419/280; 419/284
Mccormack, Susie413/257b
Mccormick63/265; 222/338
Mccormick, C.E.63/265; 431/329
Mccormoch, Mary481/517a
Mccrosky35/155; 35/156; 36/155; 36/156; 99/67
Mccubbins67/286; 67/287; 68/286; 68/287; 103/75; 315/103a; 315/103a; 396/223a; 433/334b #1; 439/364; 448/395; 449/404c; 482/526; 483/529
Mccubbins, M.L.193/269
Mccubbins, Roy360/166a; 469/470
Mccubbins, S.N.193/269
Mccubbins, Sam65/273; 396/223a; 470/471
Mccubbins, Samuel T. & Lillian482/526
Mccubbins, Wm.392/218
Mccue411/247a; 427/318a
Mccullock212/311; 299/84; 363/169
Mcdaniel3/23; 25/109b; 29/127; 31/135; 53/229; 115/98; 116/100a; 116/100b; 159/194; 160/196; 184/249; 185/251; 245/9a; 246/9a; 246/9a; 266/40; 347/147
Mcdaniel, Cosby266/40
Mcdaniel, Max456/417
Mcdaniel, Rosanna Dower349/152a
Mcdaniel, Thos.498/598
Mcdaniel, Wm.401/230
Mcdaniel, Woofrod & Mattie P.501/618
Mcdaniels35/148; 35/149; 277/61; 484/534
Mcdaniels, Wm.401/231
Mcdonald188/260; 505/644a
Mcdonald, Clement250/16b
Mcdowall, Emily318/106
Mcdowel, E.195/271
Mcdowell3/21; 28/122; 29/127; 46/192; 56/238; 195/271; 202/291a; 202/291b; 205/293; 417/272b; 420/285a; 445/389; 465/453a
Mcdowell Children203/289
Mcdowell Heirs5/35; 60/250; 60/250; 420/285a
Mcdowell, E.195/271
Mcdowell, Emily42/182; 46/192; 55/233; 263/35
Mcdowell, Heirs106/79c
Mcdowell, John263/35; 267/42
Mcdowell, John - Widow & Heirs Division57/239
Mcdowell, John Widow57/239
Mcdowell, R.E.3/25; 432/331a
Mcdowell, Robert E.413/257a
Mcdowell, Wood422/295
Mcdowell, Woodford267/42
Mcelvoze, B.287/72
Mcgee44/186; 166/210; 188/260; 217/323; 294/80c; 348/150; 363/168e; 420/285b; 424/305a; 484/533
Mcgee, Thomas225/346; 420/285a
Mcgruder Heirs504/636
Mchorney, James343/142
Mchue, John6/33b
Mchugh53/225; 230/357; 353/157; 393/219
Mckay41/175; 41/175; 42/180; 216/322; 402/233; 422/295; 459/431; 469/473b; 470/473c
Mckay Heirs420/285a
Mckay, Wallace A41/175
Mckaya Woods202/291a; 202/291b
Mckinney60/253; 303/90b
Mcmahan116/99; 327/120b
Mcmahoan37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161
Mcmillen, E. & Wife224/343
Mcmillen, Ernest&Wife224/343
Mcmillon, Wm.419/282
Mcnaut, G.W.287/72
Mcneil469/473a; 527/740
Mcneil, G.T.429/322a
McNeil, Geo.63/268; 63/269; 64/268; 64/269
Mcneil, Geo.T.333/128c
Mcneil, May527/740
Mcnut37/164; 37/165; 38/164; 38/165
Mcnutt, Alexander Heir S33/140; 33/141
Mcnutt, Heirs311/100b
Mcnutt, James33/140; 33/141; 477/501
Mcnutt, Joseph33/140; 33/141
Mcnutt, R. & Others195/272
Mcnutt, Robert33/140; 33/141
Mcnutt, Thomas33/140; 33/141; 310/99; 477/501
Mcnutt, Thomas Division477/502
Mcnutt, Thos. & Wm.33/140; 33/141
Mcnutt, Thos. Heirs Division32/140; 32/141
Mcnutt, Wm.33/140; 33/141; 310/99
Mcpherson, Marshall518/698
Mead, Guthrie494/581
Meadow Hill Sub-Division504/636
Meadow, Patterson89/48
Means, 0.P.437/355a; 437/355b; 443/380
Means, 0.R.462/445
Means, Eliza62/262; 129/126a; 129/126b
Means, Eliza Heirs240/6; 241/6
Means, O.P.62/262
Means, Pres.287/72
Meece, Lewis476/496a
Megee, Thomas267/42
Melton, T.S.29/127; 106/79a; 106/79b
Menaugh, Dr.137/145
Mengle, C.C.467/458
Meredith153/182a; 153/182b; 445/389; 510/661
Meredith & Troutman417/272b
Merhoff, J. & H.93/56
Merhoff, Kate465/453a
Merideth & Troutman56/238; 57/239
Merifield41/181; 42/180; 441/375a
Merker71/4; 102/74; 103/75; 108/82; 109/84; 186/259; 198/277a; 198/277b; 431/326b #1; 434/338b; 449/404c
Merker, Chas.308/96; 321/112
Merker, Henry71/4; 449/404b; 449/404c
Merker, Jacob62/260
Merker, Jake449/404c
Merriman, Widow462/445
Merriwether, W.A. Agt8/40
Merz, Albert390/212
Metcalf475/492; 525/729
Metzel212/311; 458/427a; 458/427b
Meyers, Jacob239/5b; 250/16b; 267/42
Meyers, John250/16c; 251/17b
Meyers, John Heirs379/195a
Mialm, Bertha504/637
Mian, Billy Harue500/612
Micrographics Dept.Of Ky Hist. Soc. (Page Missing)66/275; 66/276
Middleton150/175b; 394/220a
Milam29/131; 411/247a; 440/371; 447/396a; 470/475; 498/599a
Milam, B.B.462/445
Miles44/188; 96/62; 108/82; 168/212; 383/199b
Miles, Geo W.108/82
Mill Co.464/449a
Miller4/26; 23/105; 32/134; 35/151; 59/249; 61/255; 67/281; 118/105; 153/181; 165/208; 185/251; 190/267; 202/290; 223/341; 227/351; 230/357; 239/5c; 239/5c; 245/9a; 245/9a; 246/9a; 246/9a; 246/9a; 251/17b; 317/104c; 347/148; 360/166a; 384/200; 410/247e; 415/267; 421/288c; 421/309; 423/297; 426/317a; 429/321b; 441/375b; 443/383a; 445/387a; 448/400; 458/427a; 465/452b; 503/632; 510/661
Miller Neighborhood32/134
Miller, A.J.509/658
Miller, B.C.490/563; 494/582
Miller, B.E.462/445
Miller, Beulah387/208
Miller, Beulla32/138
Miller, Bros.183/248a; 183/248b
Miller, Bruce & Carrie501/619
Miller, Chas.502/626; 523/723
Miller, Cora469/467
Miller, Cora B. & S. M.419/279a
Miller, E.411/247a
Miller, E.M.462/445
Miller, Elizabeth245/9a; 246/9a; 246/9a
Miller, Elizabeth (Widow)369/181
Miller, Elizabeth Dower67/283
Miller, Emmett E.495/584b
Miller, Ernest256/22b
Miller, Frank & Co.426/314
Miller, Gemetta184/249
Miller, Geo.121/112; 165/208; 441/370
Miller, Green185/250; 316/104b
Miller, Greenup441/370
Miller, H.T.185/250; 316/104b
Miller, J.185/251
Miller, J.F.160/196
Miller, Jacob32/134; 144/162; 185/251
Miller, James420/281
Miller, James Heirs462/445
Miller, Jas.24/108b
Miller, Jas.H.115/98
Miller, Jim322/113a
Miller, Joe510/661
Miller, John, Wm., Abigal & Maggie369/181
Miller, Levi Heirs32/138; 387/208
Miller, Liddie Widow387/208
Miller, Lincoln503/632
Miller, Lydia32/138
Miller, Martin67/283
Miller, Martin J. Heirs369/181
Miller, Mollie500/616
Miller, Mrs.482/524
Miller, N.H.490/558
Miller, P.30/128; 32/134; 185/251; 266/41a
Miller, Payton387/2008
Miller, Pendelton415/265
Miller, Peter67/283; 245/9a; 246/9a
Miller, Peter & Wife33/140; 33/141
Miller, Peyton32/138; 32/138
Miller, R.65/271
Miller, R.A.441/370
Miller, Richard E.523/723
Miller, Richard E. & Connie523/723
Miller, Robert32/138; 387/208
Miller, S.M.26/116; 419/279b; 433/337; 441/375b
Miller, S.M. & H.M.52/216b; 178/236; 500/610
Miller, Stelia32/138
Miller, Stella387/208
Miller, Susan32/138; 387/208
Miller, Tom25/109a
Miller, W.T.481/521
Millers Mill274/57
Millers, Peter246/9a
Millet, Adam320/110b
Millett7/41; 7/43; 232/362; 472/479
Millett, Jas.132/136
Millett, Mrs.58/240
Milletts Heirs11/59
Milletts, James Heirs8/40
Milligan189/262; 357/163
Milligan Heirs58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247
Milligan, George F.329/123
Milligan, Gilly329/123
Milligan, Jonathan Heirs425/310
Milligan, Joseph265/37b; 329/123
Milligan, Mavinda329/123
Milligan, Melvina425/310
Milligan, Melvina (Dower)58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247
Milligan, Melvina, Wife Or Joseph Milligan402/232b
Milligan, Miranda F435/344
Milligan, Sarah Ann329/123
Milligan, Thomas402/232a
Milligan, Thos.402/232b; 425/310
Milligan, Thos. & Jonathan329/123
Milligan, Tom402/232b
Milligan, Volumba329/123
Mills, Edw.487/543b
Mills, Edward M.491/567
Minter76/16; 165/208; 166/209; 323/113b; 420/281
Minter, John183/248a; 183/248b
Mintor Or Moore429/323
Mintor, John322/113a
Mitchell &238/4b
Mitchell & Wilson, G.238/4b
Mitchell David & George Wilson239/5a
Mitchell, B.510/665
Mitchell, David & George Wilson239/5a
Mitchell, J.H.510/665
Mitchell, Royce W.523/723
Mitchell, Samuel J262/30
Moberly, Peter441/374
Mobley216/318; 423/297; 445/387c
Mobley Children456/416c
Mobley, Bettie (Dower)60/252
Mobley, Catherine & Thomas456/416c
Mobley, Thos. & Catherine456/416b
Mobly, Bettie456/416c
Moes, Louis476/496b
Monarch Oil & Gas Co.462/445
Monk4/26; 31/135; 250/16c; 322/113a; 323/113b; 347/147; 420/281; 456/417
Monk, F.342/140
Monks, F.23/105
Monroe76/16; 178/238; 185/250; 216/322; 316/104b
Monroe, Elizabeth324/115
Monroe, Ferguson62/258
Monroe, Floyd F.324/115
Monroe, Henry D.324/115
Monroe, J.B.216/322; 419/280
Monroe, Mary Ann324/115
Monroe, Minerva457/420; 477/502
Monroe, W.F.488/549
Monroe, Wm.324/115
Monroe, Wm. Heirs323/115
Mook, Isaac61/255
Mooney16/76; 18/80; 101/73; 230/357; 411/247a; 427/318a; 442/379c; 457/421
Mooney & Mcclerghen338/136a
Mooney & Mccloughan28/124
Mooney Division17/77
Mooney, Barney427/318a
Mooney, Charles & J.F.427/318d
Mooney, Chas17/77
Mooney, Chas.186/252; 427/318a
Mooney, H. A.423/299a
Mooney, H. A.& Wife382/198
Mooney, Hannah186/252
Mooney, J F17/77
Mooney, J.88/47
Mooney, J.F.427/318a; 432/330a
Moore5/35; 39/173; 47/205; 53/225; 61/255; 61/257; 65/271; 186/253; 196/275; 245/9a; 246/9a; 246/9a; 287/72; 288/72c; 303/90b; 322/113a; 323/113b; 379/195b; 408/240a; 409/240d; 410/246; 410/247c; 424/304; 428/321a; 437/355b; 437/356a; 441/370; 442/379c; 456/416a; 462/445; 465/453a; 498/602; 518/700; 525/728
Moore, Ada443/380; 455/415
Moore, Dan100/69; 439/367
Moore, Daniel & Co85/39
Moore, Deliatia (Dower)278/62a
Moore, Diana410/245
Moore, G.W.115/98; 278/62a; 437/355b
Moore, Geo.62/262; 62/262
Moore, Geo.W.62/262; 437/355a
Moore, Gor.W.437/355b
Moore, H.306/95a
Moore, Hardin150/175b
Moore, I.177/232
Moore, I. & Miller, Peter268/44
Moore, Isaac31/135; 185/251; 185/251; 322/113a; 401/230; 420/281
Moore, Isaac Heirs4/26; 31/135
Moore, Issac25/109b
Moore, James298/83; 353/157; 393/219
Moore, Jane278/62a
Moore, Jas.352/154
Moore, Jo24/108b
Moore, Joe24/108b; 322/113a; 420/281
Moore, John C.512/675
Moore, John D.186/253
Moore, Joseph413/258
Moore, Lewis333/129a; 379/195a; 379/195b
Moore, Patterson & Co.66/274; 291/76a
Moore, R. L.186/254
Moore, R.L.333/129a
Moore, Richard379/195b
Moore, Robert410/246
Moore, Vernon503/628
Moore, William278/62a
Moore, William C.254/21
Moore, William C. Heirs278/62a
Moore, Wm C. Heirs Division20/92
Moore, Wm. & Martha E. T397/224
Moore, Wm.C & Co26/112
Moore, Wm.C.278/62b; 391/216a; 456/417
Moore's Store441/370
Moosley, Robert264/37a
More, Joe4/26
Moreman & Wife319/109
Morgan, Samuel454/410
Morris, E.H.503/630
Morris, J.T.461/440
Morris, R.L.462/445
Morrison & Herpes419/283
Morrow63/265; 222/338; 419/280; 431/329
Morrow, Jasper486/541
Morton433/334b #1; 457/421
Morton, Richard81/28
Mosby & Co.60/252
Mosely, Robert239/5a
Motershead, D.187/255
Mothershead286/71; 290/75
Mothershead, Agnes299/84
Mothershead, Alfred277/60b
Mothershead, Bev187/255; 187/258
Mothershead, David H,267/43a
Mothershead, Ed472/482; 481/518
Mothershead, Lewis481/518
Mothershead, Minor10/52; 50/212
Mothershed Vs. Douglas187/255
Mothershed, Minor277/60b
Mount33/147; 126/122; 457/421
Mount Heirs399/225; 457/421
Mount, J.W.416/271a
Mount, Mrs. Alice416/271a
Mount's Addition7/37
Mrphy, Barber & Co.383/199b
Msdowell Heirs422/295
Mt Eden Church385/202
Mt Washington485/536a
Mt Washington - Partial Plat485/536b
Mt Washington Rd. (Shepherdsville)483/530b
Mt Washington School484/533
Mt. Eden Cemetery435/345
Mt. Washington Shool516/690
Mt. Washington- Bull Co Mag. Dist97/65
Mudd23/101; 65/273; 294/80a; 294/80b; 433/334b #1; 453/409; 498/602
Mudd, I.T.470/471
Mudd, Ike448/395
Mudd, Jo23/101
Mudd, M.242/8c
Mulligan, Sarah247/10
Munford175/229; 255/22c; 411/247a; 446/393a; 459/429b; 462/445; 474/485
Munford, Miles459/429b
Munford, P.459/429b
Munford, P.T.187/255; 459/429b; 462/445
Munford, Perry457/418b
Munford, Perry T466/456
Munford, Sam458/425
Munford, W.446/393a
Murcher, Chas.292/78
Murhes, Charles309/98
Murhes, Jacob314/102
Murhoff, Mrs Kate93/56
Murkar, Chas414/264
Murker9/51a; 430/326b #2; 499/601; 500/616
Murker, Charles400/229a
Murker, Chas.314/102
Murker, H.449/404a
Murker, Mary433/338a
Murphy204/294; 207/300; 471/478c; 510/663
Murphy, Barber & Co442/379a
Murphy, Barber & Co.383/199c; 396/223a; 396/223a; 453/409
Murphy, Dr.510/663
Murphy, Josh461/436b
Murphy, Patricia J.510/663
Murray6/33a; 166/209; 435/346b; 482/526
Murray, Barry482/528
Murray, Dr435/346a
Murray, Eliza19/87; 450/432a
Murray, H.367/176
Murray, Logan482/526
Murray, Pat418/276
Murry, Eliza65/271; 202/290; 338/135; 381/197b; 401/229b
Muss, Annie311/100c
Muss, Annie E.186/259
Muss, Chester L.186/259
Myers10/48b; 19/91; 20/86; 20/92; 31/135; 37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 42/178; 48/206; 78/23; 96/62; 103/75; 107/81; 109/86; 116/99; 123/119; 138/147; 159/194; 188/260; 189/263; 192/264; 219/328; 239/5b; 239/5c; 239/5c; 240/5d; 240/5d; 278/62a; 278/62b; 313/101b; 314/102; 322/113a; 322/113a; 323/113b; 326/119c; 333/128c; 348/150; 357/163; 358/164a; 408/240a; 408/240c; 409/240d; 420/281; 420/281; 422/293a; 422/295; 427/318d; 429/325a; 442/378; 456/417; 456/417; 461/436b; 469/467; 485/537
Myers & Crist368/178; 391/216a
Myers & Loney37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161
Myers Bros.478/504
Myers Heirs323/113b; 346/146; 422/293b; 442/379a
Myers,405/234b; 405/234c
Myers, & Others- East Fork Plat188/260
Myers, B.F.58/244; 189/261
Myers, G.W.189/262
Myers, Garland495/585
Myers, H. Heirs189/263
Myers, Heirs185/251
Myers, Henry303/90b; 333/129a
Myers, Herb518/698
Myers, J.35/153; 311/101a
Myers, J.B.191/264; 391/216b
Myers, J.R.189/262
Myers, J.S.451/408a
Myers, Jacob20/86; 35/153; 225/346; 232/365; 237/3a; 237/3a; 239/5b; 311/101a; 342/140; 346/146; 405/234a; 420/285b; 420/286
Myers, Jacob C.73/9
Myers, James23/105; 405/234a
Myers, James B.436/354a
Myers, Jas.436/354b
Myers, John23/105; 342/140; 346/146
Myers, John E.313/101b
Myers, John Heirs333/129a
Myers, Joseph300/85; 405/234a
Myers, Joseph S451/408b
Myers, Mahala379/195a; 391/216b
Myers, Nappers265/37c
Myers, Rufus436/354b
Myerson, Chas.495/584b
Nage, Elizabeth468/461a
Nall, Mrs. James482/523
Nalls, W. Heirs74/11
Napier95/61; 211/309; 512/672
Napier, Frank H.491/571
Napier, H.F. & Nancy C.511/670
Napier, M.496/592
Napier, Wm.357/163; 386/207a
Napper28/124; 224/344; 429/325a
Napper, E.52/218b
Napper, Wm.45/191; 429/325a
Nappers81/28; 228/354; 290/74b
Nash204/294; 424/305d
Nathis, Elvin51/219
Nccikkum, Mary Monroe509/657
Neal, Benjamin238/4a; 238/4a
Neal, Joseph238/4a; 238/4a
Neal, Solomon352/155
Needmore School House Lot43/185b
Neil, Balis196/274a; 196/274b
Neil, Isaac F. & Dorothy525/730
Neil, James B196/274a; 196/274b
Neil, Letitia196/274a; 196/274b
Neil, Lewis196/274a; 196/274b
Neil, Margaret Cornelia196/274a; 196/274b
Neil, Mary Arabella196/274a; 196/274b
Neil, Matilda196/274a; 196/274b
Neil, Samuel196/274a; 196/274b
Neil, Solomon352/155
Neil, Thomas196/274a; 196/274b
Neill, Lewis281/65b
Neill, Matilda281/65b
Neill, Phoebe196/274a; 196/274b
Neill, S.358/164c
Neman, C.W.446/391b
Newholt, Wm.244/8f; 244/8f
Newkirk45/196; 45/197; 46/196; 46/197; 140/152
Newkirk, Asa74/11
Newkirk, Charles & Asa Heirs391/215
Newkirk, Chas.45/196; 45/197; 46/196; 46/197
Newkirk, Elizabeth50/212
Newkirk, Francis299/84
Newkirk, W.R.45/196; 45/197; 46/196; 46/197
Newkirk, Wm.R.391/215
Newman196/275; 393/219; 411/247a; 421/288c; 429/322b; 430/324; 433/334b #1; 438/357b; 509/660
Newman Heirs462/445
Newman, C.462/445
Newman, C.W.445/391a; 468/462
Newman, Catherine481/519
Newman, H.Q.499/607
Newman, John Heirs380/196a
Newman, Katie481/519
Newman, W.C.444/386a; 468/462
Newton462/446b; 463/446a
Newton, B.394/220b
Newton, Chas.197/276; 459/431
Newton, Sidney43/185b
Nichels, Katherine498/599a
Nicholas Heirs102/74
Nichols, L.W.351/152c
Nicholson, J.H.198/277a; 198/277b
Nicholson, John198/277a; 198/277b
Nicholson, John H.197/277a; 197/277b
Nickles & Parsley510/665
Nickles, Lem390/214
Nigger6/33a; 43/183
No Map Given This Number265/38
No Map On This Page6/36; 30/126
Noe428/320a; 436/350; 443/383a
Noe, Geo235/371
Noe, James162/202a; 162/202b
Nopper338/136a; 429/322b
Nopper, Wm.430/325b
Norris497/596; 505/640; 508/655; 508/655; 508/655
Norris, Ernest508/655
Norris, Paul508/655
Norris, Paul R & Ethel B.508/655
North, H.B.9/49
North, H.B. & Wife465/453b
Notebook- Pg. Ithu 33526/737
Nusz82/29; 86/41; 172/224a; 172/224b; 229/355; 313/101b
Nusz, Albert17/83
Nusz, Edington411/247a
Nusz, H A17/83
Nusz, H.A.64/264; 90/50; 205/297
Nusz, W.H.198/278; 198/278
Nutgrass, Wm.503/632
Nutt, William286/70
Nutt, Zilpah G.478/508
Nutt, Zilphia460/436a
O'brien381/197b; 419/280
O'brien J.L.419/280
O'bryan49/213; 150/175b; 171/222; 172/224a; 172/224b; 227/350; 283/67c; 365/173; 418/274a; 432/333a; 449/405a
O'bryan & Samuels366/174
O'bryan Division198/279a; 198/279b
O'bryan Heirs442/379a; 442/379a; 443/382
O'bryan J.Q.299/84
O'bryan James L.286/70
O'bryan W.A.199/279a; 199/279b
O'bryan, America Jane199/279c
O'bryan, C.T.199/279a; 199/279b
O'bryan, C.T. Lot #2199/279c
O'bryan, F.Heirs438/362
O'bryan, J.E.199/279a; 199/279b
O'bryan, J.E. Lot #3199/279c
O'bryan, James L Division199/279c
O'bryan, James L.286/70
O'bryan, Josie199/279a; 199/279b; 279c/Lot #1
O'bryan, Lewis295/81b
O'bryan, Mrs.199/280
O'bryan, Robt.469/468
O'bryan, W.E.57/243; 402/8d; 402/8d; 467/458
O'bryan, Wm.A.279c/Lot #5
O'bryans Heirs467/458
O'bryen, Mrs.419/280
O'flynn, Mary410/245
O'hagan, James234/370
Oak Grove School462/445
Oakland Park Subdivision503/633b
Obryan W.E. Heirs362/168
Obryan, E16/74a
Obryan, Ed Heirs362/168
Obryan, W.E. Heirs361/168a
Ogle48/204; 249/15a; 441/370; 487/543a; 500/608
Ohio R. Plat Mouth Of Pond Cr. & Salt R.259/25b
Old Grandad Dist. Co.402/8d; 402/8d
Old Peoples Bank521/716
Old Pine Tavern68/282
Old Pitts Point (Pittstown)358/164c
Old Shepherdsville Cemetery205/296
Oldham Heirs5/35
Oldham, Presley Heirs19/87
Oldham, Preston Heirs401/229b
Oldham, Wm.225/346; 267/42; 420/285b
Oller, Edna134/140
Omer453/409; 453/409; 499/605; 499/605
Omer, Clement W.499/605
Omer, Kitty449/405a; 449/405b
Onerton, C. & W.237/2b
Orm133/139; 314/102; 445/390
Orm, Alfred463/449b
Orm, Alice463/449b
Orm, Elizabeth & W.H.50/212
Orm, Jerry102/74; 109/86
Orm, M.A.463/449b
Orm, Nancy463/449b
Orm, Phillip463/449b
Orm, Wm.463/449b
Orme, Matthew416/271a
Orms, David508/651
Orms, Philip Dec'd38/162
Orms, Samuel & Ada508/651
Orms, W. H.508/651
Ormsby39/167; 405/234b; 405/234c
Ormsby Heirs405/234b; 405/234c
Ormsby, Stephen107/81; 241/7; 241/7; 405/234a
Orthoher, James D. & Martha A.524/726a
Osbltrn411/247a; 501/622
Osbltrn, Elsie59/249
Osborn204/294; 466/456
Osborne78/21; 78/21; 78/21; 78/21; 78/21; 78/21; 78/21; 78/21; 440/372
Osborne, Elsie178/237; 178/237
Osburn12/58; 29/131; 40/172; 72/5; 210/307; 411/247a
Osburn Heirs483/530a
Osburn, E.59/249
Osburn, Elsie187/255; 298/83; 466/456
Osburn, S.411/247a
Osburn, W.E.462/445
Ospelt62/256; 429/323; 445/387a
Otto, Shepherd417/272c
Overall13/67; 149/175a; 150/175b; 199/280; 244/8g; 244/8g; 244/8h; 337/134; 343/141; 372/186; 418/274a; 438/362; 449/405b; 467/458
Overall, C.0.467/458
Overall, John29/125; 244/8h; 338/136a; 339/136c; 467/458
Overdale Sub-Division Lot #37506/647
Overton, C & W.237/2b
Overton, Clough238/4b; 238/4b; 289/73
Owen, Bernard500/613; 500/613
Owen, Greenup408/239b
Owen, H.462/445
Owen, M.505/643
Owen, W.C.462/446b
Owens11/55; 84/36; 195/273; 237/3b; 237/3b; 300/87; 437/356a; 460/435; 478/505
Owens, Arthur187/255
Owens, Bernard L.500/613; 500/613
Owens, Bessie494/583
Owens, Devisees171/222
Owens, Edward C.500/613
Owens, Felix277/60b
Owens, Henry277/60b
Owens, John T. & Grace504/638
Owens, Lorenza277/60b
Owens, Mckenzie200/283
Owens, R.F.455/412
Owens, Singleton200/282; 408/239b
Owens, Singleton & Greenup200/283
Owens, W.C.84/36
Owens, William237/3a; 238/4a; 238/4a
Owens, Wm.B.237/3b; 237/3b
Owens, Zedda277/60b
Oxley363/168e; 363/168e
Oxley Addition288/72c; 419/283; 479/511
Oxley, B.F279/63
Oxley, B.F.1/19; 287/72; 342/139; 426/316
Oxley's Paroquet Add To Shepherdsville439/363
Panabaker73/9; 96/62; 293/79
Parker, Cecil493/575
Parker, Dave412/254b
Parker, Elizabeth35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155
Parker, H.491/568
Paroquet, V.479/511
Parris231/360; 231/360; 448/399
Parris, Arch.440/372
Parris, Archie512/673; 513/679
Parris, D.140/152
Parris, David M.436/352
Parris, J.W.436/352
Parris, Leslie436/352
Parris, Wm13/65; 90/50
Parris, Wm.35/151; 198/278; 440/372
Parrish, Ben495/587
Parrott, Ollie & Erma D.516/689
Parsley, Vera497/596
Parsley, Wm.A.497/596
Parsonage426/312; 496/592
Parsons, Sarah A.24/106; 200/284
Part Of Old Public Square174/227
Patterson81/28; 115/96; 115/96; 115/96; 126/123; 153/182a; 153/182b; 199/279c; 345/144b; 380/196a; 448/395; 453/409; 467/459c; 495/588; 497/594; 504/633a; 510/664; 510/664; 510/664
Patterson, C.O.496/592
Patterson, G. S.454/413
Patterson, G.S.106/79c; 153/182a; 153/182b; 433/333b; 448/402; 464/451; 466/457
Patterson, L.M.462/445
Patterson, L.N.387/207b
Patterson, Moore & Co.275/59a
Patterson, Wm.28/124; 338/136a; 360/166a; 469/470
Paul37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 42/178; 327/120b; 422/293a; 422/293b
Pauley, Jos246/9a
Pauley, Josh415/265
Pauley, Thomas310/99; 348/151
Pauley, Thomas Sr.349/152a
Pauley, Tom415/265
Paulley25/109a; 38/158; 55/233; 60/254; 93/56; 466/460
Paulley W.B.3/21
Paulley, Absolam46/192
Paulley, Howard351/152c
Paulley, J.S.351/152c; 351/152c
Paulley, Jos.68/284
Paulley, Josh25/109a; 48/204; 249/15a; 350/152b
Paulley, Thos. Heirs33/140; 33/141
Paulley, Tom25/109a; 349/152b
Paulley, Tom Heirs351/152c
Paulley, W.B.3/25
Payne179/240a; 179/240b
Peacock55/233; 195/271; 281/65b; 440/368
Peacock Heirs216/320
Peacock, Alice56/236
Peacock, Bettie56/236
Peacock, Edward56/236
Peacock, Elizabeth31/133; 335/131
Peacock, George4/28; 56/236; 200/285
Peacock, Isaac56/236
Peacock, Jessie56/236
Peacock, Jno.201/286
Peacock, John56/236
Peacock, Lawerence56/236
Peacock, William56/236
Peak, Alex466/455
Peak, Alexander466/455
Pearce, Pearlie500/611
Pearl61/261; 201/287
Pearl & Brooks344/144a
Pearse, Richard31/133; 335/131
Pearse, Richard & Wife389/210c
Pearson, Viola Boston Heirs516/689
Peirce, George46/192
Pence, Buck408/239b
Pendegrast, E.367/176
Pendelton, Joseph F. & Catherine523/719
Pendleton62/258; 67/281; 91/53; 198/277a; 198/277b; 441/370; 448/400
Pendleton, D.H.91/53; 198/277a; 198/277b
Pendleton, David207/301
Pendleton, David H.62/258
Pendleton, J.C.26/114
Pendleton, Louella202/288
Pendleton, W.D.392/217a
Pendleton, Wm.24/104
Pendleton, Wm.C.25/113
Pennington105/78; 105/78
Peoples Bank63/265; 72/6; 431/329; 487/543b
Peral, Newton462/445
Perkins453/409; 487/544b; 524/727
Perkins Now J.0. Taylor149/175a
Perkins, Mattie462/445
Perkins, Stanley & Viola523/720; 524/727
Perston, W.H.416/271a
Petri, H.523/722
Peyton (Dower)35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155
Phelps10/50b; 27/123; 41/181; 42/180; 55/235; 77/19; 115/96; 216/322; 422/295; 450/432a; 453/414a; 459/432b; 462/442; 462/446b; 479/512a
Phelps, Gay Heirs202/289
Phelps, John92/54
Phelps, Lang202/290
Phelps, Loy423/299b; 457/419
Phelps, Susan J. Heirs457/419
Phelps, W.361/167; 381/197a; 424/304
Phelps, W. Heirs402/233
Phelps, W.F.106/79a; 106/79b
Phelps, W.J.5/35; 19/87; 19/87; 19/87; 67/285; 381/197b; 381/197b; 402/233; 411/249; 450/432a
Phelps, W.J. Heirs457/419
Phelps, W.P.5/35; 29/127; 415/268
Phelps, Wesley381/197b; 440/366b; 440/366b
Phelps, Westly203/291a; 203/291b
Phelps, William P.407/236
Phelps, Wm.316/104a
Phelps, Wm.J.338/135; 401/229b; 401/229b
Philips243/8b; 243/8b; 401/8a; 401/8a
Phillip, Murray Division490/559
Phillips, Ralph510/661
Phillips, Thos78/23
Philpot, Lester490/563
Pick, Geo.W.&Co.411/247a
Pierce, Geo195/271
Pierce, Geo.31/133; 419/280
Pierson, Viola Boston Heirs203/292
Pigg231/360; 231/360
Pike504/634; 504/634; 504/634
Pike, Burlyn504/634
Pindle205/293; 205/293; 205/293
Pine Tavern59/251; 277/61
Pine Tavern274/56b
Pine Tavern- Bull. Co. Mag. Dist.97/65
Pitman357/163; 430/325b
Pittman45/191; 290/74b; 429/325a; 462/444
Pitts Point66/280; 358/164b
Pitts Point Lots358/164b
Pitts Town358/164d
Pitts Town303/90a
Platt118/107; 150/175b; 244/8h; 244/8h; 395/220c; 440/366b
Platt, Ebenezer81/28; 338/136a; 339/136c; 340/136d; 344/144a; 382/199a; 396/223a
Platt, Ebenzer29/125
Platt, Ebinezer339/136b
Pleasant Hill204/294
Polly, Absolam195/271
Pool, Areellia32/138
Poole, Arrella387/208
Pope24/108a; 25/111; 43/187; 43/187; 48/206; 80/25; 96/62; 109/86; 139/150; 239/5c; 239/5c; 327/120a; 363/168e; 363/168e; 381/197b; 440/368; 449/404c; 452/407b; 499/601
Pope & Barkley102/74
Pope & Breckinridge117/102
Pope & Froman73/9; 293/79
Pope & Patent365/172
Pope & Patton187/255; 277/60b; 378/192
Pope & Sandford71/4; 102/74; 292/78; 327/120a
Pope & Sanford308/96; 314/102; 430/326a; 431/326b #1; 438/359
Pope & Sanford Line129/127
Pope Sub-Division501/619
Pope William236/2a
Pope, Ella501/619
Pope, G.F.80/25
Pope, Geo.T.43/187
Pope, J W13/65
Pope, J.W.490/558
Pope, J.Y.408/239a
Pope, John Heirs440/368
Pope, Pat501/619
Pope, William236/2a
Pope, Wm80/25
Pope, Wm.43/187
Porter190/267; 434/342; 447/396a; 474/485; 510/664; 515/689; 525/728
Porter, C.A.509/659
Porter, C.M.C.476/496b
Porter, F.T.203/292; 515/689
Porter, James494/583
Porter, James P.494/583
Porter, John F.386/205
Porter, Larkin & Rubin268/44
Porter, M.J.515/687
Porter, Mary355/160
Porter, Melvin203/292; 509/659; 516/689
Porter, Melvin & Dorthy D.516/689
Porter, N.E. & Roy L. Mariman507/649
Porter, Polly411/247a
Porter, W.F.515/687
Post Office227/351
Potter, Otis462/445
Powell198/277a; 198/277b
Prather, Anthony517/696
Pratt, Nancy299/84
Pratt, Richard8/44; 274/57
Pratt, Richard Heirs282/66
Pratt, Sarah (Widow)282/66
Pratt, Wm.47/199
Presley, George381/197b
Preston40/170; 277/61; 335/130; 360/166a; 410/247b; 469/470
Preston, Chas.27/121
Preston, Chas. S.205/295
Preston, George Heirs Division27/121
Preston, John27/121; 205/295
Preston, W.399/225
Preston, W.H.266/40; 425/306; 425/306
Prewitt Heirs430/326a
Price453/414a; 500/614
Price, John & Myrtle500/614
Price, Mary439/364
Privett Heirs102/74
Probus, Elmer527/739
Probus, Emma516/691a
Proctor208/304; 463/446a; 463/446a
Proctor, J.B.442/376; 455/412
Promie, L.287/72
Pruett Heirs11/53; 72/6
Pruett, Sarah R.327/121
Pruitt, Sarah431/326b #1; 499/601
Pruitts Heirs449/404c
Pryor, I.W.523/719
Punk, Clint91/53
Purcell6/34; 28/124; 36/150; 65/273; 266/40; 333/128c; 338/136a; 380/196a; 411/247a; 416/271a; 416/271a; 427/318a; 433/334b #1; 454/413; 457/421; 470/471
Purcell, Geo.W. & Sally Grey Purcell332/128b
Purcell, Sam17/77
Purcell, Wm.F.332/128b
Purdom, Dr. Heirs447/396a
Queartermous, W.462/444
Queen, Emma & C.417/272b
Quick37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 133/138; 182/245a; 182/245b; 432/331a; 498/599b
Quick Heirs50/214
Quick, 0.489/604; 504/634
Quick, Charles506/652
Quick, Ed94/58; 432/331c
Quick, Ed.24/106
Quick, Fred462/445; 498/599b
Quick, Geo23/107; 133/139; 189/263
Quick, Geo.315/103b; 315/103b; 462/445
Quick, George315/103a
Quick, Geroge315/103a
Quick, J.E.3/27; 50/214
Quick, J.P.315/103a; 315/103a
Quick, Jack24/106
Quick, John192/264
Quick, L.H.315/103a; 315/103a; 315/103a
Quick, Lem10/48b
Quick, Lem H315/103a
Quick, Lem H.315/103a
Quick, Lemon315/103a
Quick, Mrs.414/264
Quick, P.H.6/32; 410/247d; 411/247a; 458/425
Quick, T.J.3/27
Quick, Thos & Lemon18/78
Quick, Wm.474/488
Quicks, Jack200/284
Quincey & Tyler266/40; 266/40
Quirk, Wm.467/459b
Railey29/125; 338/136a; 383/199b; 396/223a; 396/223a; 440/366b; 442/379c
Raliey, Randolph396/223a
Ralley, Frank & Sopha424/303
Ramsey9/51a; 9/51b; 11/57; 430/326b #2; 433/338a; 434/338b; 438/359
Ramsey, C.B.522/718a
Ramsey, Joe512/676
Ramsey, Nancy299/84
Ramsey, T.J.123/119; 414/263
Ramsey's Store400/229a
Ramsy431/326b #1
Raney, Pearl F.504/634
Ratcliff110/87; 110/87; 150/175b; 337/134; 371/184
Ratcliff, Sam149/175a
Ratcliff, Wm.394/220a
Ratliff Addition497/594
Ratliff, C.273/55
Ratliff, Charles272/54
Ratliff, Chas.467/458
Ratliff, Gus508/655
Ratliff, Mildred497/594
Ratliff, Roth D. & Hazel H.505/640
Ratliff, Trusie467/458
Rauth, F.287/72
Rawling, Johnson370/182a
Rawling, Mineva370/182a
Rawlings39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169; 53/227; 400/229a; 434/339
Rawlings Heirs9/51a
Rawlings Heirs Now Hart123/119
Rawlings, Heirs434/339
Rawlings, John257/23
Rawlings, John (Dec'd)11/57
Rawlings, John Admr11/57
Rawlings, John, Widow Of Arnold, James257/23
Rawlings, L.434/339
Rawlings, Lewis11/57; 434/339
Rawlings, Widow11/57
Rawlings, Widow, Heirs11/57
Ray166/210; 205/296
Ray, Ben43/189; 348/150; 405/32; 438/360
Ray, Dr. Joseph505/642
Ray, John81/28; 81/28; 182/246; 239/5a; 239/5a; 239/5a; 302/89b; 348/150; 348/150; 427/318a; 438/360; 442/379c
Raylmond, F.313/101c
Rayman, Fred Co.204/294
Rayman, Mrs.90/50
Rayman, Wm.204/294
Raymon60/253; 65/271; 110/88; 150/175b; 303/90b; 418/274a; 425/307; 453/409; 457/419; 462/445; 471/478c; 471/478c; 471/478c
Raymon, Dick334/129b; 414/262
Raymon, Fred471/478c
Raymon, Jas.334/128d
Raymon, Jas. H.334/128d
Raymon, Jess205/297; 460/434
Raymon, Jesse28/118
Raymon, John425/307
Raymon, Jr.426/315
Raymon, S. A.160/196
Raymon, Wm. Heirs334/129b
Raymond202/290; 304/90c; 449/405a; 505/640
Raymond & Raymond270/50
Raymond, Ann234/369
Raymond, Clyde A.508/655
Raymond, Clyde A. & Ina Fay505/640
Raymond, F.23/103; 300/87
Raymond, F. & Ash. S.268/44
Raymond, John313/101c
Raymond, Louisa Ann313/101c
Raymond, Mrs.423/296
Raymond, R.J.22/96; 396/223a
Rearden116/99; 116/99
Reasoner, Wm.358/164c
Redding, Francis D.489/560
Reed, George243/8b; 243/8b; 401/8a; 401/8a
Reed, J.B.490/565a
Reeves, Thomas81/28; 338/136a
Reeves, Thos.28/124
Regal Pet Co.153/181
Reichmuth91/53; 91/53
Reisinger, Rebecca134/140
Relphs, Elizabeth8/44
Remington, Leon522/718a
Rennison29/131; 73/10; 411/247a
Rennison Division6/32; 206/299
Rennison, Geo410/247c
Rennison, Geo.6/32
Rennison, John411/247a
Rennison, Mattie64/264
Rennsion, John410/247c
Representative Of Vs. Gassaway, Benjamin268/45
Rexroat, H.C. & Sarah489/604
Rexroat, Joseph H. & Corine489/604
Rhea215/315; 465/453a
Rhea, E.S.491/565b; 491/565b
Rhea, Wm.S.491/565b; 491/565b
Rhea,Ed208/305a; 208/305b; 208/305c
Rhoades, Henry473/481
Rhodes, Henry473/481
Rice, J.J.489/561
Rice, L.K.489/561
Richardson188/260; 188/260; 198/277a; 198/277b; 314/102
Richardson, Bradford & Mary D.525/729
Richardson, J.I.341/327
Richardson, J.J. Lots I Thru 9431/327
Richardson, R.R.503/628
Richerson, Elizabeth C.495/587
Richerson, J.I.419/280; 419/284
Richie, Maurice504/636
Richie, Minnie Mccollum509/657
Rickett, Louisa429/322b
Rickett, S.H.206/299
Ricketts29/125; 43/189; 45/191; 63/268; 63/269; 64/268; 64/269; 65/277; 166/210; 405/32; 405/32; 423/301; 429/322a; 429/325a; 438/360; 453/409; 457/424; 462/444; 473/481
Ricketts, C.C.423/301
Ricketts, Geo.58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247
Ricketts, Gilly58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247
Ricketts, Gilly (Widow)329/123
Ricketts, J.58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247
Ricketts, J.E.423/301; 457/424; 457/424
Ricketts, J.L.423/301
Ricketts, James F304/92
Ricketts, James F.351/153
Ricketts, John40/174; 58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247; 329/123
Ricketts, Jonathan58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247
Ricketts, Jonathan E.304/92
Ricketts, Jonathan Heirs328/123; 425/310
Ricketts, Joseph425/310
Ricketts, Lavilla329/123
Ricketts, R.K.224/343; 425/310; 435/344
Ricketts, Sarah E.423/301
Ricketts, Savilla58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247
Ricketts, Will473/481
Ricketts, Wm.58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247
Ricketts. Bros.473/481
Rickmuth, Botts392/217a
Ridge155/186; 338/136a
Ridge, Don206/299
Ridges, W. & S.28/124
Ridgeway110/88; 111/90; 132/136; 156/188; 178/238; 198/277a; 198/277b; 425/307; 455/412; 478/505; 499/601; 512/675
Ridgeway Division498/600
Ridgeway Heirs442/376; 463/446a
Ridgeway Wm., Laura, Richmond & Benjamin332/127
Ridgeway, B.W.201/286; 201/286; 268/44; 280/64; 462/446b
Ridgeway, Ben W. Heirs325/119a
Ridgeway, Elizabeth335/131
Ridgeway, Ellen & Warren Heirs463/446a
Ridgeway, Elmer24/108a; 207/301; 207/301
Ridgeway, Fred206/302; 423/299b
Ridgeway, G. R. Lots482/524
Ridgeway, Greenberry S.325/119a
Ridgeway, Greenbury S.463/446a
Ridgeway, Greensberry462/446b
Ridgeway, J.M. & Hattie513/677
Ridgeway, Jo.201/286
Ridgeway, John Heirs217/321
Ridgeway, Joseph T.325/119a; 462/446b; 463/446a
Ridgeway, Lou206/302
Ridgeway, Mary Ann (Widow)332/127
Ridgeway, Milton151/177
Ridgeway, Minerva (Widow)325/119a
Ridgeway, N.422/292
Ridgeway, R.B.42/178; 422/293a; 422/293b; 449/404c; 449/404c
Ridgeway, R.B. & Elizabeth499/601
Ridgeway, Reasor C., Joseph T. & Mary C332/127
Ridgeway, Reeser, Joseph & Mary463/446a
Ridgeway, Richard443/381
Ridgeway, S.W.201/286
Ridgeway, Sallie463/446a
Ridgeway, Sam W. Heirs335/131
Ridgeway, Samuel W. Heirs331/127
Ridgeway, Tillman463/446a
Ridgeway, Warren463/446a
Ridgeway, Warren, Corah, Minerva-332/127
Ridgeway, Wash201/286
Ridgeway, Wash Heirs463/446a
Ridgeway, Washington Heirs325/119a
Ridgeway, Wm.232/362
Ridgeway, Wm. Heirs443/381
Ridgway31/133; 80/24; 198/277a; 198/277b; 224/344
Ridgway, Ambrose208/304
Ridgway, E.H.198/277a; 198/277b
Ridgway, Elmer62/258; 62/258
Ridgway, J.T.50/212
Ridgway, Jo207/303
Ridgway, R.B.431/326b #1
Ridgway, Robt.208/304
Ridgway, S. W.207/303
Ridgway, Sam Heirs31/133
Ridgway, Wordon Heirs208/304
Riehl, John482/524
Rigsby, W.P. & Edna489/560
Riley25/115; 60/254; 76/16; 110/87; 246/9a; 317/104c; 369/181; 372/185; 384/200; 510/662
Riley, Alex473/481
Riley, John35/153; 176/231
Riley, John N.245/9a; 246/9a; 246/9a
Riley, T.W.266/41a
Risely, Jas.43/183
Riser190/266a; 190/266b
Risley162/202a; 162/202b
Risley Heirs161/198
Risley, James161/200a; 161/200b
Ritchey62/258; 62/260; 207/301
Rizer, Wm.432/330a
Robards, D.X. Or John D.208/305a; 208/305b; 208/305c
Robards, Douglas K.399/228a
Robards, Frank9/49; 465/453a
Robards, Heirs399/228a
Robards, J.D.400/228b; 400/228b
Robards, J.F. Jr489/562
Robards, John9/49; 465/453b
Robards, L.L.399/288a
Robards, Linme L.400/228b
Robards, Lmme L.400/228b
Robards, W B9/45
Robards, W.B.210/306
Robards, W.G.399/228a
Robars, Frank399/228a
Robarts, John54/228
Robb, James P92/55
Robbin, T.W.7/39
Robbins64/266; 410/247e; 411/247a
Robbins, Bettie7/39; 459/429b
Robbins, T.M.7/39
Robbins, T.W. & Wife8/38
Robbins, W.F.7/39; 8/38
Robert E. Lee455/414b
Roberts13/65; 44/184; 87/43; 308/97; 456/416a; 461/436b
Roberts, A J81/17
Roberts, Dave482/528
Roberts, John243/8b; 243/8b
Roberts, John F17/82
Roberts, W H17/82
Robery, T. H.500/614
Robey380/196a; 380/196a; 422/292; 446/393a; 488/551; 511/671
Robey, Bennie & Blanche520/707
Robey, Clyde E. & Ida521/716
Robey, L433/336
Robey, Mac463/448
Robey, Mrs.446/393a
Robey, O.422/292
Robey, Otha113/93
Robey, R. B.523/734
Robey, W. W.422/292
Robinson, Elmer500/611
Robinson, H.A.490/565a
Robinson, John H.511/667
Robrerts, A.T.470/472
Roby113/93; 136/143; 234/369; 242/8c; 326/119b; 447/393b; 460/436a; 516/691b
Roby Children80/26
Roby, 0.242/8c; 242/8c
Roby, Ben111/89; 111/90
Roby, Chas.136/143
Roby, Chester466/457
Roby, D.471/478b
Roby, Ebn112/91
Roby, Edward E.24/102; 313/101c
Roby, Ewing471/478b
Roby, Ida146/168
Roby, Jim459/431
Roby, John17/79
Roby, L17/79; 17/79
Roby, L.L.447/393b
Roby, Lawrence113/93; 113/93; 242/8c; 242/8c; 305/93
Roby, Mary F.113/93
Roby, Mary France305/93
Roby, Mont28/120
Roby, Mrs447/393c
Roby, Ora L.470/474b
Roby, Owen Heirs326/119b
Roby, Pink53/225
Roby, Reasor113/93
Roby, T.H. & Eva500/614
Roby, Wm.L.305/93
Rodgers, J. P.465/453b
Rodgers, Lewis & J. T465/453b
Rodgers, Mrs.243/8b; 243/8b
Rogers57/245; 78/21; 104/77; 303/90b; 326/119c; 465/453a; 466/455; 487/546
Rogers, Charles E.422/293b
Rogers, Ed128/124
Rogers, J T9/49
Rogers, Jonathan210/307
Rogers, Mrs. Sue209/305a; 209/305b; 209/305c
Roller, G.Y.492/574a
Roney, James383/199c; 394/220a; 396/223a; 442/379a
Rood, Jesse182/246
Roper, J.358/164c
Rosen, Geo.470/474a
Ross & Banett417/271b
Ross, Georgia A.75/15
Ross, Robert E.525/729
Ross, Samuel. Jr.503/629
Rouse115/96; 454/410; 464/449a
Rouse, Bert495/586
Rouse, J.V.475/494
Rouse, Wm.A.313/101c
Rouse, Y.H.458/427a
Rowe, Herbert494/582
Rowland326/119b; 429/321b
Rowland, Jim4/26; 420/281
Roy3/25; 50/208
Ruby, George W.289/73
Ruby, Margaret378/193
Ruby, Nw.L.364/171
Ruby, Otha289/73
Ruby, Pease Heirs289/73
Ruby, William W.289/73
Ruch, Isaac462/445
Rude, Jesse302/89b; 427/318a; 457/423
Rudes & Rings256/22b
Rufus, Able520/707
Rummage, Oscar210/308
Rummage, Oscar P.210/308; 210/308
Rush175/229; 459/433
Russ, James L. & Anna504/636
Russ, Mary E. & Edward D.494/581
Russell380/196a; 380/196b
Russell, James T.380/196a
Rutledge, J. T.498/600
Ruxby8/42; 11/59
Ryan Or Maddox391/215
Ryan, Marsisa277/60b
Ryan, Wm.475/492
S. & C Ball288/72c
Saar411/247a; 447/396a
Saar, J.P.462/445
Saddler487/543a; 523/722
Sadler, M.C.498/598
Sadlet, Otto & Emma499/603
Sales86/40; 123/118
Sales, Lewis8/40
Sales, Martin57/243; 57/243
Sally, Wm.244/8f; 244/8f
Salmon, Wm.68/282
Salt River To Long Lick30/130
Salt River Town426/313
Same As Listed Map#396- Eberenz - Purdom447/396b
Sames, Henry246/9a
Sampson, Fillmore S. & W. F.95/61; 210/308
Sams, Wylder212/310
Samuel150/175b; 421/288e; 525/729
Samuel & Tobbins430/325b
Samuel, James291/76b
Samuel, S.R.339/136b
Samuel, W.B. & Amelia B.525/729
Samueld, J.W.144/162
Samuels19/87; 26/114; 37/159; 45/195; 49/209; 50/210; 52/218b; 61/255; 61/259; 61/259; 68/284; 121/112; 177/234; 216/322; 216/322; 228/354; 256/22b; 290/74b; 317/104c; 317/104c; 335/130; 341/138; 357/163; 361/167; 364/170; 394/220a; 429/325a; 429/325a; 430/325b; 438/361; 453/409; 457/423; 467/458; 473/481
Samuels & O'bryan172/224a; 172/224b; 368/179; 372/186; 438/362
Samuels & Tobin45/191
Samuels Heirs351/152c
Samuels Now Harned, Geo.430/325b
Samuels R.266/40
Samuels, B.26/110
Samuels, Bates512/676
Samuels, C.Lee445/387a
Samuels, Charles R.291/76a
Samuels, Chas. & Cary186/254
Samuels, Chas. & Clarie384/200
Samuels, Corinne489/604
Samuels, Elinor495/584b
Samuels, Emory B. & Co.44/186
Samuels, Franklin436/351
Samuels, Henry11/55; 316/104a; 316/104b; 317/104c; 401/231
Samuels, Hhz-W415/265
Samuels, Hiram38/158; 351/152b; 386/206
Samuels, Hiriam Heirs38/158
Samuels, Howell38/158; 386/206
Samuels, J.81/28; 81/28
Samuels, J.M. &O'bryan227/350
Samuels, J.W.317/104c
Samuels, James38/158; 43/189; 239/5a; 239/5a; 302/89; 302/89b; 357/163; 386/206; 386/206; 423/299a; 427/318a; 427/318d; 430/325b; 430/325b
Samuels, James B.182/246
Samuels, Jas.45/191; 101/73
Samuels, Jofin38/158
Samuels, John185/250; 244/8h; 316/104b; 317/104c
Samuels, John J.246/9a
Samuels, John Mcelvany337/134
Samuels, Lizzie3/23
Samuels, M.A,27/117
Samuels, Mary367/176; 367/176
Samuels, Mary A.27/117; 375/189
Samuels, Mary Ann26/110; 311/100c; 348/151; 376/191
Samuels, Mary Ann (Widow Of Wm. Samuels)39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169
Samuels, Mary E.508/655
Samuels, Mary Sex Anna337/134
Samuels, P.448/400
Samuels, Rob't360/166a
Samuels, Robt.469/470
Samuels, S R13/67
Samuels, S.R.343/141
Samuels, Sexton R. (Widow)337/134
Samuels, Sexton R. Heirs337/134
Samuels, T.P.167/211
Samuels, T.W.44/186; 168/212
Samuels, T.W. Heirs424/305a
Samuels, W.B.487/545; 487/545; 525/729
Samuels, W.F. Heirs317/104c
Samuels, W.S.478/510
Samuels, Wm. C.33/140; 33/141
Sanders3/21; 3/25; 3/25; 3/27; 60/254; 67/281; 372/185; 468/461b; 499/606; 521/713
Sanders Baby Farms484/532
Sanders Geo. N.330/125b
Sanders, Dave475/492
Sanders, Dr. & Wife449/405c; 451/405c
Sanders, Ethel67/281; 342/330c
Sanders, Franklin330/125b
Sanders, H.R.468/461b
Sanders, Henry50/208; 91/53
Sanders, Henry R330/125b
Sanders, J.H.464/451
Sanders, J.Q. - Widows Dower51/217
Sanders, James Q Heirs330/125a
Sanders, James Q. Heirs330/125b
Sanders, John D.330/125b
Sanders, Joseph67/281; 342/330c
Sanders, Mary (Widow)330/125a; 330/125b
Sanders, Peter67/281; 91/53; 342/330c
Sanders, S.C.50/208; 51/217; 51/217; 51/217
Sanders, Sudie457/419
Sanders, Wm.432/330b
Sanders, Wm. Heirs342/330c
Sanders, Wm. Heirs Division67/281
Sanders, Wm.A.330/125b
Sandford, Pope W.449/404c
Sandford, William Picket238/4a; 238/4a
Sarris, James287/72
Satout Bros.509/660
Satterly, Robert M.500/613; 500/613
Satterwhite218/325; 413/257c
Saunders, Evans & Co.268/44
Saunders, N.P.212/311
Saunders, Thomas243/8b; 243/8b; 401/8a; 401/8a
Sayers, John W.438/360
Scan, G. &526/735b
Scheltz, L.E.427/318a
Scheweckendieck, Ed506/648
Schmell, Caroline392/217a
Schmill, Caroline392/217a
Schneider, Albert134/140
Schneider, Engelbert287/72
School179/240a; 179/240b
School Board78/21
School House395/221
Schultz198/278; 449/405a; 449/405b; 453/409; 456/416b; 470/474b
Schultz, E.L.302/89b
Schwechendieck, Herman Heirs508/651
Schweitzer100/71; 421/288e
Scott52/218a; 58/240; 111/90; 187/256; 213/312; 363/168e; 460/435
Scott, Alfred58/242; 345/145
Scott, Ann58/242; 345/145
Scott, Buford8/40
Scott, Ed85/39; 439/367; 456/416a
Scott, Garner481/522
Scott, Geo230/358
Scott, Jim214/313a; 214/313b
Scott, John214/313a; 214/313b
Scott, Pleasant Heirs345/145
Scott, Pleasant Heirs Division57/241
Scott, William345/145
Scott, Wm.58/242; 481/522
Seals, Adam16/74a
Sears, Clayton D.475/490; 501/620
See Map #228(All Names On This Map Except Girtley)425/309
See Map #254 Of This Group Of Maps41/179
See Map #288c Plus The Followig421/288e
See Map #629503/631
See Map #637504/639
See Plat On Page 220 This Book53/223
See Plat On Pg. 231 Of This Book54/230
See, Jeanie491/571
Segrem, Joseph E. & Sons -Lotus Warehouse510/662
Seibert118/104; 118/104
Selliger, Samuel287/72
Seminary Lot363/168e
Settle, Joe323/114b
Settle, Minnie74/12
Settle, Reuben320/110b; 458/427b
Sevgner, C.462/445
Sewarengen, L. Clark Heirs422/292
Sha-In, N.B.430/326a
Shackelford Hrs.303/90b
Shacklin, Delia417/272b
Shacklin, Robt.417/272b
Shadburn, R.A.212/311
Shaeffer, William57/243; 57/243
Shaeffer, Wm.57/243; 434/341
Shafer4/26; 15/75; 24/108b; 31/135; 419/280
Shafer, E.B. To Mary Jane, His Wife332/128a
Shafer, J.H.322/113a
Shafer, Mary J. & Elijah332/128b
Shaffer442/378; 453/409
Shaffer, C.F.362/168
Shaffer, C.M.363/168e
Shaffer, Crist123/118
Shaffer, J,F,420/281
Shaffer, Wm.123/118
Shain29/125; 182/246; 266/40; 348/150; 427/318d; 438/361; 469/470
Shain To Dragos348/150
Shain, A.364/170
Shain, Ab.338/136a
Shain, Abel Heirs364/170
Shain, Mary438/361
Shain, Mary E.429/325a; 430/325c
Shain, William256/22b
Shain, Wm17/82
Shain, Wm.182/246
Shaklin, Robert401/8a
Shaklin, Robt. & Wife417/272b
Shaley, Ed496/592
Shane, Mary E.55/231
Shanklin56/238; 61/257; 225/346; 352/155; 417/272b; 417/272c; 420/285b; 465/453b
Shanklin Line232/365
Shanklin, Amanda9/49
Shanklin, Amanda (Widow Of James Shanklin)417/272b
Shanklin, Amanda A.417/272b
Shanklin, Delila9/49
Shanklin, Emma9/49
Shanklin, Emma (Widow Of John Shanklin)417/272b
Shanklin, Emma, Widow Of John9/49
Shanklin, Geo.417/272d
Shanklin, Jas. W.417/272b
Shanklin, John214/314
Shanklin, Robert57/239; 243/8b; 243/8b; 267/42; 401/8a
Shanklin, Robert & William246/9d
Shanklin, Robert Jr.247/11
Shanklin, Robt.56/238; 417/272b
Shankline, Wm. & Amanda504/635
Shanks327/120b; 391/216b
Shanks, James306/95a
Shannon, William237/3a
Shannon, Wm.238/4b
Shaw234/369; 485/537
Shaw, Buford524/727
Shaw, Jennie Hall517/694
Shaw, W.T.467/458
Shaw, Warren462/445
Shaw, Wm.110/87
Shawler45/191; 51/215b; 55/235; 59/251; 264/37a; 429/325a; 435/346a; 445/387c; 456/416b; 462/444
Shawler, A.418/277
Shawler, Anthony429/325a
Shawler, Burch45/191
Shawler, Jacob59/251
Shawler, Len155/186
Shawler, Nannie52/218b
Shawler, Rowan473/481
Shawler, Wm.65/279
Shazer, Wm16/74a
Sheckler, Amon339/136b
Sheckles17/79; 321/111
Sheckles, Amon420/286
Sheckles, Gran198/278
Sheckles, Joel5/29
Sheltchnecht, Conrod365/173
Shelton16/78a; 51/219; 123/119; 447/394; 457/418b; 459/429b
Shelton, Addition490/564
Shelton, Cleo H.490/564
Shelton, J. H.459/429b
Shelton, Maude488/547
Shelton, W. Heirs462/445
Shelton, Wes462/445
Shepard, Ed501/617
Shephard264/37a; 266/41b; 267/42; 294/80a; 302/89; 322/113a; 363/168e; 363/168e; 385/204; 417/271b; 420/285a; 427/318a; 429/323; 431/329
Shephard, Ben420/287
Shephard, C.Q. & Harshfield W.H.429/321b
Shephard, Harrison391/216a
Shephard, James298/83; 319/107; 420/281
Shephard, James F.353/156
Shephard, James P Heirs353/156
Shephard, James P.294/80a
Shephard, Nancy (Widow)353/156
Shephard, Sam428/321a
Shephard, Wm. H.353/156
Shepherd35/153; 41/179; 43/187; 45/191; 60/254; 61/255; 63/265; 73/9; 80/25; 104/76; 158/192; 166/209; 200/281; 215/315; 220/332; 222/338; 225/347; 265/37b; 302/89b; 347/147; 381/197b; 387/207b; 401/229b; 429/323; 430/325b; 457/419; 457/423; 495/588; 498/599b
Shepherd & Croan61/259
Shepherd & Mcdowell Children57/239
Shepherd, Adam150/179; 182/246; 291/76b; 302/89b
Shepherd, Adam Or Alexander236/2a
Shepherd, Ben4/22
Shepherd, Bert488/552; 489/562
Shepherd, C.Q.62/262; 64/270; 115/98; 167/211; 215/316; 240/6; 241/6; 437/355a; 437/355b; 438/360; 445/387a; 450/432a; 498/599b
Shepherd, Chas.429/321b; 482/523
Shepherd, Croan & Co84/36
Shepherd, E. V.388/210a
Shepherd, E.V.33/142; 33/143
Shepherd, Ed439/365b
Shepherd, Ed & Anna Lee501/617
Shepherd, Harland65/271; 220/332
Shepherd, Howrd501/618
Shepherd, J. H.381/197b; 459/432b; 498/599b
Shepherd, J. W.450/432a; 493/575
Shepherd, James62/256; 166/209; 294/80b; 294/80c; 381/197a; 381/197b; 470/474b
Shepherd, James C.438/365a
Shepherd, James D.502/626
Shepherd, James S. & Mabel503/630
Shepherd, Jas.202/290; 429/323
Shepherd, Jas. S. & Mabel465/452b
Shepherd, Jim439/365b
Shepherd, Jo23/101
Shepherd, John & B.M.57/239
Shepherd, John & Wife334/129b
Shepherd, John H.202/290
Shepherd, Owen462/445
Shepherd, Peter236/2a; 239/5a; 427/318a
Shepherd, R.C.56/238; 93/56; 153/182a; 153/182b; 200/281; 417/272b; 417/272c; 440/373
Shepherd, Sam4/22; 62/256; 65/271
Shepherd, Sam & Wife62/256
Shepherd, Samuel429/323
Shepherd, Susan C99/68
Shepherd, Susan Catharine293/79
Shepherd, W.E.199/280; 438/362
Shepherd, Walter479/512a
Shepherd,Susan C.21/97
Shepherdsville Depot460/434
Shepherdsville Jail287/72
Shepherdsville Major Street Plan514/685
Shepherdsville Road Grading436/348
Shepherdsville Roller Mills464/451
Shepherdsville- Bull Co. Mag. Dist97/65
Shepler27/119; 83/32; 244/8h; 339/136b; 344/144a; 473/481
Shepler Heirs121/113
Sheriff9/51a; 71/4; 240/5d; 277/60b; 381/197b
Sherley446/393a; 460/435
Sherman, A.W.473/481
Shirley29/125; 291/76b; 306/95a; 338/136a; 361/168a; 362/168; 383/199c; 396/223a
Shirley, Joshua245/9b
Shirley, Mrs.253/19
Shirley, Newton8/40
Shively Heirs103/75; 315/103a
Shofer219/328; 227/350
Shofer, H.P.462/445
Shofer, Wm.227/350
Shoptaw31/135; 76/16; 322/113a; 391/216b; 410/246
Shoptaw, Lydia66/272
Shopton219/328; 222/336
Shopton, Edom420/281
Short, Ann38/158; 386/206
Showalter, John363/169; 462/445
Showalter, Pattie M.454/411
Shuffe, Arnold500/610
Shuwaller, Chas.190/267
Simcox, A. W.494/581
Simmions, Nick Heirs21/93
Simmions, W.H.396/223a
Simmions, W.N.22/96
Simmon & Dickson516/691a
Simmon, W. N. (Addition To Shepherdsville)477/498
Simmons14/68; 15/69; 42/180; 43/187; 55/235; 64/270; 77/20; 84/36; 84/38; 96/62; 96/62; 113/93; 115/98; 150/175b; 165/208; 184/249; 215/317; 216/318; 240/5d; 240/5d; 240/6; 241/6; 256/22b; 289/73; 306/95a; 363/168e; 381/197a; 392/217b; 407/237; 419/280; 425/307; 427/318d; 449/405a; 453/409; 453/414a; 462/446b; 488/552; 488/552; 490/563
Simmons Heirs222/338
Simmons, A.J.467/458
Simmons, B.381/197a
Simmons, C.182/246
Simmons, Elisha113/93
Simmons, Elisha W. Heirs260/26
Simmons, Emaline387/207b
Simmons, Esau Heirs260/26
Simmons, Etta486/539
Simmons, Farm Sub-Division479/512a
Simmons, G.W.3/23; 25/109b; 62/256; 116/100a; 116/100b; 165/208; 216/319; 287/72; 362/168b; 372/187a; 373/187b; 381/197a; 381/197b; 401/230; 412/254b; 413/256; 419/280; 423/299a; 427/318c; 429/321b; 429/323; 433/344a; 442/379b; 445/387a; 450/432a; 457/423; 470/472
Simmons, G.W. Heirs160/196; 453/414a; 469/473b
Simmons, G.W. Hiers498/599b
Simmons, Geo.W.64/270; 381/197a
Simmons, H.201/286
Simmons, Heirs478/505
Simmons, J. W.216/320; 434/340
Simmons, J.W.56/236
Simmons, James372/187a
Simmons, Jas.39/167
Simmons, Joe373/187b
Simmons, Johnathan266/40
Simmons, Mary Ann50/212
Simmons, Mrs. Burella464/451
Simmons, Nick5/35; 19/87; 381/197b; 401/229b; 450/432a
Simmons, Noel422/292
Simmons, Pate90/50
Simmons, R.266/40
Simmons, R.K.217/321
Simmons, Richard293/79
Simmons, Robert260/26
Simmons, Robert Heirs407/237
Simmons, Rose488/551
Simmons, S.B.41/175; 41/181; 41/181; 42/180; 56/232; 469/473b; 470/473c
Simmons, Sidney455/412
Simmons, W.462/445
Simmons, W.H.381/197b; 402/233
Simmons, W.N.418/275; 469/473b; 479/511; 489/562
Simmons, W.P.408/239a
Simmons, Washington280/64; 455/412
Simmons, Willie488/551
Simmons, Wm & R L15/69
Simmons, Wm.96/62; 99/68; 381/197b
Simms, Gerald & Peggy506/654
Simons, W.N.462/445
Simpson37/164; 37/165; 38/164; 38/165; 95/61; 211/309
Simpson, W.T.503/628
Sims, Ella433/338a
Singer, Vick8/40
Singleton150/175b; 394/220a
Singleton & Greenup200/283
Sinkhorn475/491; 475/493a
Sipes485/538; 494/581
Sipes Division502/624
Sipes, T.H.485/538
Sipes, T.H. & Lula502/624
Skaggs, Libert490/563; 512/676
Skaggs, Otis M.523/723
Skinner9/51a; 10/50a; 102/74; 129/127; 333/129a; 434/339; 438/359; 499/601
Skinner (Widow)428/321a
Skinner Ben T. Estes72/6
Skinner, 1. D. & M. C.433/338a
Skinner, Abell428/321a
Skinner, Ada102/74
Skinner, Adah309/98
Skinner, Adda308/96; 321/112
Skinner, Ambrose72/6; 431/326b #1; 449/404c
Skinner, Charles308/96
Skinner, Chas72/6
Skinner, Chas.25/113; 309/98; 433/338a
Skinner, I D11/53
Skinner, I.D.449/404c
Skinner, I.D. Heirs431/326b #1
Skinner, Isaac308/96; 309/98
Skinner, Isaac D.430/326c
Skinner, J.C.430/326a; 431/326b #1; 499/601
Skinner, J.D. & M. C.434/339
Skinner, J.D. Heirs428/321a
Skinner, J.R.431/326b #1; 433/338a; 449/404c
Skinner, Jno. W.102/74
Skinner, John C327/121
Skinner, M C - Dower10/50a
Skinner, Margaret414/263; 430/326b #2
Skinner, Mrs9/51b
Skinner, N.B.431/326b #1
Skinner, Nathan Heirs400/229a
Skinner, Nick433/338a
Skinner, R.430/326a
Skinner, Rebecca292/78; 308/96
Skinner, Richard292/78; 308/96; 309/98; 430/326a; 430/326c; 431/326b #1
Skinner, Richard Division11/53
Skinner, Tom10/50a; 428/321a; 433/338a
Skinner, Willie433/338a
Slack413/257b; 413/257c
Slack, Jacob308/96
Slaughter, Doris Anne499/609
Sloan87/43; 100/69
Slorch, M.A.513/683
Small24/104; 450/432a
Small, N.B.322/113a
Small, Napoleon B.420/281
Smith8/42; 20/90; 22/98; 28/124; 29/127; 43/189; 45/191; 45/195; 50/210; 53/229; 55/231; 64/266; 99/68; 102/74; 146/166; 165/208; 195/271; 251/17b; 265/37b; 266/40; 266/41b; 280/64; 332/128b; 338/136a; 345/144b; 347/147; 357/163; 408/240c; 411/247a; 427/318a; 430/325b; 436/354b; 441/370; 442/377; 464/449a; 464/451
Smith & Carpenter222/338; 287/72
Smith Heirs388/210b
Smith Or Lasley43/189; 405/32
Smith, 0. V.498/600
Smith, Albert 0.445/389
Smith, Bob43/185b
Smith, C M.517/694
Smith, C.A.G.33/142; 33/143
Smith, C.M.519/702a
Smith, C.R.55/235; 61/259; 216/322; 287/72; 419/280; 472/479
Smith, Carroll217/323
Smith, Clay77/20
Smith, Dr. David458/426
Smith, E.B.33/142; 33/143; 176/231
Smith, E.V.388/210a
Smith, Elizabeth417/272b
Smith, Ephraim239/5c; 239/5c
Smith, Felix H. & Louie521/715
Smith, G.A.G.388/210a
Smith, Geo11/59
Smith, I.245/9a; 246/9a
Smith, Isaac245/9c; 369/181
Smith, Isaac Heirs33/142; 33/143; 388/210a
Smith, J.F101a/Heirs
Smith, J.F.7/39; 64/266; 419/280
Smith, J.F. Heirs64/266
Smith, J.J L.411/247a
Smith, James11/59; 89/48
Smith, Jas11/59
Smith, Jas.281/65b; 380/196a
Smith, Jofin7/43
Smith, John11/59; 232/362
Smith, Joseph248/12
Smith, Mathilda H. (Widow)388/210a
Smith, Matilda J. (Dower)33/142; 33/143
Smith, Milton314/102
Smith, Monroe473/481
Smith, Mr.395/221
Smith, Nace264/37a
Smith, Nancy33/142; 33/143; 388/210a
Smith, Noah466/457
Smith, Noel380/196a
Smith, P.88/47
Smith, Peter53/227; 71/4; 89/48; 103/75; 217/321; 269/47; 313/101b
Smith, Price167/213
Smith, Rachel318/106
Smith, Robert H.64/266
Smith, S.81/28
Smith, S.P.454/413
Smith, Sam348/150; 429/325a
Smith, Samuel43/189; 239/5a; 264/37a; 405/32
Smith, Sarah E.52/218a; 58/240
Smith, Susan28/122; 41/175; 42/180; 202/291a; 202/291b; 420/285a; 422/295
Smith, V.S.458/426
Smith, Willetta483/531
Smith, William11/59; 286/71
Smith, Wm7/41; 7/43
Smith, Wm.50/212; 212/311
Smith's Pre-Emption405/32
Smither100/71; 218/324; 218/325; 219/326; 359/165; 407/235; 413/257c; 421/288e; 430/324; 462/442
Smither, Augustus431/328
Smithers3/27; 413/257b; 459/430
Smock13/61; 14/62
Smtih, Hilton & Susan203/289
Smtih, J.F.313/101b
Smyser, J.M.407/237
Snapp, J.H.74/11
Snapp, L.H.8/44
Snapp, L.H. T274/57
Snawder422/293a; 422/293b
Snawder, Anthony422/293a; 422/293a; 436/354a
Snear, John458/425
Snellen198/277a; 198/277b; 388/210b; 398/223b
Snellen, D.442/379c
Snellen, Israel440/366b
Snellen, Nannie388/210b; 441/370
Snellen, Owen91/53
Snellen, Rosa66/272
Snellenbarger145/163; 338/136a; 344/144a; 383/199b; 396/223a; 453/409
Snellenbarger, Bailey345/144b
Snellenbarger, Mary (Dower)440/366b
Snellenberger442/379a; 442/379c
Snelling338/136a; 358/164a
Snelling, D.442/379a; 448/395
Snelling, James477/502
Snelling, Peter421/289
Snider, Claude & Susie501/621
Snowden, Anthony449/404c
Snowder42/178; 49/209; 128/124; 165/208; 245/9a; 246/9a; 317/104c; 409/240d; 409/240e
Snowder, A.303/90b
Snowder, Anthony42/178
Snowder, Carl503/627
Softer, H.395/221
Softer, Sam F.395/221
Soltder, William219/327
Sowders, Wm.489/561
Spann, J.D.489/560; 511/669
Spencer29/131; 90/50; 326/119c; 341/137; 411/247a; 440/371
Spillers, Philip244/8h
Spillman & Owens182/246; 427/318a; 427/318d; 457/423
Spilman & Owens302/89b
Springfield Engine & Thresher Co.463/448
Stack, M.418/276
Stack, Wm.429/322b
Stader, John H.444/386c
Stader, Peter425/311; 444/386a; 444/386b; 444/386c
Stader, Peter & James444/386c
Stader, Peter & Jas.444/386b
Stader, Ruth444/386c
Stader, Ruth A.444/386b
Stader, W.H.425/311
Stader, Wim.444/386b
Stader, Wm.38/162
Stagg Distillery Co.485/537
Stalling, Mary J.468/462
Stallings3/21; 3/25; 3/25; 14/68; 30/129; 56/236; 60/254; 84/36; 216/320; 219/329; 219/330; 332/127; 444/386c; 452/407b; 455/412; 470/472; 474/486; 492/569; 508/651
Stallings Acres523/721
Stallings, Ann (Widow)335/131
Stallings, Floyd508/651
Stallings, H.207/303
Stallings, Henry408/239b; 444/386b
Stallings, Henry, Jr.201/286
Stallings, Hough335/131
Stallings, Isaac248/13
Stallings, J.W.3/21; 3/25; 93/56; 389/210c
Stallings, James335/131
Stallings, Jeremiah248/13
Stallings, John R.200/283
Stallings, Mary Jane &444/386c
Stallings, Mary Jane & John H. Stader444/386b
Stallings, Rebecca411/247a
Stallings, Rebecca Heirs374/188a
Stallings, Roy487/546
Stallings, Rufus463/449b
Stallings, Russell478/505
Stallings, Sam & Ann Heir S31/133
Stallings, Saml.201/286
Stallings, Samuel335/131
Stallings, Tabitha335/131
Stallings, Thos.231/361
Stallings, Thos. Jr.201/286
Stallings, W.C.463/449b
Stallings, W.P.335/131
Stallings, Wm. W. James, Melvina, Mary & S.P.335/131
Stallings, Woodford335/131
Stanbury, Thomas267/42; 401/8a
Standard Oil Co.509/659
Standfield, Evaline Heirs401/231
Standfield, Mattie D. & Lydia P.401/231
Stanfield Children11/55
Stanley61/255; 62/256
Stansberry43/187; 80/25; 166/209; 220/331; 220/332; 427/318d; 457/419
Stansberry, C.W.462/445
Stansberry, Z.47/199
Stansbury415/267; 427/318a; 458/427a; 466/454; 511/667; 512/676
Stansbury, C.L.513/682
Stansbury, Clarence491/568; 511/666
Stansbury, E.L.462/445
Stansbury, Emmet481/519
Stansbury, Emmett504/638
Stansbury, J.M.415/267
Stansbury, Mary433/335
Stansbury, Mary L.495/586
Stansbury, Thomas243/8b; 401/8a
Stark66/274; 275/59a; 445/390; 461/441
Stark, Aaron275/59b
Stark, Daniel220/333; 319/108
Stark, Daniel Heirs332/128a
Stark, J.M.332/128b
Stark, J.W.G.332/128b
Stark, Link221/334
Stark, Luke & Mary Jane310/99
Stark, N.J.332/128b
Stark, Wm.463/449b
Starks Heir S20/90
Starks, Lltke Heirs Division66/278
State Hw'y. #61493/579
Stater Heirs468/462
Stater, James468/462
Stater, John468/462
Stater, Peter468/462
Stater, Ruth468/462
Stater, Wm.468/462
Stebbens, Brien341/138
Stebbens, Ham341/138
Stebbens, Noah341/138
Stebbens, Silas341/138
Stebbens, Silas Heirs341/138
Stebbens, William300/86
Stebbins108/82; 108/83; 249/15b
Stebbins Heirs249/15a
Stebbins, Mrs H.39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169
Stebbins, Mrs. H.375/189
Stebbins, N Heirs249/15b
Stebbins, Noah Heirs48/204
Stebbins, Wm.314/102; 400/229a
Steedley, James E. & Martha A.525/732
Steinlange, Gus429/321b
Stenlager, Gus490/563
Stephan, Wm.490/559
Stephen104/76; 201/286
Stephens23/103; 361/168a; 362/168; 362/168b; 436/354a; 471/478c
Stephenson, Minnie221/335
Stevens221/336; 442/379a; 453/409
Stevens, Austfne481/517a
Stevens, Benjamin300/87
Stevens, William249/14
Stevens, Wm453/409
Stewart30/129; 207/300; 334/128d; 446/393a
Stewart, Vincent266/40
Stibbens, Martha J. Widow390/214
Stibbens, Noah Heirs390/214
Stibbens, S. R.390/214
Stibbins449/404c; 500/608
Stibbins, Mrs H.27/117
Stibbins, Wm.25/113; 102/74
Stickle, Geo.58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247
Stickle, George & Mary58/246; 58/247; 59/246; 59/247
Stickler, Katie494/583
Stickler, Mary L.460/435
Stickler, Maurice460/435
Stickles, Geo329/123
Stickles, Issac264/37a
Stiles, J.F.462/445
Stiles, Sam P.490/558
Stillwell, John490/558
Stillwell, John H.512/673; 512/674
Stinson, T.D. & Josephine499/601
Stivers138/147; 448/400
Stivers, Dutch10/48a
Stivers, Dutch Heirs42/178; 422/293a
Stivers, Mrs. Jesse512./676
Stockdell, Wm. & Pauline502/626; 503/627
Stockton, Mamie F.388/209
Stoder, Peter310/99
Stofer53/223; 67/286; 67/287; 68/286; 68/287; 181/243
Stofer, Henry19/91; 390/213
Stofer, S.0.418/274b
Stoitr, J.M.516/690
Stokes3/27; 24/106; 31/135; 143/157; 185/251; 200/284; 222/336; 251/17b; 322/113a; 323/113b; 346/146; 347/147; 391/216a; 414/264; 420/281; 456/417
Stokes Or Monk116/100a; 116/100b
Stoll Oil Co.500/608
Stoll Oil Refp41ng Co.482/527
Stone Heirs448/395; 453/409
Stoner13/67; 21/95; 37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 43/189; 121/112; 217/323; 222/337; 348/150; 394/220a; 453/409; 467/458
Stoner, D.B.217/323
Stoner, George343/141
Stoner, Hickman343/141
Stoner, Isabell13/67
Stoner, Isabella (Widow)343/141
Stoner, John121/113
Stoner, Mary Frances343/141
Stoner, R.J.121/113; 339/136b; 344/144a; 394/220a
Stoner, R.J. Heir337/134
Stoner, R.J. Heirs343/141
Stoner, R.J. Widow & Heirs13/67
Stoner, R.T.348/150
Stotman, L.462/445
Stottman, Louis467/459a
Stouffer, James R.439/364
Stout505/644a; 511/666; 516/690
Stout & Grigsby510/664
Stout Bros.509/660; 521/713
Stout Estate521/713
Stout Sub-Division517/697b
Stout, Bros.514/684
Stout, C.W.478/509
Stout, G.H.514/684
Stout, J M.498/597
Stout, J.M.515/687; 516/690
Stout, J.M. & Margaret510/664; 519/704
Stout, John W. & Elisie Lot # 11519/704
Straney, Lee469/470
Straney, Richard469/470
Strange, J.W.492/574a
Straus63/265; 222/338; 431/329
Straus, F.P.431/329; 433/344a
Straus, F.P. & Wife63/265
Straus, S.T.431/329
Stringer140/152; 422/295
Stringer, Edmund Heirs Division47/199
Stringer, Henson47/199
Stringer, Thos.55/237
Stroch & Ungell438/360
Stroeffer432/331b; 432/331c; 465/453a
Stroeffer, Caroline432/332
Stroeffer, Caroline B.432/331a
Strong, Daniel480/516
Stults Heirs462/445
Styles & Harris, Leo481/518
Sub- Division Armstrong Lane519/702a
Sullivan81/28; 345/144b; 462/442
Summbers, Noel B.323/114a
Summers37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 253/19; 440/373; 449/405c; 451/405c; 493/579; 502/625
Summers, Basil358/164c
Summers, Fannie323/114a
Summers, Franklin323/114a
Summers, Gabriel323/114a
Summers, J.B.417/272c
Summers, John323/114b
Summers, John B Heirs323/114a
Summers, John R.323/114a
Summers, Mary B.323/114a
Summers, R.K.276/60a
Summers, Wilson60/254; 93/56; 323/114a; 465/453a
Survey Of Road204/294
Sw)Kl,A, I.358/164c
Swanner, C.W.497/593
Swear, Oscar511/671
Swearengen250/16c; 422/292; 459/431; 469/466
Swearengen, America364/171
Swearengen, C.371/184
Swearengen, C.C.470/472
Swearengen, David Heirs458/427a
Swearengen, Ford519/702b
Swearengen, Geo. & Jess471/477
Swearengen, George458/427a
Swearengen, Lem422/292
Swearengen, Obid385/203
Swearengen, Pete422/292
Swearengen, Roy519/702b
Swearengen, W.0.458/427a
Swearengen, W.O.491/568
Swearengen, W.W.262/31
Swearengen, Wm.459/431
Swearengin, D.375/190
Swearengin, L. C.414/261
Swearengin, William W.301/87
Swearingen23/101; 37/164; 37/165; 38/164; 38/165; 112/91; 128/124; 204/294; 223/339; 274/58; 294/80b; 303/90b; 458/427b
Swearingen, America371/183
Swearingen, Chas387/207b
Swearingen, D.18/82b
Swearingen, G.W.46/192; 55/233
Swearingen, Go.195/271
Swearingen, H.H.225/347; 334/129b
Swearingen, J.H.458/427a
Swearingen, Jos.114/94; 458/427b
Swearingen, L.C.22/94; 454/410
Swearingen, Lem112/91
Swearingen, Maggie & Co5/29
Swearingen, W.O.458/427b
Swearingen, W.W.23/101; 37/163
Swearingen, William W326/119b
Swearingen, Wm.113/93
Swearinger, D.G.458/427b
Swearinger, Jos.M.283/67b
Swearrngen, J.H.471/477
Sweeney, V.T.519/703
Sweeney, Veech T. & Martha B.519/703
Swerngen, G.516/691b
Tackler, Bertha512/676
Tailefero, Emma396/223a
Talbot, Martha J.323/114a
Taliaferro, Emma383/199c
Taliaferro, Tenie428/320b
Talieferro, Emma442/379a
Talifario Line421/288b
Tan Yard37/163
Tanner, George224/343
Tar, John28/124
Tarstadt, Wm. H.499/605
Tatum, Wm. F.517/696
Taylor171/222; 306/95a; 362/168; 363/168e; 383/199b; 440/372; 443/382; 448/395; 449/405a; 449/405b; 453/409; 456/418a; 457/423; 458/427b; 521/711
Taylor, Clay12/58; 72/5
Taylor, G W.379/19b
Taylor, G.W.362/168b; 362/168b; 362/168d; 442/379a; 442/379b
Taylor, Geo.171/222
Taylor, Geo.W.362/168; 362/168; 442/379a; 443/382
Taylor, George362/168c
Taylor, George W.361/168a
Taylor, Gor. W.439/366a
Taylor, Henry114/94
Taylor, J.A.150/175b; 418/274a; 432/333a
Taylor, Ketturah299/84
Taylor, Ketturah L.269/49
Taylor, L.M.161/198
Telford, Jeremiah237/3a
Tenes, Lloyde285/69
Terrell207/303; 506/650
Terrell & Hawkins45/196; 45/197; 46/196; 46/197; 391/215
Terry60/254; 372/185
Terry, J.47/199
Tevis, Lewis348/150
Texas Pipe Line521/713
Thomas80/26; 132/136; 204/294
Thomas Estate524/726a
Thomas, John L.20/90
Thompson4/26; 5/35; 17/79; 19/87; 24/108b; 29/127; 38/168; 55/235; 60/252; 63/268; 63/269; 64/268; 64/269; 94/59; 150/175b; 200/281; 222/336; 223/341; 240/5d; 240/5d; 244/8g; 244/8g; 326/119c; 333/128c; 391/216b; 419/280; 423/301; 423/301; 439/363; 440/373; 457/424; 457/424; 481/521; 493/575
Thompson, E.C.481/521
Thompson, E.H.419/280; 460/434
Thompson, Geo.471/478c
Thompson, George &270/50
Thompson, George M.313/101c
Thompson, J.B.471/478c
Thompson, J.E.36/152
Thompson, J.L.63/268; 63/269; 64/268; 64/269; 332/128b; 333/128c; 423/301; 429/322a; 456/416c; 482/526
Thompson, J.L. Addition To Lebanon Jct.497/594
Thompson, J.L. Lots (Lebanon Junction)423/297
Thompson, J.P.12/60; 12/60; 149/175a; 223/341
Thompson, J.P., Jr.224/342; 440/372
Thompson, J.W.419/280
Thompson, Jennie422/294; 440/372
Thompson, Jennie R.30/132; 448/403
Thompson, John B.270/50; 270/50
Thompson, John L19/91; 319/108
Thompson, John L, Sr & Carrie R.489/604
Thompson, John L.224/343; 332/128a
Thompson, L.457/424
Thompson, Mary356/162
Thompson, Nannie, B.423/297
Thompson, Norman512/672
Thompson, P.B.419/280
Thompson, Port150/175b
Thompson, R.D.179/240a; 179/240b
Thompson, Sally270/50
Thompson, Sophia332/128b
Thompson, T.D.5/35
Thompson, T.L.504/634
Thompson, W.R.225/346
Thompson, William294/80a
Thompson, Wm R Heirs10/46
Thompson, Wm.205/297; 244/8f; 244/8f
Thompson, Wm. R.401/229b; 420/285a
Thompson,Severn & Co24/108b
Thornberry207/303; 263/34; 280/64; 325/119a; 437/356c; 463/446a
Thornberry, John280/64
Thornhill, Geo.499/603
Thornsberry10/52; 37/157; 231/361; 277/60b; 277/60b
Thornsberry, John72/7
Thornsberry, Murray490/559
Thornsberry, Wm80/24
Thornsberry, Wm.80/24
Thornton, J.C.474/487
Thornton, T.J.481/520
Thorton, Elizabeth227/350
Thruman, Geo.473/481
Thruman, Roscoe473/481
Thum, Pauline104/77; 466/455
Thurman50/210; 99/67; 168/212; 225/345; 385/203; 438/360; 453/409
Thurman, D.124/116a; 124/116b
Thurman, Dve125/117a; 125/117b
Thurman, Jas.167/211
Thurman, Jasper167/211; 487/542
Thurman, Roscoe473/481
Thurman, Will473/481
Thurman, Wm.212/311
Tierney62/260; 449/404c
Tilden416/271a; 426/312
Tilden, Lizzie Hill146/168
Tile Factory412/254b; 419/280
Tilford13/65; 17/83; 35/151; 36/152; 73/9; 239/5c; 239/5c; 308/97; 347/148; 411/247a; 447/396a; 452/407b; 470/472
Tilford, Eliza5/31a
Tilfort, Joseph390/212
Tindell, H.C.225/346
Tindle171/222; 418/274a; 440/372
Tindle, B.306/95a
Tindle, Bart149/175a; 150/175b; 242/8c
Tindle, Floyd524/726a
Tinsley, Roy491/568
Tipton, R.Thos. & Elizabeth503/629
Tlt"In25/109a; 415/265
Todd & Joyce333/129a
Todd, Simpson251/17b; 379/195a
Tomlinson, Benjamin244/8f; 273/55
Tompson, George270/50
Tr--Idle & Jasper524/726a
Tr,"Ll, J.S.462/445
Trablte207/303; 462/446b
Tracy, Geo.A.481/522
Tracy, R. L. Heirs481/522
Traffic Map Of Bullitt Co.476/495
Travis63/267; 131/132; 317/104c; 494/583
Travis, J.W.494/583
Travis, St Clair316/104a
Triplett49/211; 438/357a; 438/357b; 488/547
Triplett, E.B.488/547
Triplett, Isaac474/485
Triplett, Mary332/128b
Triplett, Wm. & Sidney, His Wife319/108
Tripplett, Mrs29/131
Troll111/90; 205/297; 422/292; 440/369; 454/410; 454/411
Troutmam, Michael113/92
Troutman55/235; 68/282; 155/186; 158/193; 172/224a; 172/224b; 173/225; 204/294; 225/347; 242/8c; 242/8c; 250/16c; 273/55; 287/72; 303/90b; 303/90b; 353/157; 383/199b; 393/219; 394/220a; 411/247a; 419/280; 438/360; 453/409; 457/418b; 458/425; 459/429b; 477/498; 488/552; 510/662
Troutman & Buky394/220a
Troutman & Cox77/17; 113/92
Troutman Bros.39/171; 63/265; 419/280; 431/329
Troutman Bros. Store460/434
Troutman, & Cox70/2
Troutman, 0.C.462/445
Troutman, A.M.436/354a
Troutman, Abraham150/175b; 306/95a
Troutman, Abraham Heirs149/175a
Troutman, Arch303/90b
Troutman, B.S.462/445
Troutman, C.F.8/38; 63/265; 419/280; 436/353; 467/459c
Troutman, F.394/220a
Troutman, Ferdfnad394/220b
Troutman, Frd.394/220b
Troutman, H.F.419/280; 423/297; 438/357a; 438/357b
Troutman, Henry494/582
Troutman, Hiram121/113; 150/175b; 395/220c
Troutman, Levi274/58
Troutman, M.150/175b; 306/95a
Troutman, Michael241/7; 306/95a
Troutman, Michael (Milldam)241/7
Troutman, Michael Heirs306/95a
Troutman, R.L.288/72c
Troutman, W.0.172/224a; 172/224b
Troutman, W.C.499/601
Troutwfne, C.L.455/414c
Troutwfne, Philmore A.278/62b
Troutwine33/140; 33/141; 42/178; 55/235; 61/255; 62/256; 68/288; 68/289; 69/288; 69/289; 159/194; 310/99; 422/293a; 422/293b; 426/313; 431/327; 443/380; 456/417; 497/596
Troutwine Sub-Division481/517b
Troutwine, C.L.455/414b; 467/459a; 481/517b; 483/531; 489/562
Troutwine, C.L. (Addition To Shepherdsville)479/511
Troutwine, Henry495/589
Troutwine, Johnson & Co160/196
Troutwine, Kate E.21/93; 226/348; 278/62b
Troutwine, Margaret20/92
Troutwine, Margarett278/62b
Troutwine, Margert504/633a
Troutwine, Phil G.20/92
Troutwine, Philmore G.226/348
Troutwine, Wm.61/261
Troutwine, Zurilla20/92; 21/93; 278/62b
Troutwit, M.443/380
Trummell383/199d; 440/366b
Trunell, Eliza (Dower)263/34
Trunell, H.73/9
Trunnel250/16b; 306/95a; 430/325b
Trunnel, Henry113/92
Trunnell17/82; 45/191; 49/213; 64/264; 77/17; 85/39; 88/44; 99/68; 100/69; 149/175a; 150/175b; 239/5c; 239/5c; 239/5c; 242/8c; 242/8c; 269/48; 306/95a; 311/101a; 313/101b; 357/163; 371/184; 396/223a; 396/223a; 402/8d; 456/416a; 456/418a; 461/436b; 468/461a
Trunnell To372/186
Trunnell, H.468/461a
Trunnell, Henry117/103; 385/204; 438/362; 451/407a
Trunnell, Henry & Wife372/186
Trunnell, Herny313/101b
Trunnell, J.207/303
Trunnell, J. M.99/68
Trunnell, J. Morgan439/367
Trunnell, Joe422/292; 459/431
Trunnell, John325/119a; 463/446a
Trunnell, Morgan44/184; 224/342
Trunnell, Mrs (Dower)15/75
Trunnell, Mrs.99/68
Trunnell, Mrs. (Dower)44/184; 239/5c
Trunnell, N B13/65
Trunnell, N.B.39/167; 54/228; 90/50; 226/349; 451/407a
Trunnell, N.B. & H. M. Division470/472
Trunnell, N.B. & H.M.452/407c
Trunnell, N.B., Jr.452/407b
Trunnell, N.M.451/407a
Trunnell, T.J.5/31a
Trunnell, Tom44/184
Trunnell, Woodrow A.500/610
Trust Co.351/152c
Tucker23/101; 56/232; 294/80a; 294/80b
Tucker, Caleb280/64
Tucker, J.H.419/280; 419/284
Tucker, James W318/106
Tucker, Joel H.318/106
Tucker, Jos. Heirs124/120
Tucker, Joseph T318/106
Tucker, Theophalis318/106
Tucker, Wm. Heirs42/182
Tydings102/74; 108/83; 408/240c; 433/338a; 434/338b; 438/359
Tydings, John & Goheen108/83
Tydings, Mrs. E. A. S.201/287
Tydings, Needham B.295/81b
Tydings, R.L.431/326b #1; 434/339
Tylar, Henr286/70
Tyler400/228b; 464/451; 482/524
Tyler Heirs18/82b; 375/190
Tyler, Allison295/81a
Tyler, David E. Heirs295/81a
Tyler, Ed208/305a; 208/305b; 208/305c; 400/228b
Tyler, Elizabeth295/81a
Tyler, Geo.473/481
Tyler, H.388/209
Tyler, Herbert481/521
Tyler, John295/81a; 295/81b
Tyler, Lillie A.199/279a; 199/279b; 279c/Lot#4
Tyler, Nancy (Widow)295/81a
Tyler, Robert399/228a
Tyler, Robert & Wife400/228b
Tyler, Robt.400/228b; 400/228b
Ullman & Bloom56/238; 417/272b
Underwood485/537; 517/696
Underwood, R.M.490/559
Ungle, Chas. W. & Sarah E.502/626; 503/627
Union Church57/245
Upsold179/240a; 179/240b
Vaguhan, Wm.24/104
Van Kirk362/168
Van Vocker423/301
Vance8/40; 493/577; 500/612
Vance, A. N.500/612; 505/645
Vance, E.287/72
Vanvacher, Ben423/301
Vanvacher, Sarah & Nancy Collings457/424
Vanvacktor, L. W.461/441
Vanvacter423/297; 429/322a; 429/322a
Vanvacter, Ben429/322a
Vanvacter, L.W.429/322b
Vanvacter, W.L.429/322b
Vanvactor63/268; 63/269; 64/268; 64/269; 216/318
Vanvactor, Ben63/268; 63/269; 64/268; 64/269; 457/424
Vaughan, B.424/304
Vaughan, Burk441/370
Vaughan, J. L. Division435/348
Vaughan, J.L.26/110
Vaughan, Joe24/104; 441/370
Vaughan, Joel254/21; 424/304
Vaughan, Malissa342/330c
Vaughan, Wm.424/304
Vaughn70/1; 164/204; 376/191
Vaughn, Joel333/129a
Vaughn, Malissa67/281
Vears, A.C.468/465
Veers, A.C.462/445
Vernie, John72/6
Viers, J. H.440/368
Villers, M239/5b
Vincent, J.G.492/573
Vincent, James H.492/573
Vitatoe443/383a; 459/429b
Vittitoe, Hugh473/481
Vlaikoff Milon468/461a
Vogle433/334b #1
Vonderheide, Henry A.434/340
Vowels, Tune387/207b
Wade31/139; 227/351; 464/451; 464/451; 478/505; 507/649
Wade Sub-Division Lot # 80519/701
Wade, Buck486/539
Wade, J. W.497/593; 507/649
Wade, J. W. & Rose497/593
Wade, J.W. & Rosa464/451
Wade, Jack523/721
Wade, Robt. L. & Hattie513/677
Wade, W. A.106/79a; 106/79b; 227/351; 434/343
Wade, W. T. Sub-Division497/593
Wade, William T.497/593
Wade, Wm. T. & Marion497/593
Wakefield, W.H.490/558
Walker372/186; 460/435
Walker Heirs473/481
Walker, A. J.231/360
Walker, Cony90/52
Walker, Feilden Heirs5/29
Walker, Fielden199/280
Walker, Fielder150/175b; 306/95a; 371/184; 394/220a
Walker, Joseph268/44
Walker, Lewis286/70
Walker, M A7/43
Walker, Mary11/59
Walker, Mrs.35/155; 35/156; 36/155; 36/156
Walker, Roy488/547
Walker, S. M.473/481
Walker, Susie413/257b
Wallce Heirs505/641
Wallce Sub-Division505/641
Waller, Phillip Heirs347/148
Walters227/352; 357/163
Walters, William268/44
Walton15/73; 34/148; 34/149; 43/189; 48/206; 49/207; 53/229; 81/28; 235/371; 255/22c; 266/40; 266/40; 277/40; 360/166a; 383/199b; 433/335; 439/366a; 446/393a; 448/401; 453/409; 456/416b; 457/418b; 457/421; 469/470; 470/471; 478/504
Walton & Myers433/337
Walton & Shain7/39
Walton Addition228/353a; 228/353b
Walton, Mathew59/251; 338/136a; 340/136d
Walton, Matthew28/124; 81/28; 245/9b; 256/22b; 277/61; 396/223a; 404/16a; 427/318a; 462/444
Ward, Albert481/517b
Warden, John H.518/698
Warren, L.424/302
Warren, Lizzie424/305d; 441/374
Warren, Marion51/215a; 435/347
Watco #49507/649
Water, John338/136a
Waters29/125; 43/189; 405/32; 416/271a; 430/325c; 462/444; 522/718b
Waters, Frances438/361
Waters, H429/325a
Waters, H.55/231
Waters, H. B.189/262
Waters, H.B.55/231; 429/325a
Waters, Jack527/740
Waters, Mrs. John40/170
Waters, Wm.43/189; 55/231
Wathan239/5c; 456/418a; 457/422
Wathan, Richard99/68; 413/259a; 432/330a
Wathen5/31a; 16/76; 20/86; 44/184; 49/213; 229/355; 230/357; 427/318a
Wathen, Columbia12/52; 16/76; 423/299a
Wathen, Henry Heirs (Division)16/76
Wathen,Henry Heirs230/357
Wathon, Richard87/43
Watson224/343; 407/235; 413/257b; 413/257c; 494/581
Watson, Alva494/581
Weathers28/124; 37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 72/8; 149/175a
Weathers, Sopha150/175b
Weathers, Sophia306/95a
Webb77/18; 280/64
Webb, Melvin C. & Helen M.518/699a
Webb, Milton517/694
Webber, Joe462/445
Weber, George C.A.287/72
Weber, J. A.474/486
Weber, J.F.492/569
Wedekind362/168b; 383/199b; 448/395; 453/409; 462/444
Wedekind, Robert449/405a; 457/422
Wedekind, Robt449/405b
Wedekind, Robt.453/409
Wedeking, Dr. Robert442/379a
Wedelomd, Robt. Of Bond Bros.107/80
Weir388/210b; 441/370
Weir, Henry176/231
Weird, Louis502/626
Weird, Mary C.34/142; 34/143; 388/210a
Welch24/104; 67/281; 164/207; 405/234a; 405/234b; 405/234c; 422/293b; 424/304; 471/478c; 482/527
Welch, Bazil37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161
Welch, Granville Road230/358
Welch, J. C.506/654
Welch, James C.424/304
Welch, Joe456/416b
Welch, Judge320/110c; 436/354a; 456/416b
Welch, Mary E. Moore(Widow Of Wm. C. Welch)278/62a
Welch, Mrs.458/426
Welch, R.268/44
Welch, Thomas424/304
Welch, Wm.24/104; 424/304
Welch,Wm. Heirs Division24/104
Welker, Wesley439/366a
Weller84/36; 149/175a; 150/175b; 306/95a; 462/446b; 467/458
Weller Heirs473/481
Weller, C C17/82
Weller, Daniel306/95a
Weller, Daniel J.347/148
Weller, Elizabeth151/177
Weller, Elvina Widow389/211a
Weller, G. W.150/175b; 389/21 1b
Weller, G. W. Heirs389/211b
Weller, G.W.46/198; 63/263
Weller, G.W. Heirs63/263
Weller, G.W. Wid.&Heirs Div- Comm. (Rpt P. 116)46/198
Weller, Geo. W. & Ida B.389/211b
Weller, George W. Heirs389/211a
Weller, Ida63/263
Weller, Ida B.63/263
Weller, Ida B. & George W.389/211a
Weller, Jonathan347/148
Weller, M B13/65
Weller, M. B.90/50; 224/342; 420/286; 420/286
Weller, M.E.57/243
Weller, Mrs38/168
Weller, N. H.419/280
Weller, N. J.419/280
Weller, N.B.54/228
Weller, Phillip35/151; 36/152
Weller, R. E.420/286
Weller, Riley17/82; 230/359
Weller, Stonewall420/286
Weller, Stonie13/65; 224/342
Weller, Thos.371/184
Weller, W.L.35/151
Wellers, G. W.149/175a
Wellers, Phil Heirs308/97
Welles & Burrell342/140
Wells227/351; 231/360; 265/37c; 274/56b; 411/247a; 421/288c; 430/324; 457/418b; 462/442; 494/580
Wells Vs. Sara French, Late Wells268/44
Wells, E. L.493/575
Wells, Eliza A. Heirs431/328
Wells, Geo.431/328
Wells, Harry22/98
Wells, J. A.231/360; 231/360
Wells, James231/360
Wells, Jases A.231/360
Wells, Mary E68/282
Wells, Minerva Heirs347/148
Wells, Payton231/360
Wells, Richard, Oliver French,268/45
Wells, Rosa431/328
Wells, S. Or H. Moore268/45
Wells, Sam90/50; 495/586
Wells, T. W.186/252
Welsh, B.327/120b; 422/293b
Welsh, J. 0.473/481
Welsh, Maggie462/445
Wescots, Geo.35/153
West, Charles29/125; 236/1; 291/76a; 339/136c
West, Chas.338/136a; 340/136d
West, Chas. Heirs352/155
West, Homer503/631
Westfall37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 42/178; 102/74; 116/99; 138/147; 327/120b; 379/195b; 422/293b; 449/404c; 475/491; 475/493a
Westfall, John327/120a
Weyler29/127; 67/285; 483/531
Weyler, Ed483/531; 497/596
Weyler, Eliza457/419
Weyler, G. M.106/79a; 106/79b
Wheany, H. L.219/327
Wheat, C.M.287/72
Wheatley469/468; 469/468
Wheatley, Joe462/445
Wheeler11/59; 37/159; 39/168; 39/169; 40/168; 40/169; 67/281; 185/251; 356/162; 376/191; 511/668
Wheeler Realty Co.466/454
Wheeler, Benona365/172
Wheeler, James B.365/172
Wheeler, John M. Heirs365/172
Wheeler, John, David & Gene524/725
Wheeler, Luke26/114; 27/117; 32/134; 35/153; 185/251; 346/146; 375/189
Wheeler, Nancy B.365/172
Wheeler, Robert L.365/172
Wheeler, Susan E.365/172
Wheeler, W. C.418/274b
Whelan, Joseph & Hazel & Stinnett, Harshal489/555
Wheller Realty Co.518/699b
Wheller, J. C.232/362
Wheller, W. W.231/360
Whitaker113/92; 150/175b; 237/3a; 237/3b; 240/5d; 299/73; 313/101b; 454/410; 459/431
Whitaker, John244/8h; 454/410
White Island325/119a
White Service Station490/558
White, Alexander & Edna492/572
Whitehead, Belle473/481
Whitehead, Wm. H.68/282
Whitehouse, J. F. & Ida520/708
Whiteledge92/54; 132/136
Whiteledge, John L.231/361
Whiteledge, Overa U.232/362
Whiteledge, Thomas232/362; 244/8h
Whiteledge, Wm.117/102; 232/362
Whiteman10/48a; 327/120b; 381/197b; 411/247a; 422/293b; 447/394
Whiteman Sallie4/22
Whiteman, Archie500/616
Whiteman, Elizabeth Wilson500/616
Whiteman, S.S. & Wife51/219
Whiteman, Sally420/287
Whiteman, Sarah42/178; 422/293a; 422/293b; 449/404c
Whiteman, Wm.42/178; 138/147; 422/293a
Whitledge7/41; 415/270
Whitledge, 0. K.207/303
Whitledge, J.I.37/157
Whitledge, John217/321
Whitledge, Lou & Josie463/446a
Whitledge, O.K.325/119a
Whitledge, Overall7/43; 217/321
Whitledge, Thos78/23
Whitledge, Thos.217/321
Whitledge, Wm7/43; 224/344
Whitledge, Wm Jr7/43
Whitledge, Wm.217/321
Whitless, 0151/177
Whitlodge, Thos.339/136b
Whitman208/305a; 208/305b; 208/305c
Whitman, Archie500/616
Whitman, D. B.255/22a; 256/22b
Whitson, Overall224/344
Whittinghill, G.D.51/215b
Whrites, Joseph299/84
Wibbley244/8g; 244/8g
Wible, John244/8f; 244/8f
Wickersham153/181; 488/554
Wickliff, Ann F. Heirs300/85; 300/86
Wickliffe, Oma L.436/354b
Widows Dower6/32
Wiggington, Ernest R.504/635
Wiggington, Jas. H.295/81b
Wiggington, W. Ed.498/597
Wigginton7/41; 7/43; 199/279c; 400/228b; 436/354b; 458/427a; 458/427b
Wigginton, Annie R.385/203
Wigginton, Cora A.385/203
Wigginton, Earnest G.385/203
Wigginton, Emily232/363
Wigginton, Geo.477/500
Wigginton, Geo. W. Heirs385/203
Wigginton, George Ann Widoe385/203
Wigginton, H. P.513/682
Wigginton, John L.385/203
Wigginton, L. M.515/687
Wigginton, Lindsey & Nancy513/682
Wigginton, Mary385/203
Wigginton, W. K513/682
Wight, Wm.423/299a
Wilcox3/25; 61/257; 214/314; 232/364; 232/365; 233/366; 440/373
Wilcox (Or Robt. Coleman)35/153
Wilcox, G. E.462/445
Wilcox, Geo. B. & Ida B.397/224
Wilcox, Hogen5/35
Wilcoxen, Lloyd361/168a
Wilcoxin, Leven291/76a
Wilcoxin, Lloyd362/168
Wilcoxon, Loyd291/76b
Willard60/250; 233/367
Willard, J.W.60/250
Willer, N. H.419/284
William George261/27
William, Charles401/8a
William, James Heirs261/27
William, Zely, Jr.261/27
William's Children35/154; 35/155; 36/154; 36/155
Williams78/23; 137/137; 231/360; 465/453a; 466/455; 511/667; 516/691b; 524/726a
Williams, A. M.513/681
Williams, Charles243/8b; 401/8a
Williams, Chas323/114a
Williams, Chas.78/23
Williams, E.78/23
Williams, Ed232/365
Williams, Edward401/8a; 401 See Ma/8a
Williams, H. T.521/712a
Williams, J. W.523/719
Williams, John P.78/23
Williams, Kennith. & Kay S.524/726a
Williams, L.P.487/544a
Williams, Mary Tyler521/712a
Williams, S B9/45
Williams, S. B.94/58; 521/712a
Williams, Sam48/200
Williams, Virginia Field & Burk S.521/712b
Williams, W. F.506/654
Willis, Claude494/582
Wills, Sam210/308
Wilmouth, G.429/325a
Wilson16/76; 37/160; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 109/85; 139/150; 150/175b; 162/201; 230/357; 234/369; 237/2b; 237/2b; 326/119b; 430/325b; 453/414a; 513/679
Wilson & Mitchel136/143
Wilson & Pendergrass430/325b
Wilson & Pendigrast45/191
Wilson Heirs513/681
Wilson, Cr. & Cane Run430/325b
Wilson, D. L.134/140
Wilson, E109/T.
Wilson, G.238/4b
Wilson, George & Margaret239/5a
Wilson, H.238/4b
Wilson, Henry237/2b; 260/26
Wilson, J.H.469/466
Wilson, James513/679
Wilson, John F Heirs319/109
Wilson, Kate Hays453/409
Wilson, Lula S.134/140
Wilson, M.E.319/109
Wilson, M.V.319/109
Wilson, Mary12/52; 16/76; 413/259a
Wilson, Mathew217/321
Wilson, Mathew Heirs Div.46/194
Wilson, Matthew Heirs280/65a
Wilson, Upton319/109
Wilson, William302/89
Wilson, Wm.101/73
Wineholder416/271a; 457/421
Winkoop Or Cloeman401/231
Wirth, E. F.503/631
Wise8/40; 13/67; 45/193; 136/143; 204/294; 233/368; 343/141; 477/500; 477/503; 502/623
Wise Heirs2/20
Wise Homes, Inc.517/697a
Wise, B. C.480/513
Wise, C.55/237
Wise, Caleb98/66; 171/221; 299/84
Wise, Chas.381/196c; 509/660
Wise, Felix281/65b
Wise, Felix W.282/65c
Wise, Miller244/8h
Wise, Simpson Tract234/369
Wise, W. H.462/445
Witmouth, G. W.44/188
Wittenhill, G. D.418/277
Wm. Wigginton, Wm. Threlkeld385/203
Wolf74/11; 313/101b
Wolf's Heirs363/169
Wolfe, Wm. P.490/559
Wonderly67/285; 415/268; 432/331a
Wonderly, John409/244
Wonderly, John W.457/419
Wonderly, Mrs. J. W.457/419
Wood118/104; 227/351; 339/136b; 464/451; 493/578
Woodall456/416b; 456/416b
Woodger, John244/8f; 244/8f
Woodgers244/8g; 244/8g
Woods244/8h; 500/612; 510/665; 512/672
Woods, H.238/4b; 238/4b
Woods, John340/136d
Woods, Raymond & Jane Ann505/645
Wooldridge, B. T.380/196a; 380/196b; 381/196c
Wooldridge, I. C.380/196b; 454/413
Wooldridge, I. T. & John381/196c
Wooldridge, Mrs.136/143
Wooldridge, Simon380/196b
Wooldridge, W. T.444/385a
Woolford, Richard A.72/7
Woolridge, Simon196/274a; 196/274b
Worden, Nancy450/406; 468/464
Wright143/159; 488/549
Wright & Taylor234/370; 414/259b; 434/341
Wright, Chas.527/741
Wright, Jos. Agt. For Laurell276/60b
Wyatt104/77; 466/455
Wyatt, Elmo & Elsie521/714
Wyatt, Maggie472/482
Wyatt, Vernon Eugene & Linda521/714
Yancey, A. N.503/633b
Yancey, Pearl518/700
Yeast, G. M.235/371; 235/371
Yennowine Mill Tract37/157; 37/161; 38/160; 38/161; 38/161
Yocum185/251; 245/9a; 245/9c; 246/9a; 266/41b
Yocum, Amelia30/128
Yocum, Milly165/208
Yost, Jacob287/72
Youcm, Amelia266/41a
Younger18/82a; 44/188; 50/210; 53/225; 168/212; 244/8h; 244/8h; 256/22b; 266/40; 348/150; 353/157; 360/166a; 360/166b; 411/247a; 419/280; 447/393c; 447/396a; 457/418b; 459/429b
Younger, Burk170/219
Younger, Dick45/195
Younger, Dower45/195
Younger, H.124/116a; 124/116b
Younger, Harriet250/16b; 268/44
Younger, Henry245/9b
Younger, J. B.447/394
Younger, J. E.411/247a
Younger, James393/219
Younger, Jas.30/130
Younger, John & Joe16/78a
Younger, John W. & Joseph B.447/394
Younger, Richard45/195
Younger, Sallie45/195
Younger, Samuel35/153
Zenor, Chas.523/723
Zimeran, J. R.462/445
Zimm J.R.532/372
Zimmerman, J.R.468/465
Zinn106/79a; 106/79b
Zoneton Improvement Club512/673

The Bullitt County History Museum, a service of the Bullitt County Genealogical Society, is located in the county courthouse at 300 South Buckman Street (Highway 61) in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. The museum, along with its research room, is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday. Admission is free. The museum, as part of the Bullitt County Genealogical Society, is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization and is classified as a 509(a)2 public charity. Contributions and bequests are deductible under section 2055, 2106, or 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code. Page last modified: 12 Sep 2020 . Page URL: