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It Happened in December

The following article by Charles Hartley originally appeared in The Pioneer News on 30 Dec 2013. It is archived here for your reading enjoyment.

In this column we will look back 15, 30, 60, and 90 years to capture glimpses of what was happening in Bullitt County in each of these years. Today we will focus on the month of December.

1998 - 15 Years Ago.

Sandy Druin-Coleman, who had served as county treasurer since 1993, announced her retirement after 30 years in county government including time on the county clerk's staff.

Chris Humphrey, Ronnie Manning, and Anthony Rogers, a trio of Maryville Elementary School students, were selected to perform with the Louisville Chorus to accompany soprano Donna Love in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical rendition.

Genealogical Society members including Doris Owen, Agnes Vowels, Edna Mayfield, Betty Darnell, David Strange, Linda Houck, and Jessieanne Wells sold donuts outside the Walmart store to raise money for a new historical marker in remembrance of Jacob Peacock, a War of 1812 veteran.

All-State guard Nicki Randall led Bullitt East to an easy victory over Spencer County 70-37. Whitney Faust added 13 points and Lindsey Wegley had 12.

Matt Browner, a Bullitt Central junior, placed third overall in a state-wide driving contest that required drivers to maneuver their way safely through a driving range and on a simulator.

District Judge Bailey Taylor swore in the following members of teen court: Ian Akridge, Gabrielle Allen, Stacy Belcher, Brandy Boston, Nancy Brown, Elizabeth Collins, Ricky Dietrich, Amanda Embry, Katie Ford, Beth Fox, Allen Henning, Brandi Jeffries, Amber King, Stuart LaFollette, Stephen Langham, Scott Loeffler, Mandy Maddix, Troy Miles, Rachel Murphy, Fred Paul, Shannon Reece, Laurie Robison, Michael Robison, Carrie Rumford, Stephanie Seidl, Melissa Snow, Elizabeth Stottman, Sarah Stout, Wesley Strange, Felicia Terrazas, Rebekah Underwood, and April Wilcher.

Raymond and Irene Reid celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this month. They were married on Christmas Eve 1938.

Lion's Club members Jerry Thompson, David Strange, Sam Hardy, Lloyd Swann, David Bishop and Frank Hatfield were pictured refurbishing the chain-link organization sign along the highway entering Shepherdsville.

Twenty-two middle school musicians performed on the EKU Honors Band. From Bullitt Lick were Katrina Hensel, Elizabeth Beasley, Walter Crawley, Jennifer Williams, James Zornes, Brandi Wimsatt, Becky Bartsch, Melinda Thomason, Jennifer Weedman, Carl Glass, Nathan Britt, Christy West, Melissa Binggeli, Bryan Dockery, and Drew Manning. Hebron students honored were Jason Moore, Willie Kline, Brad Dwyer, Kyle Hall, John DeFerraro, Katie Werner, Billie Churchill, Heather Embry, Todd Daniel, Andy Meyers, Jonathon Graham, Amanda Downing, Amanda Gardner, and Jon Grant.

And John Kaleb Coots, an infant, was pictured being held by his great-great grandmother Alta Howard for the first time. Their birthdays were approximately 100 years apart!

1983 - 30 Years Ago.

The paper reported that Roger Basham had recently learned how to carve exact replicas of a pocket knife using his old case knife. Earlier he had made replicas of several shotguns.

I wonder if Brian Hawkins, Darrin Downey, Jeffry Whitehouse, Matt Roller, and Frankie Rodgers remember being cast in a Thanksgiving play in Mrs. Crismon's class at Cedar Grove?

Bullitt Central grad Richard Smith was pictured in his football uniform as a member of the Anderson College team. He was a defensive tackle, and a junior physical education major there.

Danna Morrison, a teacher at Hebron Middle School, was pictured checking papers while preparing the Christmas edition of the school newspaper. John Roberts took the picture.

Oretha Ridgway, the Nichols correspondent, reported that an organizational meeting of the Nichols Homemakers would be held this month. If you need more details, call Carol Braden or Thelma Coy. She also reported that Carolyn Sander hosted a baby shower for Karen Larimore attended by Viola Logsdon, Rue Shouley, Patsy Larimore, June Dawson, Oretha Ridgway, and Evelyn Hale.

Ruth Owens, the Lebanon Junction correspondent, reported that Ellis Summers' NAPA Store had moved down the road into the K.C.'s building. She also issued a special hello to Lois Broadhurst and her daughter Carol from all their friends at Belmont Food Mart. She also reported that Brent Welch fell the previous Friday and cut his lip and had to have two stitches. Ouch!

The paper reported that Reverend Tommy Smith preached his last sermon at Cedar Grove Baptist before moving to Bentonville, Arkansas. He came to Cedar Grove seven years ago while still a student at the seminary.

I wonder if Dawn Pawley, Leigh Logan, Suzie Logan, and Allison Cardin remember sitting on Santa's lap at the Shepherdsville Florist's Open House?

Carroll Knicely, president of Bullitt Publishing Corporation was named commerce secretary by Governor-elect Collins.

When residents of Lebanon Junction needed to have shoes repaired, they knew to take them to Howard Shane who had operated a shoe repair shop out of his garage since 1946. Folks will remember his work apron with the message, "Let Howard do it."

And how many of you remember when Robbie Dennis hit two clutch free throws after time had run out to seal a 51-49 Bullitt Central victory over Spencer County? Not bad for someone who had missed 6 of 7 up to that time.

1953 - 60 Years Ago.

A recording of Christmas greetings by Bobbie Etherton to his parents was played on the Jimmie Osborne program on station WKLO. Bobbie was stationed in Germany.

Despite being short-handed with Arthur Miller bedridden with mumps, the Shepherdsville Rams nearly overcame a big Willisburg lead behind "Tee" Coy who scored 16 points in the second half, but the rally fell short 52-49.

Neill Brooks, Jr. and Samuel G. Vittitow of Shepherdsville were among about 300 farmers who visited the Purina Research farm in Missouri.

Mrs. Roy Ireland, Mrs. Thomas Givhan, Mrs. J. W. Pope, and Mrs. Neil Ferris were hostesses for the Woman's Club luncheon at the Meadows Restaurant on the McAdams farm this month.

The Hebron correspondent reported that "Mrs Frank Quick has learned to operate a car and has purchased one. She came out and took us to church Sunday."

Mrs. Jean Goodwin was selected as the outstanding member of the Hebron Homemakers Club last month.

The personals column mentioned that Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Dawson had just moved into their new home east of town on highway 44; and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Daugherty moved into a new home at Gap-in-Knob.

Out at Clermont, Wanda Thompson received many nice birthday gifts at a party attended by Bonnie Tinnell, Polly Smith, Ella Mae Sowders, Wanda D. Meyers, Barbara Gayle Morris, Norman Troutman, Laura Wise, Howard Moore, Faye Coy, Joyce Thompson, Dot Williams, Rayburn McDonald, Peggy Boone, Joe Raley, Fronia Sweat, and Frankie Huffman.

Down at Lebanon Junction, the correspondent reported that two of the children of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Raney received tonsil operations during the holidays. I wonder if ice cream was on the recovery menu?

Who remembers the variety show based on the Whippleville Depot? Some of the cast included John McGill, Yvonne Huffman, Buddy Brown, Joyce Harris, Sherry Johnson, Ronnie Hatfield, Joyce Farmer, Janet Masden, Peggy Sadler, Carolyn Carpenter, Ina Charles Roby, Shirley Jo Stansbury, Bernice Smith, Vernon Goodwin, Eugene Elder, Wilda Swanner, Barbara Morris, Jim Griffis, Arthur Miller, Charles Reichmuth, Betty Greenwell, Carmel Greenwell, Lydia Keith, and Margaret Keith.

The Shepherdsville lunchroom staff surprised Mrs. Betty Larimore with a cake and ice cream party on her birthday. She was praised for her excellent work in the Commerce Department, and in managing the lunch program.

The Cedar Grove Homemakers met at the home of Mrs. Alf Weller. Attenders included Mrs. C. T. Korfhage, Miss Mariah Stiglitz, Mrs. Myrtle Deacon, Mrs. Ed Berman, Mrs. Leslie Earl McCubbins, and Mrs. Johnson Ash.

And the Standard Oil Service Station changed hands when Leland Cundiff purchased the business.

1923 - 90 Years Ago.

Out Pleasant Grove way, Buck Price sent a bunch of hogs to market by the Union truck; and R. K. Hall was surprised with a birthday dinner at the Bethel Church.

B. A. Atherton advertised that he had two full stock Jersey cows for sale, one in full flow, the other one fresh in a few days.

At the annual election of the Bullitt County Farmer's Union, L. N. Patterson was elected president, J. R. Cornell was vice-president, Dr. David Smith was secretary, Carey Smith - conductor, A. F. Armstrong - doorkeeper, and J. O. Ridgway - chaplain. The executive committee included C. G. Bridwell, Herman Rouse, R. J. Clark, and Fisher Harned.

The Hebron correspondent reported that Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mothershead were getting ready to leave for Miami, Florida. They were driving down in their coupe.

The paper printed information from a clipping found in an old Bible of the late Rev. Geo. L. Rodgers about the Mount Washington Academy dated December 25, 1848. In what remains of the paper, we learn that N. Kendall was the school's principal and teacher of the classics, mathematics, and natural science. Miss Sarah J. Kendall was principal of the female department, and teacher of modern languages and ornamental branches. Miss Lydia P. Weed taught music. A census check tells us that teachers Nathan and Sarah Kendall were boarding with William Barns in 1850. They were apparently brother and sister, children of Paul and Jane Kendall of Phillipston, Massachusetts.

W. M. Combs of Shepherdsville was selling fruit trees. Apple and peach trees were 35 cents apiece, and pear, plum, and cherry trees ran 50 cents each.

The Bardstown Junction correspondent reported that Mr. and Mrs. Coe Moser and Miss Francis Trunnell traveled to Georgetown to watch Thomas Trunnell, a local boy, play in a football game. Thomas was scheduled to graduate in 1924.

Members of the Shepherdsville senior class, chaperoned by Miss Anderson, their teacher, left the school and walked to the site of the "Lone Grave." Finding it, they built a small fire and roasted some wieners for lunch. (That would be a different trip today.)

And Mack Shaw was in Circuit Court for allegedly having liquor in his possession. However, the witnesses couldn't state for sure if it was the real thing or not, so according to the paper, "the jurors instead of hanging Shaw, hung themselves."

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