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The following article by Charles Hartley originally appeared in The Pioneer News on 26 Dec 2017. It is archived here for your reading enjoyment.

We will be looking back 10, 30, 50, 70, and 90 years to see what was being printed in The Pioneer News in 2007, 1987, 1967, 1947, and 1927 in the month of December.

2007 - 10 Years Ago.

Doug Puckett was selected as the new Shepherdsville police chief by Mayor Sherman Tinnell. The two were pictured shaking hands while Mrs. Puckett looked on.

Raley and Valdivia

The students at St. Aloysius remembered soldiers, past and present, during a special Veteran's Day service. Present and representing veterans were Sergeant Joe Raley and Colonel Robert Valdivia. Among the veterans honored was St. Aloysius teacher, Captain Christine Farrell.

Sam Johnson

The Bullitt East Lady Chargers came up just short against Fern Creek, falling 70-68. The paper printed a picture of Sam Johnson attempting a jump shot. She had five points in the game.

Bullitt East Chargers won their first victory ever over Fairdale as Willie Moore scored 24 points, all in the second half.

Leonard Light

Leonard Light, who was Bullitt County Sheriff for 16 years, passed away at age 86. He was survived by his children Linda, Louis, Floyd, and Karen, and two brothers, Howard and Jim.

Justin Walls, Jeremiah Walls, and James Badgett took individual titles in the wrestling tournament at Bullitt Central. Tony Tinnell and Akeem Bennett placed third in their weight classes, and Preston Glass placed fourth.

Justin, Jeremiah, and James

The following youngsters made the All County Dance Team: Dakota Robinson, Rachel Mitchell, Selena Greenwell, Destiny Ashmore, Kayly Norris, and Madison Schmitt.

All-County Dance Team

Ricky Conover

The Shoptaws

Virgil Cothern

Chad Ledington

Ricky Conover won a three-point shooting contest at St. Aloysius to claim a big trophy.

Virgil Cothern of Lebanon Junction received his long-overdue combat awards sixty-four years after his discharge from the navy at the end of World War II.

Dr. Mohana Arla was the recipient of that year's Distinguished Citizen Award from the Bullitt County Education Association.

Cornell and Loraine Shoptaw celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows.

Shepherdsville police officer Chad Ledington received the Medal of Valor for his role in preventing a suicide.

And the Bullitt County History Museum organized a memorial service in remembrance of the dead and injured in the December 20, 1917 train wreck in Shepherdsville. More than a hundred descendants of those passengers were in attendance in the Courthouse at Shepherdsville to hear the story of the crash. That was 90 years after the wreck, and ten years ago this month. By the time you read this, we will once again honor the memory of those who were lost or injured that night 100 years ago.

1987 - 30 Years Ago.

R. G. Branham

Ayers and King

John Roberts took a picture of R. G. Branham of Mt. Washington as he touched up the paint on some exterior plumbing.

Hillview resident William Jerry Ayers was pictured with country music legend Pee Wee King.

In Bob and Ginger Carter's Lebanon Junction article, they included a picture of the communities second school building (1902-1930) that was located on Masden Street.

Becky Dadisman

Lisa Laytart

Becky Dadisman captured 16 rebounds and Penny Troutwine scored 18 points as the Lady Cougars defeated Spencer County. The rest of the scoring for Central was spread out with Kim Davis getting 9, Stacy Richards 7, Becky Dadisman 5, Michelle Mitchell and Connie Johnson 4 each, Krissy Dadisman, Stacy Sedoris and Tiffany Rice 2 each, and Laurie Horton 1 point.

Lisa Laytart's picture in the paper accompanied a story about her winning ways in horse competitions, including being the only female competitor in a horse plowing contest.

Linda Boley of Cedar Grove wished a happy birthday to Diane Cook, Linda Snyder, Ruth Thomas, Mary Lou Neel, Ruben Rosa, Liz Grider, Audrey Foley, Karen Cravens, and Melissa Tyler. She also congratulated Sharron Rene and Donnie Kaufman on the birth of their daughter, Whitney Rene.

Linda also congratulated Kirby Slone for receiving a trophy for outstanding offensive lineman at Bullitt Central's football banquet.

Lois Simmons of Pleasant Grove wished a happy birthday to Jennifer Johnson, and to the twins, Jennifer and Jeannine Hurst. Other birthday wishes went ot Ellen Brewer, Doris Stevenson, Clara Simmons, Juanita Proctor, Vonnie Laster, and Maggie Bridwell.

Lois also mentioned that Kenny Price took a load of tobacco to Horse Cave and Wallace Armstrong went along for the ride.

Louise Bischoff of Hebron mentioned the kind deed by Mary Harper who visited Mrs. Holsclaw and brought her a nice meal and some goodies.

Chris and Josh

Edna and Bud

In a four-overtime thriller, the Lady Chargers of Bullitt East defeated the Lady Eagles of North Bullitt 62-61. Shannon Miles led East scoring with 30 points. Adding to East scoring were Jennifer Laha with 13, Michelle Wilson and Lisa Clark with 6 each, Stephanie Jarvis with 5, and Deronda Owen scored 2. For the Lady Eagles, Kim Dial led with 28, Shannon Hatfield had 8, Shelly Dial 7, Sandi Richmond 6, Tonya Cundiff 5, Ami Thorne 4, and Tammy Conn added 3.

Chris Tobbe as Scrooge, and Josh Broadway as his nephew were pictured on the front page in their roles in the Brooks Elementary production of the musical Scrooge.

And Bud Hardy celebrated 35 years as a State Farm insurance agent by also honoring his very first client, Edna Lane who had been with him the whole time.

1967 - 50 Years Ago.

The Fellowship of Concern elected new officers including Chairman Dr. Norman Troutman representing Bullitt Lick Baptist Church, Co-chairman John "Jippy" Hatzell representing St. Aloysius, Secretary Billy B. Horrell representing Hebron Presbyterian Church, and Treasurer Bill Hardy representing Shepherdsville First Baptist.

The paper reported that Cecil Cash had returned home from the hospital after two surgeries.

Charlie Pepper scored 17 and Steve Coulter and Albert Goldsmith each contributed 11 points, but the S.H.S. Rams still fell to Trimble County 69-61. However, they did defeat Old Kentucky Home 55-49 with Pepper scoring 26 points.

The L.J. Bulldogs' Edgar Sullivan scored 26 points while Merrell Coleman added 17, and Frankie Hartlage 10, but the team still fell to Mt. Washington 89-63.

Mrs. Lee Cox of Lebanon Junction returned home from Wisconsin after visiting her daughter's family. Her grandson left for Vietnam recently.

Remember when Lynne Firkins was a "Dancing Doll"? She appeared on the TV show "High Varieties" with that dancing group when she was seven years old.

J. C. Thompson surprised the Shepherdsville City Council when he tendered his resignation as mayor.

The Jaycees presented the county with a newly-designed flag at a special ceremony at Roby School. A committee headed by Moise Napier had spearheaded the flag's development with design assistance from C. T Crume. C. L. Lane presented the flag to County Judge Neil Farris following a historical presentation by Tom Pack. The ceremony was closed with Mrs. Betty Porter singing "My Old Kentucky Home."

If you wanted one of those new Bullitt County flags, you needed to contact Moise Napier at Hardy and Mooney Auto Parts, or Bernie Wiley at the Pioneer News office.

The Lebanon Junction Beta Club added the following new members: Juanita Moore, Janet Travis, Roger Cravens, Charles Waters, Susan Geoghegan, Preston Samuels, Rosie Hoagland, and Geneva Hodge.

Mrs. Lanham of Cedar Grove reported that Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Heath and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Ash spent a day with Mrs. Nancy Lunsford and Robin. Also Rev. Dwayne Cole was home from the hospital where he spent three weeks.

Tom Jeffries, former Bullitt County School Superintendent, received his doctoral degree at Indiana University.

The Zoneton Fire Department elected Don Christman as their new president. Also elected were Bill Cox as first vice-president, Bernard Bischoff as second vice-president, Francis Sunderhauf as secretary, O. J. Stucker as corresponding secretary, and John Durall as sergeant at arms. The department's trustees were Ike Neal, Bud Tachell, C. W. Sunderhauf, and Max Squires. Eugene Laswell was chief, and Donald Christman and Hiram Gibson were his assistants.

And seven Shepherdsville F.F.A. members attended a welding class held by Ernest Keim. Receiving certificates were Kenny Young, Cecil Burks, Jimmy Cash, Willard Ryan, Joe Howlett, Mike Perry, and Dennis Crenshaw. Also, in a welding contest, James Frans won, with Leeland Stevenson placing second, and Mike Hester third.

1947 - 70 Years Ago.

The Hebron correspondent reported that Boone Cooper of Valley Station spent a few days with his uncle, J. R. Ball, and his aunt, Mrs. J. R. Holsclaw. While there he went hunting, and Mrs. Holsclaw reported that they were enjoying rabbit as a result.

In local marriages, we read about the marriage of Mildred Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Williams, to William Russell at the St. Aloysius Church. Rev. Felix Pitt officiated.

Roy Maraman and Ann Gibson were married in Louisville. The attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Maraman.

And Nancy Montgomery, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mont Montgomery of Lebanon Junction married Billy Ben Jenkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jenkins, also of L.J. They were married at the Catholic church at Colesburg.

And news of the wedding of Evan McKinley and Jane Brooks of Philadelphia was reported. Mr. McKinley was the son of Rev. McKinley who had pastored the Shepherdsville Baptist Church a few years earlier. (He served there from August 1934 to December 1935.) The paper also reported that Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hardy had attended the wedding.

The Belmont community experienced a mini-population explosion with the births of Nancy Louise to Mrs. Leslie Able, Mildred Isabelle to Mrs. Calvin Rice, and twin girls, Glenda and Linda to Mrs. Roy Nalley.

Morace Burns was the manager of a local Shepherdsville basketball team sponsored by the Lions Club. Team members included Charlie Brown, Foster Sanders, Ben F. Robards, R. B. Armstrong, John Armstrong, Jimmy Hardy, Billy Hill, Charles Fearnback, and Charles Magruder.

In Cedar Grove news, we learned that Mrs. Alf Weller taught school one day in the absence of Mrs. Thelma Roby; and that the little daughter of Mrs. Oral Meridith was improving after a serious burn.

Miss Edith Mae Roby traveled to Frankfort to take her final examination for Beauty Operator. She was going to work with Mrs. Rua Shouley.

The Shepherdsville Baptist Church choir presented a program of Christmas carols for the community. Choir members included Jeanie Lanham, Peggy White, Betty Fern Larimore, Mary Sue Roby, Nancy Kulmer, Peggy Sadler, Billie Gwen Evans, Carolyn Easley, Willa Burns, Marilyn Miller, Patty Ann Cruise, Julia Ann Weller, Hilda Ogle, Alice Ryan, Barbara Philpot, Ina Charles Roby, Imogene Sadler, Billy Brown, Jimmy Brown, Terry White, Bobby Roby, Blaine Terry, Jimmy Ryan, Prince Ryan, Gerald Bergen, Frank White, Jr., Mrs. Mary Cook, Mrs. Norma Tate, Mrs. Alma Hardesty, Mrs. Eudora Burns, Ruth Bilbry, Elnora Jackson, Reba Hall, Mary Evelyn Milam, Edith Woods, Bro. Hartsell, Russell Lanham, Mrs. Roy Stallings, Mr. Charles Holsclaw, Jr., Mr. Charles Holsclaw, Sr., and Mr. Charles Hatfield. Mrs. Eugenia Stansbury was the organist, and Mrs. Bruce Hartsell was the director.

And Mrs. Elsie Masden flew from Bowman Field to Dayton, Ohio to keep house for her son, Capt. Gilbert A. Masden and little daughter Diane for a couple of months while Mrs. Masden and son, Alan Lee, are visiting Mrs. Masden's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stannard, of Sidney, Australia.

1927 - 90 Years Ago.

Mrs. Mattie J. Samuels was reappointed treasurer and tax collector for the Lebanon Junction graded schools. C. L. Troutwine held the same post for the Shepherdsville board.

Charles Hardesty, science teacher at Fern Creek, was in town on the way to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hardestry at Mt. Eden.

Margaret Sanders came up from Bowling Green where she was attending school to visit with her parents, Professor and Mrs. J. H. Sanders.

Henry Trunnell sold his house in Shepherdsville to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hardy.

The Hilltop correspondent reported that Mrs. Howard Hardin was in Louisville having dental work done; that Rev. Burkholter visited Mrs. R. C. Hardesty; Rev. Wilson preached at Mt. Eden, and then visited with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ogle; and the Ogles lost a large barn to fire the next day (no connection, I'm sure).

In the Personals column we learned that Headie Lee and wife entertained the William Ferrings, Kenneth and G. H. Bailey, and Wilma Hatzell for Thanksgiving.

Rev. W. S. Coakley pastor of the Mt. Washington Baptist Church, and Rev. W. G. Potts of Lebanon Junction exchanged pulpits one Sunday.

In Mt. Washington, Almer Barnes had his family for Thanksgiving, including Leland and wife, Dana and wife, Harold, wife, and little Leda Barnes.

The new school at Bardstown Junction cost $2,000 to build. They sold the old school building for just $80.

The Bullitt Lick School Honor Roll included First Grader Jessie Pearl; Second Graders Jackie Raymond, Georgie McGlasson, and William Bettler; Fifth Graders Jack Saddler and John Beetler; and Eighth Graders Nora Bettler and Margaret Bettler.

Troutman Bros' big department store burned.

W. T. Tyler, Georgia Porter, Hazel Hall, Frances Shelburne, Mrs. Weaver Harris, Virginia Gardner, Mrs. Thomas McAfee, Maurice McAfee, Weaver Harris, Rufus Hall, Mariana Harris, Geneva McFarland, Sherley Parrish, and Marvin Parrish were the cast of a comedy drama performed at McCabee Hall in Mt. Washington.

A local music teacher, Miss Mary Hardaway attended a show at the Rialto with Russell Henderson.

In the "Dear Santa" letters we find that Frazier Robards wanted oranges, bananas, nuts, and candy; Mary Dell Robards wanted those plus a new raincoat; and Edyth Mae Robards wanted a doll baby along with all those good things to eat.

Other requests included a bicycle for Baxter Ferrill, a doll bed for Mary Martha Williams, a story book for Mary Frances Hedges, a book to paint for Jim Brooks Williams, a pair of skates for Mark Rhea, and Emmitt Quinn Harned wanted a pencil box, some long pants, a football, and a Santa Claus suit.

And T. C. Carroll lost his bob-tailed fox terrier pup. Let him know if you find it.

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