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Tucker Cemetery

Tucker Cemetery - Location: 305 Halls Lane (N 38 0.5364 W 85 40.6388); Elevation: 464 feet; Date Visited: 3/12/2008; Available Pictures= 17 [Cem #245]

Directions: From the Bullitt County Courthouse take Highway 44 East about 2.8 miles to Halls Lane. Turn left onto Halls Lane. Go about 0.2 miles and 305 Halls Lane is on the left. The cemetery is behind the house to the left.

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History: According to the dates on William Tucker's gravestone he was born December 24, 1803, and died on September 29, 1852. We do not know where William was born, but some researchers have indicated that he was born in a part of Shelby County, Kentucky, that became Spencer County, Kentucky. William was the third child and second son of Thomas Tucker and Elizabeth MNU.

William Tucker was married to Anna Shaw on September 3, 1827, in Spencer County, Kentucky (Spencer County, Kentucky, Marriage Book 2, Page 11). The known children born to this union were; Elizabeth, born ca. 1831, Theopolus, born ca. 1834, Perlina, born ca. 1837, Rachel, born ca. 1840, Joel H., born ca. 1842, Joseph, born ca. 1845 and James W., born ca. 1851.

It is not known when William Tucker came to Bullitt County, but apparently he was a resident of Bullitt County when he bought 200 acres of property located on the east bank of Floyd's Fork from Woodford and Louisa McDowell on September 28, 1848 (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Deed Book L, Pages 310 & 311). Sadly, William Tucker died exactly four years and one day later and was buried in what would become the Tucker Cemetery.

Although all of the deeds have not been researched, we believe that we have found enough to follow the ownership of the property to the present time.

In 1864 the Bullitt County Court appointed commissioners to divide the property of William Tucker, deceased. Anna Tucker received a widow's dower of approximately 50 acres and the seven children received approximately 20 acres each. Daughter, Elizabeth Tucker Forman, sold her 1/7 interest to her mother, Anna Tucker. (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Will Book G, Pages 352-355). On March 29, 1873, Anna Tucker sold this 1/7 interest to her son, James Tucker, giving him approximately 40 acres total (Bullitt County, Kentucky Deed Book T, Pages 302 & 303). By 1874, Theopolus Tucker had apparently bought his other brothers' and sisters' share of their father's estate (except James) because he sold 100 acres and 1/7 interest of his mother's dower (she was a life tenant) to Wesley Phelps on March 6, 1874 (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Deed Book T, Pages 551 & 552). On March 21, 1882, Wesley Phelps, et al, sold the 100 acres that he had bought from Theopolus Tucker, 40 acres that he had bought from James Tucker, and Anna Tucker's widow's dower conveyed to him by Theopolus Tucker, Joel Tucker, James Tucker, J. T. Tucker and Dave Smith (this gives an indication that Anna Tucker had recently died) to Thomas J. Hall and E. C. Evans (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Deed Book X, Pages 638 & 639).

On March 14, 1894, Robert Hall (not sure of his relation to Thomas J. Hall) deeded to his sons, Jasper and Douglas Hall, for one dollar each, property that included the 200 acres of the William Tucker property (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Deed Book 30, Pages 303 & 304). On October 21, 1910, Douglas Hall deeded to Jasper Hall, for one dollar, his share of this property (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Deed Book 42, Pages 358 & 359). (This would be the last time any deeds would refer to the Tucker property.) Jasper Hall died intestate on April 7, 1945. His daughter and only child, Ora Dell Smith, inherited his entire estate.

Ora Dell Smith died on May 22, 1984. Her daughter, Carolyn Smith, would inherit part of the original 200 acres of William Tucker's property (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Will Book V, Page 203-207; Bullitt County, Kentucky, Deed Book, Pages 315-317). When Carolyn Smith sold 5.49 acres to Glen D. Fleming on November 10, 1995, .71 acres was included for the Tucker Cemetery (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Deed Book 414, Pages 622-625). We do not know the size of the original cemetery since there is no mention of it in any of the previous deeds.

Glen Fleming states that Carolyn Smith had told him that there were as many as 30 graves in the Tucker Cemetery and at one time there had been as many as 17 gravestones. All have been removed or destroyed except these four:

William Tucker December 24, 1803-September 29, 1852
Permelia S. Tucker January 31, 1847-October 7, 1876
(Permelia S. Bell was the first wife of Joseph T. Tucker)
John T. Bridges August 14, 1825-August 17, 1884
(John T. Bridges was the first husband of Perlina Tucker)
Elizabeth Bridges ca. 1792-December 30, 1876 Aged 84
(Elizabeth Bridges was the mother of John T. Bridges and the widow of James Bridges)

Other burials---

Joel H. Tucker, born April 7, 1842 and died March 6, 1919 (Kentucky Death Certificate #08862; Pioneer News obit dated March 14, 1919) says burial at Hall's Farm.

Joseph Thomas Tucker, born May 1, 1845 and died May 3, 1921 (Kentucky Death Certificate #09483; Pioneer News obit dated May 13, 1921) says burial at Hall's Farm.

Possible burials---

Anna Shaw Tucker, born ca. 1812 and died ca. 1882 (widow of William Tucker)
Elizabeth Balee Tucker, born ca. 1854 and died before 1880 (first wife of Joel H. Tucker)
Elizabeth Jones Tucker, born ca. 1833 and died before 1870 (first wife of Theopolus Tucker)
James Bridges, born ca. 1790 and died before 1850 (husband of Elizabeth Bridges, he may have died and been buried in Spencer County, Kentucky)
Mary Ann Bridges Smith, born March 26, 1859 and died January 30, 1940 (daughter of John and Perlina Tucker Bridges (Kentucky Death Certificate #3237) says burial at home cemetery.
Perlina Tucker Bridges Polt born November 27, 1837 and died March 8, 1913, in Nelson County, Kentucky (Kentucky Death Certificate #8526) says burial at Shepherdsville, Kentucky

James Tucker may have been married twice, if so, his first wife may be buried here.

Glen Fleming states that there were fieldstones and the position of the headstones and footstones would indicate children's graves. One of the children may have been---

Mary E. Tucker, born ca. 1845, Floyd's Fork, and died March 9, 1854, Union County, Kentucky. Daughter of Caleb Tucker who was a brother to William Tucker (Bullitt County, Kentucky, Death Records)

Records show that the Tuckers owned slaves. Part of the Tucker Cemetery may have been used for slave burials or another cemetery may have been nearby.

Notes: Elizabeth Tucker Forman, born June 14, 1831 and died January 14, 1891, in Spencer County, Kentucky and probably buried there.

Rachel Tucker Smith, born about 1840 and died April 1887, in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Buried at Cave Hill Cemetery, Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Theopolus Tucker, born September 13, 1834 and died December 3, 1928, in Union County, Kentucky. Buried at Little Bethel Cemetery, Union County, Kentucky.

James W. Tucker, born December 10, 1851 and died October 8, 1934, in Shelby County, Kentucky. Buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery, Nelson County, Kentucky.

Perlina Tucker and John T. Bridges were the grandparents of Hollis and Josie Bridges who were killed in the Shepherdsville Train Wreck on December 20, 1917 and buried at New Salem Cemetery, Nelson County, Kentucky.

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