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Signatures to Decipher

In 1793 a large group of men petitioned Isaac Shelby to establish a fortified post at the mouth of Salt River. As all of them signed the letter, we are trying to identify each of them. The images below are taken directly from the letter, and we need your help in determining the names.

Some are clear and bold, easy to read. Others are either poorly written, faint, or both. We have listed what we think are the names in each image.

If you can help us determine the names we haven't deciphered, or correct names we have incorrectly identified, please note the image number and the name number. Then use the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page, and send us a message.

Adam Shepherd, Geo. Harrison, Walter Beale, Thomas Lewis, George King

Garbiel Cox, Ephraim Hubbard, Thos Morton, Benjamin Pope

Benjamin Pope Jr., H. Crist, Joseph Saunders, Benjamin Frye

Will R. Hynes, Jno Stidger, Nicholas Crist Sr., Nicholas Crist Jr.

Thomas Hynes, Jacob Yoder, Saml Smyth, Moses Moore

John Burks, Jonathan Irons, William Man, James Cochren

Daniel Goodin, Daniel Wilson, John Essrey, David Clarke, Wm Roberts

Zachariah DeWit(?), James Brown, Daniel Mon'tgor(Montgomery), Daniel Wilson

Martin Wilims, John Asturgus, Nicholas Bosheirs, William Samuels, James Nelson

Josua Newman, Robert Eades, Thomas Nunn, Sameul Goble

John Mooen, Moses Mechs, Joshua Hobbs, Nathaniel Harris

Iaac Harras, Peter Shepherd, Thomas Busley, Francies Shain

David Graibel, Michael Tietz, Johann Laird

Hezekiah Laird, James Collins, Joseph Boyce

John Jackson, Richard Loe, Jarret Williams, Wm Simmons, Richard Simmons

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