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Museum Newsletter - 26 Nov 2005

Friends of the Bullitt County History Museum
November 26, 2005

This is an abbreviated newsletter because of the holidays, but I especially wanted to let you know about a special show that will be in Louisville.

Do you like silent movies? Have your ever actually watched one? Here's your chance to see one in style!

Having grown up around modern movies with all their impressive technology, I took the opportunity a few years ago to go to a special showing of an old silent movie as it was intended to be shown (grand organ and all). After I got past the culture shock, it was really something to experience. If you can be in the area, you should really take in the experience for yourself. On Sunday, December 4, the William H. Bauer Foundation presents the classic silent film, "The General" staring Buster Keaton accompanied by Jim Barton on the world's largest Pilcher pipe organ. The showing is at 2:00 p.m. at the Louisville Memorial Auditorium, 970 South Fourth Street Louisville. Admission is a suggested $5.00 donation, children under 12 free. For more info call 502-584-4911. I wouldn't want to watch them all the time, but anyone interested in history should experience this at least once!

Here is some newly-gathered Bullitt County history that might be of interest to you.

As far as we at the museum could tell, there had never been a listing of all the past Bullitt County Clerks, so we have been working to get an accurate list together. Many thanks to the workers at the Bullitt County Clerk's office for gathering the information from scattered sources. So, here 'tis!

Bullitt County Clerks

  1. Thomas Speed, 1797 - March 1803
  2. Fredrick William Spence Grayson, April 1803 - March 1815
  3. James Holbert, April 1815 - June 1821
  4. George Pope, July 1821 - March 1826
  5. Noah C Summers, April 1826 - October 1850
  6. Robert A-F Samuels, October 1850 - August 1861
  7. Charles R Samuels, October 1861 - March 1866
  8. R. J. Melyer, March 1866 - September 1874
  9. E. W. Hall, September 1874 - 1889
  10. R. F. Hays, 1890 - November 1893
  11. E. E. McCormick, November 1893 - 1895
  12. W. B. Tilden, 1895 - December 1909
  13. Lindsey Ridgeway, January 1910 - December 1929
  14. E. E. McCormick, January 1930 - December 1931
  15. F. T. Harned, January 1932 - June 1932
  16. Tommy Wilson, 1932 - 1941
  17. T. L. Cook, 1942 - 1973
  18. Nina Mooney, 1974 - 1997
  19. Nora McCawley, August 1997 - Present


I hope you all have had a good year. It is hard to believe the museum has been in existence an entire year already (we opened in October 2004). Yet it is also hard to believe we have accomplished so much, starting from absolute scratch, in just that short year. I hope to send out one more newsletter for 2005 sometime before Christmas, and then we'll start on 2006! Meanwhile, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and thank you all for being Friends of Bullitt County History!

As always, thank you all for being a Friend of Bullitt County History!

David Strange
Bullitt County History Museum
Executive Director
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