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Museum Newsletter - 10 Oct 2007

Friends of the Bullitt County History Museum E-Newsletter
October 10, 2007 , (Volume 3, Number 12)

Dear Friends,


>>Salt Talk October 14

I will be giving another of my world-famous (well, some people know about it) presentations about pioneer-era Salt Making on Sunday, October 14. The St. Mathews Historical Society has invited me to speak at their meeting on that day. New to the show will be information about my attempt to actually make salt this past August. You can even taste a bit of it if you want!

Time: 2:00 p.m., Sunday, October 14. Place: The St. Mathews public library branch building, which also houses their city hall, 3940 Grandview Avenue. For more information, call Joyce Ruffra at 502-425-0431 or e-mail Come if you get the chance!

>>Next meeting of the Bullitt County Genealogical Society is special!

The October meeting of the Bullitt County Genealogical Society is at a special time and place.

President Barbara Bailey has arranged for us to have an outing to Slow Poke Farm. Slow Poke is a a very nice living farm where you can dream about farm life as it used to be, or at least as it should have been. Ride a wagon around the farm, pet the animals, and just enjoy the fine Fall weather. They also have a very nice home-cooking-in-the-house little restaurant!

NOTE THE UNUSUAL TIME and DATE: Meet at Ridgeway Library at 5:00 pm Friday, October 19 and the group will go on to the farm from there. Or just meet us at the farm if you prefer. Slow Poke is several miles east on Cedar Grove Road from I65, past Pine Creek Subdivision.

This outing will take the place of the usual monthly meeting. Call Barbara for details at 502-957-3332. You might also check out Slow Poke's web site for directions and a look at what all it offers at

>>Speaking of Barbara Bailey.

I am sorry to report that she lost her mother this week. Lillian Hobbie Lamount was 101 years old.

>>Judicial Center building dedication October 30.

Have any photos of the old court?

The new Judicial Center building finally opened last month behind the county courthouse in Shepherdsville. The large new building was worth waiting for. Much bigger than anything Bullitt County has had before, it houses several new courtrooms, as well as the Circuit Court Clerk's office, which takes care of such things as drivers' licenses.

Officials tell me that they have set a dedication ceremony for the building for October 30 at 10:00 a.m. I have been asked to set up a historical display for the day.

If anyone has interesting photos of the old courtroom, or something related, please let me make a copy for the display.

>> Cemetery cleaning day October 20 for old "colored" cemetery on 44 West and Fugate Lane.

Progress has already started, but help if you can. Daniel Buxton is planning a cemetery clean up day for what is known by some as the old Shepherdsville Colored Cemetery, on the corner of Highway 44 West and Fugate Lane. The long-neglected cemetery is badly overgrown and in need of the help. Date & time is October 20, at 8:00 a.m. Daniel has also been doing a lot of research on the little cemetery. Contact Daniel at

Museum Activity.

>> New team formed to update county cemetery lists!

A group of Genealogical Society members have started a project that will benefit research in Bullitt County tremendously. They will be updating, expanding, and modernizing our records of cemeteries and graves in our county.

Thanks to the past work of members such as Mary Sebetti and Doris Owen, we already have some good documentation of many cemeteries. But many more old cemeteries have since been found, and the old information needs modernizing to allow computer-based research and mapping. The new team hopes to build on past work, re-document all cemeteries with GPS location mapping as well as photographs, and computerize everything for easier research.

This is a huge undertaking and I am so proud of our volunteers for taking this on. The improvement in cemetery and grave searches, alone, will be a vast improvement over our present capability.

Team members are:
Daniel Buxton - Chairman - 502-543-9875.
Robert Cline - 543-1612.
Barbara & Ken Bailey - 502-957-3332.
Lynn Eddington - Recording Secretary - 543-6335.
Steve Masden - 502-833-2412.

Doris Owen, Betty Darnell, and David Strange are advisors.

This is really another great leap forward for us at the museum and the genealogical society. The team has established a base at the museum and has already been out in the county working. It's a big project. Please wish them well in this great effort!

For Your Information...

>> Barack Obama a good 'ol guy from Bullitt County?

I usually try to stay out of politics in this newsletter, and I always try to check my facts. But this web site sent to me by Friend Bob Druin is too good to pass up.

Bob sent the following address to me that purports to list the genealogy of presidential candidate Barack Obama...and he has Bullitt County roots!

I do not have any idea how factual this is, but it looks serious. If you are interested, check out


Folks, I am on jury duty for Federal District Court in Louisville and am actually part of a jury all this week, so this short edition of our newsletter is about all that I can manage this time. I am to be on call for jury duty through the end of November, which will really play havoc with my already hectic schedule, but I will do the best I can. Our fantastic regular museum volunteers, Dennis Shaffner, Bob Cline, Barbara Bailey, Judy Richardson, Barbara Ratliff, and Daniel Buxton are making sure the museum is staffed when I have to be away. Some of our other Friends are stepping up for us as well. I don't know what I would do without these good and willing people!

Thank you for being a Friend of Bullitt County History.

David Strange
Bullitt County History Museum
Executive Director
Museum Phone: 502-921-0161

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