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Mt. Washington 1847 Map

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The original map may be viewed at the Bullitt County Clerk's Office in the T. C. Carroll plats cabinet. This grayscale copy does not show it as well as the original.

Dale Salmon of the Mt. Washington Historical Society has provided us with a transcription of the writing on the map. Thanks Dale!

Upper Right:


Boundary D,E,F,G, colored red, containing Lot No. 1 to 80 inclusive, represents the present limits of the town of Mt. Washington bounded as follows: Beginning at a stake, Halderman's corner in Evans line from 'D' S30°E 112.2 poles or 1856 ft to a stake @ McCraskins' line @ 'E', thence with the same S28°W 83.? poles or ??? ft to a stake on the S. edge of Whitacre's Run this being the original land of Thos. Johnson's 100 acre survey (ascertained by running a straight line from his N.E. to his S.W. corner) @ 'F' thence with said line N72°35'W 112 poles or 1848 ft to a stake @ Evans line @ 'G' the with the same N30°13'E 73 ½ poles or 1212 ft to the beginning containing 54 ½ acres.

The course of Main, Snapp & Water streets is N68°54'W
The course of Main-Cross, East & West streets is N39°E
The lines dividing the lots are all N29°E

Bottom Left:

A – represents Stephens & Brentlinger's Steam Mills
B – represents The Baptist Church (to be built on Lot 82)
C – represents The Catholic Church
H – represents Hall House
K – represents Kentucky Hotel
M – represents Methodist Church
S – represents Mt. Washington Academy

The dotted line from X to Y represents a line of fence built on the supposed southern boundary of said town

Bottom Right:

For size of each Int. see figures placed in same (@ streets). At the corners of each square, stakes have been planted.

At the instance of the Trustees of Mt. Washington, I surveyed said town on the 9th, 10, and 11th of June, 1847, enabling thereby to draw the above plat which together with the references fully explains the boundaries of the respective lots and town. Mathias Ash & Blaxton Gentry aided as chain carriers on the occasion and were duly sworn by - All of which is respectively submitted to the Hon. Board of Trustees.
L.E. Schultz S.B.C (Surveyor, Bullitt County)

Recording by County Clerk:

State of Kentucky Bullitt County Court – 16th August, 1847

The foregoing plan of the town of Mt. Washington ??? this day presented in open court of said County, agreeably to law, by the Trustees of said town, for record, and ordered by said court to be recorded in the deed book of said County. Wherefore I have duly recorded the same in said County in Deed Book 'L' Page 151: Given under my hand as the Clerk of the said Bullitt County Court.

Att. Noah C. Summers cbcc (Clerk, Bullitt County Court)

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