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1937 Lebanon Junction High School Annual - Page 9

Class History


We, the members of the graduating class of 1937, set out on a long journey in September, 1933, in the hopes of reaching trail's end of "High School" by 1937. Our group was composed of the following :

Lamont Berry
J. L. Booth
Fred Bryant, Jr.
Howard Daugherty
Mary Robert Ferriell
Leslie Hornback
Leslie Judd
Lucile Judd
Elzie Mann
Dorothy Masden

James Mattingly
Stanley Miller
Paul Newman
Naomi Perkins
Viola Russ
Emerson Samuels
Dorothy Thomas
John L. Thompson
William Mason Welker
Harland Waters

In the first year we followed along the trails of Algebra 1, English 1, General Science, and World's History, having as our leaders Professor C. W. Campbell, Mr. Lindsay Jones, and Miss Jennie B. Parker. These trails led us to the first milestone of our journey, and here our number was increased by Jane Clark, Hugo Brian, Ivan Hardesty, and Helen Mitchell, who wished to see what lay at the other end of the trail. Viola Russ, Stanley Miller, and Leslie Judd, having grown weary, decided that this would be a good stopping place, and left us.

For the second year we followed along the trails of Agriculture, Citizenship, Algebra 2, and English 2, retaining two of our leaders, Mr. Campbell and Mr. Jones, and receiving two new ones, Miss Byars and Miss Harned. Halfway to the second milestone, Mason Welker and Elzie Mann left us. Harland Waters got tired and stopped to wait for others who would travel this way.

Along the third year we followed the trails of American History, Physiology, Geometry, and English 3, with a new group of leaders: Peofessor Burkhead, Mr. Sisk, Miss Jameson, and Miss Riley. We had traveled only a short distance when Mr. Sisk met death in an automobile accident, on December 13, 1935. [Rodney Benjamin Sisk] In two weeks a new leader, Mr. Newton, had taken his place, and we again resumed our travels. During this journey, Dorothy Masden left us for the higher sea of matrimony, and Ivan Hardesty left us to go with his family.

When we had made preparations for our final journey, Hugo Brian would not go with us. We went along the trails of Industrial Geography, Arithmetic, English 4, and Biology, retaining three of our leaders, Mr. Burkhead, Mr. Newton, and Miss Jameson, and gaining a new one, Mr. Shultz. Paul Newman and Emerson Samuels were unable to continue at the pace we were going, so they are following us in another group. Thanks to the patience and aid of a loyal group of teachers, and to hard, persistent climbing that has led us to our journey's end, graduation.

Tonight we are ready to sail over the "Rough Seas of Life." "Where Shall We Anchor?"

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