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Shepherdsville Pioneer Graveyard Historical Marker

This marker is located at the entrance to the Shepherdsville Pioneer Graveyard, beside the City Park. While the cemetery is well-maintained, this marker is in need of repairs.

The marker contains a list of known burials in this early cemetery, as shown below. We have attempted a transcription below. the image.

Cemetery Mapped Out Roughly in 32 Rows

1M. J. Johnson1864-1894
4B. F. Troutman1819-1875
Sarah M. Troutman1831-1901
5Waverly Caldwell1888-1891
William T. Bass1848-1896
(1) Fieldstoneno marking
6(1) Fieldstoneno marking
7(3) Fieldstoneno marking
8(6) Fieldstonesno marking
9(1) Fieldstoneno marking
10Thomas J. Joyce1811-1879(Sheriff)
(1) Fieldstoneno marking
11(3) Fieldstonesno marking
12Robert F. Samuels1806-1861(Circuit Clerk)
Charles R. Samuels1834-1866(County Clerk)
Joseph H. Samuels1847-1867
(1) Fieldstoneno marking
13Henry Clay Crist, M.D.1824-1872
B. L. Crist, M.D.1849-1872(died in gun fight)
Elizabeth Fieldno datesElizabeth Simmons Field died 1840.
Abram Fieldno dates
Richard P. Simmons1775-1845Father of N. B. Simmons and Elizabeth Fields
Mary Simmonsno datesWife of Richard P. Simmons
(1) Fieldstoneno marking
14(1) Fieldstoneno marking
Howell T. Simmons1869-1872Son of George W. & Burella Ann (Holsclaw) Simmons; grandson of N. B. Simmons
Sarah Joyce1792-1857
15Martha Jane Hogland1841-1856
Mary B. Hogland1820-1844
Margaret Grapevine1831-1864
T. B. Bramel1834-1866
Zilpha Joyce1802-1873
(1) Fieldstoneno marking
16Elizabeth Simmons1815-1892Name in window in First Baptist; Elizabeth Lee Simmons, wife of N. B. Simmons
N. B. Simmons1799-1875(Paroquet Springs Resort)
N. D. Patterson1854-1856
Margrette Applegate1831-1851
(1) Fieldstoneno marking
Sarah Hogland1808-1854
T. H. Applegate1831-1854
(2) Fieldstonesno marking
17John Rickerson1797-1875
G. W. Rickerson1851-1875
Charles W. McKay1841-1881(Doctor & Union Soldier)
Dr. Samuel A. McKay1809-1883(Doctor for 50 years)
infant of S. A. McKay1840-1840
John H. McKay1843-1846Son of Dr. Samuel McKay
Charles C. McKay1870-1872Son of Dr. Charles McKay
Samuel H. McKay1866-1872Son of Dr. Charles McKay
Lorenzo Hogland1818-1880(County Judge)
Annie E. Hogland__ - 1889
(3) Fieldstonesno marking
182'x7' Fenced Lotno marking
(3) Fieldstonesno marking
Ma__ Wilson1850-1853
Henrietta E. Wilson1828-1852
Nancy Harris1827-1858
John Edward Harris1858-1858
Sarah E. Harris1854-1855
(1) Fieldstoneno marking
19(1) Fieldstoneno marking
Susan Mary Gore1825-1852
(6) Fieldstonesno marking
20(1) Fieldstone ES1842
(1) Fieldstone SL1842
22Richard H. Field1823-1881(County Attorney, Senator)
Kate S. Field1833-1881Kate Swearingen Field; daughter of W. W. Swearingen
23Edward H. McCormick1838-1871
Annie MCCormick1841-1889
Harriet Ann McCormick1848-1851
Julia Field Briscoe1850-1873Daughter of Richard Field; married E. D. Briscoe
Julia F. Swearingen1804-1838Daughter of Gen. Henry Crist; wife of W. W. Swearingen
W. W. Swearingen1803-1869William Wallace Swearingen
Sarah E. Swearingen1831-1839Daughter of W. W. Swearingen
William H. Swearingen1826-1828William Henry Swearingen; son of W. W.
Julia F. Field1835-1856Julia Francis "Frankie" Swearingen Field; wife of Abram Field Jr.
25Henry Cook1847-1859
Mary Ball Cook1801-1856
William Cook1833-1857
Mary D. W. Caldwell1803-1850
26Matilda Kalfus1792-1876Matilda (Harrison) Kalfus
Henry F. Kalfus 1798-1852(Representative)
Ann S. Kalfus1827-1849(marker was completely covered by a tree trunk)
George W. Jackson18__-1883(Union Soldier)
Frederick Travis1803-1854
Rebecca ___no dates
Margaret ___no dates
28Jacob Troutman1789-1854
29William B. Holsclaw1801-1854
30Malvina Spanzer1833-1849
31Joseph Wil___1803-1824
Willie Bowman1867-1868

Others said to be buried in this Graveyard

Clyde E. Bass1875-1892
Matilda Birkhead__-1878
Harry Leslie Formhals__-1904
Isaac T. Jacksonno dates
Matilda Jacksonno dates
__ McKay__-1849
Elizabeth Simmons1800-1839
James Simmons1812-1850
Harriet Travis1818-1871
Mary Williams1812-1823

Might be buried in this Graveyard

Henry Field1744-1823
John T. Friddle?
Ma__ Taylor?-1907

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