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Belmont Furnace

This historical marker describes the Belmont Furnace. The marker is shown below, and beneath it is a transcription of its contents.

Description: Stone stack 500 yds. east, 33 ft. high originally, 10 ft. across inside. Built in 1844, perhaps by John H. Baker, rebuilt in 1853, it burned charcoal fuel, smelted iron ore from Cane Run. The air blast machinery was powered by steam. In six months during 1857, it produced 1140 tons of pig iron, shipped to Louisville, mainly for making nails. See other side.

(Reverse) Iron Made in Kentucky - A major producer since 1791, Ky. ranked 3rd in US in 1830s, 11th in 1965. Charcoal timber, native ore, limestone supplied material for numerous furnaces making pig iron, utensils, munitions in the Hanging Rock, Red River, Between Rivers, Rolling Fork, Green River Regions. Old charcoal furnace era ended by depletion of ore and timber and the growth of railroads. See over.

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A slideshow of photos taken at the Belmont Furnace is available here.

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