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Other Court Records Options
by Betty R. Darnell

This is one in a series of researching tips taken from presentations by Betty R. Darnell, a noted local historian and genealogist. These notes are copyrighted by her.

County Court Order Books: Minutes of the county court, including...

  • Items of business entailed in forming a new county
  • Appointment of justices and county officials
  • Letting of contracts for the county buildings
  • Determining the location of roads
  • Authorizing ministers to solemnize the rites of matrimony
  • Recording of deeds and wills
  • Ordering estate appraisals
  • Binding out orphans and apprentices
  • Granting tavern and ferry licenses

Guardian Books

A guardian was appointed when the father was deceased, or when a minor was inheriting property from, for example, a grandparent. A guardian was also appointed when a person was deemed unable to manage his own affairs. The records include the appointment of the guardian, and periodic settlements (bills paid, payments received).

Circuit Court Records

The Circuit Court Order Book is a brief record of each case before the court. Some Kentucky counties have sent the original books to the state archives at Frankfort.

Circuit Court Case Files are the original records. Some Kentucky counties have sent the case files to the state archives in Frankfort. Most are indexed by at least the name of the plaintiff. Indexes are on microfilm at the state archives.

Common Law (or Ordinary) cases answer the question, “What is the law?” These case files are usually very brief; many deal with unpaid debts.

Equity (or Chancery) cases answer the question, “What is fair?” These case files can range from just a few pages to hundreds of pages. There are usually depositions from the parties and from other witnesses.

Terms you need to know

Plaintiff – the one bringing the suit; the party who complains or sues

Defendant – the party being sued

Infant – minor under age 14; a guardian is appointed for him. A minor (under age 21) over 14 years of age can choose his guardian.

Guardian ad litem – guardian appointed by the court

Trespass vi et armis (with force and arms) – seeking damages for trespass; the trespasser was actually on the property

Fieri facias (to cause to be done; commonly written fi fa) – an order to the sheriff to sell property to settle a court judgment

Vendition – the act of selling the property


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