The Bullitt County History Museum

Bullitt County Delay Birth Certificates

Mary Hatton has made a list of delayed birth certificates for Kentucky, and the ones for Bullitt County are listed below. We are very grateful to Mary for making this available.

Mary makes these comments: "Kentucky started keeping birth and death records in 1852, stopped in 1862, started again in 1874, but didn't get serious about it until 1 January 1911. Before that date, births and deaths were recorded at the county level and copies were forwarded to the state once a year. Surviving birth records are mostly for the years 1852-1861, 1874-1879 and 1900-1910. Because of official indifference and neglect, no records are extant for many of the years before 1911."

"People lacking official certificates could file delayed birth certificates with the state. This became common starting around 1940 due to the requirements of Social Security and military service."

"Delayed birth certificates contain name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, race, parents' names, ages, etc. similar to regular birth certificates. Plus two older witnesses, one related one unrelated."

"In Kentucky, the Department of Vital Statistics has most of the delayed birth certificates. There is an index on microfiche which can only be consulted at the Department. The Kentucky Historical Society also has 45 rolls of microfilmed delayed birth certificates."

"This index has name, date of birth, county, mother's maiden name, volume & certificate number. Copies of certificates may be ordered from the Department of Vital Statistics, 275 Main St., Frankfort KY 40601. Cost is $9 each."

NameBirth DateMother's NameVolumeCertificate
ABEL, Dolly D 17 Feb 09Ada Houghland19047670
ABLE, Lena 10 Sep 09Willie Gassaway20448207
AKRIDGE, James P 20 Sep 08Mary Saltsman21648708
ALBRIGHT, Lillian R 03 May 10Lydia Masden25750323
ANDERSON, Archie V 26 Oct 09Attilla Pratt18490587
ANDERSON, Lula E 26 Aug 05Mayme Cook17447033
APPLEGATE, Charles E 22 Jul 06Elizabeth Muss16046450
APPLEGATE, James W 7 Jun 1898Elizabeth Muss19747946
ARGENBRIGHT, Naunerl 21 Jun 10Cordelia Ping25450235
ARMES, Audrey E 02 Oct 05Lucy Nelson19948020
ARMSTRONG, Ima E 09 Nov 06Emma Ridgway22549049
ARMSTRONG, James W 26 Nov 09Lyda Croan25750331
ARMSTRONG, Myron K 17 Dec 10Emma Ridgway21448638
ARNOLD, Emma F 03 Feb 09Mary Wright24749926
AUSTIN, Mary F 18 Aug 09Ida Thompson23749534
BALL, Ida L 23 May 10Florence Lentsch19347791
BALL, Joseph R 14 Nov 05Florence Lentsch23749558
BALLMAN, Grace M 19 Jul 07Jessie McNeil23349380
BARNARD, Nellie P 03 Oct 08Mary Brown22348994
BARNARD, Nellie P 03 Oct 08Mary Brown22349994
BARRALL, Harry K 20 Jun 08Eva Ramsey16646720
BEAN, Dorothy L 16 Apr 10Emma Hardin23849591
BECKER, Dora M 03 Mar 01Mary Thornberry24449821
BELL, Ethel L 02 Mar 05Cora Martin21548659
BENTLEY, Harim D 21 Jan 09Armeda Bryant22549080
BIVEN, Roger 01 May 02Lillie Pugh17447000
BOSTON, Simon D 02 Jul 09Lena Draper24549864
BOWMAN, Robert 24 May 04Ida Simmons20048050
BOWMAN, Rosa 14 Dec 02Ida Simmons16746727
BRADBURY, Chester O 29 Dec 09Helen Weller25450234
BRADBURY, George D 09 Jul 00Helen Weller16246547
BRANHAM, Ethel R 18 Sep 08Martha Barnard16946833
BRINNER, Frank 04 Dec 04Mary Ricketts20848383
BROOKS, Florence Ernestine 01 Jan 09Anna Francis Shepherd19091482
BROOKS, Maudie R 4 Dec 1899Sally Browning16246533
BROWN, Beulah M 06 Jul 05Mary Crenshaw18147283
BROWN, Charles S 17 Jun 04Hester Wright23149314
BROWN, Ethel 07 May 01Hester Wright22849183
BROWN, Hazel G 29 Apr 10Mary Crenshaw24749928
BROWN, Herman L 14 Sep 08Mary Crenshaw20548267
BROWN, Sarah J 05 Dec 06Hester Wright20248159
BROWN, William M 17 Aug 09Maggie Lamb25650305
BRUMLEY, Dura E 23 Nov 08Myrtle Pratt22849187
BUCKMAN, James R 9 Feb 1898Laura Burks19847978
BUCKMAN, Martha L 11 Feb 1896Laura Burkes17046864
BUCKMAN, Mary C 11 Sep 05Carletta Hatzell15346176
BURCH, William G 30 Nov 01Mary Brown17847196
BURNS, Mary E 09 Nov 01Mary Hazard16246554
BURNS, Walter R 07 Oct 08Julia Garrett24449822
CARPENTER, Roy R 18 Aug 10Clara Stovall16846781
CARRITHERS, Etta B 15 Jun 09Nannie Obryan15346182
CARTER, Cora M 12 Jan 06Elizebth Spencer22048850
CHAPMAN, Margret A 26 Feb 04Blanche Johnson25550267
CLARK, Charles F 11 Aug 04Emma Farmer19247723
CLARK, Mary L 20 Apr 10Elizabeth Hughes24849968
CLARK, Pansy E 18 Aug 10Melvina Hobbs19247742
COMBS, Elmer T 19 Oct 01Nettie Weller15346180
CONGROVE, Helen R 14 Oct 02Margaret Arnold18647485
COOK, Leander H 24 Jan 02Virgie Johnson19948004
COOK, William A 04 Jul 00Clara Stivers17447026
COOMES, Nina 21 Jun 03Lydia McCubbins17447023
CRAIG, Ermine T 02 May 05Clara Crady24449837
CRAIG, Lucy P 13 Jun 09Clara Crady23149304
CRENSHAW, Jesse L 11 May 09Lizzia Greenwell17647089
CRIGLER, Harry T 02 Oct 04Amanda Lowe22348965
CROSS, William M 13 Mar 10Mattie Crenshaw22048848
CRUMBACKER, Walter J 02 Jul 09Mary Miller24950021
CUNDIFF, Cecil 02 Sep 09Mandy Lee25850374
CUNDIFF, Chester R 06 Aug 07Effie Show17747141
CUNDIFF, Della R 07 Jun 07Maggie Shaw21748728
CUNDIFF, Rosa L 12 Apr 07Mary Ice18247328
DAUGHERTY, Leonard 27 May 01Rillie Stader18447407
DAUGHERTY, Thelma N 28 Oct 01Vivian Tierney19992773
DAVIS, Alice L 20 Mar 1898Mattie Cundiff21048458
DAVIS, Dorotha M 20 Apr 05Mildred Davis15346170
DAVIS, Laura L 13 Mar 1893Mattie Cundiff21048469
DEFLER, Fern O 03 Nov 08Liza Froman18747551
DESURN, Sarah E 19 Dec 10Minnie Fox15346179
DICKEY, Ruby O 26 Sep 10Rosetta Hall19247744
DICKEY, Wava W 24 Oct 03Rosetta Hall17246944
DILLANDER, Evertt L 12 Sep 10Hallie Stivers25550247
DOBSON, Otis R 17 Dec 06Sallie Mattingly17146899
DODD, Dorothy P 26 Nov 05Elizabeth Garret17547078
DRAKE, Lula B 19 Aug 06Ida Messenger20548249
DRUIN, Gertie L 04 Oct 05Sarah Gaddie18247337
DUNFORD, Dora Armenta 12 Dec 10Rosaella Greenwill18590733
EBLESISOR, Martin W 26 Dec 08Nellie Martin22949204
EMERSON, Minnie F 22 Oct 08Mary Falkenberry24649914
ETHERTON, Fayette M 04 Sep 02Mary Wineholder18147280
FENWICK, Melvin R 23 Nov 09Anna Hall23749545
FERGUSON, Ruby E 22 Mar 08Lydia Standsfiel22248923
FIDLER, Everett R 23 Jan 09Clara Pound18247326
FIDLER, Seibert W 26 May 06Clara Pounds17246943
FLESCH, Thelma M 09 Sep 03Ora Hill21548645
FORREST, Alma Clarissa 23 Sep 1897Delia Brown20293210
FORREST, Ray J 09 Feb 08Adelia Brown25450230
FOSTER, Addie F 02 Nov 09Willie Thompson19547844
FOSTER, Daisy L 26 Nov 06Lola Smith21648691
FOSTER, Ethel R 12 Apr 04Lola Smith21348585
FOSTER, Virgil D 17 Jun 09Lola Smith21348591
FULKS, Grace P 26 Feb 07Nanie Druin19247733
GABAN, Edward L 12 Aug 08Mamie Hill25250134
GALE, Robert M 23 May 06Carrie Smith20948438
GARAN, Raymond R 16 Nov 10Mamie Gaban19792537
GENTRY, Albert C 06 Mar 07Katie Hubbard20948403
GENTRY, Emma L 28 Aug 04Katherine Hubbar18947616
GENTRY, Henry S 04 Mar 08Josephine Sliege24349788
GENTRY, Theodre E 06 Aug 04Naomi Hall22248929
GIBSON, Blanche 23 Nov 1898Julia Vanvactor15846391
GILPIN, Johnie 20 May 04Lara Gilpin15946412
GLATTLI, Elizbth A 14 Oct 10Theresa Stauss22949204
GRAHAM, Thomas P 28 Dec 05Viola McCubbins19747933
GRAVES, Essie M 14 Apr 08Nettie Bolton23949616
HAAS, Edith P 8 Jul 1898Ellen Arnold8543472
HACKETT, Alma R 6 Oct 1899Mary James15446236
HACKETT, Jesse W 30 Dec 09Mary James25850385
HAHN, James S 07 Jun 10Cora Hatfield20248134
HALL, Elizbth B 10 Jun 01Elizabeth Mattin19747921
HALL, Hettie L 10 Sep 05Elizabeth Mattin22449036
HALL, Margaret Louise 18 Sep 09Mary Susie Merrifield18390408
HARNED, Elizabeth Ray 16 Oct 05Martha Lee Slaughter19091474
HARNED, Janice 11 Aug 03Martha Slaughter17547065
HARPER, Harry 05 Mar 06Nora Roby19847976
HARRIS, Capertn S 25 May 07May Swearingen24749956
HARRIS, Hallie S 30 May 10Lillie Harris8543469
HARRIS, Jessie A 27 Sep 01Clara Ridgeway15446235
HARRIS, Mattie B 24 Jan 10Nannie Hardesty21748728
HART, Viola N 19 Sep 07Claria Brown22248932
HATFIELD, John H 8 Dec 1876Sally Kurtz15546247
HAZELWOOD, Maggie V 03 Jun 06Jennie Abel21348560
HECKER, Dorsey W 28 Feb 03Ida King21248538
HENRY, Georgia B 23 Sep 07Elvira Wakefield8543461
HICKERSON, Lola J 05 Jun 05Margaret Arnett16746740
HILTON, Charlie O 10 Sep 1899Maggie Pugh18047246
HOPEWELL, Nellie J 29 Jul 10Emma Griffin25050040
HUBBARD, Marvin H 29 Dec 03Virtie Boston23149304
HUMPHREY, George M 12 Feb 03Ida Dever16946830
ICE, Jeffie T 15 Jun 05Katie Cundiff23349375
JACKSON, Albert W 15 Feb 01Idabell Mills17346991
JACKSON, Lillie B 20 Apr 06Minnie Middleton18747545
JENKINS, Howard R 15 Feb 07Blanche Crumback22749129
JENKINS, Victor A 25 May 08Rosa Scott22248945
JOHNSON, Clara B 20 Jul 06Nancy Dodd16746726
JOHNSON, Eula M 12 May 04Nancy Dodd15446213
JOHNSON, Julia Frances 26 Apr 04Mary Frances Briscoe18490551
JOHNSON, Lula E 23 Dec 1896Francis Burger19347763
JOHNSTON, Lillian D 06 Jun 04Vivian Daugherty22449027
JONES, Eva M 09 Feb 09Annie Daniels24649912
JONES, Herman W 18 Jul 07Nettie Pratt21548659
JONES, Mary E 23 Jun 10Kitty Daniel23949630
JONES, Mary M 22 Dec 06Minnie Hatfield19647882
JONES, Nannie M 05 May 03Rebecca Martin17547063
JONES, William F 12 Nov 03Christina Bowman16846797
JUMP, William R 01 Jan 03Amanda Hardesty20548254
KAPPELL, John E 15 Feb 09Rosie Perkins25750351
KAPPLE, Chrstne 02 Mar 06Lizzie Leslie20548240
KEITH, Cornlus 09 Nov 09Lida Shepherd17447027
KING, William D 02 Aug 04Vallie Ridgeway18347365
KIRK, Inez H 13 Apr 04Ida Wallace16346586
LANGLEY, Elizbth A 06 Feb 08Mabel Ray19447824
LAVELY, Agnes M 11 Sep 03Hattie Downs8543466
LESLIE, Dulah V 10 Jun 10Lula Howlett25050060
LEWIS, Hester M 16 Sep 08Mary Cochran23849580
LLOYD, Capertn O 24 Jun 08Annie Hall22248954
MADDOX, George Coleman 16 Dec 09Mamie Hall Hawkins19391909
MANN, Elsie M 18 Jun 10Elizabeth Dragoo19547874
MARAMAN, Hugo 25 Jul 09Zaradia Shepherd21948804
MARKWELL, Arthur M 07 Jun 08Ida Motherhead25250151
MASDEN, Alvin 10 Dec 09Mary Warden24649883
MATTINGLY, Bessie M 02 Feb 10Betty Lane23149284
MATTINGLY, Mary Elizabeth 25 Jun 09Amy French20092851
MAY, Mary E 15 Jul 08Virginia Guthrie23149314
MCCLURE, Frances Z 02 Jun 10Alice French24449835
MCCORMICK, Harry W 05 Nov 10Susan Smithers25050070
MCCUBBINS, Bessie P 16 Jul 08Mary McCubbins21648709
MCCUBBINS, Luther F 19 Nov 10Emily Noe18347373
MCCUBBINS, Shelby P 10 Apr 10Sarah Snellen18790992
MCCUBBINS, Sylvia V 08 Sep 09Catherine Anders24549877
MCFARLAND, Grigsby 11 Nov 05Ella Grigsby20848363
MCGEE, Walter R 08 Sep 00Elizabeth Barns16246534
MCGOFFNEY, Robert M 12 Feb 10Angie Roberts25750356
MCNUTT, Earl 23 Aug 1899Rosa Miller15846373
MIDDLETON, Pearl V 24 Jun 10Martha Nalley22148897
MILES, Malcolm E 08 Jul 08Lula Fox23949616
MILLER, Alice C 18 Aug 09Annie King25250153
MILLER, Hassie 17 Dec 1899Mollie Ferguson19847974
MILLER, Lillie L 27 Oct 06Mary Sims24349792
MILLER, Winfild B 13 Feb 10Amanda Crady16146492
MILLIGAN, Roscoe 24 Jun 03Lula Fields21448606
MOBLEY, Margret P 27 May 04Clara Edmunds21348588
MONROE, Hassie L 13 Sep 03Stella Samuels15346198
MONTFORT, Mary C 07 Apr 10Nellie Marks24749958
MONTGOMERY, Mary A 14 Oct 08Manda Shepherd22449021
MOORE, Frank E 19 Nov 08Katie Luig23449410
MOORE, George C 12 Jul 04Ada Shepherd17747145
MOORE, Mary L 25 Jul 07Catherine Luig22048869
MULLINS, Bessie L 17 Oct 08Ethel Milburn21648692
MURION, Gertrde I 06 Oct 06Eliza Shelton17447027
MUSS, Goldie N 16 Jan 01Annie Hopewell17647102
MYERS, George L 31 Jan 04Sollie Napper17146891
MYERS, Virgil E 12 Nov 08Connie McCubbins21048444
NALLEY, Ora 24 Dec 01Maggie Medelen18747532
NORRIS, June E 20 Dec 07Anne Monarch23149286
NUTT, Claude L 27 Mar 10Estella Harris19247744
OWEN, Herbert L 01 Jun 00Minerva Lloyd18347370
OWEN, Lillian M 04 Oct 09Ida Farris15846367
OWENS, Rose 20 Jun 03Nancy Mason17447032
PARIS, Ella M 27 Dec 04Lula Dawson22949217
PARRISH, John R 08 May 10Anna Flint15346194
PARRISH, Sherley J 06 Nov 08Hassie Harris22949205
PATRICK, Lilly B 09 Jul 04Sylvia Phelps22449020
PAULLEY, Elizbth K 16 Aug 07Ada Johnson17046852
PEACOCK, Jesse L 18 May 09Annie Jackson19247742
PENDLETON, Kathrne A 03 May 03Minnie Norris19948019
PULLIAN, Henry S 08 Mar 03Sarah McCubbins17346969
PURCELL, Marjore L 15 Sep 07Fanny Pearl8543476
PURCELL, Natalie M 16 Dec 10Fannie Pearl23649510
PURCELL, Robert B 08 May 09Fannie Hill24950035
RALEY, Wallace W 22 Mar 04Sophia Batcher22048869
RATLIFF, Rath D 25 Jun 07Nancy Ratliff23049254
RAYMOND, Jennie V 14 Jul 1895Mary Ash21748744
REXROAT, Henry G 11 Jun 09Myrtle Whitehous20748322
RHODES, William R 16 Mar 09Francis Metcalf24749958
RICKETTS, Zettie M 05 May 05Mary Waters19547869
RIGGS, Raymond C 31 Jan 06Emma Fitzpatrick19547874
ROBERTS, Frances Melvina 14 Oct 09Mary Elizabeth Hocker18590748
ROBY, Golden G 03 Nov 04Emma Greenwell21648712
RYAN, Agnes P 27 Feb 10Callie Stark25050042
SADLER, Lillie M 13 Aug 10Ollie Jones25350175
SAMPLE, Charles O 23 Nov 09Katie Demison25850383
SAMUELS, William H 01 Oct 07Lydia Lamb19547843
SHAFFER, Henreta V 27 Sep 06Lula Thomas19247737
SHAIN, Oscar H 02 Aug 01Allie Gaddie16246554
SHANE, Bertha E 01 Oct 10Dora Tatum25350180
SHANE, Georgie A 07 Aug 07Dora Tatum19948001
SHANKLIN, George R 13 Jun 01Anna Lancaster18547475
SHAW, Ida M 01 Aug 09Julia Hibbs17847191
SHAWLEY, Archie P 28 Nov 01Elizebath Shawle18347399
SHELBURNE, Ada M 10 Oct 02Laura Wigginton16146513
SHELTON, Gladys A 15 Dec 08Minnie Mathis24649886
SHEPHERD, Eddie L 09 Jan 07Zelepha Roby23749534
SHEPHERD, Gladys 26 Sep 07Marie Blevens22148880
SHEPHERD, Letta R 05 Sep 08Marie Blevens22849199
SHEPHERD, Lula A 08 Dec 09Catherine Meyers22549071
SHEPHERD, Nora M 26 Dec 09Letha Roby18347382
SHEPHERD, Roy 12 Jun 02Josephine Vaughn20048061
SHEPHERD, Zora R 26 Dec 09Letha Roby16746724
SHERRARD, Emmett A 29 Aug 04Sarah Hargan15346190
SHERRARD, Kenneth R 20 Oct 08Winnie Huff9949436
SHOPTAW, Mary G 17 Sep 05Lula Bright23549473
SKAGGS, Rosa J 30 May 06Mary Warren18147285
SMITH, Birdie E 21 Jul 05Sarah Harshfield23449400
SMITH, Ethel Ophelia 25 Jun 1896Mary Martha Viers18590725
SNAWDER, Ellis E 06 Jun 05Mary Foster20948401
SNAWDER, John W 01 Feb 08Mary Foster25150110
SNAWDER, Ruby E 08 Aug 08Mattie Paulley21848799
SNELLEN, Alice R 10 Nov 05Mary Raley23049267
STALLINGS, Edna M 23 Nov 09Minnie Pugh24549860
STALLINGS, Nina V 20 Nov 08Jennie Deats16846785
STANSBERRY, Clara C 23 Jul 08Mable Bell23649496
STEPHENSON, Carroll L 22 Feb 01Martha Warren16946812
STODGHILL, Irene L 09 Nov 04Pearl Surber20648309
STULCK, George W 23 Sep 1895Elmire Haughlan18147303
SUTTON, Edward R 30 Dec 10Ada Redman19447815
SUTTON, Miriam E 10 Apr 03Ada Sutton16046478
SWEARINGEN, Ford W 26 May 06Cora Swearinge22449007
SWEARINGEN, Hattie B 7 Jan 1887Artie Herps16646719
SWEARINGEN, Kenneth 14 Jan 03Myrtle Sheckles17246950
SWEARINGEN, Susie L 26 Jul 06Mary Long23549462
TANNER, Ola B 04 Sep 06Annie Viers21948839
TATRO, Viola R 13 Dec 03Anna Funk22048845
TEMPLE, Tidia M 08 Jan 05Myrtle Warford21648709
THOMPSON, Louie 16 Aug 08Cora Stovall25450217
THOMPSON, Nancy L 28 Feb 06Mattie Pugh16146483
THOMPSON, Stella 28 Jan 04Annie Deacon15546246
THORNTON, Thomas J 11 Mar 06Mary Garrett21348588
THURMAN, Margute M 10 Oct 08Daisy McCubbins18747537
THURMAN, Thelma E 03 Oct 10Daisy McCubbins22549056
TINNELL, Dalia M 10 Mar 10Delia Hodge24549863
TINNELL, Edna M 20 Dec 09Lula Jackson18590732
TINNELL, Hallie 07 May 01Georgia Hatfield18247330
TINSLEY, Mary K 10 Nov 08Viola Pound24349781
TINSLEY, Roy A 26 Sep 04Emma Hardy22849188
TRIPLETT, Matilda C 15 Mar 06Katherine Wells16046450
TRIPLETT, Nellie M 20 Oct 08Katherine Wells16046450
TROUTMAN, Lois M 24 May 09Josie Foster19948019
TROUTMAN, Vida M 25 Jul 07Josie Foster16546642
TRUNNELL, Hazel D 21 Oct 05Isola James20448221
TYLER, Lillye F 28 May 08Callie Johnson22949233
TYLER, Neill B 10 Mar 06Joetta Johnson22749128
UNDERWOOD, Charles L 08 Aug 10Ida Jackson25750337
UNDERWOOD, Charlie W 25 Dec 10Nettie Jackson24950016
UNDERWOOD, George W 08 May 07Ida Jackson19647898
VANCLEVE, Ora E 06 Jun 09Mary Welch20848369
VANVACTOR, Alice M 16 Jan 08Mollie Huffman18947626
VANVACTOR, Luther L 09 Feb 03Claudie Laswell21548653
VAUGHN, Charlot L 10 Jul 09Susie Purcell20948420
VAUGHN, Mary E 07 Nov 01Melissa Sanders19647893
VIERS, Minnie R 12 Apr 08Agnes Dawson20548267
WALKER, Aline A 26 May 10Johanna Thum19847970
WALKER, Ruth A 20 Mar 07Johanna Thum19948008
WARDEN, Roscoe M 02 Jun 02Mary Adams16046479
WARREN, Lillian M 28 Jan 10Ersie Masden17046861
WATERS, Ernest J 13 Jul 09Anna Duvall25150089
WATERS, Vernie 11 Jan 02Frances Bumgardn16046447
WEIRD, Clara E 07 Apr 05Louisa Martin19747928
WELCH, Carmen 06 Sep 10Gertrude Peters24449805
WELLER, Arthur W 12 Mar 06Saphronia Masden23949630
WESTERFIELD, Melvin G 17 Jan 02Stella Westerfie18847599
WESTERFIELD, Stella E 27 Dec 06Stella Jones24850988
WHITE, David W 02 Jan 08Florence Bottom25450233
WHITESIDES, Albert E 26 Jun 03Annie Beghtol21348576
WHITLEDGE, Mabel L 10 Mar 09Flossie Ridgway24149690
WICKERSHAM, John C 24 May 06Fannie Masden23749528
WILKERSON, Ernest B 03 Feb 07Maude Wilkerson24049641
WILLIAMS, Everett B 31 Dec 10Martha Ingrham22048861
WILSON, Lydia E 02 Sep 09Letitia Hornbeck25750329
YEAGER, James G 29 Sep 03Minnie Wathen17346987
YOUNG, Flornce 20 Nov 10Susan Durr23349395
YOUNG, Gilbert T 20 Jun 08Susie Durr23249336

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