The Bullitt County History Museum

Bullitt County Deaths - 1915

We have identified 145 people who died in Bullitt County in 1915. This page once linked to images of their death certificates at the Kentucky Vital Records Project. However, that site is no longer available. You may view these on microfilm at the History Museum in Shepherdsville.

NameAgeDeath Datecertificate #
Able, Charles RobertU/101-26-191500428
Aldridge, Jesse LeeU/103-17-191506062
Allen, Alonzo 06012-06-191529372
Armstrong, Annie Guthrie00709-20-191521314
Armstrong, Cyrl CliffordU/101-26-191500430
Baize, Pearl LeeU/109-14-191521311
Banard, Curtis 00108-23-191518918
Bass, William M07810-16-191523846
Bell, America Louise08006-12-191514065
Bell, John S07002-10-191503322
Boots, Fannie S05511-24-191526386
Bowman, H C07005-14-191511714
Brewer, Lula 02002-13-191503329
Brothers, Clarence MU/102-07-191503328
Brown, William RoscoeU/112-14-191529377
Browning, Edna May00202-20-191503327
Buky, Ada MayU/102-22-191503320
Burdine, Wheeler S00105-26-191511720
Christia, Francis 08004-20-191509056
Clark, Chas LewisU/103-11-191506060
Clark, Elsie 01402-01-191503318
Cloud, Luranda 09605-11-191511716
Collings, Caroline 07701-14-191500436
Congrove, Margaret A04702-14-191503332
Cooper, Wm EU/109-27-191521318
Couchman, Elzine 08003-19-191506067
Crenshaw, Permelia Thurman08111-08-191526378
Crenshaw, William Edward05902-22-191503325
Crowe, Charles U/111-25-191526370
Crudy, Margaret Cessna06511-09-191526375
Crumbacker, Lydia Catherine04810-18-191523845
Cundiff, Richard 07601-08-191500427
Doe, John (unknown)05007-10-191516368
Downs, Aaron U/110-30-191523850
Duncan, Wm E06208-13-191518915
Duval, Zette 07503-15-191506059
Duvall, Thomas (child of)U/101-18-191513593
Fisher, Charlie ClayU/111-05-191526377
Foreman, Emma Irene04312-19-191529374
Foster, William 07203-27-191506069
Funk, Jim U/111-13-191526381
Gentry, Chester (son of)U/112-12-191529373
Gentry, John Taylor03505-23-191511718
Graham, Daniel (daughter of)U/102-12-191503323
Gray, Sidney 01904-14-191509048
Greenwell, Virginia U/110-13-191523849
Griffin, Ira A03212-28-191529369
Gysie, Margaret 09510-14-191523844
Harned, Troutman U/105-05-191511723
Harris, Minnie Ray00303-12-191506061
Harris, Zilpha Elgiva08601-28-191500429
Hazel, Robert EarlU/107-08-191516366
Herps, Sarah Elizabeth05206-05-191514063
Hirt, William A02104-01-191509050
Horn, Charles Cresent LeeU/111-24-191526373
Howlett, Elizabeth Ellen07312-02-191529379
Huber, Martha Alicia02403-02-191506056
Huffman, Lillian TanearU/106-02-191514067
Jackson, Henry 02311-08-191526385
Jackson, John ThomasU/107-12-191516369
James, P E04704-10-191509054
Johnson, Bessie E01110-12-191523851
Johnson, Florence U/107-14-191516370
Jones, Lois 07509-05-191521315
Jones, Nevada 01501-10-191500437
Judd, Alex 08703-26-191506063
Judd, Cordelia 06302-06-191503324
Kertermis, Aaron 04003-08-191506065
Lasley, Jane 05806-10-191514066
Lee, Clarance ArvalU/112-21-191500025
Lee, Ollie U/106-30-191514064
Leslie, Annie Pearl03706-28-191514070
Leslie, James 04007-01-191516371
Love, Ben 06707-11-191516367
Magruder, Gladys EarlU/104-07-191509051
Mahoney, Wm 04205-25-191511724
Mararan, Jackson 08808-05-191518914
Martin, Rosie 04511-23-191526369
Masden, Dennis 06306-28-191514069
Masden, Mary 03409-26-191521319
McAfee, Wade Alexander06905-04-191511717
McCubbins, Lawrence LeeU/109-14-191521321
McCubbins, Millie MaeU/109-02-191521320
Meyers, James (son of)U/112-12-191529375
Miller, Catherine Keller05907-20-191516374
Miller, G H04711-17-191526374
Montgomery, James Homer00309-07-191521312
Montgomery, Ruby Francis00209-07-191521313
Murphy, Emma 05611-22-191526372
Newland, John (son of)U/103-14-191506066
Noe, Lydia 06604-28-191509052
Osborne, John Henry07501-20-191500431
Payne, John Thomas06310-25-191523848
Perkins, Jefferson 08401-17-191500433
Perkins, Verna BeatrisU/101-06-191500432
Pierce, Nancy Ellen06512-13-191529368
Prather, Ruth LeeU/103-09-191506058
Raily, Pearl 00101-10-191500434
Raymond, Mary Elizabeth02102-02-191503319
Reed, Flora MayU/110-04-191523847
Rice, America Frances06602-04-191503331
Rice, Henry HowardU/108-25-191525857
Ricketts, Everett Elvin01105-31-191511722
Rodgers, John E07305-28-191511725
Rumage, Samuel HowardU/109-09-191523337
Samuels, Mary Elizabeth08501-04-191500513
Sanders, Burt (twin daughter of)U/108-02-191518916
Sanders, Burt (twin daughter of)U/108-03-191518917
Schumacher, William F01701-03-191508553
Sexton, John 06906-29-191515845
Shawler, Ignatus 05605-27-191511721
Shehan, Peter Davis00209-23-191521316
Sherard, Martha J07811-26-191526382
Sidebottom, Mary Susan05-24-191511719
Simpson, Thos Gilbert06411-23-191526379
Sloan, Albert 05209-18-191523339
Smith, Elmer ManuelU/104-09-191509053
Spencer, Bulea C00211-06-191526383
Spencer Jr, John W04412-25-191529371
Stone, Rhoda Taylor02702-22-191503326
Stovall, Marvin U/103-23-191506068
Swearingen, Charlie 07110-29-191523843
Thomas, John W04906-25-191514068
Thornton, Judson (son of)U/109-04-191521317
Tinker, Ed 06510-13-191523842
Toland, John 00302-25-191503330
Troutman, William Joseph06112-13-191529376
Tyler, McCoy Guthrie02703-26-191506064
Underwood, Earnest U/101-11-191513592
Vance, George 05311-10-191526380
Walker, Laura Lee00302-08-191503321
Ward, Martha Jane00111-13-191526371
Warren, Nannie LeeU/111-02-191526384
Waters, Elizabeth 07207-12-191516372
Waters, Ode (son of)U/107-14-191516373
Waters, Pearl May01201-31-191500435
Watson, James R07803-30-191506057
Weller, Hilda Ray00309-11-191523338
Weller, Mary Marcum02412-11-191529370
Whitaker, Dasie 05904-06-191509055
Whitlow, Chas U/108-17-191518919
Williams, Ben A06511-19-191526376
Wilson, Thomas 02412-31-191529378
Younger, Warren L02504-14-191509049
Zax, Frank 02305-16-191511715

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