The Bullitt County History Museum

Bullitt County Deaths - 1914

We have identified 137 people who died in Bullitt County in 1914. This page once linked to images of their death certificates at the Kentucky Vital Records Project. However, that site is no longer available. You may view these on microfilm at the History Museum in Shepherdsville.

NameAgeDeath Datecertificate #
Akridge, Wesley O04210-31-191425228
Armstrong, Jennie GrayU/101-28-191411778
Armstrong, Robert (son of)U/106-10-191414899
Ash, Ben (son of)U/109-24-191422939
Atkisson, Horace R07011-06-191427978
Badgett, Beula May00211-23-191427980
Badgett, Susie HelenU/110-16-191425223
Barnes, William Lee05009-13-191422938
Barrall, M A07807-26-191417490
Bass, Elizabeth 06001-09-191400608
Bivens, Mrs Wash 07302-26-191403526
Boots, Kathrine 08502-27-191403528
Bowman, G FU/103-15-191406250
Breiner, George 01711-01-191427979
Brennen, Victoria 05605-16-191412347
Bridwell, Pearlie V03203-22-191409030
Brooks, Annie Francis03909-20-191422935
Brothers, Mary EU/112-18-191430841
Brown, Homer ReidU/101-03-191400609
Brown, Mary U/104-22-191409471
Browning, Hugo U/108-10-191420330
Bunting, Mary Ann08103-16-191406251
Burchell, William Daniel07407-24-191419924
Campbell, Will HenryU/102-22-191405835
Casseday, Samuel 06612-09-191430831
Childress, Sarah Elizabeth07501-04-191400604
Clayton, Ida MayU/109-21-191422936
Close, Less (son of)U/103-12-191406256
Coleman, Charlie Clifton00302-04-191403529
Comstock, Virgie LucileU/110-09-191425222
Cooper, Anna Hathaway04401-01-191400601
Crumbacker, Mary E06003-18-191406253
Dacon, Clarence Melvin06307-04-191417498
Daugherty, Lara 04806-11-191414894
Davis, Abraham 06310-03-191425225
Davis, John Henry06212-29-191430836
Dodd, Charlie Franklin03201-21-191400605
Dodd, Wm R05601-28-191405785
Drake, William ClevelandU/106-18-191414883
Dugan, Thula 01606-01-191414888
Ellaby, Nevada Ellen04102-02-191403522
Emerson, Robert U/107-16-191417497
Estes, Karl 00403-13-191406257
Estes, Paul 00303-20-191406258
Fickentsher, Louise 08404-26-191409467
Fisher, Joseph 07212-28-191430839
Fitts, Jno T02603-20-191406252
Frazier, Maud M04307-11-191417492
Froman, John G07101-10-191400611
Gatewood, Wm G04702-06-191403520
Graves, Emma 03605-10-191412348
Graves, Mary Belle01804-06-191409465
Grizzard, Mary Jane08606-27-191414884
Harris, Gladys 00107-07-191417491
Harris, William Levy07305-17-191412346
Hays, Melvin B00112-08-191430840
Henry, Samuel (son of)U/106-15-191414882
Hill, Mary U/107-31-191433256
Hodge, Anna Belle00309-29-191422934
Hodge, Mary Plez03506-10-191414885
Horn, Joseph 05012-12-191430833
Horn, Zora LeeU/105-26-191414518
Hoskins, Joseph H07601-25-191400610
Houston, Sarah Ella05007-26-191417493
Hudson, William H07903-25-191406254
Jackson, Mary 06605-09-191412342
Jackson, Rosetta Burnett02704-12-191409466
James, Eliza 07505-18-191412344
Jewell, Theodore U/103-26-191406260
Jones, Melvin 01406-07-191414896
Kennison, Lucinda 04002-18-191405834
King, Rose LeeU/112-07-191430837
Kinnison, Mary Ann08112-17-191430842
Kinnison, Richard 07604-24-191409472
Klapper, Charles Philip04407-19-191417495
Lewis, Genevia Allien00502-18-191403527
Luitwarn, Louis 05208-30-191420327
Marr, Unknown ?07-13-191417499
Martin, Arthur 01911-03-191427984
Masden, Chas 05408-15-191420333
Masden, William 05810-27-191425227
Mathis, Claudie U/111-11-191427976
Mattingly, Rue Anne02412-14-191430832
McAfee, Samuel B07707-16-191417494
Mcclure, Edna Earl01108-19-191420332
Mccubbins, Moses 07006-26-191417075
McKnight, Theodore U/110-31-191425224
Metcalfe, Mary 05502-22-191403525
Middleton, Charlie LeeU/112-04-191430838
Miles, Wm 08503-11-191406255
Miller, Irvin 08004-05-191411970
Murphy, Sarah 07310-10-191430159
Newman, Clara Amy03502-20-191403518
Nichols, Jessie WilsonU/101-02-191400426
Owens, R B00101-06-191400607
Parris, Palestine U/111-19-191433303
Patterson, Annie 04910-22-191425226
Peacock, Gertie Maud00207-18-191419923
Peacock, Zella BlanchU/106-27-191414890
Philpot, Frank TU/104-10-191409468
Ramage, Willie U/111-06-191427977
Routin, Ben (daughter of)U/107-16-191417500
Rickets, Sarah 04206-04-191414892
Ridgeway, Bettie Elizabeth05108-15-191420328
Ridgway, Eliza 07408-04-191420329
Risinger, Clarence Edgar00106-29-191414897
Risinger, Ollie Bell00403-31-191406259
Roby, Della MayU/111-14-191427981
Roby, James 06304-30-191409469
Roby, Martha Ann06202-28-191403521
Rogers, Henry L06101-30-191400606
Russell, Jeanett 07502-22-191403524
Sadler, Bessie 02106-09-191414889
Samuels, Lucinda 07111-21-191427982
Samuels, Rose 07809-15-191422940
Samuels, Susie FrancisU/111-28-191427983
Shain, Mattie 03706-24-191414891
Shepherd, Dora E05405-26-191412343
Simmons, W M06112-17-191430835
Stansbury, Mary CU/105-05-191412345
Stone, Dave (son of)U/102-11-191403519
Swearingen, Angeline 08309-11-191422937
Taylor, Jacob 02207-06-191417496
Temple, Robert (son of)U/102-08-191403523
Thompson, Paul U/107-20-191417501
Tinnell, William AustinU/108-06-191420331
Tracy, Charlie U/106-08-191414886
Tracy, Jasper Newton00106-11-191414887
Vaughan, William Thomas?06-12-191414893
Viers, Everett 01906-06-191414898
Wathen, Elizabeth Curd02912-15-191430834
Wathen, George Thomas04604-01-191409464
Watters, Emanlie 08305-24-191414519
Welker, Lena 06306-26-191414895
White, Dave 05001-09-191400603
Wilson, Edna MayU/101-05-191400602
Wise, James BU/104-21-191409470

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