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Bullitt County Deaths - 1912

According to the Kentucky Death Index, 137 people died in Bullitt County in 1912. This page once linked to images of their death certificates at the Kentucky Vital Records Project. However, that site is no longer available. You may view these on microfilm at the History Museum in Shepherdsville.

NameAgeDeath Datecertificate #
Allen, Bettie 6207-01-191216566
Arnold, Carl U/110-15-191224243
Arnold, Clarence U/110-14-191224242
Arnold, Dallis 3003-29-191206203
Arnold, Sarah 2608-24-191219040
Ash, Benjamin H6006-10-191214350
Ball, Levy 7912-07-191200192
Barron, Silas Bloomer3408-21-191219035
Beghtol, Joshua 8605-24-191211912
Bemiss, John HarveyU/106-09-191214345
Bingham, Mary Jane01-04-191202929
Bowman, Alonzo 6502-20-191203332
Bradley, Nancy M6910-17-191224244
Brewer, Carl 0204-26-191209250
Bridwell, Nancy E7204-06-191209244
Brown, Maggie 5805-04-191211915
Brown, Mat (male child of)U/111-03-191227068
Browning, Francis Pugh4007-02-191216563
Buchel, William 3503-18-191206194
Bush, Daniel Webster6702-28-191203338
Carrothers, Irean Amanda6211-06-191227065
Childress, Thomas 7803-04-191206193
Clark, Mary E6912-23-191229833
Cleveland, Martha 5209-09-191221652
Collings, William Sandford7702-04-191203341
Colter, Emaline 8202-25-191203336
Condor, James 8802-27-191203337
Conniff, Thomas 3503-31-191206198
Conrad, Neva Ella3510-15-191224236
Corners, Richard 8001-23-191200444
Crenshaw, Ralph U/111-30-191227062
Crow, Wilks 5509-22-191223888
Croxton, James BU/108-09-191219036
Cundiff, Ardelia 0107-31-191218701
Cunningham, James Thomas6006-24-191214348
Daniel, Harold 3102-18-191203335
Davis, Richard ClaytonU/110-08-191224241
Dawson, Celia 9604-04-191209256
Dobson, William 5607-01-191216565
Domm, Charles A0208-24-191219038
Dragoo, James FranklinU/112-24-191229839
Duvall, Amon 7202-03-191203340
Duvall, Mary Jane5305-19-191211916
Eckert, Ellen 8904-11-191209245
Edwards, Arvil U/108-16-191219037
Elzy, Leven Cooper7707-01-191216560
Engelbrecht, Mahale 5205-10-191211909
Ferguson, Jno (female child of) 2U/107-07-191216561
Fox, Henry CU/112-23-191229836
Genton, Viola 1210-10-191224229
Gentry, Rose Ann6412-16-191229831
Goeins, Wesley 6309-13-191221651
Graves, Miss Lee 2207-12-191216558
Griffin, Jessie E3303-14-191206192
Gyr, Dominick 3812-21-191229832
Hamlet, William 5010-09-191224235
Hanks, Robert CarfrenU/104-01-191209252
Hardesty, Marvin 0210-14-191224233
Harris, Wm L7706-02-191214349
Hart, Silah 7204-20-191209255
Herin, James Wesley7908-29-191219039
Herin, Robert Wesley2010-04-191224231
Hibbs, Emiline 8512-27-191229837
Hido, George Ann7211-22-191227061
Hill, J Mayfield5410-26-191224238
Hodge, Wm (female child of)U/103-18-191206197
Hogland, Mary 6506-03-191214352
Hopewell, William 5406-27-191214346
Hubbard, Chas T7103-09-191206201
James, John T7201-18-191200447
Jenkins, Rosa Belle5804-03-191209253
Johnson, John E6706-12-191214353
Johnson, Walter 10501-18-191200446
Jones, Aaron 7109-18-191221654
Jones, Martin 1504-22-191209247
Jones, Stephen (male child of)U/101-27-191202928
Kidd, James 6304-08-191209254
Kirk, Ethel Morgan1509-06-191221650
Lavely, Ann Elizabeth8811-25-191227067
Leavely, Mary Ann8203-15-191206196
Lee, James 4710-18-191224237
Lee, William Jefferson7103-09-191208850
Leslie, Francis Marion7809-30-191221655
Losch, William 2703-22-191206191
Maraman, Charlie Mike6510-13-191224230
Masden, Len 4803-19-191206202
Masdew (Masden?), Eugenia 5911-21-191227060
Mason, William B8506-19-191214351
McCubbins, Pearl 2005-27-191211918
McGofney, Carrie 2409-26-191221649
Mcnutt, Lizzie Monzell0404-16-191209246
Melvin, Susan Mary7304-20-191209243
Middleton, Clarence EdwardU/107-13-191216562
Miller, James E8007-22-191216559
Miller, Rhoda J6811-09-191227063
Miller, Walter (male child of)U/105-01-191211914
Moore, John 3310-29-191224234
Moxey, James Goodson8710-05-191224245
Moxham, Bob Coleman2712-13-191200191
Myers, Rufus 7702-08-191203343
Nelson, Earl (male child of)U/107-10-191216557
O'Bryan, Ella W4504-01-191209251
Owen, Eula BeatriceU/111-03-191227064
Parris, Richard (male child of)U/111-06-191229414
Pearl, James W7506-14-191214354
Philpot, Herbert P0110-31-191224239
Pope, James Yewell9505-21-191211911
Purdom, James F6106-20-191214344
Rayman, Squire Alexander6502-23-191203333
Raymond, J C0112-22-191229835
Roby, Mattie LouisU/101-25-191200448
Roby, Wallace Doyl0812-09-191229834
Sales, Ella 5902-17-191203339
Samuels, Henry 7201-31-191200445
Scott, Margaret Ellan5810-11-191224232
Shickels, David 6505-22-191211910
Shirley, Sarah A8504-02-191209248
Smith, Thomas 3207-27-191216564
Stamper, Howard 2502-20-191203342
Stibbins, Cora 3610-04-191224240
Storn, Martinz B5912-15-191229838
Thomas, Mary Ann8209-05-191221653
Tydings, Mary GwendolenU/101-08-191200442
Underwood, Chester HowardU/111-03-191227066
Walker, Edith May3004-04-191209249
Waters, H B6801-03-191200449
Weaver, Mary Catherine7005-12-191211913
Welker, Albert 5805-25-191211917
Welker, Eliza 8703-02-191206200
Wheeler, Buster 2006-20-191214347
White, Lydia 5302-10-191203334
Whitesides, Richard 4801-11-191200443
Wilcoxon, John 6703-05-191206195
Williams, Laura E4803-02-191206199
Wineholder, Abaslom 7306-03-191214355
Wooldridge, Milly 3911-07-191227069
Woolridge, Isaac Clinton01-07-191200450

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