Bullitt County History

Slavery in 1860

Of the 1170 households in 1860 Bullitt County, approximately 270 included slaveholders who claimed a total of 1457 slaves. The 1860 Bullitt County slave census identified slaves by three characteristics: age, gender, and race (black or mulatto), and by their owner's name.

First we name the slaveholder and his/her occupation, followed by the number of slaves he or she claimed. This is followed by a listing of slave statistics which show the age-gender-race of each listed slave. Thus a listing of 16-f-b identifies a 16 year old black female, while a listing of 22-m-mu identifies a 22 year old male mulatto. We conclude with the census page number where we found the record. Under the "Occupation" column, we used two astericks ** to indicate when no occupation was listed in the main census. We placed a question mark there to indicate when we were uncertain of the slaveholder's identity.

Slaveholder Name      OccupationSlave#Slave StatisticsPg#
Able, George farmer648-m-b, 10-f-mu, 39-f-b, 5-m-b, 6-m-b, 8-m-b11
Anderson, J P farmer310-m-mu, 8-m-mu, 6-m-b4
Anderson, Susan **18-f-b4
Arnold, Jas B farmer47-f-b, 5-m-b, 29-f-b, 4-f-b2
Balee, Joel farmer65-m-b, 4-f-mu, 10-m-b, 32-f-b, 12-m-mu, 7-m-b15
Ball, Ann farmer412-f-b, 45-f-b, 14-f-b, 28-m-b7
Barger, G M farmer114-f-b17
Barnes, H J farmer611-m-mu, 16-f-b, 30-m-b, 32-m-b, 50-m-b, 30-f-b11
Barnes, N P cabinet maker115-f-b11
Barnes, Wm carpenter240-m-b, 68-m-b10
Barrell, Silas F farmer118-m-b3
Beard, James M farmer32-f-mu, 38-f-mu, 4-f-b1
Bell, Chas miller & farmer330-f-b, 6-f-b, 17-m-b15
Bell, J F farmer16-f-b7
Bell, Malinda **823-f-mu, 21-f-mu, 40-f-b, 20-f-b, 2-f-mu, 4-f-b, 2-m-b, 6-m-mu11
Birch, J R miller116-f-b15
Birch, T J merchant340-m-b, 65-m-b, 16-f-b12
Birkhead, E B farmer644-m-b, 3-f-mu, 12-m-mu, 9-m-mu, 42-f-mu, 5-f-b11
Birkhead, Joseph F physician34-f-b, 20-m-b, 18-f-b2
Bishop, Elisha farmer1245-m-b, 3-m-mu, 16-f-b, 4-m-b, 32-f-b, 13-m-mu, 7-m-mu, 15-m-b, 10-m-b, 11-f-b, 1-f-b, 8-f-mu3
Black, Moses merchant44-m-b, 22-f-b, 7-f-mu, 58-f-mu11
Blanford, Jos farmer260-f-b, 16-m-b19
Bogard, Keith farmer117-f-b10
Bowman, Abram Hite **259-f-b, 12-m-b, 38-m-b, 40-m-b, 2-f-b, 16-f-b, 20-f-b, 33-m-b, 38-f-b, 8/12-m-b, 1-m-b, 45-f-b, 45-m-b, 10-f-mu, 16-f-b, 39-f-b, 40-f-b, 25-f-b, 2-f-mu, 9-m-b, 12-m-b, 13-m-b, 80-f-b, 14-m-b, 14-m-b14
Bowman, G W farmer343-f-mu, 25-f-mu, 32-m-b, 19-m-b, 1/12-f-b, 14-m-b, 4-m-b, 4-m-mu, 25-f-mu, 1/12-f-mu, 14-m-mu, 11-m-mu, 6-f-b, 39-f-b, 8/12-f-mu, 19-f-mu, 7-m-b, 9-m-mu, 32-m-b, 3-m-b, 25-f-b, 11-m-b, 19-f-mu, 5-f-mu, 22-f-b, 8-m-mu, 6-f-b, 32-m-mu, 1-m-mu, 45-m-b, 14-f-b, 2-f-mu, 11-m-b, 50-f-mu14
Bowman, J T merchant265-f-b, 12-f-mu18
Brashear, Richard farmer117-f-b9
Brentlinger, Josiah W merchant117-m-b5
Bridwell, Coleman farmer612-m-b, 40-f-b, 35-m-b, 37-m-mu, 24-m-b, 10-f-b17
Bridwell, H B blacksmith120-m-mu11
Brooks, D L farmer56-f-b, 12-m-b, 38-f-b, 4-m-b, 1-f-b5
Brooks, S N farmer316/12-f-mu, 20-m-mu, 12-f-b, 25-m-b, 50-m-b, 2-f-mu, 6-f-b, 3-m-mu, 8-f-b, 55-m-b, 12-f-mu, 29-m-b, 10-m-mu, 26-f-mu, 2-m-mu, 3/12-f-mu, 7-m-mu, 35-f-mu, 16-m-b, 8-m-b, 6-f-b, 60-m-mu, 24-m-b, 33-f-mu, 4-m-b, 17-f-mu, 33-f-b, 4-m-b, 10-m-mu, 5-m-mu, 9-m-b4
Brooks, W B M farmer1822-m-mu, 40-m-b, 4-m-mu, 22-m-b, 35-f-mu, 7-m-b, 60-m-mu, 30-m-b, 2-f-b, 14-m-b, 25-f-b, 16-f-mu, 9-m-b, 7-m-b, 11-f-b, 15-m-b, 20-f-b, 60-m-mu7
Brown, H farmer315-f-b, 38-m-b, 41-f-b13
Brown, Robt farmer170-m-b6
Bukey, J farmer1150-m-mu, 50-f-b, 8-m-b, 6-f-b, 1-m-b, 25-m-b, 18-f-b, 12-f-b, 14-f-b, 27-f-mu, 20-f-b19
Bukey, Sarah farmer362-f-b, 20-f-b, 100-m-mu18
Burdett, Peyton farmer611-f-b, 17-m-b, 40-m-b, 17-f-b, 15-m-b, 60-f-b11
Carothers, Charles farmer104-m-b, 14-m-mu, 13-m-b, 10-f-b, 3-m-b, 6-m-b, 45-f-b, 16-m-b, 12-f-mu, 40-m-b12
Carothers, Saml merchant632-f-b, 5-f-mu, 1-m-mu, 38-m-b, 10-f-b, 7-f-b11
Carpenter, Wilhite farmer848-m-b, 6-m-b, 19-m-b, 32-f-mu, 15-m-b, 6-m-b, 9-m-b, 22-f-b8
Chapeze, A S & B farmers265-f-b, 65-f-mu10
Cochran, Eleoner farmer821-f-b, 27-f-b, 37-m-b, 13-f-b, 6/12-m-b, 9-m-b, 64-f-b, 8/12-m-b9
Coleman, T C Jr.farmer319-f-b, 10-m-b, 1-f-mu7
Collings, Edw farmer48-f-b, 21-f-b, 3-f-mu, 6/12-m-b5
Colmesnil, Sarah C farmer111-f-mu, 60-f-b, 6/12-f-mu, 39-f-b, 27-f-mu, 3-m-b, 19-f-b, 5-f-b, 14-m-b, 3-f-b, 60-m-mu7
Combs, Jas laborer920-m-b, 18-f-mu, 27-m-b, 45-f-b, 25-m-b, 14-m-b, 4-m-b, 22-f-b, 2-f-mu15
Crenshaw, Arkins farmer731-f-b, 4-m-b, 7-f-b, 6/12-m-b, 3-f-b, 45-m-b, 5-m-b17
Crenshaw, J V farmer616-f-b, 25-m-mu, 2-m-b, 7-f-b, 9-f-mu, 22-f-b16
Crenshaw, Jno farmer318-f-b, 12-f-b, 38-f-b17
Crenshaw, N M farmer116-f-b17
Crenshaw, Susan **371-m-b, 48-f-b, 60-f-b17
Crenshaw, William farmer41-f-b, 3-m-b, 23-m-b, 20-f-b17
Crigler, Jas farmer180-f-b18
Crigler, Lydia **1210-m-b, 16-m-mu, 13-m-b, 40-f-b, 1-f-mu, 14-f-b, 9-m-b, 6-m-mu, 26-f-b, 25-f-mu, 40-m-b, 40-m-b19
Crist, H Clay physician & farmer29/12-m-b, 35-f-b2
Croan, John farmer25-m-b, 22-f-b3
Davis, Robert farmer632-f-mu, 7-m-b, 11-f-mu, 36-m-b, 50-m-b, 4-f-mu1
Dawson, W farmer635-f-b, 25-f-b, 6/12-m-mu, 6-m-b, 1-f-mu, 40-m-mu9
Deacon, J A farmer113-f-b16
Deats, R W farmer155-m-b8
Dent, J C distiller49-m-b, 4/12-f-b, 13-f-b, 32-f-b12
Doom, D farmer116-f-b17
Doom, J M & Cotanning business?540-m-b, 60-f-b, 38-m-b, 47-m-b, 42-m-b17
Doom, Jas M tanner510-f-b, 21-m-b, 21-f-b, 11-m-b, 17-f-mu17
Drake, Wesley farmer32-m-b, 4-m-b, 20-f-b13
Fidler, Reuben farmer165-f-b13
Field, A H lawyer1047-m-b, 1-m-mu, 6-m-mu, 12-m-mu, 16-m-b, 3-m-mu, 50-f-b, 36-f-mu, 26-m-b, 13-f-b2
Foley, Jas toll gate keeper74-f-b, 19-m-b, 18-f-b, 11-f-b, 39-f-b, 16-f-b, 9-m-b12
Fonda, Frederick tanner125-m-b17
French, Eliza J wife of farmer855-m-b, 3-m-b, 2-m-mu, 23-f-b, 1-m-b, 20-m-b, 27-f-mu, 6-m-b8
Froman, Wes P farmer121-m-mu3
Gentry, Taylor farmer22-m-mu, 38-f-b13
Gilmore, Perry farmer49-m-b, 5-m-b, 30-f-mu, 11-m-mu6
Glass, Elizabeth farmer1039-f-mu, 50-f-b, 4-f-mu, 10-m-mu, 14-f-b, 4-f-mu, 36-f-mu, 7-f-mu, 24-f-b, 8-f-mu8
Glenn, John W farmer112-f-b3
Good, R H gentleman1637-m-b, 17-f-b, 30-m-b, 54-f-mu, 12-m-b, 1-f-b, 33-m-b, 5-m-b, 27-m-b, 22-f-b, 4-f-b, 19-f-mu, 9-f-b, 10-m-b, 16-f-b, 13-m-b11
Good, Richard laborer130-m-b12
Gore, Abner farmer868-f-mu, 20-m-b, 11/12-m-b, 18-f-b, 13-f-b, 15-m-b, 33-m-mu, 56-f-b5
Graham, Oliver farmer416-m-b, 25-m-b, 43-m-b, 55-f-b5
Grant, Jas W farmer160-f-b13
Gravens, James A clerk225-f-mu, 2-m-b11
Greenwell, J J hotel keeper at Pitts Point113-f-mu9
Greenwell, Jos farmer617-m-mu, 3-m-mu, 15-m-mu, 6-m-mu, 37-f-mu, 6/12-f-mu17
Hall, C ?213-f-b, 45-m-b10
Hall, Chas hotel keeper645-f-b, 16-f-b, 20-m-b, 6/12-f-b, 14-m-b, 30-m-b12
Hall, David farmer117-m-b13
Hall, Eliza **150-f-mu10
Hall, Eliza **53-m-b, 10-f-b, 8-f-b, 50-f-b, 6-f-b10
Hall, J Q A farmer316-m-b, 5-f-b, 22-f-b13
Hall, Minor farmer113-f-b18
Hall, Nathan farmer212-f-b, 18-m-b10
Hall, Robt farmer213-f-b, 45-m-b10
Hall, Thos farmer112-f-b12
Hall, Thos J farmer214-m-b, 10-m-b12
Hall, W W spectulator212-f-b, 31-f-b10
Hamilton, J R saddler38-m-mu, 6-f-b, 10-f-mu11
Hamilton, Susan **280-m-b, 40-m-b11
Hardman, Jos farmer52-f-b, 1-f-b, 78-m-b, 22-m-b, 20-f-b13
Harris, John farmer38-m-b, 9-m-b, 42-f-b10
Harrison, J O farmer86/12-m-b, 14-m-mu, 25-f-b, 18-m-b, 34-f-b, 12-f-mu, 45-f-b, 6/12-m-b7
Harshfield, Fred farmer717-f-b, 4-f-mu, 6-m-mu, 5-m-b, 26-f-mu, 10-f-b, 1-m-b3
Harshfield, John farmer411-f-b, 4-m-mu, 6-m-b, 29-f-b3
Harshfield, Richard carpenter117-m-mu1
Hays, W G farmer22/12-f-b, 35-f-b8
Heady, W J farmer335-f-mu, 21-m-mu, 13-m-mu4
Hessey, Edward farmer235-m-b, 45-f-b11
Hill, Kitty mother of farmer933-m-b, 6-m-b, 65-f-mu, 2-f-mu, 36-f-b, 38-m-b, 8-m-b, 15-f-b, 5/12-f-mu8
Hobbs, J S farmer17-m-mu13
Hobbs, Nancy **102-m-mu, 1/12-f-mu, 19-m-b, 8-m-b, 26-m-mu, 60-f-b, 24-f-mu, 4-m-mu, 6-f-b, 20-f-b11
Hobbs, S M physician512-m-b, 1-m-b, 25-f-b, 10-f-b, 6-f-b12
Hoglan, L merchant625-m-mu, 20-f-mu, 33-f-b, 50-f-b, 2-m-mu, 9/12-m-mu1
Holsclaw, John farmer47-f-b, 16-m-b, 26-m-mu, 38-f-b15
Hornbeck, Delia farmer312-f-mu, 7-m-b, 45-m-mu5
Hornbeck, Mary M wife of farmer610-f-b, 18-f-b, 4-m-b, 2-m-b, 15-m-b, 13-f-b7
Hough, Austin wagon maker512-f-b, 4-f-mu, 22-m-mu, 32-f-mu, 13-m-b10
Hough, Emily **47-f-b, 10-m-b, 15-f-b, 41-f-b10
Howlett, Luke farmer132-m-mu, 12-f-b, 14-m-b, 6-f-b, 25-f-b, 8-m-b, 10-f-b, 27-f-b, 12-f-b, 36-m-b, 7-m-b, 9-f-b, 47-m-b9
Hubbard, A E farmer45-m-b, 38-f-b, 4/12-f-b, 7-m-b13
James, Nancy farmer320-m-b, 35-f-b, 17-f-b16
Johnson, George K farmer27/12-f-mu, 35-f-mu1
Joyce, Deborah farmer210-m-b, 14-f-b3
Joyce, Thomas farmer540-f-b, 12-f-b, 2-f-b, 55-m-b, 60-m-b1
Kalfas, H F physician335-m-mu, 33-f-b, 2-f-b19
Kennison, A C farmer1018-f-mu, 8-m-b, 32-f-b, 5-m-b, 71-f-mu, 22-m-mu, 2-m-mu, 15-m-mu, 16-f-mu, 24-m-mu2
Kirk, Lewis farm laborer47-m-b, 14-m-b, 13-m-b, 1-m-b13
Knight, Susan **433-f-b, 34-m-b, 15-f-b, 42-m-b5
Lee, Chas farmer1175-m-b, 60-m-b, 25-m-b, 33-f-mu, 17-f-mu, 35-m-b, 27-m-b, 18-m-b, 13-m-b, 23-m-b, 16-f-mu15
Lee, M ?210-f-mu, 3-f-b9
Lee, Orleans farmer216-f-mu, 6-m-b8
Lee, Robt M farmer318-f-mu, 8-m-mu, 24-f-mu8
Lewis, John town marshal - Mt. Washington322-f-b, 8-f-b, 5-m-mu11
Lilly, Richard farmer816-m-mu, 30-f-b, 4-f-b, 3-m-mu, 50-f-mu, 9-f-mu, 8/12-f-b, 70-m-mu12
Lloyd, Jos farmer432-m-b, 2-f-b, 21-f-b, 35-m-b13
Magruder, E ?152-m-mu9
Magruder, Ezekiel farmer314-m-b, 20-f-b, 6/12-m-b8
Magruder, George W farmer219-m-mu, 19-m-b8
Magruder, Levi farmer949-f-mu, 40-m-b, 45-m-b, 30-m-mu, 21-m-mu, 18-m-mu, 16-m-mu, 4-f-b, 22-f-b17
Magruder, W E farmer417-f-mu, 10-f-mu, 20-f-mu, 25-m-mu9
Markwell, J farmer46-f-b, 35-f-b, 13-m-b, 10-m-b13
Martin, Thos J farmer245-f-b, 12-f-mu2
Masden, Dennis farmer1565-m-b, 24-f-b, 6-f-b, 1-m-mu, 14-m-b, 7/12-f-b, 35-m-b, 13-f-b, 3-m-b, 16-f-b, 22-f-b, 8-f-mu, 3-f-b, 37-f-b, 39-m-b9
Masden, Eliza wife of farm laborer41-f-b, 21-f-mu, 4-m-b, 45-f-mu9
Masden, Felix farmer123-f-mu9
Masden, H ?210-f-b, 10-f-b9
Masden, Jas farmer18-f-b8
Masden, Pope farmer233-m-b, 26-f-b9
McDowell, Emily **82-f-b, 8-f-b, 35-f-b, 38-m-mu, 13-m-mu, 5-m-mu, 2-m-b, 3-f-b7
McDowell, John farmer1019-f-b, 22-f-b, 13-f-b, 22-f-b, 38-f-b, 9-f-b, 12-m-mu, 1-m-b, 2-m-b, 6-f-b7
McDowell, Woodford farmer1113-f-b, 5-f-b, 40-m-b, 1-f-b, 10-f-b, 25-f-b, 9-f-mu, 12-f-b, 30-m-b, 3-m-b, 6-f-b7
McGee, R D speculator49-f-mu, 24-f-mu, 9-f-mu, 43-m-mu13
McKay, Samuel A physician & farmer640-m-b, 40-m-b, 4-m-b, 2-m-b, 11-m-b, 23-f-b2
Miles, George W farmer83-m-b, 47-m-b, 7-f-b, 3/12-m-b, 11-f-b, 27-f-b, 9-m-mu, 5-m-b3
Miller, A L farmer448-f-b, 20-m-b, 17-m-b, 35-m-b10
Miller, Peter farmer626-f-b, 21-m-b, 5-m-b, 13-f-b, 2-f-b, 28-m-b5
Mooney, John farmer58/12-f-b, 3-f-mu, 32-m-b, 23-f-b, 40-m-b8
Moore, Horatia W farmer228-f-b, 3-f-b3
Moore, Susan & Jane (sisters)farmer320-f-b, 22-m-b, 24-f-b3
Moore, W C **12-f-b1
Morrow, Wm O N farm laborer1219-f-mu, 9-m-b, 3/12-f-mu, 40-f-b, 10-f-mu, 15-f-mu, 2-f-mu, 3-m-b, 50-f-mu, 7-m-b, 18-m-mu, 16-f-mu4
Mothershead, David farmer115-f-b12
Mumford, Robinson farmer14-m-b8
Myers, Henry farmer427-f-b, 1-m-b, 20-m-mu, 7-f-b3
Myers, Joseph farmer514-m-mu, 45-f-b, 24-m-mu, 21-m-b, 16-f-mu1
Newkirk, Asa farmer110-m-mu10
North, H B farmer916-f-b, 16-m-b, 13-m-b, 19-f-b, 2-f-b, 18-m-b, 3-m-b, 35-f-b, 1-m-mu4
Parrish, J N tailor22-f-mu, 18-f-b10
Patterson, M A wife of manufacturer (William)817-f-mu, 8-m-b, 15-m-mu, 4-f-b, 2-m-b, 11-f-b, 6-m-b, 16-f-mu9
Patterson, W (assignee?)William Patterson - manufacturer640-m-b, 41-m-b, 50-m-b, 52-f-mu, 40-m-mu, 2-m-b9
Payne, G H farmer414-f-mu, 12-m-mu, 39-f-b, 10-m-mu13
Pendleton, David farmer112-m-mu3
Pendleton, Susan **333-m-b, 36-f-b, 11-m-b3
Pendleton, William farmer210-m-b, 16-m-b3
Phelps, Westley farmer760-m-b, 50-m-b, 40-m-b, 8-f-b, 16-f-b, 10-m-mu, 40-f-b2
Pope, James Y farmer65-f-b, 16-m-b, 32-m-b, 50-f-b, 12-f-b, 13-f-b16
Powell, D L ?124/12-f-b, 35-m-b, 24-m-mu, 65-m-b, 22-m-b, 12-m-b, 67-f-b, 5-m-b, 28-f-b, 3-m-b, 30-m-b, 1-f-b1
Prewitt, Eliza farmer319-m-b, 29-f-b, 23-f-mu2
Quartermouse, Jos farmer226-f-b, 24-m-b13
Quint, A P farmer310/12-f-b, 31-f-b, 6-f-mu10
Ratcliffe, Chas farmer212-f-mu, 7-f-mu17
Ratliffe, Eliza **46-m-b, 33-f-b, 11-m-b, 42-f-b1
Relf, Patsy **126-m-mu11
Ridgeway, Ben farmer1517-f-b, 22-m-b, 15-m-b, 22-f-b, 6-f-b, 18-f-b, 2-m-b, 3-f-b, 15-m-b, 4-m-mu, 1-f-b, 35-f-mu, 13-m-b, 11-f-b, 13-f-b10
Ridgeway, Jos farmer323-f-b, 42-m-b, 20-m-b10
Riley, Thos W farmer1958-m-b, 25-m-b, 27-f-b, 35-f-b, 37-m-b, 17-f-b, 51-f-b, 23-m-b, 29-f-b, 2-f-b, 8-f-b, 14-f-b, 35-f-b, 5-f-b, 2-m-b, 10-f-b, 2-m-b, 29-m-mu, 1-f-mu5
Robinson, Robert farmer130-f-b13
Roby, L ?32-m-mu, 8-m-b, 22-f-b18
Roby, W C farmer213-f-b, 8-m-b18
Rogers, George L farmer880-m-b, 30-f-b, 12-m-b, 3-f-b, 5-f-b, 10-f-b, 9/12-f-b, 16-f-b4
Rogers, John T **118-m-b6
Rogers, John T. Sr.farmer1440-f-b, 60-f-b, 45-m-b, 20-m-b, 55-m-mu, 55-m-b, 17-m-b, 15-m-b, 3-m-b, 45-m-b, 8-f-b, 7-f-b, 17-f-b, 20-m-b6
Rogers, Lewis farm laborer33-m-mu, 18-m-b, 25-m-b6
Rouse, W A farmer716-f-mu, 8-m-mu, 12-m-b, 32-m-b, 10-m-b, 17-f-mu, 11-f-mu18
Rowland, Sarah mother of farmer423-m-b, 15-m-b, 10/12-m-mu, 17-f-b4
Samuels, Charles R Circuit Court Clerk29-f-mu, 7-f-mu1
Samuels, Diana **108-m-b, 6-m-mu, 3-f-mu, 28-f-b, 9-m-mu, 26-f-mu, 6-m-b, 12-m-mu, 35-m-b, 7-m-mu3
Samuels, Jas W farmer61-m-mu, 6-f-mu, 8-f-mu, 3-m-b, 30-f-mu, 17-f-b5
Samuels, Luke farmer126-m-b8
Samuels, Robert F County Court Clerk88-f-b, 5-m-b, 25-f-b, 3-m-b, 4-m-b, 35-m-b, 6-f-b, 16-f-mu1
Samuels, S R farmer64-f-b, 6-f-b, 8-m-b, 34-m-b, 11-m-b, 2-m-b17
Saunders, Jos farmer203-m-b, 38-f-mu, 25-f-b, 6-f-b, 2-m-b, 13-f-b, 25-f-b, 17-m-b, 20-m-b, 1-f-b, 4-f-b, 15-m-b, 10-m-b, 18-m-b, 14-m-b, 2-f-b, 8-f-b, 5-f-b, 35-f-b, 40-m-b5
Saunders, Step farmer87-m-b, 11-m-b, 23-m-b, 19-f-b, 19-m-b, 40-f-b, 49-m-b, 3-f-mu4
Shane, Anna wife of farmer115-f-b4
Shanklin, G C farmer445-m-b, 12-f-mu, 50-f-mu, 26-m-mu3
Shanklin, Jas M farmer1833-f-b, 2-m-b, 7-m-b, 6-f-b, 27-f-b, 14-m-b, 45-m-b, 47-m-b, 9-m-b, 5/12-m-b, 15-f-b, 3-m-b, 3-m-b, 25-f-b, 40-m-b, 15-m-b, 6-m-b, 3-m-b6
Shawler, Ant farmer117-f-b8
Shawler, Colmore laborer112-f-b8
Shawler, Wm farmer814-f-mu, 12-m-b, 19-f-mu, 22-m-mu, 15-m-mu, 1-f-b, 11-f-mu, 45-f-mu8
Sheckles, Amon farmer735-f-b, 16-m-b, 8-m-b, 2-m-b, 30-m-b, 36-m-mu, 6-f-b17
Shepherd, Jas farmer455-m-b, 2-m-b, 33-f-mu, 8-m-mu2
Shirley, A S ?216-f-mu, 58-f-mu9
Simmons, G W farmer104-m-mu, 22-m-mu, 23-f-b, 20-m-b, 3-f-b, 19-f-mu, 16-f-mu, 6/12-f-mu, 25-f-mu, 16-f-b18
Simmons, J S farmer1833-f-b, 23-f-mu, 11-m-mu, 18-f-b, 9-m-mu, 30-m-mu, 4/12-f-mu, 35-f-mu, 8-f-mu, 2-f-b, 25-m-mu, 32-m-b, 3-f-b, 18-m-b, 27-m-mu, 5-f-b, 11-m-mu, 62-f-b16
Simmons, Mary farmer62-f-b, 1-f-b, 40-m-b, 40-f-b, 3-f-b, 12-f-b10
Simmons, N farmer2518-m-b, 16-f-b, 14-m-mu, 14-m-mu, 7-m-b, 50-m-b, 29-f-b, 28-m-b, 19-m-b, 56-m-b, 18-m-b, 42-f-b, 34-m-b, 40-m-b, 36-m-b, 21-m-b, 45-m-b, 1-m-b, 8-f-b, 14-m-mu, 40-f-b, 22-m-b, 7-m-mu, 4-m-b, 2-f-b1
Simmons, R H O farmer1440-f-b, 12-m-b, 22-f-b, 23-m-b, 10-f-b, 4-m-mu, 16-f-b, 1-f-b, 18-f-b, 60-m-b, 45-m-b, 13-m-b, 26-m-b, 8-f-b14
Simmons, Robt farmer121-m-b14
Simmons, Sarah **61-f-b, 13-f-mu, 7-m-b, 16-f-mu, 18-m-b, 36-f-b18
Simmons, W farmer212-f-b, 8-f-b10
Simmons, W N **223-m-mu, 18-f-b16
Simmons, W P farmer1450-f-b, 20-f-mu, 13-m-mu, 14-f-b, 14-f-b, 50-f-b, 5-m-b, 8-m-b, 21-f-b, 45-m-b, 15-f-mu, 32-m-b, 3-f-b, 40-f-b18
Smith, B F farmer150-f-mu2
Smith, Berthea **524-m-b, 3-m-b, 20-m-b, 22-f-b, 1/12-m-mu12
Smith, William **523-m-b, 1/12-f-b, 19-f-b, 16-f-b, 2-f-b1
Smock, M farmer215-m-b, 48-f-b13
Snapp, Cora K ** - child218-f-b, 15-f-mu14
Stallings, Ann farmer1116-m-b, 34-f-b, 15-m-b, 13-f-b, 55-m-b, 7-f-b, 36-f-b, 13-m-mu, 2-m-b, 54-f-b, 5-f-b15
Stallings, James **221-f-b, 10-m-b15
Stallings, Thos farmer716-m-b, 38-f-b, 26-m-mu, 2-f-b, 7-f-b, 1/12-m-b, 5-f-b13
Stallings, Worden P farmer33-f-b, 19-f-b, 9-f-b15
Stansbury, Z farmer240-f-b, 14-f-b12
Stark, John farmer32-m-b, 13-m-mu, 23-f-b9
Stark, M **140-m-mu9
Stoner, R J farmer247-m-b, 17-f-b, 58-f-b, 12-f-b, 4-f-b, 33-m-b, 4-f-mu, 8-m-b, 8-m-b, 38-f-b, 7-f-b, 7-f-b, 1-f-b, 16-m-b, 26-f-mu, 1-f-b, 6-f-b, 1-f-b, 3-f-b, 22-f-b, 20-f-b, 30-f-b, 21-m-b, 6-f-b18
Strother, W D farmer318-m-b, 11-m-mu, 70-f-b5
Summers, John B farmer622-f-b, 22-m-b, 45-f-b, 18-m-b, 13-f-b, 17-m-mu6
Summers, Lucy C farmer105-m-b, 4-m-b, 35-f-b, 10-f-b, 1/12-m-b, 23-f-b, 67-m-b, 15-m-b, 8-m-b, 2-m-b6
Summers, Rufus K farmer752-f-b, 6-f-b, 32-f-b, 2-m-b, 8-m-b, 12-f-b, 98-m-b7
Swearingen, Eli **614-f-mu, 10/12-f-b, 40-f-b, 6-m-mu, 9-m-b, 4-f-b16
Swearingen, Jesse farmer82-f-mu, 33-f-mu, 15-f-mu, 7-m-mu, 10-m-mu, 7-f-b, 5-f-b, 31-f-b12
Swearingen, O W miller314-m-b, 34-f-b, 2-m-b10
Swearingen, W W farmer168-f-mu, 45-m-b, 18-f-b, 2-m-mu, 10-m-b, 19-m-mu, 6-m-mu, 8-m-b, 8-m-mu, 45-f-b, 28-f-b, 7-f-mu, 25-f-b, 12-m-b, 2-f-b, 19-m-b17
Swearingen, William T farmer913-m-b, 60-m-b, 55-f-mu, 47-m-mu, 15-m-b, 55-f-b, 4-m-b, 23-f-b, 13-m-mu13
Thomas, F W farmer39-f-mu, 40-m-b, 20-f-mu15
Thompson, W R farmer & lawyer723-f-b, 41-m-mu, 21-m-b, 30-m-b, 21-m-b, 19-m-b, 43-m-mu2
Thurman, Wm farmer470-f-mu, 17-f-b, 26-m-mu, 1-f-mu12
Tilford, Jos B farmer138-m-b8
Troutman, Ellen **34-f-mu, 28-f-b, 6-m-mu15
Trunnell, H farmer2310-f-mu, 39-m-b, 5-f-mu, 15-f-b, 16-m-b, 16-m-b, 16-f-mu, 28-m-b, 45-m-b, 1-m-mu, 3-m-b, 1-f-mu, 45-f-mu, 1-f-mu, 22-f-mu, 9-f-b, 7-m-mu, 16-f-b, 30-f-b, 23-m-mu, 12-m-b, 17-f-b, 25-m-b14
Tucker, Anna farmer64-f-b, 8-m-b, 19-m-b, 26-f-b, 5-m-b, 2-f-b15
Tydings, Richard B Methodist clergyman2548-m-b, 13-m-b, 15-m-mu, 9-f-mu, 9-m-b, 45-f-b, 3-f-b, 40-f-b, 33-m-b, 6-f-mu, 16-m-b, 9-f-b, 33-m-b, 42-f-b, 35-m-b, 3-f-b, 28-m-b, 17-f-mu, 30-m-b, 26-m-b, 35-f-b, 5-f-b, 1-m-mu, 17-m-b, 20-f-b2
Vaughn, Letitia B wife of farmer52-m-b, 18-f-b, 8-m-mu, 28-f-mu, 5-m-mu3
Wakefield, S H farmer645-f-b, 9-f-b, 13-f-mu, 15-m-mu, 55-m-b, 9-m-mu12
Weaver, Mary S **110-f-b13
Weller, D J farmer35-f-b, 13-f-b, 7-f-b16
Weller, G W farmer1034-m-b, 8-m-b, 5-f-b, 3/12-m-b, 16-f-b, 31-m-b, 13-m-b, 3/12-m-b, 2-f-b, 14-f-b14
Wells, Saml farmer94-f-mu, 2-f-mu, 20-f-mu, 2-f-b, 7-m-b, 5-m-b, 27-f-mu, 25-f-mu, 6-m-mu15
Wheeler, N, B, & S farm laborer (3 teenagers w/ Buford Scott)25-f-mu, 26-f-mu13
Whitledge, Wm farmer123-f-b, 5-f-b, 26-m-b, 17-m-b, 16-m-mu, 12-f-mu, 25-m-mu, 4-m-b, 10-m-b, 23-f-b, 19-m-b, 15-m-b15
Wigginton, F farmer74-m-b, 24-m-b, 26-f-mu, 2-f-mu, 27-m-b, 10-m-mu, 6-f-mu13
Wigginton, J H farmer130-f-b13
Wigginton, J W farmer28-m-b, 14-f-b5
Williams, S B farmer465-f-b, 12-f-b, 21-m-b, 19-m-b4
Williams, Zealey farmer547-m-b, 45-m-b, 12-m-b, 45-f-mu, 4-f-mu13
Wilson, Emma T **16-f-b6
Wilson, John F farmer116-m-b6
Wilson, Martha T farmer52-f-b, 30-m-b, 3-m-b, 8-m-b, 33-f-b6
Wilson, Mary T **114-f-b6
Wilson, Upton farmer36/12-m-b, 13-m-b, 18-f-b6
Wilson, Wm lawyer46/12-f-mu, 26-m-b, 16-m-mu, 15-f-b10
Wise, Caleb farmer345-f-b, 11-f-b, 17-m-b10
Wise, J A carpenter328-f-mu, 8-m-b, 2-f-mu13
Wise, R A farmer230-m-mu, 21-f-mu14
Wright, Jos farmer521-m-b, 8-f-b, 15-m-mu, 30-f-b, 70-f-b12

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