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Bullitt County Schools in 1895-1897

The following report is taken from pages 253-257 of the Biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of Kentucky for the two years beginning July 1, 1895 and ending June 30, 1897.

From it we get a fairly detailed picture of public schools in the county just before the turn of the century.

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W. Jeff Lee, Superintendent

The schools of Bullitt county are progressing rapidly and the past year the attendance has been about 10 per cent greater than ever before, owing to the increased interest in the cause of education and the compulsory law.

The teachers are better equipped because they attend the best schools, use the best methods, and read the best books on their profession.

The trustees are doing better work and are looking after the comfort of the children and teachers.

The superintendent and teachers are looking after the business and practical part of the education of the children, but are giving special attention to their moral culture. They are endeavoring to conduct the schools of Bullitt county on a high plane of morals, believing that the morals of the children are not less important than their minds. To have the children grow up to be the very best men and women is the highest object and aim of the superintendent and teachers.

Two years ending June 30, 1897.

I. DistrictsWhiteColoredTotalWhiteColoredTotal
Number of districts in the county4174841748
Number in which schools were taught for five months3874540747
Numbers in which schools were taught for more than five months3--31--1
II. School-Houses, Furniture, Apparatus, Etc.
Value of school-houses and grounds in the county$14,000$350$14,350$14,375$450$14,825
Value of furniture, apparatus, etc. in county$2,970$20$2,990$2,970$20$2,990
Total seating capacity of school-houses in the county2,3553252,6802,3002462,546
Number of school-houses in good condition4144539544
Number furnished with suitable desks, seats, blackboards, etc.4174837542
Number furnished with globes, maps, charts, etc.2532818220
Number of school-houses built during the year1--12--2
Number repaired during the year5--5516
III. Private Schools, Colleges, Etc.
Number of academies and high schools in county------1--1
Approximate number of teachers in same------2--2
Approximate number of pupils in same------60--60
IV. Libraries - County and District.
Amount of money received into library fund$12--$12$20--$20
Amount of money expended for books, etc.$3.50--$3.50$26.25--$26.25
Whole number of books belonging to library143--143163--163
Increase during the year------20--20
Number of districts having libraries5--56--6
Total number of books in library165--165180--180
Number of books added during the year------15--15
V. County Superintendents
Total number of schools visited4174841748
Number of educational meetings held88
Number of addresses delivered5657
Salary and Expenses$375$424

VI. - Pupils.1895-61896-7
Number of in census report1,3641,1622041882,9181,3561,2271931892,965
Number enrolled in school1,02594385752,1281,1571,0541721412,524
Number over 18 years old when enrolled810673116206547
Number over 10 years old unable to read and write when enrolled211915136813104128
Average attendance at school61553384561,28858867384961,441
Number of pay pupils attending school911----2084----12
Number that received certificates of graduation--5----51------1
Percentage of attendance based on census45454130444755354150
Percentage of attendance based on enrollment60559174605670455554
Total cost of each child based on average attendance$6.73$8.20$6.89$5.06$4.93$5.04
VII. - Teachers
Number who taught in the common schools during the year1529--75117281652
Number who hold State certificates11----211----2
Number who hold county certificates of the first class1119--232638--236
Number who hold county certificates of the second class45--31228--313
Number who hold county certificates of the third class682--161----12
Number who taught for the year for the first time--3----311114
Average monthly wages of teachers$32$32$32$32$32$28$28$28$28$28
Number of teachers attending the county Institute1635----512032----52
Number of meetings held by County Associations during the year96

VIII. - Financial Statement1895-61896-7
Money receivedWhiteColoredTotalWhiteColoredTotal
From State Treasury, embracing per capita, interest on county bond surplus, and second year fund from county$7,306.00$1,149.29$8,455.29$5,909.54$888.42$6,797.96
Salary and expenses of County Superintendent; books for indigent children, etc.$379.50--$379.50$424.00--$424.00
Institute fees from teachers$51.00--$51.00$52.00--$52.00
Money expended
For teaching, superintendence and Institute work$7,732.00$1,149.29$8,881.29$6,385.54$888.42$7,273.96
For books for indigent children$4.50--$4.50------

The following students received diplomas of graduation from the Bullitt County schools from 1 Jan 1896 to 30 Jun 1897: Hannah S. Smith, Zoneton; Bettie Summers, Brooks; Bettie Rayman, Pitts Point; Carrie Lee, Pitts Point; Addie Lee, Shepherdsville; Hattie Barnett, Lebanon Junction; Myrtle Smith, Shepherdsville; Aetna Hancock, Shepherdsville; May Bradbury, Salt River; J. M. Bradbury, Salt River; and Lettia Hardesty, Shepherdsville.

The following students received diplomas of graduation from the Bullitt County schools from 1 Jul 1897 to 30 Jun 1901: Hettie Ridgeway, C. W. Smith, Enoch Cochrane, Sarah Robards, James Hardaway, Willie Nichols, Gussie O'Brien, Otto Johnson, Mary Stark, Zula Carpenter, Ada Ashby, Lewis Englebrecht, Rosetta Scott, Virgie Scott, Lizzie Smith, Katie Gregory, Amy Cochrane, Erwin Johnson, and Walter Beswick.

W. O. Bradbury received a state certificate sometime between 1 Jul 1895 and 30 Jun 1897; and S. E. Hancock received a state certificate in 1897.

This information comes from reports of the Superintendent of Public Instruction by the Kentucky Department of Education for 1897 and 1901.

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