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1847 Mt. Washington Town Trustees Election

Sometimes we find an unusual entry in an old deed book, and recently we discovered in Deed Book L, pages 82-83, the following election results. It is interesting to note that secret balloting did not exist at that time.

The entry begins with this statement: "Polls of an election held at the tavern of John Q. A. Hall, Mount Washington, Ky. on the 8th day of March, 1847 for the purpose of electing Trustees for said town for the year 1847."

The candidates are listed below. The capital letter preceding each name is used to identify him in the voting chart below.

A - Peyton Burdett
B - Linton Snapp
C - William Hardman
D - Charles Hall
E - F. Johnson
F - H. J. Barnes
G - J. D. S. Peacock
H - Wm B. Hamilton
I - J. C. Buky
J - J. Q. A. Hall

We have attempted to duplicate the chart as it was written in the deed book. It appears that each voter announced his five choices, and the election clerk kept a running total as each voter's choices were listed.

J. D. S. Peacock.11111....
Jacob N. Boswell.222.21...
John Lewis1333..2...
William Smith24..2.3...
Linton Snapp3.4.3.41..
Henry J. Barnes4.54..5.1.
John J. Brown5.6..3.22.
Bernardon Peter6.7..4.33.
John Q. A. Hall7.8..564..
Julius C. Buky8.95.6...1
Samuel S. Hamilton9....7.542
Peyton Burdett..10.48.653
John Showalter...65.776.
William Seston(?)10..7..88.4
Austin Hall115118...9..
Smith M. Hobbs12...6.910.5
David Wilson136.....1176
Isaac N. Parrish14.12...1012.7
James Wright157..7.1113..
Matthias Ash168.9..12..8
John Stringer17..10...14..

The entry concluded with this statement: "I Nathaniel P. Saunders, clerk of the board of trustees of the town of Mt. Washington in said county certify that the above is a correct poll of the votes taken for the election of trustees for said town on the day and at the place stated in this caption and that Peyton Burdett, Wm Hardman, Charles Hall, Jonathan D. S. Peacock, & Wm B. Hamilton were duly elected the trustees of said town for the year 1847."

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