Bullitt County History

Mt. Washington - Original Lot Sales

After Mt. Vernon (later Mt. Washington) was laid out in lots, the lots were sold and recorded in the Bullitt County deed books as listed below.

Lot#GranteeDeedDeed Date
1Peyton, CravenC-51629 Aug 1818
2Birkhead, WilliamD-06929 Aug 1818
3Metzel, George FredericD-11829 Aug 1818
5Peyton, CravenC-51629 Aug 1818
7Bishop, WilliamD-1499 Sep 1818
8Hughbarger, JacobD-07327 Aug 1818
9Peyton, CravenC-51629 Aug 1818
10Burdett, PeytonD-12624 Jul 1818
11Fidler, WilliamD-0929 Sep 1818
12Cooper, JesseD-04927 Aug 1818
13Peyton, CravenC-51629 Aug 1818
14Fidler, WilliamD-0929 Sep 1818
15Drake, CharlesC-51827 Aug 1818
16Hughbarger, JacobD-07327 Aug 1818
17Peyton, CravenC-51629 Aug 1818
18Osburn, BenjaminD-13529 Jun 1818
19McDade, EdwardD-2281 Sep 1818
20Hughbarger, JacobD-07327 Aug 1818
21Peyton, CravenC-51629 Aug 1818
22Owen, JohnD-1405 Aug 1818
23McDade, EdwardC-51420 Aug 1818
24Swearingen, Jesse & Charles HallC-4884 Sep 1818
25Parris, JohnD-0527 Sep 1818
26Hardman, JosephC-4836 Aug 1818
27McCaigne, S.D-20816 Aug 1818
28Newbolt, CharlesD-11427 Aug 1818
29Hall, AustinD-0039 Sep 1818
30Peyton, CravenC-51629 Aug 1818
31Thurman, BasyeD-10815 Aug 1818
32Debo, HenryD-1299 Sep 1818
33Hall, AustinD-0039 Sep 1818
34Miller, JohnC-50929 Aug 1818
35Thurman, BasyeD-10815 Aug 1818
36Debo, HenryD-1299 Sep 1818
37Hall, CliftonD-00710 Sep 1818
38Hough, Moses C.D-02120 Aug 1818
39Peyton, CravenC-51629 Aug 1818
40McDade, EdwardD-2281 Sep 1818
41Coyle, JohnD-11220 Aug 1818
42Blandford, BenjaminD-1038 Aug 1818
43McDade, EdwardD-2281 Sep 1818
44McDade, EdwardD-2281 Sep 1818
45Parris, JohnD-0527 Sep 1818
46Hall, John & Nicholas GentryD-05415 Sep 1818
47McCaigne, S.D-20816 Aug 1818
48Snapp, LewisC-51227 Aug 1818
49Blandford, BenjaminD-0879 Sep 1818
50Stephens, WilliamG-19513 Jan 1830
51Hough, Moses C.D-02120 Aug 1818
52Snapp, LewisC-51227 Aug 1818
53Blandford, BenjaminD-0879 Sep 1818
54Gentry, JamesD-22429 Aug 1818
55Hall, JohnG-19713 Jan 1830
56Snapp, LewisC-51227 Aug 1818
57Coyle, JohnD-11220 Aug 1818
58Fidler, WilliamD-0904 Aug 1818
59Hall, JohnG-19713 Jan 1830
60(Peyton Burditt sold it to Lewis Gentry)H-6926 Jun 1833
61Debo, HenryD-1299 Sep 1818
62Lusker, JacobD-13228 Aug 1818
63Miller, WilliamG-0527 Aug 1828
65Greathouse, WilliamD-0779 Sep 1818
66Northern, ReubenC-50525 Jul 1818
67Northern, ReubenC-50525 Jul 1818
68Hall, CliftonD-00710 Sep 1818
69Hough, Moses C.D-02120 Aug 1818
70Northern, ReubenC-50525 Jul 1818
71McDade, EdwardD-2281 Sep 1818
72Metzel, George FredericD-11829 Aug 1818
73Hough, Moses C.D-02120 Aug 1818
74Gentry, SamuelD-09925 Aug 1818
75Metzel, George FredericD-11829 Aug 1818
76Metzel, George FredericD-11829 Aug 1818
78Brown, SamuelC-50724 Aug 1818
79Hubbard, Albert E.D-1219 Sep 1818
80Metzel, George FredericD-11829 Aug 1818

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