Bullitt County History

Bullitt County Marriages in 1890

We have identified 34 couples who married in Bullitt County in 1890, and have collected what information about them that we could. While we feel comfortable that the information presented below is accurate, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The couples are listed below, arranged according to their marriage date. We welcome comments.

8 Jan 1890William G. Jenkins
Blanche Crumbacker
William G. Jenkins (b. 21 Jan 1870, d. 5 Feb 1937), son of Henry and Betty (Ridgway) Jenkins, married Blanche Crumbacker (b. 5 Sep 1871, d. 5 Feb 1937), daughter of John and Mary (Crandle) Crumbacker, on 8 Jan 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: Both died accidentally by drowning in overturned car in Brooks Run Creek.
23 Jan 1890Robert Gatewood
Della McNutt
Robert Gatewood married Della McNutt on 23 Jan 1890 in Bullitt County.
28 Jan 1890John Rennison
Mattie M. Hecker
John Rennison (d. 18 Apr 1908) married Mattie M. Hecker (b. 26 Nov 1854, d. 20 Oct 1948), daughter of George and Lucille (Mathes) Hecker, on 28 Jan 1890 in Bullitt County.
12 Feb 1890Edward D. Oaks
Maggie Hoagland
Edward D. Oaks (b. 14 Aug 1862, d. 4 Apr 1935), son of Thomas and Susan (Bear) Oaks, married Maggie Hoagland (b. 23 Aug 1857, d. 15 Apr 1940), daughter of R. I. Hoagland, on 12 Feb 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: Edward was a lumber dealer at the time of his death. He lived at Bardstown Junction. There is some confusion about his and Maggie’s birthdates.
18 Feb 1890Charles M. Merker
Laura Harshfield
Charles M. Merker (b. 9 Sep 1867, d. 10 May 1937), son of Charles and Elizabeth (Stibbens) Merker, married Laura Harshfield (b. 3 Nov 1869, d. 19 Feb 1891), daughter of Columbus and Sarah (Steer) Harshfield, on 18 Feb 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: Laura Harshfield is buried in the Harshfield family cemetery with her parents Charles Merker married Julia Ida Dillon in Jefferson County on 13 Jan 1892. Ida Merker was born 9 Sep 1868 to William and Clementine (Snawder) Dillon. She died 8 Jun 1933.
19 Feb 1890Charles M. Preston
Sarah Elizabeth Meyers
Charles M. Preston (b. 22 Aug 1861, d. 12 May 1947), son of George and Susan (Hill) Preston, married Sarah Elizabeth Meyers (b. 29 Jan 1866, d. 22 Feb 1931), daughter of Frederick and Arminta (Jones) Meyers, on 19 Feb 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: Sarah Elizabeth Preston died in Shelbyville IL, and was buried in Macon IL. Charles Preston died in Decatur IL and was buried in Maroa Cemetery in Macon County IL. Three children identified in census records include Otis, Helen, and Grace.
16 Apr 1890William Hartman
Mary Elizabeth Showalter
William Hartman (b. 17 Mar 1868, d. 16 Feb 1952), son of Henry and Annie Hartman, married Mary Elizabeth Showalter (b. 20 Jul 1871, d. 4 Jun 1927), daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Hall) Showalter, on 16 Apr 1890 in Bullitt County.
19 Apr 1890John Earnest Harris
Emma G. Tyler
John Earnest Harris (b. 24 Feb 1866, d. 19 Mar 1911), son of William Levy and Rebecca Jane (Rouse) Harris, married Emma G. Tyler (b. Jan 1867), daughter of John M. and Nancy J. (Roby) Tyler ( married 23 Jan 1866 in Bullitt County), on 19 Apr 1890 in Bullitt County.
23 Apr 1890Dr. John R. Holsclaw
Ida Ball Roby
Dr. John R. Holsclaw (b. 4 Oct 1850, d. 1 Jul 1938), son of J. R. and Elizabeth (Sanders) Holsclaw, married Ida Ball Roby (d. 28 Jan 1966), daughter of William Lyons and Cynthia (Rogers) Ball, on 23 Apr 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: Ida May Ball married Lee G. Roby on 9 Jun 1886 in Bullitt County. He died the next year.
8 May 1890Charles Edwards
Hanky Roby
Charles Edwards (b. Jul 1871) married Hanky Robyon 8 May 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: This appears to be the Charles Edwards who married Elizabeth C. Byrnes in Bardstown on 22 Jun 1893. If so, then his first wife may be deceased. This Charles and Elizabeth were in Bullitt County in 1900 and 1910; then in Nelson County in 1920. This may also be the Charles G. Edwards who was born 30 Jul 1871 and died 30 Oct 1934 in Louisville.
12 Jun 1890Levi L. Roby
Ida E. Hill
Levi L. Roby (b. 5 Oct 1858, d. 7 Mar 1941), son of William and Mary Roby, married Ida E. Hill (b. May 1873, d. 20 Jun 1959), daughter of Edmond and Nancy Jane (Sympson) Hill, on 12 Jun 1890 in Bullitt County.
6 Jul 1890William Robison
Corsander Demar
William Robison married Corsander Demar on 6 Jul 1890 in Bullitt County.
6 Jul 1890Henry Warden
Angeline Jackson
Henry Warden (b. 13 Apr 1866, d. 13 Apr 1936), son of Dave and Nancy (Owens) Warden, married Angeline Jackson (b. 7 May 1860, d. 19 Nov 1950), daughter of Dora and Minerva (Hilton) Jackson, on 6 Jul 1890 in Bullitt County.
22 Jul 1890Louis Schlaeffer
Catherine Dawson
Louis Schlaeffer (b. Mar 1854, d. 11 Apr 1900) married Catherine Dawson (b. Jun 1866), daughter of Thos Dawson, on 22 Jul 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: Living in Louisville in 1900 census.
20 Aug 1890John H. Viers
Nancy Jane Hill
John H. Viers (b. 13 Apr 1864, d. 20 Oct 1926), son of Eliza and Millie (Gillmore) Viers, married Nancy Jane Hill (b. 12 Feb 1854, d. 21 Apr 1938), daughter of Anthony and Mary (Trainer) Simpson, on 20 Aug 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: E. H. C. Hill, Jr. married N. J. Sympson on 25 Aug 1870 in Bullitt County.
5 Sep 1890William Burr Harris
Effie Burch
William Burr Harris (b. 27 Oct 1867, d. 15 Oct 1922), son of William L. and Rebecca (Rouse) Harris, married Effie Burch (b. 26 Dec 1869, d. 18 Nov 1938), daughter of T. B. and Margaret E. (Brown) Burch, on 5 Sep 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: Effie Harris was a nurse.
17 Sep 1890Reed Steele
Emma King
Reed Steele (b. 17 Mar 1857, d. 29 Aug 1894), son of Alvarado and Rebecca (Reed) Steele, married Emma King, daughter of William and Mary King, on 17 Sep 1890 in Bullitt County.
23 Sep 1890Ralph William Bergin
Lottie Combs
Ralph William Bergin (b. 1860, d. 1936), son of John and Olive Bergin, married Lottie Combs (b. 21 Oct 1863, d. 10 Feb 1935), daughter of Oliver Perry and Margaret (Hine) Combs, on 23 Sep 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: In New Mexico in 1930 census. Both are buried in Bloomfield Cemetery in San Juan County, New Mexico.
28 Sep 1890John V. Thompson
Malinda F. Wise
John V. Thompson married Malinda F. Wise on 28 Sep 1890 in Bullitt County.
7 Oct 1890William A. Field
Hattie Hoagland
William A. Field (b. 28 Aug 1855, d. 29 Jun 1934), son of Hamilton and Frankie (Swearingen) Field, married Hattie Hoagland (b. 15 Dec 1865, d. 24 Jun 1934), daughter of R. I. Hoagland, on 7 Oct 1890 in Bullitt County.
21 Oct 1890John R. Lee
Addy Eliza Foster
John R. Lee (b. 6 Jan 1860, d. 14 Jan 1941), son of James and Susan J. (Hill) Lee, married Addy Eliza Foster (b. 5 Dec 1867, d. 29 Jul 1900), daughter of William and Margaret (Means) Foster, on 21 Oct 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: William Foster married Margaret Means on 10 Jan 1867 in Bullitt County.
23 Oct 1890F. Lee Dawson
Mary Agnes Hardy
F. Lee Dawson (b. 22 Jun 1866, d. 26 Jun 1908), son of William and Margaret (Lee) Dawson, married Mary Agnes Hardy (b. 22 Jan 1872, d. 14 Jul 1942), daughter of Frank M. and Malinda (Hyman) Hardy, on 23 Oct 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: At her death, Mary Agnes was married to Myran Davis, and was living in Jefferson County.
5 Nov 1890James O. Scott
Mattie B. Shepherd
James O. Scott (b. 5 Sep 1852, d. 3 Oct 1917), son of George Scott, married Mattie B. Shepherd (b. Sep 1864, d. 11 May 1954), daughter of William and Mary Shepherd, on 5 Nov 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: They were living in Jefferson County in 1900 and 1910.
5 Nov 1890George E. Pearson
Jennie E. Wallace
George E. Pearson (b. 29 Aug 1860, d. 31 Oct 1925), son of Lorenzo D. and Mary (Duhurst) Pearson, married Jennie E. Wallace (b. 14 Nov 1868, d. 22 Apr 1944), daughter of James and Jennie (Shanklin) Wallace, on 5 Nov 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: George Pearson was a funeral director. He was killed when stuck by an automobile while crossing the street at 3rd and Ormsby in Louisville.
6 Nov 1890Jacob Frederick Hecker
Ida Jane King
Jacob Frederick Hecker (b. 25 Nov 1861, d. 4 Nov 1917), son of George and Lucett (Mathis) Hecker, married Ida Jane King (b. 8 Sep 1869, d. 20 Jun 1944), daughter of John W. and Julia (Newkirk) King, on 6 Nov 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: John W. King married Julia A. Newkirk on 12 Nov 1863 in Bullitt County.
18 Nov 1890James H. Cundiff
Mary F. Goss
James H. Cundiff (b. 11 Feb 1861, d. 13 Jun 1940), son of Richard and Susan (Shoptaw) Cundiff, married Mary F. Goss (b. Sep 1853, d. 4 Jul 1916), daughter of Dr. B. F. W. and N. C. (Richardson) Goss, on 18 Nov 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: Named John H. Cundiff on his death certificate, but James in 1900 census, marriage info, and burial info.
18 Nov 1890John W. King
Fannie S. McCue
John W. King (b. Jun 1869) married Fannie S. McCue (b. Nov 1872) on 18 Nov 1890 in Bullitt County.
4 Dec 1890James A. Hardin
Ella King
James A. Hardin (b. 24 Jan 1867, d. 22 Dec 1936), son of William and Amanda (Reisinger) Hardin, married Ella King (b. 19 Nov 1871, d. 28 Apr 1948), daughter of William and Mary King, on 4 Dec 1890 in Bullitt County.
4 Dec 1890James Nathan Cochran
Matilda Catherine Magruder
James Nathan Cochran (b. 2 Sep 1843, d. 3 Feb 1918), son of Henry and Elleanor (Aldrich) Cochran, married Matilda Catherine Magruder (b. 1861, d. 2 Aug 1910), daughter of Fred and Augie Magruder, on 4 Dec 1890 in Bullitt County.
16 Dec 1890J. F. Hughes
D. V. Calvert
J. F. Hughes married D. V. Calvert on 16 Dec 1890 in Bullitt County.
24 Dec 1890Robert S. Queen
Emma Hart (Rogers) Shanklin
Robert S. Queen (b. 13 Jul 1866, d. 2 Nov 1908), son of James and Mariah Queen, married Emma Hart (Rogers) Shanklin (b. 8 Mar 1858, d. 30 May 1918), daughter of George L. and Elizabeth (Hart) Rogers, on 24 Dec 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: R. S. Queen is buried in the Mt. Washington cemetery. Emma is buried in the Hebron cemetery. Emma Rogers married John F. Shanklin on 9 Feb 1876 in Bullitt County.
26 Dec 1890H. S. Kelly
Lettie Ridgway
H. S. Kelly married Lettie Ridgway, daughter of Milton and Rose Ann (Thornberry) Ridgway, on 26 Dec 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: Milton Ridgway married Rose Ann Thornberry on 3 Mar 1864 in Bullitt County. Lottie Ridgway, age 7, is with them in the 1880 census.
30 Dec 1890Joseph H. Crigler
Nannie E. Foster
Joseph H. Crigler (b. 10 Mar 1862, d. 13 Aug 1936), son of John L. and Elizabeth (Henderson) Crigler, married Nannie E. Foster (b. 27 Jan 1870, d. 22 Jul 1935), daughter of John L. and Elizabeth (Russell) Foster, on 30 Dec 1890 in Bullitt County.
31 Dec 1890Phillip Raymond Mattingly
Mattie Enolia Foster
Phillip Raymond Mattingly (b. 5 Sep 1869, d. 19 Jul 1934), son of Henry B. and Amanda Georgia (Tucker) Mattingly, married Mattie Enolia Foster (b. 2 Feb 1869, d. 25 Nov 1946), daughter of James Harrison and Mary Elizabeth (Travis) Foster, on 31 Dec 1890 in Bullitt County. Additional Notes: Mattie Enolia Mattingly Christoffersen died in Utah, spouse of Harold Christoffersen.

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