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Joseph Lloyd Letter

Joseph Lloyd wrote a letter to a relative in 1838 in which he described what he knew of his family's history. Mr. Lloyd was living in Mount Washington at the time.

According to Karen Zach, "The letter is to James McCracken Lloyd (Jammy) born 28 July 1773. He went to Nelson County Kentucky with family members and later (1824 - membership transferred March 13th to Little Flock Baptist Church) Sullivan County, Indiana. This is where Jammy was living when he received the letter from his uncle."

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Mount Washington - October 14, 1838 - Bullitt County, Kentucky

Dear Jammy:

Agreeably to your request, I proceed to give you some items of the Lloyd family: excluding prefatory remarks, I shall enter upon the subject: and give you the best account I can.

My father John Lloyd was born in the City of London in the year 1704 Old Christmas day, his father was from Wales hence the reason of using the double L in spelling our names, my father had two other brothers, Joseph and Philip, one a Watch and Clock maker, the other a Printer, my father I believe was the youngest, and was bound to a Boot and Shoemaker, before his term expired he married without his masters consent: this by the laws of England disqualifies a man from being a master workman, and thro' life he can only be a Journeyman, he returned home one evening from his work, and found his Wife and one child they had, both dead, this was a distressing (end of first page) circumstance and occasioned him to turn his thoughts toward America; he accordingly executed his plan, and landed at Baltimore in 1726.

He continued in a single state until 1742 when he married Prudence Emrey, Seven children were the fruits of this marriage viz Thomas (your father) born October 2nd 1744. John born February 27th 1747. Alcey born January 29th 1749. James born September 14th 1752, in this year and in this month, the stile was altered and time put 11 days back, hence Old Christmas so call'd, from the 5th of January was put back to the 25th December. -- Lydia born April 24th 1755. George Emrey born February 4th 1758. Joseph born December 16th 1761. Thomas (your father) married in his nineteenth year to Patience McCracken. Of her family I know but little; Wm Norris her half brother, you know as well as I. He moved to the state of Ohio in 1814 or 15. Your brothers were as follows:: Stephen born December 24th 1764 married a Sally Pinkstaff; three children I remember Winny, Catherine and James, there might be more, which I know not of. (End of Second Page). He died and his widow married a certain James Smallwood, here my knowledge of this branch ends. William married a Nancy Tilman had William, Lucinda, Thomas, Mahlon & Matilda, Thomas lives in Louisville, of the rest I know nothing. Wms wife Nancy died & he married a Mrs. Blake, has several children by her and is living in the State of Ohio. In regard to your other brothers and sisters you know as much or more than I do. I pass them by.

Your uncle John married a Sally Stuard & moved to Georgia, he died in 1785. His Children were John, William, Charles, Benjamin, Moses, Elijah, Joseph, James, and Miriam __ Miriam married John Orear & moved to Tennessee, of the others I have no certain account. James married Mary Stuard, sister to Sally in 1791 they had several children viz Lydia, Rachel, Sally, Frances, George, John and Thomas; my knowledge of his family ends here. Alcey was married to John Williams, their children were James, Susanna, Elizabeth, George, Thomas, Lydia & Isaac. Susanna lives in Holston, VA and has several children, I can't recollect all their names. (End of third page). George I think lives in Illinois, Thomas far West in Missouri.

George Emrey married in Fauquier County, VA to Nancy Brown, their children were George Emrey, he married Ruth Duncan, and had several children and moved about 150 miles west of Detroit, Fanny married a Henry Plaster, lives in Loudoun, VA has 4 or 5 children. Joseph Alvan lives near Zanesville Ohio and has two children, Gillian married to Dan Shank lives in Licking Creek, Ohio. William and your Uncle George E. Lloyd lives with them.

In speaking of myself I may name that I married Fanny Brown, sister to my brother George's Wife, so you may see my second and third brothers married sisters, and the fourth and fifth also. I hope I have 4 children yet living viz Nancy married to Wesley Harris, lives in Louisville, her children are Elizabeth, William Thomas, Marshall, Julian, and John Wesley. Patsy married to Thomas Jefferson Saunders has 3 children, Joseph Franklin, George Washington, and Martha. Alcey married to Milton W. Parrish (End of Fourth page), has one daughter Lydia and, John has been twice married no children as yet born to him.

I have now given you a very short and imperfect account indeed of the matters you wish'd information of. Excuse bad writing & any inaccuracies you may discover. And now my dear nephew I bid you an affectionate farewell. May happiness here and hereafter be your lot.

Joseph Lloyd

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