Bullitt County History

Bullitt County Deaths Reported in 1910

Prior to 1911, Kentucky deaths were reported only for certain years, and then they were generally incomplete. Below is a chart that displays the information provided in 1910 for Bullitt County. Additional information taken from census records is provided in parentheses for some records.

NameColorAgeSexConditionOccupationDeath DateCauseBirth PlaceResidenceDeath PlaceParentsFather Birth PlaceMother Birth Place
W. T. (Willie) Brumley W37Mmarriedfarmer19 May 1910heart failureSpencer Co Bullitt CoJefferson CoLewis and Levina BrumleyJefferson CoSpencer Co
J D (James) StansburyW60Mmarriedfarmer18 Jan 1910consumptionSpencer CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJas and Lena StansburySpencer CoSpencer Co
Edgar CollingsW18Msinglefarmer7 Dec 1910heart failureSpencer CoBullitt CoBullitt CoChas and Alice CollingsSpencer CoSpencer Co
Jas M LloydW69Mwidowercarpenter1 Dec 1910pneumoniaIndianaBullitt CoBullitt CoMoses and Nancy LloydSpencer CoIndiana
R B (Robert) AndersonW64Mmarriednone31 Jun 1910pneumoniaVirginiaBullitt CoBullitt CoArch and Caroline AndersonVirginiaVirginia
Henry J BarnesW80Mwidowercarpenter21 Aug 1910old ageBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoWm and ... Barnes(Maryland)(Maryland)
James W JacksonW80Mmarriedfarmer24 Feb 1910La Grippe (influenza)Shelby CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJohn and Lydia JacksonVirginiaShelby
Carrie CoeW4F6 Feb 1910consumptionJefferson CoBullitt CoBullitt CoRobt and Mamie CoeShelby CoSpencer Co
America E Bogard W52Fmarried6 Jul 1910kidney troubleBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoGidean and Martha OwenBullitt CoSpencer Co
Martha A KellyW3 mosF31 Dec 1910croupBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoHenry and Amanda KellyOldham CoBullitt Co
Amanda Kelly W30 (39)Fmarried24 Nov 1910congestion lungsBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoMilton and Rosanna RidgwayBullitt CoBullitt Co
Elizabeth Baker W41Fmarried3 Feb 1910pneumoniaPulaski CoBullitt CoBullitt CoWm and Nancy Strockel (?)
S W (Sheppard) BrooksW80Mmarriedfarmer17 Feb 1910accidentJefferson CoBullitt CoBullitt CoIsaac and Kate BrooksJefferson CoJefferson Co
Matilda CochranW50Mmarried2 Aug 1910Bullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoFred and Angie MagruderBullitt CoBullitt Co
Dexter B HarrisW3F21 Jan 1910measles croupBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt Co(Franklin) Wayne and Ora Lee HarrisBullitt CoBullitt Co
D W W (William W.) ColemanW44 (53)Mmarrieddoctor1 Apr 1910pneumoniaVirginiaBullitt CoBullitt CoJohn and Isabelle Coleman
Malinda Moore W75Fmarried29 Mar 1910Nelson CoBullitt CoBullitt CoHenry and Lydia Staples?(Kentucky)(Kentucky)
W T (William) McGeeW86Mwidowercarpenter (wagon maker)16 Feb 1910pneumoniaSpencer CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJohn and ... McGee(Kentucky)(Kentucky)
Mary C. RidgwayW3F25 Oct 1909diptheriaBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoLindsey and Ada RidgwayBullitt Co(Kentucky)
Nora JohnsonW24Fsingle13 Jul 1910Bullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoWm and ...(Rovilla) JohnsonBullitt CoBullitt Co
Sara Chore ?W3 wksF5 Jul 1910Bullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoR.C. and Mattie RaymonBullitt CoBullitt Co
Helen E RaymanW6 wksF3 Aug 1910Bullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt Co
Mary McDowellW77Fwidow6 Jul 1910old ageBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoWm and Mary McDowellBullitt CoBullitt Co
W T McDanielW56Mmarriedfarmer29 Dec 1910consumptionBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt Co
Annie JohnsonW48F30 Aug 1910heart failureBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoG.K. and M. JohnsonBullitt CoBullitt Co
Nannie Griffin W47Fmarried20 Feb 1910bronchitiesJefferson CoBullitt CoBullitt CoS. M R...??Spencer CoSpencer Co
Jennie MillerW67Fwidow30 May 1910Bullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJas and Louise MillerJefferson Co
Edw HornB3M31 May 1910JaundiceBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoB. and C. Clayton (Bennie and Clarra)Bullitt CoBullitt Co
Beulah ShivelyW16 moF14 Dec 1909pneumoniaBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoG. M. and Ida ShivelyBullitt CoBullitt Co
Jas GoldsmithW5M29 Aug 1910IndianaBullitt CoBullitt CoW. T. and Sallie GoldsmithBullitt CoBullitt Co
Dave GoldsmithW78Mmarriedfarmer2 Jun 1910old ageIndianaBullitt CoBullitt CoNelson and Norma GoldsmithIndianaIndiana
W G StearmanW45Mmarriedfarmer18 Aug 1910Green CoBullitt CoBullitt CoW. T. and B. StearmanGreen CoGreen Co
E. R. (Ernest) WelchW20Msinglefarmer16 Nov 1909lung troubleBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoG & E (Granville & Emma) Welch Bullitt Co(Kentucky)
M A FiddlerW72Fmarried30 Aug 1910Bullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt Co
S R (Selenia) Vaughn W61Fmarried15 Feb 1910cancerOhioBullitt CoBullitt CoJoe and R. WatsonOhioOhio
M A CroxtonW5 moF20 Jan 1910Bullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoW. and M. (William & Maud) CroxtonCampbellBullitt Co
Mary F DanielsW52Fmarried15 Jul 1910heart troubleBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoC. C. and Ellen DavisBullitt CoBullitt Co
Louise CundiffW21Fsingle13 Aug 1910typhoid feverBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoR. & E. (Richard & Elizabeth) CundiffBullitt CoBullitt Co
Mrs A Gueton ?W39Fmarried1 Nov 1909heart troubleLouisvilleBullitt CoBullitt CoA. & E. Gutlick?GermanyGermany
MattinglyW2M31 May 1910spine troubleBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoPhil and Bettie MattinglyBullitt CoBullitt Co
Janie HowlettW34Fmarried1910blood poisonBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoR. L. and Elizabeth DawsonBullitt CoBullitt Co
Jesse E RobyW18 moM9 Jul 1910cholera infectionBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoL. L. and Ida RobyBullitt CoBullitt Co
Mary E Etherton W41Fmarried1 May 1910nervous prostrationBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoAbsolom and Mary Winehold(Pennsylvania)(Kentucky)
T H (Thomas) MilliganW60Mmarriedfarmer31 Aug 1910heart failureBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJoe and Malinda Milligan(Kentucky)(Kentucky)
T J (Thomas) Bolton W76Mmarriedfarmer28 Jan 1910old ageBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJ. B. and Catherine BoltonBullitt CoBullitt Co
(Alfred) Edgar HaleyW12M1910Bullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoA. (Alfred) F. and Katie Haley(Kentucky)(Kentucky)
Joseph CarpenterW86Mmarriedfarmer1910old ageBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoH. and Elizabeth CarpenterBullitt CoBullitt Co
Ellen CarpenterW91Fmarried1910old ageBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt Co

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