Bullitt County History

Bullitt County Deaths Reported in 1894

Prior to 1911, Kentucky deaths were reported only for certain years, and then they were generally incomplete. Below is a chart that displays the information provided in 1894 for Bullitt County. Additional information taken from birth and census records is provided in parentheses for some records.

NameColorAgeSexConditionOccupationDeath DateCauseBirth PlaceResidenceDeath PlaceParentsFather Birth PlaceMother Birth PlaceNotes
Sarah Harshfield W80Fwidow-27 Jul 1894old ageBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoPeter & Betsey MillowVirginiaVirginia 
Roy C BarrallW16Msingle-8 Sep 1894heart troubleBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoAlden & Mira BarrallBullitt CoBullitt Co 
Julia WelchW35Fmarried-19 Jan 1894blood poisonBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoSquire & Mary RouseBullitt CoBullitt Co 
Annie E Brown W23Fmarried-27 Jan 1894blood poisonBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoWm & Martha SandersBullitt CoBullitt Co 
Zack P SnellenW82Mmarriedfarmer21 May 1894paralysisBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoZack & Polly SnellenOhioOhio 
Nellie Pearl (Troutwine)W-Fsingle-20 May 1894not knownBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoWm & Sallie TroutwineJefferson Co(Europe)(stillborn; mother Sallie Lish Troutwine)
Richard L MartinW62Mmarriedfarmer15 Jan 1894heart failureBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoThos & Eliza MartinWashington CoBullitt Co 
Richard D CrossB16Msinglefarmer30 Aug 1894consumptionBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoDave & Ann CrossMarion CoMarion Co 
not knownW10 daysMsingle-18 Feb 1894pneumoniaBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoSam & Etta SimmonsBullitt CoBullitt Co 
Della GoldsmithW7 mosFsingle-17 Sep 1894cholera infectionBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoR. L. & Mary GoldsmithBullitt CoJefferson Co 
Margret Monroe W87Fmarriedfarmer2 Sep 1894blood poisonBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoPeter & Betsy MillerVirginiaVirginia 
James H HaysW65Mmarriedfarmer23 Nov 1894cancerHardin CoBullitt CoBullitt CoRandal & Sarah HaysHardin CoHardin Co 
Jane Johnson W31Fmarried-3 Mar 1894consumptionNelson CoBullitt CoBullitt CoWm & Sarah BryantNelson CoNelson Co 
C W MattinglyW52Mmarriedfarmer14 May 1894locked bowelsMarion CoBullitt CoBullitt CoArnold & Jane MattinglyMarion CoMarion Co 
Francis SnawderW63Mmarriedfarmer4 Dec 1894pneumoniaJefferson CoBullitt CoBullitt Co? & Polly SnawderJefferson CoJefferson Co 
Sue Clark W45Fmarried-29 Oct 1894consumptionBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJohn T. & Susan LitsyBullitt CoBullitt Co 
John L HedgesW16Msingle-26 Aug 1894typhoid feverBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoLogan & Kate HedgesMarion CoBullitt Co 
Wm R ThompsonW83Mmarriedlawyer18 Feb 1894pneumoniaNelson CoBullitt CoBullitt CoValentine & Mary ThompsonBardstownBardstown 
Elizabeth Brooks W50Fmarried-29 Dec 1894pneumoniaNelson CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJames & Margret ReedNelson CoShelby Co 
Alice Miller W35Fmarried-13 Apr 1894blood poisonBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoHam & Mary FergusonBullitt CoBullitt Co 
C E BeanW35Mmarried-9 Apr 1894consumptionBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJess & Ann BeanBullitt CoBullitt Co 
Infant childW5 daysMsingle-8 Sep 1894not knownBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJacob & Ann AcresJefferson CoJefferson Co 
Julia Tydings W41Fmarried-13 Jan 1894blood poisonBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoCharles & Annie DorroiFranceFrance 
James HuberW64Mmarried-27 Apr 1894killed by accidentDanville, KYBullitt CoBullitt CoJas & Martha HuberSwitzerlandPennsylvania 
Mary C Tyler W53Fmarried-28 Jan 1894cancer of bowelsLouisville, KYBullitt CoBullitt CoEd & Susan Crutchfieldunknownunknown 
Katie HarrisB9 daysFsingle-19 Nov 1894-Bullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoRichard & Georgia HarrisAlabamaJefferson Co 
G Albert PayneW89Mmarriedbook agent2 Aug 1894old age / La GrippeVirginiaBullitt CoBullitt Co--- 
Elizabeth Hough W22Fmarriedhousekeeper9 Mar 1894consumptionJefferson CoBullitt CoBullitt CoSam & Sarah Archer(Kentucky)(Kentucky) 
Alfred MothersheadW72Mwidowerfarmer13 Jan 1894pneumoniaJefferson CoBullitt CoBullitt CoMiner & Celia Mothershead(Kentucky)(Kentucky) 
Grover C GentryW7Msingle-6 Mar 1894membranous croupBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJames & Sarah E. GentryKentuckyKentucky 
Lelia KingW22Fsingle-26 Sep 1894dregs of measlesBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJohn & Julia KingKentuckyKentucky 
Valentine KingW74Mwidower-18 Aug 1894dropsey-Bullitt CoBullitt CoValentine & Cathrine King(Virginia)(Virginia) 
Richard PrattW52Mmarried-25 Jan 1894Brights DiseaseKentuckyBullitt CoBullitt CoRichard & Nancy Pratt-- 
Nancy J Clark W68Fmarriedhousekeeper14 Aug 1894cancerShelby CoBullitt CoBullitt CoAbner & Margarett Purcell-- 
Thula DrakeW35Fsingle-31 Jul 1894consumption-Bullitt CoBullitt CoJesse & Alice Drake-- 
Sarah J ThorntonW2 daysFsingle-23 Dec 1894-Bullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJudson & Mary J. Thornton-- 
Mary J Thornton W40Fmarriedhousekeeper25 Dec 1894inflamation of bowels-Bullitt CoBullitt CoJacob & Frances Gauoto-- 
John B ThompsonW65Mmarriedfarmer19 Oct 1894consumptionBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoGeo & Sallie Thompson-- 
Harriett Wells W87Fwidowhousekeeper18 Nov 1894tumorBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoReason Roby-- 
Ann M Daniel W70Fwidowhousekeeper12 May 1894paralysisBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJohn & Elizabeth Ferguson-- 
Ronellen C Greenwell W66Fmarriedhousekeeper16 Feb 1894consumptionNelson CoBullitt CoBullitt CoDora Osborn-- 
Ben Henry WellerW5Msingle-9 Oct 1894typhoid feverBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoW. Luther & Amanda WellerKentuckyKentucky 
Sarah E Davis W21Fmarriedhousekeeper27 Mar 1894consumptionBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoThomas & Ann Garrett-- 
John J DavisW2Msingle-10 Oct 1894consumptionBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoS. Dock & Sarah E. Davis-Kentucky 
Nannie K Rouse W28Fmarriedhousekeeper31 May 1894ulceration of the stomachBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoWilliam & Drusilla MagruderKentuckyKentucky 
A Jackson SimmonsW68Mwidowerfarmer16 Mar 1894neuralgia of the heartBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoElisha & Rhoda Simmons-- 
Martha Roby W52Fwidowhousekeeper13 Feb 1894pneumoniaBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoAnderson & Nancy Rouse-- 
Ann SmithMu70Fmarried-23 Nov 1893bilious colicGreen CoBullitt CoBullitt CoEda Greenwell-- 
Minnie TaylorMu16 mosFsingle-8 Sep 1894scrofula & consumptionBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoEli & Eliza Taylor-- 
No NameW1 moFsingle-15 Aug 1894-Bullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoWilliam & Ellen Tinnell-- 
Jessie W MumfordW3 wksMsingle-14 Aug 1894whooping coughBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoSamuel MumfordBullitt CoBullitt Co 
Lilia SmithW5Fsingle-1 May 1894burnBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJonas & Mary SmithBullitt CoNelson Co 
Minnie M HatfieldW4Fsingle-29 Oct 1894typhoid feverBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoHenry & Salie A. HatfieldBullitt CoBullitt Co 
Martha Highland W55Fwidowhousekeeper8 Sep 1894-Bullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoNoah & Martha FarrisBullitt CoBullitt Co 
Lena HuettiggW2 mosFsingle-5 Nov 1894consumptionBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoConrad & Emaline HuettiggGermanyJeffersonville IN 
Elmira Masden W74Fwidowhousekeeper2 Nov 1894-Bullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoLevy & Betie MagruderVirginia- 
Ellen Goldsmith W51Fmarriedhousekeeping8 Sep 1894consumption of bowelsBullitt CoBullitt CoBullitt CoJohn & Elmira MasdenVirginia- 
Thomas HamiltonB?Mmarriedlaborer on farm3 Feb 1894pneumonia-Bullitt CoBullitt CoHilory & Lucia HamiltonBullitt CoBullitt Co 
Hilory HamiltonB?Mmarriedfarming1 Aug 1894kill by accident-Bullitt CoBullitt Co---(May have been Hilory and Lucy Hamilton,
living in Marion County KY in 1880.)

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