Bullitt County History

Deaths by Influenza, Pneumonia, & Tuberculosis
September 1918 - June 1920

The Spanish influenza epidemic swept across Kentucky beginning as early as September 1918. By June of 1920 few deaths caused by it were being reported in the state. At the same time, deaths caused by tuberculosis continued to occur in near-epidemic numbers.

Below we've listed information about Bullitt County deaths during this period that were caused by influenza, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. Please note that this is an incomplete list, as deaths also occurred that were caused by other things.

NameAgeDeath DateCause of DeathParents
Harris, Ida Mae2613 Oct 1918influenzaGeorge & Mollie (Searcy) Jackson
Ford, John William4414 Oct 1918pneumoniaA. A. and Lena (McCormick) Ford
Armstrong, Oleta715 Oct 1918bronchial pneumonia.Walter & Lida (Croan) Armstrong
Engle, Katie Earl2615 Oct 1918bronchial pneumoniaBluford & Lizzie (Wilson) Railey
Ford, Abagail3115 Oct 1918pneumoniaJohn & Belle (Cundiff) Forsythe
Langley, Gilbert716 Oct 1918bronchial pneumonia & influenzaJ. H. & Lilly Lee (Crady) Langley
Miller, Douglas M.2916 Oct 1918pneumonia & influenzaCharles & Lillian (Carrico) Clyce
Ridgway, Ehrman Vernon2316 Oct 1918bronchial pneumonia & influenzaGeorge & Hattie (Ashley) Ridgway
Coates, Charles Dittman2m17 Oct 1918influenzaW. A. & Ophelia (Dittman) Coates
Langley, Harland618 Oct 1918bronchial pneumonia & influenzaJ. H. & Lilly Lee (Crady) Langley
Cordia, Edward1019 Oct 1918catarrhal pneumoniaSamuel & Anna (Martin) Cordia
Price, Pauline219 Oct 1918bronchial pneumonia & influenzaOtis & Nancie (Douglas) Price
Riggs, Sallie4219 Oct 1918pneumonia & influenzaWill & Ellen (Riggs) Clark
Routon, E. C.2019 Oct 1918bronchial pneumonia & influenzaB. F. & Maria (Hailey) Routon
Thomas, Charles T.6519 Oct 1918pneumonia & influenzaC. W. & Mary A. (Wilson) Thomas
Warden, Lula1919 Oct 1918pneumonia & influenzaJames B. & Kath (Watkins) Robinson
Beghtol, Josie Neal2820 Oct 1918pulmonary tuberculousElvin & Louisa (Sample) Beghtol
Magruder, Elmar Logan521 Oct 1918pneumonia & influenzaTheodore & Millie (Shain) Magruder
Compton, Martha J.6622 Oct 1918pneumoniaJames & Rebecca (Gilmore) Smith
Thomas, Carrie F.5622 Oct 1918pneumoniaJohn & Mary (Harned) Lovelace
Hay, Ana4623 Oct 1918pneumoniaRiley & Elizabeth (Ridge) Thurman
Rodgers, Charles Gordon2123 Oct 1918influenzaEd & Mattie (Holsclaw) Rodgers
Carter, Nellie Mae2124 Oct 1918meningitis following influenzaJohn & Lena E. (Brewer) Carter
Locum, Lucy Viola125 Oct 1918bronchial pneumonia & influenzaGeorge S. & Lodema (Johnson) Locum
Miller, Mary Ella Elizabeth10m26 Oct 1918influenza & whooping coughJohn & Pearl (Laylor) Miller
Greenwell, Clarence O.3227 Oct 1918influenzaJoe & Melissa (Roby) Greenwell
Priddy, Abner2028 Oct 1918influenzaHenry & Kate (Cruise) Priddy
Priddy, Robert1530 Oct 1918influenzaHenry & Kate (Cruise) Priddy
Johnson, Rena1831 Oct 1918Spanish influenzaJean & Emma (Sheckles) Barber
Shain, Paky F.3231 Oct 1918catarrhal pneumonia & influenzaGib & Tempie (Stickles) Shain
Clark, William Louis3m1 Nov 1918influenzaClaude & Ora (Hodge) Clark
Frye, Eddie James51 Nov 1918influenzaMonroe & Millie (Crady) Frye
Priddy, Henry411 Nov 1918influenzaAlfred & Rose (Weiss) Priddy
McCubbins, James357 Nov 1918pneumonia & influenzaJoseph & Fannie (Abram) McCubbins
Dietrich, Joseph788 Nov 1918pulmonary tuberculosisAdam & Barbara Dietrich
Hodge, Nora Delia48 Nov 1918Spanish feverWillis & Nettie (Jackson) Hodge
Raisor, Edna Rena810 Nov 1918Spanish influenzaJoseph & Sarah E. (Howell) Raisor
Hall, Lulie Belle3317 Nov 1918Spanish influenza & pneumoniaMorgan & Bettie M. Patterson
Priddy, Lilly May122 Nov 1918exhaustion & influenzaHenry & Kate (Cruise) Priddy
Donaway, Harry Baker330 Nov 1918bronchial pneumoniaWilliam & Gertrude (Kimball) Donoway
Bowman, Susie262 Dec 1918bronchial pneumoniaIsaac Murphy
McCubbins, Agness334 Dec 1918bronchial pneumonia & influenzaM. L. & Mary T. (Lee) McCubbins
Dillander, Whitson R.285 Dec 1918bronchial pneumonia & influenzaWilliam & America (Bishop) Dillander
Edmons, Sarah Francis18 Dec 1918influenzaJohn & Mary (Edwards) Edmons
Raney, Hazel Kathryn28 Dec 1918influenza & related issuesE. D. & Agnes Lee (Roby) Raney
Armstrong, Allie Blanche299 Dec 1918Spanish influenza & pneumoniaJ. H. & Barbara (Edwards) Younger
Gentry, Herbert Wallace3010 Dec 1918Spanish influenzaJames H. & Rosa Ann (Bass) Gentry
Armstrong, Thomas Everett2611 Dec 1918Spanish influenza & pneumoniaW. F. & Prudence A. (Raymond) Armstrong
Dietrich, Anna M.7316 Dec 1918bronchial pneumonia & influenzaGeorge & Margaret (Huter) Hild
Croan, Bernard Hamlet3217 Dec 1918lobar pneumonia & influenzaEdward & Nannie (McDaniel) Croan
Ladusaw, Erma Blanch3517 Dec 1918influenza & pneumoniaSam & Lizie (Gentry) Bass
Thornton, Ballard2831 Dec 1918influenzaJudson & Nina (Garett) Thornton
Cundiff, Virgie Holland225 Jan 1919bronchial pneumoniaEdgar & Nanie (McDaniel) Croan
Ferguson, Richard Earle149 Jan 1919pneumoniaJ. R. & Mable (Edwards) Ferguson
Hood, Clyde1711 Jan 1919influenzaCharles A. & Dilly (Bird) Hood
Ferguson, Hazel1112 Jan 1919influenzaJ. R. & Mable (Edwards) Ferguson
Ferguson, Viola Mae512 Jan 1919influenzaJ. R. & Mable (Edwards) Ferguson
Cross, Joe Lewis125 Jan 1919pneumoniaLewis & Pearl (Kling) Cross
Akrage, Eliza3229 Jan 1919bronchial pneumoniaHenry & Elizabeth (Houston) Perkins
Riley, Tillie Wallace431 Feb 1919bronchial pneumoniaW. W. & Bettie (Woodson) Guthrie
Taylor, Belle652 Feb 1919tuberculosis of lungsJames & Catherine (Hedden) Gray
Able, Ida416 Feb 1919pneumonia (lobular-bilateral)William & Barbara (Hatfield) Snawder
Owen, Marion Pleasant3m24 Feb 1919Spanish influenzaEdward & Edith (Scott) Owen
Atcher, John Christian125 Feb 1919pneumoniaJohn C. & Lizie (O’Connell) Atcher
Hord, Ethel Sloan7525 Feb 1919pneumoniaAlbert & Ellen (Scott) Sloan
Brown, Annie409 Mar 1919bronchial pneumoniaSusan Miracle
Tinnell, Dorothy Kathleen19 Mar 1919bronchial pneumoniaJohn & Sybl (Perkins) Tinnell
Brown, Wallace113 Mar 1919Spanish influenzaClay & Sallie (Hood) Brown
Kimball, William O.3820 Mar 1919bronchial pneumonia & influenzaNathan & Jennie (Parrish) Kimball
Spink, Nora Ethel3220 Mar 1919lobar pneumoniaJames & Ella (Stader) Newman
McAfee, Gerald Preston4m25 Mar 1919Spanish influenzaRobert & Mabel (Harris) McAfee
Stansbury, James7131 Mar 1919pulmonary tuberculosisJohn and Nancy (Hockens) Stansbury
Dacon, William Clinton6222 Apr 1919pneumoniaWilliam & America (Weller) Dacon
Henderson, Susan Parmelia227 Apr 1919bronchial pneumoniaEugene & Geneva (Maraman) Henderson
Ayers, Flaget Eulah2817 May 1919pulmonary tuberculosisRichard & Hettie (Cunningham) Wathen
McFarland, Susan E.3425 May 1919tuberculosis of the lungsW. S. and Mary (Carothers) McFarland
Miles, Mary Emma2425 May 1919tuberculosisWilliam & Ruth Miles
Greenwell, Celia Catherine4828 Jun 1919pulmonary tuberculosisDora & Minerva Jackson
McLaughlin, Susan78?20 Jul 1919influenzaJohn Miles
Richards, Joseph Henry114 Aug 1919bronchial pneumoniaBen & Carry (Sexton) Richards
Mattingly, Effie309 Nov 1919tuberculosis of the lungsMilt & Lizzie (Bird) Mattingly
Sage, Laura Ella377 Dec 1919tuberculosis of lungsJoseph & Nancy (Ferguson) Raymond
Hornbeck, Lydia7825 Dec 1919pneumoniaPeter Rice & Nancy (Hardin) Fullenwelder
Thompson, Adeline6413 Jan 1920bilateral lobar pneumoniaMorris & Amanda (Bridwell) Thompson
Hill, Martha8330 Jan 1920influenzaWilliam & Nancy (Brown) Trainer(?)
McDaniel, Maxie William 1 3610 Feb 1920pneumonia & influenzaWilliam Thomas "Billy" & Mary Ann (Younger) McDaniel
Stovall, William Kerr117 Feb 1920pneumoniaHenry E. & Sadie Stovall
Worden, Virgie C.2918 Feb 1920tuberculosis of lungsLen & Matilda (Swanders) Masden
Starks, Minnie531 Mar 1920lobar pneumoniaJames & Martha (Russell) Froman
Raymond, Mattie234 Mar 1920pulmonary tuberculosisRichard & Kate (Clements) Raymond
Cutsinger, James5213 Mar 1920tuberculosis of lungsWink Cutsinger
Holts, John8416 Mar 1920tuberculosis of lungsunknown
Sanders, Viola3824 Mar 1920lobar pneumoniaClay & Mary (Patterson) Emmerson
Faunch, Amanda Lee258 Apr 1920pulmonary tuberculosisJohn & Sarah (Hatfield) Evans
Viers, Horace Clay349 Apr 1920lobar pneumoniaE. E. & Ellen (Williams) Viers
O’Bryan, Joseph Quincy743 May 1920tuberculosis of lungs
Brown, Rosa Ethel3810 May 1920pulmonary tuberculosisWilliam G. & Mary E. (Nelson) Pervis
Bryant, Thomas L.5314 May 1920pulmonary tuberculosisPeter & Polly Ann (Cates) Bryant
Jackson, Dora9026 Jun 1920pulmonary tuberculosisJohn & Catherine (Spencer) Jackson

Corrections to this list are welcomed.

1 Monty Edwards shared: "He was my great grandfather. Additional information: Mary Ann McDaniel (Younger) was the daughter of William Younger who was the son of Henry Younger who was the son of Sarah or Elizabeth ( you see it differently in other sources) Lee who was the daughter of Richard Henry Lee Governor of Virginia and author of the Lee Resolution which proposed American independence during the 2nd Continental Congress."

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