Bullitt County History

1940 Census Index for ED 15-1

Images of the 1940 Federal Census for Kentucky are freely available at the FamilySearch site. Volunteers are currently indexing this census, but while it is being done, we have indexed the images for ED 15-1 of Bullitt County which includes the town of Shepherdsville and the inmates in the County Jail.

The names below may be found in this district. The information in brackets following each name, for example [3B/42/64], indicate the census page [3B], the line on that page [42], and the household [64] for that person. Since the pages are numbered as 1A, 1B, 2A, etc., page 3B may be found on image 6 of district 15-1. Households marked as JH indicate residents in the Johnson House. Those marked GH were in the Griffin Hotel.

This link will take you to the images for this district. The index below is in alphabetical order, read from top to bottom.

Adams, Evelyn [3B/43/64]
Adams, Mable [3B/42/64]
Adams, Thomas [3B/41/64]
Adams, Wanda [3B/44/64]
Alford, Rodger E. [13A /4/GH]
Allen, Elizabeth [4A/4/76]
Allen, Georgia [4A/3/76]
Allen, Strother [4A/2/76]
Armstrong, John C. [6B/44/147]
Ashby, Carl Leuton [7B/73/180]
Ashby, Dora [5A/9/106]
Ashby, William [5A/8/106]
Atherton, Earnestine [9B/51/215]
Bailey, Kenneth M. [1A/17/6]
Bailey, Kenneth M. [1A/19/6]
Bailey, Wilma L. [1A/18/6]
Barrell, Beulah K. [1A/27/9]
Barrell, Myrtle [1A/26/9]
Batts, John T. [6A/35/143]
Batts, Ruby L. [6A/36/143]
Bealmear, Elizabeth [9B/50/215]
Bealmear, Gabe [9B/47/215]
Bealmear, Gabe Jr. [9B/49/215]
Bealmear, Kathryn [9B/48/215]
Bess, William [2A/40/37]
Bishop, Elmer [6B/41/146]
Bishop, Thelma [6B/42/146]
Boes, John H. [7A/5/158]
Boes, Lulu E. [7A/6/158]
Bolock, William [11A/4/jail]
Bowman, Anna [7B/72/179]
Bowman, Emma [2A/22/33]
Bowman, Jess [4A/28/87]
Bowman, Lydia M. [2A/23/33]
Bowman, Mable [4A/29/87]
Bowman, Norma B. [2A/24/33]
Bradbury, Addie Lee [2B/42/38]
Bradbury, C. P. [2B/41/38]
Bridwell, Anna Belle [5A/38/116]
Bridwell, Charlie [5A/37/116]
Bridwell, Esther Belle [5A/39/116]
Bridwell, Lizzie [5A/31/113]
Brown, Elvin [11A/1/jail]
Brown, Irvan [8A/31/192]
Brown, Walter [8A/30/192]
Browning, Chester [8A/19/189]
Browning, Dena [3A/5/54]
Browning, Ernest B. [3A/7/54]
Browning, Henry [8A/17/189]
Browning, Mae [3A/6/54]
Browning, Samuel [3A/4/54]
Browning, Vina [8A/18/189]
Buckman, Carletta [1B/59/19]
Buckman, David [1B/58/19]
Buckman, J. David Jr. [1B/60/20]
Buckman, Lucille [1B/61/20]
Buriss, Minnie [9A/37/212]
Burnett, Susan [3A/3/53]
Campbell, Cora [8B/51/196]
Campbell, James [8B/50/196]
Campbell, W. J. [8B/52/196]
Carnett, Albert [7B/64/177]
Carnett, L. Carol [7B/67/177]
Carnett, Lois [7B/65/177]
Carnett, Marian L. [7B/66/177]
Carpenter, Billie H. [4A/34/88]
Carpenter, Helen [4A/32/88]
Carpenter, Jenny [2A/25/34]
Carpenter, Roy [4A/31/88]
Carpenter, Roy [4A/33/88]
Carroll, Betty C. [7B/71/178]
Carroll, Irene [7B/69/178]
Carroll, T. C. [7B/68/178]
Carroll, Thomas C. [7B/70/178]
Castle, Andrew [8A/1/182]
Castle, Cleo [8A/2/182]
Chambers, Kate [6B/43/147]
Chappell, Joseph [1B/70/23]
Chickering, Nannie [2A/20/31]
Childers, Agnes [9A/29/210]
Childers, Donald [9A/32/210]
Childers, Juanita [9A/30/210]
Childers, Mary E. [9A/31/210]
Childers, Nadine [9A/33/210]
Childers, Nattalie [9A/34/210]
Clark, Georgia [4A/23/85]
Clark, Harlan E. [4A/22/85]
Clark, Harline [4A/24/85]
Clark, Kate [9B/63/221]
Clayton, Chris [4A/30/87]
Cochran, Ethel M. [5B/76/131]
Collings, James [5B/57/124]
Collings, Mary H. [5B/58/124]
Collings, Samuel [5B/59/124]
Combs, Harry H. [4A/15/82]
Combs, Mary Priest [4A/16/82]
Conley, Ora L. [1B/41/13]
Cook, Donald L. [2A/2/28]
Cook, Leander [9A/18/207]
Cook, Mary C. [2A/1/28]
Cook, Theodore [1B/80/28]
Cook, Virgie [9A/17/207]
Coomes, Claudie [6B/58/151]
Coomes, Ivans D. [6B/59/151]
Craddock, Thresa [13A /9/GH]
Criglers, Louis [8A/5/184]
Criglers, Ruth [8A/6/184]
Croan, Billie Ray [2B/66/48]
Croan, C. F. [2B/65/48]
Croan, C. F. [2B/67/48]
Croan, Charles H. [2B/59/45]
Croan, Frances M. [2B/58/45]
Croan, Herbert [2B/63/48]
Croan, Jim [2B/57/45]
Croan, Lucy B. [2B/64/48]
Crowe, Donald W. [6A/19/138]
Crowe, Mary Tom [6A/18/138]
Crowe, William [6A/17/138]
Crume, Filmore [8B/76/202]
Crume, Mary Evelyn [8B/78/202]
Crume, May Belle [8B/77/202]
Cundiff, Cora K. [1A/2/1]
Cundiff, Ruby R. [1A/3/1]
Cundiff, S. Herbert [1A/1/1]
Cunningham, James T. [4A/27/86]
Cunningham, Ruby [4A/26/86]
Cunningham, Thomas [4A/25/86]
Daugherty, Carl [5A/5/105]
Daugherty, Chrissie [13A /3/GH]
Daugherty, Gilbert [1B/74/26]
Daugherty, L. L. [13A/2/GH]
Daugherty, Nina [1B/75/26]
Daugherty, S. Gilbert [1B/76/26]
Daugherty, Vivian [5A/6/105]
Dawson, Delmar [1A/24/8]
Dawson, Donna F. [2A/9/30]
Dawson, Evelyn [2A/10/30]
Dawson, J. Blandford [2A/14/30]
Dawson, J. Clifford [1A/23/8]
Dawson, J. Raymond [2A/12/30]
Dawson, Jerome W. [2A/13/30]
Dawson, Martha [1A/25/8]
Dawson, Ollie B. [1A/22/8]
Dawson, Price [1A/21/8]
Dawson, R. Lee [2A/8/30]
Dawson, Robert L. [2A/17/30]
Dawson, T. Kathleen [2A/16/30]
Dawson, Virginia Lee [2A/11/30]
Dawson, W. Harold [2A/15/30]
Dawson , Mary [2A/21/32]
Deacon, Chester [7B/55/172]
Deacon, Emma [7B/56/172]
Dean, Virginia [2B/68/48]
Dever, Betty J. [2A/37/37]
Dever, Herbert [2A/34/37]
Dever, Nora Mae [2A/39/37]
Dever, Oma K. [2A/35/37]
Dever, Pauline [2A/38/37]
Dever, Roscoe [2A/36/37]
Druin, Joe [9A/16/206]
Dunnaway, B. B. [8A/3/183]
Dunnaway, Margarita [8A/4/183]
Duvall, Effie J. [13A /13/JH]
Duvall, R. C. Jr. [13A /14/JH]
Duvall, Richard C. [13A /12/JH]
Elliott, Albert [11A/6/jail]
Elliott, Alfred [7A/17/161]
Elliott, Lucy [7A/16/161]
Fergurson, Robert [1B/64/21]
Gibbs, Clarence [2B/60/45]
Gleen, Herbert [9A/35/211]
Goldsmith, Nannie [1B/77/26]
Greenwell, Kate [1A/33/11]
Griffin, Albert J. [3B/69/73]
Griffin, Albert Jr. [3B/72/73]
Griffin, Anna F. [3B/73/73]
Griffin, Doris Jean [3B/75/73]
Griffin, Marian [3B/71/73]
Griffin, Mildred [3B/70/73]
Griffin, Thomas E. [3B/74/73]
Guernsey, Charles [6B/49/149]
Guernsey, Daisy B. [6B/50/149]
Guernsey, Lois [6B/53/149]
Guernsey, Marjorie [6B/51/149]
Guernsey, Norma [6B/52/149]
Hall, Glendon [2B/55/43]
Hall, Golden [4B/63/98]
Hall, M. Blanch [2B/52/43]
Hall, Maggie [2B/62/47]
Hall, Mildred [4B/64/98]
Hall, Ometa [2B/53/43]
Hall, Reba [2B/54/43]
Hall, Ruth D. [12A/12]
Hardaway, Hester Belle [5B/56/123]
Hardaway, James [5B/55/123]
Hardesty, Alice [1A/32/10]
Hardy, Cora Ney [6A/7/135]
Hardy, Ella [5B/60/125]
Hardy, Eloise [5B/61/125]
Hardy, Harold W. [6A/8/135]
Hardy, James Ray [5B/62/125]
Hardy, Margaret [6A/9/135]
Hardy, Nina G. [6A/6/135]
Hardy, Robert [6A/5/135]
Harned, Emmit [1B/51/16]
Harris, Anna Belle [7A/29/165]
Harris, Carrie [7A/26/165]
Harris, Ernest [7A/28/165]
Harris, Orvile [7A/30/165]
Harris, William [7A/27/165]
Hatfield, Charles E. [7B/44/168]
Hatfield, James [7B/42/168]
Hatfield, Olive B. [7B/43/168]
Hawkins, Allan [1A/28/9]
Hawkins, Anna [1A/29/9]
Hazelwood, Bertha [4A/37/89]
Hazelwood, Charles [4A/35/89]
Hazelwood, Pearl [4A/36/89]
Hazelwood, Raymond [4A/38/89]
Hefley, Phillip [7B/54/171]
Henderson, Fannie B. [5B/68/128]
Henderson, Ralph [5B/67/128]
Hermon, Addie [3B/47/66]
Hermon, Malcolm [3B/46/66]
Herps, Leslie D. [13A /6/GH]
Herzog, Anna [7B/46/169]
Herzog, Anna [7B/47/169]
Herzog, Jake [7B/45/169]
Herzog, Mary Lou [7B/49/169]
Herzog, Raymond [7B/48/169]
Hester, Maurine M. [1A/11/4]
Hester, Oscar W. [1A/10/4]
Hibbs, Mollie [3A/11/56]
Hickerson, Nancye E. [5B/66/127]
Hickerson, Wade [5B/65/127]
Higgins, Andrew J. [3B/59/70]
Higgins, Eva Mae [3B/60/70]
Higgins, Jeanine H. [3B/63/70]
Higgins, Joan N. [3B/61/70]
Higgins, Mary K. [3B/62/70]
Hodges, Maudie [8A/29/192]
Hornbeck, Nannie [1B/69/22]
Hoskinson, Aileen [3A/9/55]
Hoskinson, James Ray [3A/10/55]
Hoskinson, Jessie [3A/8/55]
Howard, Alice [3A/33/60]
Howlett, Blanch [1B/73/25]
Hulswitt, Lulu [7B/61/175]
Ireland, Alberta L. [13A /18/JH]
Ireland, Betty Lee [13A /19/JH]
Ireland, Roy D. [13A /17/JH]
Jackson, Ada Ree [6B/67/153]
Jackson, Alfred [6B/66/153]
Jackson, Dorothy [8B/68/200]
Jackson, Dorothy Mae [9A/27/209]
Jackson, Ernest [9A/26/209]
Jackson, Eugene [6B/68/153]
Jackson, Flossie [9A/15/206]
Jackson, Fred L. [3B/57/69]
Jackson, Goldie L. [8B/71/200]
Jackson, Howard [9A/14/206]
Jackson, James W. [3B/58/69]
Jackson, Kate [9A/28/209]
Jackson, Lee [3B/55/69]
Jackson, Lulu [8B/67/200]
Jackson, Margaret [12A/3/209]
Jackson, Mary [6B/65/153]
Jackson, Muzett [9A/24/209]
Jackson, Myrtle L. [3B/56/69]
Jackson, Rufus [9A/23/209]
Jackson, Samuel [8B/66/200]
Jackson, Samuel [8B/69/200]
Jackson, Shirley E. [6B/69/153]
Jackson, Stanley [8B/70/200]
Jarber, Albert [9B/61/220]
Jarber, Mary [9B/62/220]
Jarber, Sally [9B/60/220]
Johnson, Betty J. [1A/7/2]
Johnson, Helen [4B/41/91]
Johnson, James H. [4A/40/91]
Johnson, Janice [1A/6/2]
Johnson, Polmore [5A/7/105]
Jones, Alden [5B/42/117]
Jones, Amelia [4A/5/76]
Jones, Annie [9A/20/208]
Jones, Eva [8A/14/188]
Jones, Frank [9B/55/218]
Jones, Jack [8A/15/188]
Jones, Jalinn [9B/42/213]
Jones, Linda [9A/40/213]
Jones, M. H. Jr. [8A/13/188]
Jones, Mack H. [9A/19/208]
Jones, Mary [9B/56/218]
Jones, Nancye Joan [8A/16/188]
Jones, Ollie Ray [9B/41/213]
Jones, Paul [9A/38/213]
Jones, Pearl [9A/39/213]
Jones, Robert [2B/46/40]
Jones, Vernon [5A/40/117]
Jones, Violet [5B/41/117]
Jones, Wilt [9B/57/218]
Joyce, Clara B. [1A/14/5]
Joyce, Howard [1A/15/5]
Joyce, Thomas P. [1A/16/5]
Joyce, William [1A/13/5]
Kelly, Irene [3B/77/74]
Kelly, James T. [3B/78/74]
Kelly, Rose B. [3B/80/74]
Kelly, Thomas J. [3B/76/74]
Kelly, William [3B/79/74]
Lafollett, Dan [8A/26/191]
Lafollett, Dona Ray [8A/28/191]
Lafollett, Mable [8A/27/191]
Larrimore, Betty F. [2B/71/49]
Larrimore, Cecil [2B/69/49]
Larrimore, Dennis [13A /20/JH]
Larrimore, James W. [2B/72/49]
Larrimore, Lillian [2B/70/49]
Larrimore, Rua [12A/4/49]
Lassiter, Alma C. [13A /15/JH]
Lassiter, Clyde T. [13A /16/JH]
Layer, Norma J. [4B/48/93]
Lee, Anita H. [5A/16/108]
Lee, Clifford [5B/49/120]
Lee, Edythe [5B/54/122]
Lee, Elizabeth [4B/53/95]
Lee, Evelyn [5A/15/108]
Lee, Heady O. [4B/52/95]
Lee, Heady O. [4B/54/95]
Lee, Helen [5B/48/120]
Lee, J. Edward [4B/55/95]
Lee, J. W. [5B/51/120]
Lee, Johnie [5B/47/120]
Lee, Mary Evelyn [5B/50/120]
Lee, Pearl [2B/56/44]
Lee, Robert L. [3A/12/56]
Lee, William D. [5B/53/122]
Lee, William H. [5A/14/108]
Lynch, Beatrice [9A/25/209]
Lynch, Betsy Ray [12A/1/209]
Lynch, Billie Howard [12A/2/209]
Mackison, Joseph [7A/1/157]
Mackison, Maggie [7A/2/157]
Mackison, Marjorie J. [7A/3/157]
Mackison, Robert [7A/4/157]
Mann, Blondena [3A/26/59]
Mann, Edward [3A/21/58]
Mann, Ernest L. [3A/25/59]
Mann, Fay [3A/20/58]
Mann, Fletcher T. [3A/23/58]
Mann, M. B. [3A/19/58]
Mann, Marie [3A/22/58]
Mann, Norman L. [3A/27/59]
Mann, Paul [5B/72/130]
Mann, Rose M. [3A/18/58]
Mann, Ruth [5B/73/130]
Mann, Shirley [5B/74/130]
Mann, William B. [3A/28/59]
Mann, William F. [3A/17/58]
Maraman, Alfred [11A/7/jail]
Maraman, Alfred [11A/7/jail]
Maraman, Bessie [1B/79/27]
Maraman, Beulah [5A/36/115]
Maraman, Ephram [8A/23/191]
Maraman, Horrace [1B/78/27]
Maraman, Inez [8A/24/191]
Maraman, Millard [8A/25/191]
Maraman, Richard [5A/35/115]
Martain, Kathleen [3A/24/58]
Martin, Elem C. [11A/2/jail]
Martin, Eva [6A/3/134]
Martin, Jerry [6A/4/134]
Masden, Beulah Lee [8A/37/193]
Masden, Billy [9B/76/223]
Masden, Charlie [10A/10/227]
Masden, Clifford [9B/74/223]
Masden, Cora Blanch [9B/66/222]
Masden, Earnestine [8A/38/193]
Masden, Flaggie [8A/33/193]
Masden, George [8A/36/193]
Masden, Howard [9B/65/222]
Masden, Ira [5A/17/109]
Masden, James [10A/7/227]

Masden, Jean [9B/73/223]
Masden, Jenevive [9B/71/223]
Masden, Jimmie D. [9B/69/222]
Masden, Leon [8A/40/193]
Masden, Leonard [8B/41/193]
Masden, Lillian M. [9B/68/222]
Masden, Lucille [5A/18/109]
Masden, Luena [10A/5/227]
Masden, M. Helen [9B/67/222]
Masden, Myrtle [10A/6/227]
Masden, Nancy W. [1B/47/15]
Masden, R. H. [9B/75/223]
Masden, Richard [9B/70/223]
Masden, Richard [10A/11/227]
Masden, Robert Leon [5A/19/109]
Masden, Ronald R. [1B/48/15]
Masden, Rose [8A/34/193]
Masden, Ross [8A/39/193]
Masden, W. C. [10A/9/227]
Masden, Walter [10A/8/227]
Masden, Wathen [8A/35/193]
Masden, Westley [9B/72/223]
Masden, Woodrow [1B/46/15]
Matthews, Eula Mae [2A/27/35]
Matthews, Howard [2A/26/35]
Mattingly, Betty [6A/2/133]
Mattingly, Kathleen [6A/1/133]
Mattingly, Mary [5B/80/133]
Mattingly, Walter [5B/79/133]
Mauck, Charles [1A/8/3]
Mauck, Marie [1A/9/3]
McCord, Joseph [9B/54/217]
McCormick, Harry W. [12A/10]
McCormick, Susie M. [12A/11]
McEnnis, Dora E. [6A/15/137]
McEnnis, Lulu [6A/14/137]
McEnnis, Sara K. [6A/16/137]
McGoffin, Ben [12A/7/223]
McKelvey, Sue [4A/14/81]
McNulty, Alwilda Jane [7B/52/170]
McNulty, Billie Ray [7B/53/170]
McNulty, Earl [7B/50/170]
McNulty, Edna Earl [8B/75/201]
McNulty, Fae [7B/51/170]
McNulty, Gladys [8B/74/201]
McNulty, Nannie [8B/73/201]
McNulty, Vivon [8B/72/201]
Melton, Clara [5B/69/128]
Milby, A. G. [8B/56/198]
Milby, Ruth [8B/57/198]
Miller, Clyde [8A/8/186]
Miller, Flora B. [8A/9/186]
Miller, Holloway [1A/31/10]
Miller, Jessie L. [9B/80/224]
Miller, Marilyn [8A/10/186]
Miller, Mary W. [1A/30/10]
Minter, Lulu [4B/66/99]
Minter, Robert H. [4B/65/99]
Mitchell, Alvan [7A/25/164]
Mitchell, Clara [7A/24/164]
Monroe, Hattie [12A/9/215]
Monroe, Jerome [12A/8/215]
Moore, B. A. [5B/52/121]
Morgan, Cora [4B/76/102]
Morgan, Lon A. [4B/77/102]
Morrison, C. W. [4B/46/93]
Morrison, Charlie [4B/44/93]
Morrison, Elizabeth [8A/12/187]
Morrison, Mary [4B/45/93]
Morrison, Thelma [4B/47/93]
Morrison, W. C. [8A/11/187]
Napier, Moise Lee [1A/40/13]
Napier, Ruby C. [1A/38/13]
Napier, W. L. [1A/37/13]
Napier, Woodrow A. [1A/39/13]
Neagles, Oliver [13A /7/GH]
Newman, Clara Jane [4B/71/100]
Newman, Ethel [4B/68/100]
Newman, Harold [4B/67/100]
Newman, Sara Lee [4B/70/100]
Newman, Thelma [4B/69/100]
Nusz, Alden R. [5A/32/114]
Nusz, Delma [5A/33/114]
Nusz, R. Adelle [5A/34/114]
Ogle, Hazel [2B/78/51]
Ogle, Hilda D. [2B/79/51]
Ogle, Willie [2B/77/51]
Orr, Lena N. [3A/30/60]
Orr, Louis [3A/29/60]
Orr, Louis D. [3A/32/60]
Orr, Martha Lee [3A/31/60]
Owen, Gladys [5B/43/117]
Padgett, Horrace D. [1B/62/21]
Padgett, Rose A. [1B/63/21]
Parish, Ben [4B/72/101]
Parish, Darrell K. [4B/74/101]
Parish, Linda C. [4B/75/101]
Parish, Maud A. [4B/73/101]
Patterson, Bertie [2B/47/41]
Patterson, Eliza C. [4B/80/104]
Patterson, Inez [5A/1/104]
Patterson, Juanita [5A/4/104]
Patterson, Lloyd [5A/2/104]
Patterson, Lloyd Jr. [9A/22/208]
Patterson, Luther [4B/79/104]
Patterson, Paul [5A/3/104]
Patterson, Pinkie [9A/21/208]
Peacock, Anna [8B/59/199]
Peacock, Anna [8B/62/199]
Peacock, Charles [6B/73/155]
Peacock, Christina [6B/75/155]
Peacock, Edward [8B/58/199]
Peacock, Eugene [8B/63/199]
Peacock, Eunice [8B/61/199]
Peacock, Guy [6B/60/151]
Peacock, Jack L. [8B/60/199]
Peacock, Lawrence [6B/71/155]
Peacock, Lawrence [6B/74/155]
Peacock, Mary L. [6B/72/155]
Peacock, Norman [8B/64/199]
Peacock, Russell [8B/65/199]
Peacock, Stanley Ray [6B/76/155]
Peacock, Willa Dean [6B/61/151]
Perkins, Lillian [1A/35/12]
Perkins, W. Taylor [1A/34/12]
Perkins, William T. [1A/36/12]
Philpot, Alice [6B/48/148]
Philpot, Anna Belle [6B/46/148]
Philpot, Barbara [6B/47/148]
Philpot, Barbara E. [2A/29/36]
Philpot, Lester [6B/45/148]
Philpot, Margaret [2A/30/36]
Philpot, Peter [2A/28/36]
Porter, Noble [13A /8/GH]
Price, Lois M. [3B/54/68]
Price, Thomas [3B/52/68]
Price, Vivian L. [3B/53/68]
Priest, Rachel [4A/17/82]
Pugh, Calvin [8B/42/194]
Pugh, Clifford [8B/46/194]
Pugh, Columbus [3B/48/67]
Pugh, Donald Lee [8B/47/194]
Pugh, James Ray [8B/45/194]
Pugh, Kathrin L. [3B/50/67]
Pugh, Kenneth L. [3B/51/67]
Pugh, Leslie Calvin [8B/44/194]
Pugh, Mary K. [3B/49/67]
Pugh, Stella Mae [8B/43/194]
Pulliam, Henry [1A/5/2]
Pulliam, Minnie [1A/4/2]
Quick, E. G. [6A/37/144]
Quick, Fred [2A/18/31]
Quick, Margaret K. [6A/38/144]
Quick, Willie C. [2A/19/31]
Ratliff, Charles [7A/7/159]
Ratliff, Otis Ray [7A/8/159]
Raymond, Jess L. [6B/56/150]
Raymond, Zora [6B/57/150]
Rennison, Joan [6B/55/150]
Rennison, Kathryn [6B/54/150]
Rennison, Mattie [4A/1/75]
Rheaume, Arthur [2B/73/50]
Rheaume, Arthur F. [2B/75/50]
Rheaume, Edward A. [2B/76/50]
Rheaume, Nettie [2B/74/50]
Rice, Josephine [4B/60/96]
Rice, Leslie H. [7A/31/165]
Rice, Mary Carolyn [7A/32/165]
Rice, Paul [4B/59/96]
Richard, James [11A/3/jail]
Richardson, Ben [9A/7/205]
Richardson, Beuford D. [7B/58/173]
Richardson, Charles [9A/13/205]
Richardson, Chester [9A/11/205]
Richardson, Edward [9A/10/205]
Richardson, Eliza [9A/8/205]
Richardson, Frank [7B/57/173]
Richardson, Raymond [9A/12/205]
Richardson, Thelma [9A/9/205]
Ridgway, Ada K. [2B/45/40]
Ridgway, Lindsay [2B/44/40]
Ridgway, Margaret [6A/31/141]
Ridgway, Samuel [6A/30/141]
Roby, Clyde E. [5A/10/107]
Roby, Cora B. [6A/34/142]
Roby, Edythe Mae [4B/51/94]
Roby, Eli [8A/7/185]
Roby, Golden [6B/62/152]
Roby, Howard [5B/44/118]
Roby, Ida J. [5A/11/107]
Roby, Ina Charles [5A/13/107]
Roby, Iva G. [2B/51/42]
Roby, Ivy [4B/50/94]
Roby, Mary P. [5B/45/118]
Roby, Ora [6A/33/142]
Roby, R. L. [2B/50/42]
Roby, Robert L. [5A/12/107]
Roby, Virgil [4B/49/94]
Rodgers, Albert [7A/11/160]
Rodgers, C. Joseph [7A/15/160]
Rodgers, Charlie [7A/9/160]
Rodgers, Claud [7A/12/160]
Rodgers, Marian [7A/13/160]
Rodgers, Nannie A. [7A/10/160]
Rodgers, Nannie Mae [7A/14/160]
Rummage, Charles D. [9A/6/204]
Rummage, Dan [8B/80/203]
Rummage, Dona Mae [8B/55/197]
Rummage, Dorothy Mae [9A/3/203]
Rummage, Fredrick [9A/2/203]
Rummage, Junie Mae [8B/54/197]
Rummage, Martha [9A/5/204]
Rummage, Mary [9A/1/203]
Rummage, Rosco [8B/53/197]
Rummage, Roy L. [9A/4/204]
Saddler, Fred [1B/42/14]
Saddler, H. Marie [1B/43/14]
Saddler, Peggy Ann [1B/44/14]
Saddler, Wanda Jean [1B/45/14]
Samuels, Frommie [4A/13/80]
Sanders, Elsie Jane [4A/19/83]
Sanders, Foster [4A/18/83]
Sara, Willie [9B/64/221]
Schekels, Frances [5B/46/119]
Scoat, M. O. [13A /10/GH]
Scott, Esther J. [3A/38/62]
Scott, Gladys [7B/60/174]
Scott, James B. [11A/5/jail]
Scott, Merritt [7B/59/174]
Scott, Pauline F. [3A/36/62]
Scott, William C. [3A/35/62]
Scott, William C. Jr. [3A/37/62]
Scroggins, Frank [2B/48/41]
Scroggins, Ruth [2B/49/41]
Shaffer, Gertrude [1A/20/7]
Shaffer, Henry [6B/70/154]
Shaw, Hallie [5B/78/132]
Shaw, William [5B/77/132]
Shepherd, Bert [4B/61/97]
Shepherd, Emmett [3A/1/52]
Shepherd, Howard E. [3A/2/52]
Shepherd, Lillie [4B/62/97]
Shepherd, Sidellia [2B/80/52]
Shoptaw, Cornell S. [6B/80/156]
Shoptaw, Elmer [6B/77/156]
Shoptaw, James William [6B/79/156]
Shoptaw, Stanley Mae [6B/78/156]
Simmons, Elizabeth [3A/39/63]
Simmons, Emma [8B/79/202]
Simmons, Frances [9A/36/212]
Simmons, Millard [3A/40/63]
Sloan, Earl [2B/43/39]
Smith, Bertie [7A/19/162]
Smith, Billie H. [6A/32/141]
Smith, Clara S. [7A/22/163]
Smith, Curtis [6A/26/140]
Smith, Edward [7A/18/162]
Smith, Fletcher [5B/75/131]
Smith, Hazle D. [6A/27/140]
Smith, Irma D. [6A/28/140]
Smith, Mary Curtis [6A/29/140]
Smith, Mary Jane [7A/20/162]
Smith, Mike [7A/21/163]
Smith, Mitchell [7A/23/163]
Snellen, Billie R. [1A/12/4]
Snellen, Garnett [6A/39/145]
Snellen, Ruby [6A/40/145]
Spurling, Ida [4B/56/96]
Spurling, Kathryn [4B/58/96]
Spurling, Madeline [4B/57/96]
Stallings, Conrad G. [1B/57/18]
Stallings, Lelia L. [1B/56/18]
Stallings, Roy [1B/55/18]
Stephens, Effie [12A/6/105]
Stephens, John H. [3B/66/72]
Stephens, John H. III [3B/68/72]
Stephens, Margaret S. [3B/67/72]
Stevens, Charlie [8A/20/190]
Stevens, Jane [8A/21/190]
Stevens, Richard [8A/22/190]
Stottman, Earl Thomas [7A/36/166]
Stottman, Louis [7A/33/166]
Stottman, Margie E. [7A/37/166]
Stottman, R. L. [7A/35/166]
Stottman, Wanda J. [7A/38/166]
Stottman, Wilma C. [7A/39/166]
Stottman, Zilpha [7A/34/166]
Strange, Nancye [6A/23/139]
Strange, Ruth [6A/25/139]
Strange, Wilbur [6A/24/139]
Summers, Amy Louise [2A/4/29]
Summers, Joseph Pious [2A/5/29]
Summers, Margaret A. [2A/6/29]
Summers, Pious [2A/3/29]
Summers, Shirley L. [2A/7/29]
Swearingen, Gussie [3B/64/71]
Swearingen, Levie [1B/49/16]
Swearingen, Lillian [3B/65/71]
Swearingen, Zollie [1B/50/16]
Taylor, Ada L. [9B/53/216]
Taylor, George [9B/52/216]
Taylor, Simon [10A/4/226]
Thomas, Ella [4A/39/90]
Thomas, Huber [10A/1/225]
Thomas, Katherine [10A/3/225]
Thomas, Maggie [10A/2/225]
Thompson, Ed [5A/29/112]
Thompson, Eva K. [5A/30/112]
Thurman, Sam [13A /5/GH]
Tinnell, Catherine [8B/49/195]
Tinnell, W. L. [8B/48/195]
Troutman, Annie [2B/61/46]
Troutman, David C. [2A/33/36]
Troutman, Inez [2A/32/36]
Troutman, Joe [12A/5/22]
Troutman, Woodford [2A/31/36]
Troutwine, Curran [5B/70/129]
Troutwine, Lena [5B/71/129]
Trunnell, Bertha [6A/22/139]
Trunnell, Joseph [6A/20/139]
Trunnell, Sola D. [6A/21/139]
Underwood, Anna [7B/79/182]
Underwood, Marvin [7B/80/182]
Underwood, Oscar [7B/78/182]
Vance, Ambros [4A/11/79]
Vance, Eva [4A/12/79]
Viers, J. B. [4A/9/78]
Viers, Marie [4A/10/78]
Viers, Sudie [4A/8/78]
Wade, John L. [5A/26/111]
Wade, Rose M. [5A/27/111]
Wade, William T. [5A/28/111]
Wagoner, Delbert [7B/74/181]
Wagoner, Delbert Jr. [7B/77/181]
Wagoner, Ollie Mae [7B/75/181]
Wagoner, Rogna Mae [7B/76/181]
Wake, Frances [4A/21/84]
Wals, Chester [6B/63/152]
Wals, Pearl [6B/64/152]
Warren, Cora E. [5A/24/110]
Warren, Heady [5A/25/110]
Warren, James [5A/20/110]
Warren, Mary [5A/21/110]
Warren, Mary Ethel [5A/22/110]
Warren, Milton [5A/23/110]
Waters, Anna Belle [7B/63/176]
Waters, Henry [8A/32/192]
Waters, Robert [7B/62/176]
Weir, Jack [9B/45/214]
Weir, Louise [9B/44/214]
Weir, Menora [9B/46/214]
Weir, R. A. [9B/43/214]
Welker, Louise [4A/7/77]
Welker, Mason [4A/6/77]
West, Henry [9B/58/219]
West, Ritter [9B/59/219]
Wiley, K. Lay [4A/20/84]
Williams, Allie Mae [4B/43/92]
Williams, Lounetta [5B/64/126]
Williams, W. F. [5B/63/126]
Williams, William [4B/42/92]
Wilson, Faith E. [1B/54/17]
Wilson, General [1B/65/22]
Wilson, George [9B/77/224]
Wilson, Kathernie [9B/79/224]
Wilson, Letitia [1B/66/22]
Wilson, Lizzie [9B/78/224]
Wilson, Lydia [1B/67/22]
Wilson, Mary J. [1B/53/17]
Wilson, Radford [1B/52/17]
Wilson, Thomas [1B/68/22]
Wise, Donald Ray [6A/13/136]
Wise, Dorothy M. [6A/11/136]
Wise, Norma F. [6A/12/136]
Wise, Walter [6A/10/136]
Younger, Barbara [3A/13/57]
Younger, Edythe [3A/16/57]
Younger, Harold [3A/14/57]
Younger, Johnie [7A/40/167]
Younger, Joseph [3A/15/57]
Younger, Myrtle [7B/41/167]
Zimmerman, James R. [1B/72/24]
Zimmerman, Josie [1B/71/24]


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