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Pitts Point 1870 Census

Enumerated on 21 Jul 1870.

In 1870 Pitts Point was a small community of 98 people according to the census taken that year. We have transcribed below the three pages of census records for this community. There may be errors in spelling, and perhaps in ages, as the writing was not always easy to read. The legend below describes what is in each column.

You will note that there appear to be eight dwellings that are unoccupied at the time of this census.

Legend: A - dwelling-house numbered in the order of visitation; B - families numbered in the order of visitation; C - names; D - age; E - gender; F - race (W - white; B - black; M - mulatto); G - occupation / location; H - place born; Notes - summary of additional information in census record

11Collings, Alfred50MWworks in millKY$1400 personal estate
  Collings, Sarah47FWkeeping houseKYcan't read/write
  Collings, Laura A.24FWat homeKY 
  Smith, Robert14MWat homeKYcan't read/write
22Hibbs, Wm. M.33MWcarpenterKY$1800/$300 real/personal estate
  Hibbs, Susan M.33FWkeeping houseKY 
33Muss, John45MWblack smithPrussiaparents foreign born
  Muss, Elizabeth42FWkeeping houseBayenparents foreign born
  Muss, John16MWat homeKYparents foreign born, attended school during year
  Muss, Caroline14FWat homeKYparents foreign born, attended school during year
  Muss, George12MWat homeKYparents foreign born, can't read/write
  Muss, Charles10MW KYparents foreign born, can't read/write
  Muss, Mary4MW KYparents foreign born
  Muss, Elizabeth1FW KYparents foreign born
  Muss, Joseph8mMW KYparents foreign born, born Sep 1869
44Bowman, Frank25MBlaborerKYcan't read/write
  Bowman, Finetta21FMkeeping houseKYcan't read/write
  Bowman, Annie3FM KY 
  Bowman, William1MM KY 
55Hargan, T. J.27MWphysicianKY$1300/$1000 real/personal estate
  Hargan, Henrietta19FWkeeping houseKY 
  Hargan, Eddie2FW KY 
  Chappell, Emma11FW KYcan't read/write
76Horrell, T. R.46MWphysicianKY$5000/$2500 real personal estate
  Horrell, Susan M.23FWkeeping houseKY 
  Horrell, Sarah C.172W KY 
97Hargan, James40MWlaborerKY$8000/$150 real/personal estate
  Hargan, Judith49FWkeeping houseKY 
  English, Belle13FWat homeKY 
118Riney, J. R. M.32MWretail dry goods merchantKY$700/$1000 real/personal estate
  Riney, Sarah E.31FWkeeping houseKY 
  Riney, Geo. W.13MWat homeKYattended school during year
  Riney, James9MW KY 
  Riney, Lulia8FW KY 
  Riney, Worth3MW KY 
  Riney, Syvil7mFW KYborn Oct 1869
139Bennet, W. G.33MWlaborerKY 
  Bennet, Enna25FWkeeping houseKY 
  Bennet, Manson8MW KY 
  Bennet, Gane4FW KY 
1510Carlisle, James49MWlaborerKY$1000/$300 real/personal estate
  Carlisle, Avalene32FWkeeping houseKY 
  Carlisle, Laura13FWat homeKYattended school during year
1611Carlisle, Walter49MWmagistrateKY$2000/$250 real/personal estate
  Carllisle, Julia46FWkeeping houseKY 
  Carlisle, Charles G.10MWat homeKY 
1812Greenwell, John54MWfarmerKY$6000/$1600 real/personal estate
  Greenwell, Amanda38FWkeeping houseKY 
  Greenwell, Eugenia18FWat homeKY 
  Greenwell, Philip16MWat homeKY 
  Greenwell, Franklin14MWat homeKYattended school during year, can't read/write
  Greenwell, Annie12FWat homeKYattended school during year, can't read/write
  Greenwell, Lily10FW KYcan't read/write
  Greenwell, Minnie3FW KY 
  Greenwell, Elmo1MW KY 
  Neil, Mary14FBdomestic servantKYcan't read/write
1913Carpenter, Joseph50MWlaborerKY$200 personal estate
  Carpenter, Ellen50FWkeeping houseKYcan't write
  Carpenter, Rovilla20FWat homeKY 
  Carpenter, John17MWat homeKY 
  Carpenter, James12MWat homeKYcan't read/write
2014Nickols, Jno W.35MWretail dry goods merchantKY$500 personal estate
  Nickols, Goldina B.28FWkeeping houseKY 
  Nickols, Clarence J.8MW KY 
  Nickols, Bettie4FW KY 
2115Hornbeck, Samuel D.26MWcarpenterKY$100/$500 real/personal estate
  Hornbeck, Lydia24FWkeeping houseKY 
  Hornbeck, Samuel T.1MW KY 
  Hornbeck, Mary1mFW KYborn Apr 1870
2216Carrico, Benjamin33MWretail dry goods merchantKY$3000/$1250 real/personal estate
  Carrico, Martha25FWkeeping houseKY 
  Carrico, Julia L.5FW KY 
  Kennison, A. B.30MWfarmerKY 
  Kennison, A. C.60MWretail dry goods merchantKY$4000/$1300 real/personal estate
2317Hardy, F. M.34MWhotel keeperKY$6000/$2500 real/personal estate
  Hardy, Malinda J.33FWkeeping houseKY 
  Hardy, George W.13MWat homeKY 
  Hardy, Edgar12MWat homeKY 
  Hardy, Josephine10FW KY 
  Hardy, Cada B.8FW KY 
  Hardy, Stephen5MW KY 
  Hardy, F. M.8mMW KYborn Sep 1869
  Bennet, Taylor23MWlaborerKY 
2418Hardy, Lucinda55FWkeeping houseKYcan't read/write
  Hardy, Sarah E.20FWat homeKY 
  Hardy, Clotilda17FWat homeKY 
2519Gaben, Nancy J.32FWkeeping houseVA 
  Gaben, John W.12MWat homeKYattended school during year, can't write
  Gaben, Carl9MW KY 
  Gaben, James14MWapprentice to carpenterKY 
2620Greenwell, William40MWwagon makerKY$800/$600 real/personal estate
  Greenwell, Sarah30FWkeeping houseKYcan't read/write
  Greenwell, Malissa W.13FW KY 
  Greenwell, Armetha7FW KY 
  Greenwell, William J.4MW KY 
  Greenwell, Mary V.1FW KY 
2721Harshfield, Walter39MWmillerKYtwin, $2000/$600 real/personal estate
  Harshfield, William D.39MWmillerKYtwin, $2000/$600 real/personal estate

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