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1860 Census Information

In what began as a search of a place in Bullitt County named Bitter Water, I found such a post office listing in the 1860 Federal Census for Bullitt County. I examined the rest of the census on Ancestry.com to try to determine where it was located. In the process, I discovered that Ancestry's organization of the census images is somewhat disorganized, and that a few page images are missing.

We discovered 9 post offices listed in this census. In alphabetical order, they are Belmont Furnace, Bitter Water, Brooks Station, Doom's Station, Lebanon Junction, Mt. Washington, Pitts Point, Shepherdsville, and Shortsville.

Below is a chart organized by census page numbers. The first column identifies which district and image number Ancestry assigns to the census page. 1D = District 1; 2D = District 2; 3D = District 3; 4D = District 4; SH = Shepherdsville Town; MW = Mt. Washington Town; PP = Pitts Point Town; BF = Belmont Furnace.

The Dwellings column indicates which dwellings are listed on that page. Dwellings that are split between pages are listed on both pages.

In the Notes column, we take note of pages that are split between two areas. Also noted are missing pages, as well as one page number (page 46) that was skipped in the original census pages, and one page number that was used twice (page 50).

For the 5 missing pages at Ancestry.com, we have provided links to separate pages containing pdf files of the missing pages for your convenience. If you follow one of these links, be sure to use your BACK button to return to this page. Also, note that the 1860 census is available on Heritage Quest which is available in many libraries.

By the way, it appears that the Bitter Water post office district was west of a line running between Shepherdsville and Brooks Station, and north of the Pitts Point area; roughly the northwestern part of Bullitt County today.

Hopefully this information will be of some help to those seeking ancestors in this census.

AncestryCensus PageDistrictPost OfficeDwellingsNotes
SH-55aShepherdsvilleShepherdsville34-40split page
SH-55bDistrict 1Shepherdsville41-43split page
1D-16District 1Pitts Point43-49 
1D-27District 1Pitts Point50-57 
1D-38District 1Pitts Point57-65 
1D-49District 1Pitts Point66-71 
1D-510District 1Pitts Point71-77 
1D-611District 1Bitter Water77-84 
1D-712District 1Pitts Point84-91 
1D-813District 1Shepherdsville91-97 
1D-914District 1Shepherdsville97-103 
1D-1015District 1Shepherdsville104-110 
1D-1116District 1Shepherdsville110-116 
1D-1217District 1Shepherdsville116-124 
1D-1318District 1Pitts Point124-131 
1D-??19District 1Pitts Pointpage missing
1D-1420District 1Pitts Point137-146 
1D-1521District 1Bitter Water146-155 
1D-1622District 1Bitter Water155-162 
1D-1723District 1Bitter Water162-169 
1D-1824District 1Bitter Water169-176 
1D-1925District 1Bitter Water176-184 
1D-2026District 1Bitter Water185-194 
1D-2127District 1Bitter Water194-201 
1D-2228District 1Bitter Water201-209 
1D-2329District 1Shepherdsville209-216 
1D-2430District 1Brooks Station216-225 
1D-2531District 1Brooks Station225-232 
1D-2632District 1Brooks Station232-243 
1D-2733District 1Brooks Station243-251 
1D-2834District 1Brooks Station251-257 
1D-2935District 1Brooks Station257-264 
1D-3036District 1Brooks Station264-270 
1D-3137District 1Bitter Water270-278 
1D-3238District 1Brooks Station278-285 
1D-3339District 1Brooks Station286-295 
1D-3440District 1Brooks Station295-305 
1D-3541District 1Brooks Station305-314 
1D-3642District 1Shepherdsville315-321 
1D-3743District 1Shepherdsville322-326 
1D-3844District 1Shepherdsville326-333 
1D-3945District 1Shepherdsville333-339 
1D-??46page number skipped
1D-4047District 1Shepherdsville339-346 
1D-4148aDistrict 1Shepherdsville347-348split page
1D-4148bDistrict 4Belmont Furnace349-353split page
4D-149District 4Belmont Furnace353-359 
4D-250aDistrict 4Belmont Furnace359-365 
4D-350bDistrict 4Belmont Furnace365-373duplicate page #
4D-451District 4Belmont Furnace374-378 
4D-552District 4Shepherdsville378-383 
4D-653District 4Belmont Furnace383-390 
4D-754District 4Belmont Furnace390-398 
4D-855District 4Belmont Furnace398-406 
4D-956District 4Belmont Furnace406-415 
4D-1057District 4Belmont Furnace415-419 
4D-1158District 4Belmont Furnace419-427 
4D-12a59aDistrict 4Belmont Furnace427-430split page
4D-12b59bBelmont FurnaceBelmont Furnace431-432split page
BF-160Belmont FurnaceBelmont Furnace433-440 
BF-261Belmont FurnaceBelmont Furnace440-451 
BF-362Belmont FurnaceBelmont Furnace452-464 
4D-1363District 4Belmont Furnace465-472 
4D-1464District 4Shepherdsville472-478 
4D-1565District 4Belmont Furnace478-486 
4D-1666District 4Shepherdsville487-499 
4D-1767District 4Shepherdsville499-505 
4D-1868District 4Belmont Furnace506-514 
4D-1969District 4Lebanon Junction514-519 
4D-2070District 4Belmont Furnace519-527 
4D-2171District 4Lebanon Junction527-535 
4D-??72District 4Lebanon Junctionpage missing
4D-2273District 4Lebanon Junction543-552 
4D-2374District 4Lebanon Junction552-558 
4D-2475District 4Lebanon Junction558-566 
4D-??76District 4Lebanon Junctionpage missing
4D-2577District 4Pitts Point575-583 
4D-2678District 4Pitts Point583-593 
4D-2779District 4Pitts Point593-599 
4D-2880aDistrict 4Pitts Point600-600split page
4D-2880bPitts PointPitts Point601-608split page
PP-181Pitts PointPitts Point608-616 
PP-282Pitts PointPitts Point616-621 
4D-2983District 4Pitts Point622-628 
4D-3084District 4Shepherdsville628-634 
4D-3185District 4Shepherdsville635-642 
4D-3286aDistrict 4Shepherdsville642-643split page
4D-3286bDistrict 2Mt. Washington644-648split page
2D-187District 2Mt. Washington649-660 
2D-288District 2Mt. Washington660-665 
2D-389District 2Mt. Washington666-674 
2D-490District 2Mt. Washington674-680 
2D-591District 2Mt. Washington681-688 
2D-692aDistrict 2Mt. Washington688-691split page
2D-692bMt. WashingtonMt. Washington692-696split page
MW-193Mt. WashingtonMt. Washington696-701 
MW-294Mt. WashingtonMt. Washington701-709 
MW-395Mt. WashingtonMt. Washington709-714 
MW-496Mt. WashingtonMt. Washington714-721 
MW-597Mt. WashingtonMt. Washington722-727 
MW-698Mt. WashingtonMt. Washington727-734 
MW-799Mt. WashingtonMt. Washington734-743 
MW-8100Mt. WashingtonMt. Washington743-750 
2D-7101District 2Mt. Washington750-759 
2D-8102District 2Mt. Washington760-768 
2D-9103District 2Mt. Washington768-773 
2D-??104District 2Mt. Washingtonpage missing
2D-10105District 2Mt. Washington780-789 
2D-11106District 2Mt. Washington789-795 
2D-12107District 2Mt. Washington796-803 
2D-13108District 2Mt. Washington803-810 
2D-14109District 2Mt. Washington810-818 
2D-15110District 2Shortsville818-827 
2D-16111District 2Mt. Washington827-833 
2D-17112District 2Mt. Washington833-843 
2D-18113District 2Mt. Washington843-851 
2D-19114District 2Mt. Washington851-859 
2D-20115District 2Mt. Washington860-867 
2D-21116District 2Mt. Washington867-874 
2D-22117District 2Mt. Washington874-882 
2D-23118District 2Mt. Washington883-890 
3D-1119District 3Shepherdsville891-898 
3D-2120District 3Shepherdsville898-903 
3D-3121District 3Shepherdsville904-911 
2D-24122District 2Shepherdsville911-919 
3D-4123District 3Shepherdsville919-926 
3D-5124District 3Shepherdsville926-933 
3D-6125District 3Shepherdsville933-940 
3D-7126District 3Shepherdsville941-946 
3D-8127District 3Shepherdsville946-953 
3D-9128District 3Shepherdsville953-959 
3D-10129District 3Shepherdsville960-964 
3D-11130District 3Shepherdsville964-969 
3D-12131District 3Shepherdsville969-978 
3D-13132District 3Doom's Depot978-985 
3D-14133District 3Doom's Depot985-993 
3D-15134District 3Doom's Depot993-1000 
3D-16135District 3Doom's Station1000-1006 
3D-17136District 3Doom's Station1006-1016 
3D-18137District 3Doom's Station1016-1024 
3D-19138District 3Doom's Station1024-1031 
3D-20139District 3Doom's Station1031-1036 
3D-??140District 3Mt. Washingtonpage missing
3D-21141District 3Mt. Washington1043-1051 
3D-22142District 3Mt. Washington1052-1058 
3D-23143District 3Mt. Washington1058-1064 
3D-24144District 3Mt. Washington1064-1070 
3D-25145District 3Mt. Washington1070-1077 
3D-26146District 3Mt. Washington1077-1083 
3D-27147District 3Mt. Washington1083-1095 
3D-28148District 3Shepherdsville1096-1105 
3D-29149District 3Shepherdsville1105-1107 

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