The Bullitt County History Museum

1974 Celebration Photo

The photo shown below was taken in Shepherdsville in 1974. We'd like to identify as many people in it as we can, and we need your help. If you recognize someone in the picture, place your cursor on his or her head and after a moment a number will show on the screen next to your cursor. Make a note of that number, and then use the "Contact Us" link above to send us a message that includes the number and the person's name.

Also, if we have already made an identification, the person will be named instead of numbered. It's also possible that we may have mis-identified someone or misspelled a name. If you find that to be the case, please let us know.

On a computer screen, the picture may be scrolled up and down, and left and right using the available scroll bars. The image can be dragged for viewing on mobile devices. Thanks for your help in identifying these people.